Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 621: Violence

Chapter 621: Violence


Chapter 621: Violence


Black light tore through the sky and violently struck onto that enormous large green dragon aegis in front of countless number of eyes in an extremely glaring manner.

A loud and clear gong resounded upon the collision. It suddenly resounded over the place and spread with lightning like speed. The substance like ripple directly shook the Yuan Power battle stage until numerous large crack lines appeared.The surrounding light barrier also erupted as waves of cracking ear-piercing sound resounded.


The sonic wave swept over the place. Soon after, an annihilation like energy storm followed.

A kind of distorted shape was formed at the spot where the collision occurred. Green and black light mingled with each other. The scene appeared to be one where the world exploded and it was being brilliantly displayed.

The collision that could not be described emitted a soul-stirring ripple. Everyone could only see the wildly flickering light barrier. The tough light barrier that Liu Tong had placed turned unusually distorted at this moment. It even showed signs of crumbling.

Liu Tong looked at this scene. His eyebrows once again frowned tightly and he had no choice but to act again. Only then, did he gradually stabilize that light barrier. After he acted, a shocked expression also flashed across the deep regions of his eyes. He was clearly shocked that Lin Dong and Lin Langtian could actually create such a destructive force when exchanging blows.

The monstrous green light and the black glow swept within the light barrier. They eroded and eliminated each other during the uncontrolled collision. That kind of collision was sufficient to tear a five Yuan Nirvana Stage expert into pieces.

The exterior of the light barrier was as calm as a quiet lake. Within the light barrier was a destructive raging fluctuation. These two completely different scene caused one’s eyes to feel a kind of dazzled feeling.

This fight had surpassed the category of a five Yuan Nirvana Stage expert.

Numerous eyes gathered onto the interior of this light barrier. They really wanted to know just whether Lin Dong would be able to survive when faced with this somewhat terrifying attack by Lin Langtian.

Under the crisscrossed stares of the crowd, the ripple within the light barrier gradually weakened. That wild and violent flashing green black light also dimmed and disappeared.

The first one who appeared within the light barrier was Lin Langtian’s figure. The black light that was emitted from the dark black figure behind him was wrapped around him. It also allowed him to remain standing amidst the raging fluctuation.

At this moment, Lin Langtian’s eyes were staring firmly at the opposite side of the battle stage. The last remaining green black light was beginning to scatter at that spot.

A blurry yet large aegis figure also vaguely appeared once again.

Lin Langtian’s eyes suddenly shrunk upon seeing the blurry aegis figure. His expression also became extremely dark and solemn. Could it be that even this was unable to finish him off?

The blurry aegis figure became increasingly clear. Finally, it once again appeared in front of all the eyes present in this place.

The green dragon aegis stood quietly. Sunlight poured from the sky and shone on the dragon aegis. It had a feeling of vicissitude and prestige spreading from it.

“He has actually withstood the attack…”

The top of the mountain was in a complete uproar. A shaken expression surged up the eyes of quite a number of people. Exclamations swiftly spread like a tidal wave.

Lin Langtian previous attack was something that even a five Yuan Nirvana Stage expert would have difficulty blocking. Everyone present had stepped into the Nirvana Golden Ranking but other than a rare few, it was likely that no one would have the confidence to it. Yet, Lin Dong had actually relied on the strength of a four Yuan Nirvana Stage to withstand this fierce and vicious attack head on. How could this not cause everyone to be shocked.

“This little fellow does indeed possess quite a lot of tactics…” That old man from the Dao Sect looked at this scene and involuntarily nodded slowly. He grew increasingly pleased with Lin Dong the more he observed the latter. If this fellow was really able to join the Dao Sect, it would likely be quite an interesting event.

Amidst the focus of all the eyes present, the green dragon aegis within the light barrier remained quiet for a moment before some activity occurred. A faint green light lingered over the aegis. Immediately, it began to gradually become paler…

Lin Langtian’s expression was gloomy as he looked at the paling dragon aegis. He was just about to move when his eyes suddenly shrunk. He saw a blurry figure suddenly rushed out from within that dissipated dragon aegis in a quick ghost like manner.

The figure was so fast that one had difficulty describing it. Even Lin Langtian could only see a blurry green light before that wild and violent ripple, which was accompanied by an enormous pressure, rushed over in midair.

Lin Dong had retaliated!

Lin Langtian’s eyes were ferocious. He suddenly extended his hand and grabbed forward. The dark black figure behind him directly penetrated the empty space with its shrivelled hand and grabbed towards that figure.

However, the speed of that green figure was just like a thunderbolt. That large hand grabbed forward, only to find that the area in front was empty. The figure had actually easily dodged it.

“What speed!”

Lin Langtian’s expression changed. Clearly, he was shocked by the Lin Dong’s sudden surge in speed. However, he did not have the luxury of time to think about it. The green light flashed in front of his eyes and a human figure had already appeared in a strange manner.

Only at this moment did Lin Langtian finally clearly see the figure in front of him. His expression immediately underwent a drastic transformation. The Lin Dong in front appeared to have become larger. His body was covered with green coloured dragon scales. At a glance, he appeared just like a dragon scale armour. A faint green light flickered while a shocking energy fluctuation was continuously emitted from within his body.


One could still see a pair of cold blade like eyes under the green coloured dragon scale armour. Lin Dong suddenly extended his hand. His arm swelled wildly and actually instantly transformed into a green coloured dragon claw!

Cold glint surged over the dragon claw. The green scales reflected a densely cold luster that appeared to be a fierce weapon with a shocking offensive strength permeating over it!

The hand transformed into a dragon claw. Lin Dong did not pause even for a moment. The dragon claw that contained a terrifying strength violently swiped at Lin Langtian’s chest.

Chi chi!

A shocking energy ripple was formed over the tip of the dragon claw. It looked just like a wildly rotating whirlpool that emitted a kind of extremely shocking offensive force. That ripple was powerful enough to rip apart a five Yuan Nirvana Stage expert’s Nirvana Golden Body!

Lin Langtian did not dare to slight such a ferocious attack from Lin Dong. A thought passed through his mind and the shrivelled hand of the dark black figure behind him directly rushed out. After which, it violently collided with Lin Dong’s dragon claw.

A terrifying energy wave wildly swept out from the point of contact. That battle stage, which was formed from the Yuan Power, appeared to be just like a land, which was just plowed. It’s layers had been flipped, causing it to appear extremely miserable.

“Tsk tsk, your strength might be quite good but it seems a little lacking if you wish to kill me! It appeared that this transformation of yours can only reach this stage.” Lin Langtian’s face was filled with a ferocious smile. The other hand of the black figure also suddenly clenched. It directly carried a destructive wind as it mercilessly smashed towards Lin Dong’s head.

“This is not all!”

Cold glint surged within Lin Dong’s eyes. He also let out a cold laughter. Immediately, green light lingered on his other hand and it actually swiftly swelled into a vigorous icy cool green coloured dragon claw.

Lin Dong’s understanding of the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill had clearly increased at a shocking rate following the countless battles that he experienced previously.

The green coloured dragon claw struck violently outwards and directly grabbed the shrivelled skinny hand. A terrifying circular energy ripple once again swept apart.


Lin Langtian showed signs of becoming extremely furious when he saw that his attack was once again blocked. He did not expect that he was actually still unable to completely finish off Lin Dong after paying such a heavy price.

“You are right. After having fought for so many years, it is time to end things!”

Lin Dong lifted his head as Lin Langtian turned furious. He revealed an icy cold smile towards the latter. That smile similarly shocked some traces of a crazy demon.

“Materialized Dragon Skill, Dragon transformation!”

A low and deep roar resounded within Lin Dong’s heart at this moment. Immediately, the Heavenly Dragon Aura that lingered over Lin Dong’s limbs and skeleton suddenly swiftly surged into Lin Dong’s muscles and bones.

Sizzle sizzle!

Lin Dong’s arms begun to shake violently at this moment. Enormous green scales appeared one after another. His skin also became tough and icy. It seemed that his two arms had been completely transformed into large dragon hands within this short instant!

An intense pain spread out from within his bones. However, this caused Lin Dong’s eyes to become increasing scarlet. The Heavenly Dragon Aura was extremely overbearing. The body of an ordinary person was unable to endure it. Even the current Lin Dong would have to pay a hefty price in order to transform his arms into that of a dragon.

Lin Dong gave a dense smile to Lin Langtian after both of his arms turned into dragon like arms. Promptly, he jerked his arms before both of his fist struck out.

The palm wind that struck out was not the least bit fancy and it also did not contain even the slightest trace of martial arts. However, the strength packed within it could only be described by the word “terrifying”.


The green coloured dragon hand was just like a storm that poured out. The strength appeared to have agglomerated into something substance like at this moment. This caused the space itself to become distorted.

A terrifying energy ripple swept out. A trace of shock also surged out from the deep regions of Lin Langtian’s eyes. Immediately, his body suddenly withdrew explosively. After which, that black figure behind also stepped out and covered Lin Lang Tian’s body.

Lin Dong’s eyes turned bright red and he vaguely showed signs of turning mad. He did not care just how strong this dark black figure in front of his eyes was. His hands, which had turned to that of a dragon, directly became like a storm as it poured out with a terrifying strength that could shatter a mountain.

The dragon fist violently landed on the dark black figure. A low and deep ear-piercing sound immediately resounded continuously in the sky. The dark black figure was also shaken until it was forced to continuously retreat. Finally, it emitted a “bang” as it collided onto the light barrier.


Lin Dong’s figure appeared in front of the dark black figure, which currently had nowhere to retreat. His eyes were scarlet red as his dragon arms swung wildly. It was accompanied by many afterimages as he punched once, twice, thrice…

The top of the mountain was silent. Only the deep muffled sound of Lin Dong’s fists landing on the dark black figure resounded over the place.


A breaking sound seemed to suddenly appear under this kind of wild and untamed attack that was void of any fancy moves…

Everyone was stunned as they observed this scene. The current Lin Dong was extremely ruthless.