Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 619: Unleashing All of One’s Skills

Chapter 619: Unleashing All of One’s Skills


Chapter 619: Unleashing All of One’s Skills


The slender and fair palm made gently fanning motion from a great distance away. However, this seemingly gently action had a the terrifying power that could stir the heavens.

The Yuan Power that filled the sky completely exploded due to the palm as terrifying waves of air spread outwards. In the end, they struck heavily onto the surrounding enormous light barrier, causing intense ripples to erupt on it.

The formless air was also being frantically compressed at this moment, and one could faintly see the air within the light barrier being scattered.


A near vacuum like palm imprint erupted from the slender white hand. There was no majestic energy ripple inside the palm imprint, however, it contained an extremely ancient aura.

That sliver of aura appeared to have broken through from space and time from the the very distant past. It was old and unfathomable. Just this tiny bit of it possessed the strength to shake the lands.


The vacuum palm imprint had yet to land on the ground, yet a hundred feet deep palm imprint had already appeared on the Yuan Power battle stage below. One could even see the wildly flickering Yuan Power ripples at the edge of the palm imprint.

The black light, which originally permeated the sky, was also forcefully suppressed by the vacuum palm imprint until it shrunk to a dozen feet around Lin Langtian. The powerful pressure made Lin Langtian’s bones emit creaking sounds.

“It’s not so easy to kill me!”

However, the current Lin Langtian was also no longer the same as he was in the past. His eyes revealed a fierce killing intent in the face of this enormous pressure. Immediately, his hands formed a series of seals while a deep inhuman howl rang out from his throat.


An overflowing black light swiftly gushed out from Lin Langtian’s body in ring like shapes at an extremely astonishing rate. The black light surged, unwavering as it withstood the enormous pressure that had descended from the sky.

“Lin Dong, do you really think that you’re the only one who can summon the martial soul?”

“ Yi Mo Mirror, form the martial soul!”

A majestic black glow frantically gathered behind Lin Langtian, vaguely forming a black illusory figure. An incomparably mournful noise like the roars from tens of thousands of demons, sounded out.

At this moment, the black light filled the skies, blotting out the sun. It was as if the end of the world was arriving.


The black illusory figure took shape behind Lin Langtian. After which, a shrivelled black hand actually broke through space and appeared amidst the low and deep cry from Lin Langtian.

Circles of black light lingered around the black hand, making it to appear extremely strange.

“Yi Mo Mirror. Could it be the martial arts left behind by the terrible Yi Mo Old Man of ancient times?” The Dao Sect old man muttered on his light chair in the sky. He was a little surprised as he watched this scene.

“The Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand Lin Dong has displayed is likely to be left behind by the Great Desolated Emperor from ancient times. Tsk tsk, both are formidable experts from that ancient time. I wonder just which martial soul will come out on top in this fight.”

The black palm broke through space. Without pause, it carried a torrential black light as it rushed out and collided against the vacuum palm imprint.

The two palms flew at each other, one from the top and one from the bottom, each containing an earth-shattering momentum. In the next instant, they violently collided, causing the pupils of the numerous watching eyes to shrink abruptly.

At the moment of collision, it appeared as though the entire place had suddenly become completely silent. Everyone could see wave after wave of Yuan Power wildly fleeing from the Lin Dong’s and Lin Langtian’s battleground. From the looks of it, the undulations there were able to annihilate even the natural Yuan Power of the land.


The silence merely lasted for an instant. After which, a terrifying and indescribable energy storm swept out from the light barrier. Immediately, the light barrier that was personally placed by the representative from the Yuan Gate, Liu Tong, emitted an ear-piercing cracking sound. The light barrier wiggled wildly, appearing as though it was somewhat unable to endure being struck by that kind of energy.

Liu Tong had also clearly take notice of this place. This scene involuntarily caused him to frown. If he allowed two members of the younger generation to break the defence that he had placed amidst their battle, it would cause him to lose a great amount of face. Immediately, his sleeves waved and a majestic Yuan Power poured into the light barrier. Its luster immediately became resplendently bright, like a soup made of gold.

Numerous eyes gathered on the light barrier. An uncontrollable raging storm was spreading at that spot. This storm was just like a whip that heavily slammed onto Lin Dong and Lin Langtian, who had nowhere to hide.

Boom boom!

Two figures flew backwards in a miserable fashion. Finally, they collided violently into the light barrier. Soon after, a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out from their mouths. It was clear that they had suffered some injuries from the backlash.

Lin Dong stabilized his body and wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth. His brow was knitted as he gazed at the terrifying energy fluctuation that was present, while his expression grew much more solemn. Clearly, he did not expect that Lin Langtian would be so troublesome to deal with…

On the other side, Lin Langtian also staggered to his feet. His hair and face were in a mess. From the looks of it, he appeared in a much more terrible state than Lin Dong. Looking at things from a certain point of view, he was clearly slightly inferior to Lin Dong in their earlier clash. Moreover, although Lin Dong had also spat out a mouthful of blood due to the backlash, he did not appear to have suffered any serious injuries. Lin Dong’s physical body appeared to be far stronger than Lin Langtian had imagined.

“I… am going to kill you…”

Lin Langtian’s hair was scattered. His eyes were scarlet as his body trembled slightly. An extremely hoarse voice was emitted from his mouth.

There seemed to be something amiss with Lin Langtian’s current condition. The expression in his eyes fluctuated unceasingly. At times it appeared to be struggling, while sinister at other times.

“If we do not kill Lin Dong, you can forget about completely occupying my body. Give me all of your strength!” Lin Langtian’s hand violently grabbed his head, scratching his head until numerous lines of blood appeared. With an insane look on his face, he suddenly roared in his mind.

“This brat is extremely strange. There are too many secrets within his body. Even if I give all of my strength to you, it is likely that you will be unable to kill him. One will not worry about not having any wood to burn if one ensure the mountain remains green. As long as I am released from my Yuan Spirit form, it will only be too easy for me to kill him!” A furious voice also sounded in Lin Langtian heart. It belonged to the mysterious Yuan Spirit.

“Tch tch. I have said that I will definitely kill him this time around!”

Lin Langtian’s eyes were ferocious. Soon after, a cruel expression was formed from the corners of his mouth, “Did you not mention that there is a final killing blow of the Yi Mo Mirror? I want to use that!”

“Are you crazy. Do you know what kind of price you need to pay?”

“Tsk tsk, doesn’t it merely require you to sacrifice some Yuan Spirit? It’s fine. Once Lin Dong is dealt with, you will be able to take control of this body and completely possess this body of mine. The Yuan Spirit that you lose will also be recovered sooner or later!” Lin Langtian released a strange laughter as he spoke.

“You!” The Yuan Spirit’s voice appeared a little furious.

“You and I have already merged. Currently, I am in control of this body. There is no need for any unnecessary words. In any case, you will be able to obtain what you want once we succeed. I do not want anything else now. All I want is to kill that bastard Lin Dong!”

The current Lin Langtian did not fear the Yuan Spirit in his body. With a sinister laugh, his hands were placed together as a series of seals were made, before slamming his palm onto his chest.


Upon this act of his, a faint miserable cry emerged from inside his body. After which, his ten fingers were like blades as they scratched a deep bloody scar over his chest. Fresh blood flowed out and gathered in front of him.

Fresh bright red blood gathered in front of Lin Langtian. One could vaguely see some golden light surging within the blood. An extremely mysterious undulation spread from it.

“It is indeed the Yuan Spirit fluctuation…” That old man from the Dao Sect looked at the golden light suspended within the blood as his eyes focused.

Lin Langtian stared at the blood in front of him. The cruelness at the corners of his mouth became even more intense. Immediately, his hand seal rapidly changed. Black light spread out from within his body, forming a dark human figure behind him.

“Yuan Spirit offering!”

Lin Langtian raised his head. He gave an eerie smile to Lin Dong, who was frowning intensely in the distance, a smile caused one’s hair to stand. After which, Lin Langtian let out a low cry as the blood containing golden light flew out. Finally, it shot into the dark figure.

Sizzle sizzle!

After the blood was shot into it, that dark illusory figure immediately began to wiggle wildly. Black fog curled around it as an extremely terrifying ripple spread outwards.

“It’s the Yuan Spirit offering!”

The expressions of the super sect experts in the sky suddenly changed upon seeing this scene. Immediately, their eyes turned serious.

“Using the Yuan Spirit as an offering to completely materialize the ancient aura of the martial soul…”

“Ha ha, Lin Dong, the two of us has fought for so many years. However, the one who has the last laugh will still be me. In the end, you will be crushed under my feet like back then!”

Lin Langtian roared towards the sky. His dishevelled appearance was just like an evil ghost, causing him to appear extremely terrifying.

While Lin Langtian roared to the sky. The wiggling black glow behind him also gradually solidified. A moment later, the black fog scattered and a foot slowly stepped out from within it. Accompanied by a monstrously evil aura, it looked just like a demon king from ancient times that had appeared in this era a millennium later…