Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 624: Vying over the Ancient Battlefield

Chapter 624: Vying over the Ancient Battlefield


Chapter 624: Vying over the Ancient Battlefield

The thick black fog emerged in the sky in an extremely strange manner. It spread apart and practically covered the entire place, an extremely shocking sight.

The top of the mountain had become a little chaotic because of this scene, while alarmed and uncertain eyes continued to scan the sky.

Lin Dong’s brows were tightly knitted together as he watched the black fog that had spread across the sky. He could sense some extremely terrifying energy ripple from within the black cloud. His eyes gently flashed for a moment, before he swiftly rushed out from his battle stage and landed on the mountaintop below.

When Lin Dong had landed on the mountain top, Little Marten, Little Flame, Su Rou and the rest also hurried over immediately. Even Liu Bai’s group also quickly followed. Their faces were a little anxious. Clearly, they were shaken by this strange scene.

“Looks like those fellows have made a move. What should we do?” Little Marten stared at the sky and softly inquired.

Lin Dong nodded, musing for a while before he replied, “We will hold back first. We are currently unable to intervene in a battle of this level. There are still experts from the super sects present in the sky. Moreover, this realm is a territory shared by these super sects of the Eastern Xuan Region. It will not be easy to snatch this place away. If the disturbance is too great, it will definitely alarm the super sects in the Eastern Xuan Region. At that time, regardless of what the background these fellows have, it will likely be extremely difficult for them to mess around in the Eastern Xuan Region…”

“Is brother Lin Dong acquainted with these people?” Liu Bai and the others felt their hearts tremble upon hearing this. Clearly, they did not expect that there would actually be someone who wanted to snatch this Ancient Battlefield from the mouth of the super sects.

“Yes, I once bumped into them unintentionally, was chased by them, and even exchanged blows with them a couple of times…” Lin Dong nodded slightly. He clearly did not intend to hide anything at this moment. After all, the event had already happened.

These words of Lin Dong might appear casual but they caused Liu Bai’s and Yan Sen’s expression to changed a little. From the way these people dared to provoke the super sects of the Eastern Xuan Region, one could tell that they definitely did not have ordinary backgrounds. Yet, Lin Dong was actually able to exchange blows with these people and live till now. His capability was not just a little shocking…

“Bang bang!”

The black cloud frantically spread out in the sky. A moment later, the sky-encompassing black cloud cracked open, as black light descended and over a dozen figures completely wrapped in black light slowly took shape in the sky.

With the appearance of these figures, the Yuan Power of the land started to boil. An indescribable and terrifying ripple spread out from their bodies. The powerful pressure directly caused everyone on the mountaintop to feel as though they could not move.

“Such frightening strength!”

When everyone on the mountaintop felt this pressure, shocked expressions instantly surged up their faces. Just the Yuan Power pressure alone was already able to pressure them to such an extent. Just where did these monsters appear from?


In the sky, the eight super sect experts wore cold and stern expressions. A cold snort was emitted while a similarly incomparably majestic Yuan Power ripple erupted and spread outwards, blocking the Yuan Power pressure from the other party.

“I was wondering who it was. Turns out that it’s you people from the Western Xuan Region. You fellows are really quite bold… not only have you snuck into our Eastern Xuan Region but you actually dare to make a move!” Liu Tong’s stared at the black light human figures and laughed coldly. Evidently, he recognised them.

“Haha, it is actually deacon Liu Tong from Yuan Gate.”

The leader of the black light human figures laughed loudly. The black light above his head scattered, revealing a smiling middle-aged face.

“Zhen Zhong?” Liu Tong frowned upon seeing this person, before he spoke again in an indifferent manner, “Just what do you intend to do by interrupting my Eastern Xuan Region’s Hundred Empire War?”

“Nothing much. Our Western Xuan Region is also quite interested in this Ancient Battlefield. You have occupied it for so many years, so now it should be our Western Xuan Region’s turn…” The middle-aged man known as Zhen Zhong smiled. His voice was just like thunder that rolled and reverberated in the sky, as if it possessed a strange strength that could shake one’s heart.

“As expected, you’ve not given up. This realm has already been placed in our Eastern Xuan Region. With just the few of you, you actually dare to try to snatch it away? Dream on. As long as I transmit this information, all of you can forget about escaping alive!” Liu Tong coldly said.

“Since we have already acted, we will have naturally considered this point. Do you really believe that you can transmit information out of this space now?” A strange smile surfaced on Zhen Zhong’s face as he spoke.

Liu Tong’s eyes immediately became chilly upon hearing this. He flicked his finger and a golden light appeared at his fingertip, before attempting to flee into the void.

“Yuan Spirit transmission huh?” Zheng Zhong laughed strangely upon seeing this. He crossed his arms over his chest and did not show any intention of blocking it.

The golden light rushed out from Liu Tong’s hand. However, before it could enter the void, a large circular black seal suddenly appeared within the void. Black light flickered as the golden light was catapulted back.

Liu Tong and the other experts from the super sects immediately had a change in expression upon seeing this scene. The expert from the Great Desolate Palace immediately threw a fist forward. A terrifying power gathered under his fist, blasting the space until it became distorted. However, numerous black lines once again appeared in a strange manner when the space was distorted. It adhered onto the empty space like a spider web and easily blocked the punch.

“Haha, in order to take this Ancient Battlefield away this time, we have even brought the ‘Heaven Sealing Array’ along with us. Relax, the disturbance in this place will definitely not be detected by your respective sects. Moreover, those old monsters from the Eastern Xuan Region will naturally be delayed by my Western Xuan Region…” Zhen Zhong beamed and said.

“Heaven Sealing Array?” Liu Tong and the old man from the Dao Sect were startled when they heard this. Clearly, they were shaken by this name.

“To think that you have actually brought out even this Pure Yuan treasure. Your Western Xuan Region has really invested heavily this time.” The Dao Sect old man frowned and commented.

“Hee hee, there’s no choice. This Ancient Battlefield is a good place. There are countless number of inheritances within it. Asking us to give it up will not be so easy.” Zhen Zhong laughed.

“As long as we establish an array within this space, the elites from our Western Xuan Region will be able to directly send this realm to our Western Xuan Region.”

“These people here are likely the geniuses that your super sects have selected after much difficulty right? Haha, it’s just as well. We’ll bring all of them back as well. If they are willing to join us, they will be able to enjoy some rather good treatment. Of course, those who disobey will be relegated to be slaves.” The words that Zhen Zong spoke as he smilingly glanced at the crowd on the mountaintop, caused their expressions to change drastically.

“To think that they are actually from the Western Xuan Region…” Liu Bai’s expression was dark and gloomy as he spoke through gritted teeth. Their empires were all located in the Eastern Xuan Region. If they were to be captured and sent to the Western Region, they would lose all their pride.

The faces of the geniuses from the various empires around Liu Bai were extremely ugly, and there was even some panic in their eyes. They were clearly aware of just how miserable their plight would be if they were to be brought to the Western Xuan Region. They would be no different from slaves.

In the sky, the old man from the Dao Sect frowned slightly. However, his face did not lose its color. After looking at Zhen Zhong and the rest, he lowered his eyelids and said, “You have indeed prepared quite well. However, are you so confident of establishing an array right under our eyes?”

“The eight of us should not be people that can be so easily overlooked, no?”

Although these people from the Western Xuan Region appeared menacing, it was evident that the practitioners here had not reached an unstoppable level. It was likely that the other side did not dare to sneak in so many experts. Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to do things this stealthily.

“Haha, who dares to slight the man Wu Dao from Dao Sect?”

Zhen Zhong heartily laughed. His eyes paused on the old man from the Dao Sect. There was fear deep within his eyes. This expression was something he never had even when facing Liu Tong of the Yuan Gate. From the looks of it, Zhen Zhong truly did not dare to underestimate this old man from the Dao Sect.

“It is indeed extremely troublesome to fight with you all. Therefore, we do not plan on doing so. All we need to do is temporarily trap you…” Zhen Zhong waved his hand. The smile on his exceptionally sinister face was just like that of a black-face fox, one that anyone would be irritated at.

“Trapping us? I’m afraid that you people do not possess that ability!” Liu Tong sneered.

“I’m afraid that you will be wrong if you believe that…” A strange expression was revealed on Zhen Zhong’s face. He suddenly waved his hand before forming a series of seals at lightning speed.

“Heaven Sealing Array, Spatial Seal!”

When Zhen Zhong cried out in a low voice, the dozen experts from the Western Xuan Region also laughed in a strange manner, while similarly changing their hand seals.


Everyone’s hand seals changed. The sky immediately started to shake as the void split open. Numerous strange black lights rushed out and transformed into an enormous ancient seal. The seal spread out like a prison, instantly sealing the Dao Sect old man and the other seven within it.

“Thump thump thump!”

Numerous shocking ripples erupted the instant the seal was formed. A terrifying attack ruthlessly poured down onto the ancient seal, shaking it till it trembled.

“Humph, although I am unable to kill you, trapping you with the help of the ‘Heaven Sealing Array’ is no trouble at all!” Zhen Zhong sneered. Soon after, he waved his hand, “Activate the array and strengthen the seal!”

“Yes sir!”

The dozen experts from the Western Xuan Region immediately responded upon hearing the order. Immediately, they used all their might to power the array, firmly trapping the Dao Sect old man and the others.

“Cao Yu, Chang Wei, deploy the formation. We need to trap these fellows and we cannot be distracted for the time being. The matter of the formation will be handed over to your group!” Zhen Zhong suddenly raised his head and cried coldly at the black cloud.

“Kill anyone who dares to stop you!” Zhen Zhong’s sinister gaze turned towards Lin Dong and the rest on the mountaintop when he uttered these words.


A response was emitted from the black cloud. A shocking Yuan Power fluctuation accompanied dozens of figures as they swiftly flew out from the black cloud.

Lin Dong’s gazed at the dozen shockingly powerful figures. His eyes focused on a familiar figure in front. It was the Death Spirit General whom they had exchanged blows with not long ago!

At this moment, all the competitors on the mountaintop had extremely grim expressions. This situation was truly not encouraging at all.