Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 620: Green Dragon Aegis

Chapter 620: Green Dragon Aegis


Chapter 620: Green Dragon Aegis

The torrential darkness was like a hundred feet tall black curtain that hung from the heavens. Accompanied by an ancient aura, a sole surrounded by black light stepped out from the curtain. It was as if the black curtain was connected to the land from a thousand years ago.

Almost every gaze on the mountain peak was directed at the black curtain. When they saw the foot that emitted an ancient aura, their eye pupils instantly dilated. Everyone could feel the undulations of destruction from it.

On another battle arena, the Tianyuan Empire’s Qin Tian was alarmed by this undulation as well. His gaze quickly shifted over, his normally faintly smiling face had now become a little unnatural. Clearly, he did not like the fact that he was outshone by someone else…

In the Hundred Empire War, regardless of strength or background, he should be the undisputed focal point. However, the point of focus had now been seized by Lin Dong’s battle. This made Qin Tian feel rather unhappy.

After all, those two fellows were from a low rank empire…

“Using a Yuan Spirit as an offering to the Martial Art Soul huh. This Lin Langtian is rather capable. I wonder where he obtained that broken Yuan Spirit…”

Qin Tian’s facial expression was rather venomous. He identified Lin Langtian’s intention with a glance, causing a surprised look to flash across his eyes. However, he was not worried. Lin Langtian’s so-called killer move could not defeat him. After all, Qin Tian’s reputation of being the most powerful fighter on the Nirvana Golden Ranking was not mere bragging.

“This move should be able to get rid of Lin Dong. Such a pity…”

Qin Tian looked at now much more grim faced Lin Dong as he smirked in an indifferent manner. Evidently, Qin Tian felt that the outcome of Lin Dong’s battle had been decided.

There was an eighty percent chance that Lin Dong would lose.


In the sky, the curtain of torrential darkness was bubbling. Following behind the dark glowing foot was a scrawny and dried-up black illusory figure, who stepped out of the curtain unhurriedly. Eventually, its entire body was out in this arena.


At this moment, everyone on the mountain peak directed their gazes towards that figure.

The figure appeared scrawny and dried up. Its entire body was black in color and it was engulfed in numerous beams of dark glow, making it difficult for people to identify its facial features clearly. However, the ancient aura and sinister vibes that it was releasing terrified the entire Heaven and Earth.


Lin Langtian’s face was malevolent. He stared at Lin Dong and wiped off the blood stains on the corners of his mouth. With the black figure standing behind him, his distorted face looked extremely terrorizing.

Lin Langtian snorted sinisterly, showing signs of turning into an insane devil. Following which, under everyone’s attentive gazes, he slowly raised up his right hand. At this moment, killer intent and insanity began to form in his eyes rapidly.

As Lin Langtian held up his right hand, the black figure behind him also raised up its willowy right arm and pointed it at Lin Dong.


As the willowy arm pointed at Lin Dong, the latter discovered that he had been locked on by an unavoidable attack. This allowed him to understand that the next deadly attack would follow him to the ends of the earth and stopped only if he was dead!

Immense pressure engulfed Lin Dong, causing his facial expression to turn sombre. At this moment, he could feel a strong sense of danger arising in his heart. Apparently, the fact that Lin Langtian could go to such extent had exceeded Lin Dong’s expectation….

“Lin Dong, we have been fighting for so many years, it’s time to end it. Don’t worry, after finishing you off, I will take good care of your Yan City’s branch family, hehe!” Lin Langtian smirked as his eyes became scarlet-red.

“Yi Mo Heavenly Finger!”

Lin Langtian’s face turned malevolent and he reached out his finger and pointed it towards the sky. The killer intent in his eyes was so intense that it seemed to solidify in an actual substance that would shoot out at any moment. As Lin Langtian pointed his finger towards the sky, the black figure behind him tapped its bony finger lightly as well.

As the figure tapped its finger, the entire sky seemed to darken. The air within the light barrier dissipated and formed a vacuum space. Following which, a beam of darkness that was more than ten feet tall shot down from the sky like a black-colored comet. It ripped through the sky and blasted towards Lin Dong like the finger of death!

As the tremendous beam of darkness ripped through the air, it did not make any terrifying loud sound. The Yuan Power in its trajectory was destroyed entirely. Everyone could clearly sense the devastating power that the beam of darkness contained.

That power could pierce through Heaven and Earth!

All the participants on the mountain peak were stunned by that beam of darkness. Even those practitioners who had stepped into the Nirvana Golden Ranking had their faces turned pale-white. They knew that if they were the ones facing this attack, they would surely die!

“Lin Dong is in trouble…”

Lan Ying, who had just gained an upper hand in her own battle, stared solemnly at the heaven-piercing beam of darkness with her beautiful eyes. Her face was filled with fear and terror.

She could not imagine the man named Lin Langtian could execute such a powerful martial art offense. How could everyone that come from the Great Yan Empire be so abnormally strong? This made her question if the Great Yan Empire was really a low rank empire?

These fellows’ strength and capabilities would put the geniuses from the top ten super empires to shame…


The beam of darkness pierced through the sky and blasted towards Lin Dong with an unavoidable poise. At this moment, Lin Dong’s facial expression became extremely sombre.

The beam of darkness magnified rapidly in Lin Dong’s eyes. However, under the stunning gazes from the onlookers, Lin Dong’s eyes slowly closed. His hand seal began to form into a dragon head-like shape. It was at this moment that resplendent green light gushed out from his body like a tidal wave.

Torrential green light surrounded Lin Dong’s body. Indistinctly, the green light seemed to form a gigantic Green Dragon illusory figure. It released waves of terrorizing energy undulation.

“Heavenly Dragon Aura!”

On the glowing chairs, the eyes of the super sects’ members froze and their faces turned sombre. From Lin Dong’s body, they could sense an aura that only a legitimate dragon clan would possess!

At this moment, the Heavenly Dragon Aura that was left behind by Qing Zhi in Lin Dong’s Dantian suddenly erupted. Indescribable waves of boundless energy extended through Lin Dong’s limbs and body with a terrifying speed.

As the Heavenly Dragon Aura erupted, the Green Dragon illusory figure that engulfed Lin Dong’s body began to materialize rapidly. On its gigantic body, the dragon scales were flickering with dazzling green light. Its enormous body was vigorous and powerful, as if it was made of steel.


The gigantic green dragon roared towards the sky. The dragon roar then materialized into frantic shock waves that swept through the arena, creating ripples to form on the light barrier.

“Materialized Dragon Skill, Green Dragon Aegis!”

A deep bellow rang across Lin Dong’s mind as he closed his eyes. At this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes again and changed his hand seal. The gigantic green dragon engulfed Lin Dong’s body and possessed him in an instant.

The green glow began to extend outward from the Green Dragon’s body and materialized into a Green Dragon Aegis.

The enormous aegis was surrounded by glowing green light. A dragon image then appeared on its body and gave a deafening roar. The body of the aegis was covered with green-colored dragon scales as well. An ancient and awe-inspiring aura was given off by the aegis.

“Such a powerful defense…”

The Dao Sect old man looked shockingly at the Green Dragon Aegis. He could sense a powerful defensive aura emitting from the aegis. This is an extremely formidable defensive martial art.

The Dragon Aegis was like an exceptionally resistant shield while the beam of darkness was like an extremely powerful spear.

Who would gain the upper hand, the aggressor or the defender?

A rare look of anticipation appeared on the face of the Dao Sect’s old man.


Naturally, he was not the only one who had such thought. At this moment, everyone on the mountain peak directed their gazes at this sight. Then, under the zealous gazes from the onlookers, the heaven-piercing beam of darkness that was accompanied by a destructive power shot down from the sky like a comet and collided ferociously with the enormous glowing Green Dragon Aegis!

At that moment, a crisp ringing sound resounded throughout the entire Heaven and Earth, destroying the Yuan Power in the air completely….