Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 618: Forming a Martial Soul

Chapter 618: Forming a Martial Soul


Chapter 618: Forming a Martial Soul

Torrential black light surged like billowing black clouds, filling the light barrier. The astonishing undulations that spread out from within the black clouds drew many shocked gazes.

Lin Langtian’s body was suspended below the black clouds. A titanic figure was faintly discernable within the sky-encompassing black light behind him, like a terrifying demon god that had stepped out from the land of asura.

“This is a Divine Martial Art…”

Astonishment flashed across some of the super sect members seated on the light chairs in the sky when they saw this scene.

“It is a little similar to the demonic martial arts from ancient times. Looks like there are quite a number of ancient inheritances hidden within this ancient realm. That little fellow has met a troublesome opponent this time…” The old man from the Dao Sect stared at the vaguely visible giant figure behind Lin Langtian and muttered to himself in amazement.

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened when he saw Lin Langtian’s monstrous aura. This strange and powerful martial art was something that Lin Langtian did not possess before. Clearly, he had obtained it later on or perhaps it was something that the Yuan Spirit within his body had passed to him.

Based on Lin Dong’s guess, this martial art that Lin Langtian had displayed was at least a high grade Soul Martial Art. It was definitely stronger than Song Zhen’s Taozong Sect martial arts…

Black light lingered around Lin Langtian. His originally normal face now had a dark aura lingering over it. His gaze faintly contained some strange black glow as he stared at Lin Dong. Soon after, the corners of his mouth slowly lifted into a cruel arc as he extended his finger and pressed it onto the empty air.

“Yi Mo Beam!”

Lin Langtian’s finger gently landed on the air. The sky-encompassing black light behind him immediately frantically rushed forth, directly transforming into a beam of black light that tore through air and shot out explosively.


The black light beam was so fast that it could not be described by words. Moreover, the ripples from it caused even the experts, who had stepped into the five Yuan Nirvana stage, to be moved.

Black light wiggled at the tip of the beam as the black beam tore through the skies. It faintly formed a strange ghost-like face that caused one’s hair to stand on ends.

Lin Dong watched the light beam that was swiftly being magnified in his eyes while his expression grew much more solemn. Clearly, he had sensed the lethality of Lin Langtian’s attack. Immediately, he extended his hand as green light swiftly surged onto his palm. The light rapidly gathered together, forming a green scale shield.


The green scale shield had barely materialized when the black beam ruthlessly rushed over and slammed heavily against the green scale shield. Soon after, a shocking ripple frantically swept outwards from the point of collision.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

When he saw that Lin Dong had actually blocked his extremely powerful and destructive black light beam, Lin Langtian’s face grew even more twisted. He flicked his ten fingers as the black light behind his body spread, transforming into light beams that filled the sky as they wildly shot out.

Even a five Yuan Nirvana stage expert did not dare to underestimate any one of these black light beams. The current attack was such that even the other experts on the Nirvana Golden Ranking would have to evade it instead of facing it head on.

“Let’s see how many times you can block!”

Lin Langtian laughed viciously. Now that he had merged with the Yuan Spirit within his body, although he had to pay the price of losing his independent personality, the power inside his body far exceeded an ordinary five Yuan Nirvana stage expert. This enormous consumption of energy was clearly no problem for him.

He wanted to rely on this fact to forcefully exhaust Lin Dong to death!

The torrential black light was just like black meteorites descending from the skies and their momentum was extremely overwhelming. Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath as he watched this sight, while green light flickered wildly on his body.

Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly became chilly as the green light flickered. His ten fingers abruptly flicked.

Green light surged, transforming into numerous diamond shaped green scales that were half the size of a palm. An extremely shocking, sharp chilling glow spread over its edges, causing it to appear extremely sharp.

The green scales immediately swept out when they appeared. In an instant, it was as though a green storm had unfurled which collided with the black beams that permeated the sky.

The entire sky appeared to have turned into the battleground between green and black!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Green scales and black light clashed. Immediately, several maniacal explosions continuously resounded across the sky as green light and black light frantically unfurled. The wild and violent ripple that resulted caused the surrounding light barrier to ripple.

Numerous eyes on the mountain top looked at this exchange in shock. They could clearly sense the dense killing intent contained within their attacks. Both parties had no intention of showing mercy and they had used a killing move each time they attacked. Furthermore, everyone present was clearly aware that if they were fighting, none of them would be able to block that kind of storm green scales or the black light beam from either of those two…

An incomparably wild and violent energy fluctuation swept apart from the light barrier. Two figures amongst them were implicated. Immediately, they were shaken until they ended up flying back. Their toes pressed for over a dozen times in the air before they barely managed to stabilize themselves.

“That bastard…”

Lin Langtian stabilized his body. His expression was a little ugly. He did not expect that Lin Dong would actually become so much stronger after just half a year’s time. Moreover, the thing that really shocked him was that Lin Dong’s Yuan Power also appeared to be extremely vast and mighty. Typically speaking, after executing his previous attack, it was likely that even an ordinary five Yuan Nirvana Stage expert would be severely drained. However, judging from Lin Dong’s relaxed manner, it was clear that he was not exhausted at all.


A long breath was slowly released from Lin Dong’s mouth. He slowly raised his head and his eyes stared indifferently at Lin Langtian. Due to the presence of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he was able to constantly absorb Yuan Power from around him to replenish himself. Therefore, it was extremely naive for Lin Langtian to compete with him in terms of stamina.

However, Lin Dong clearly did not intend to continue dragging on and playing with him. Since he had already fought, he should just directly use a killing move!

Lin Dong lowered his eyes. Blade like sharp cold glows surged out from within his eyes. Both of his hands were slowly placed together. After which, his hand seal changed with a lightning like speed.


Yuan Power, Mental Energy and Devouring Power gathered together within Lin Dong’s body. Finally, they poured wildly into the Ancient Universe Formation above his Dantian.

That majestic energy was just like an erupting volcano as it transformed into numerous grayish black light pillars that suddenly surged out from within Lin Dong’s body. The entire place shook at that instance.

“This kind of energy… how unusual…”

Those people from the super sects on the light seats suddenly focused their eyes when they saw these grayish black light pillar from merged energy. Their eyes were shocked as they stared at Lin Dong’s battle arena. They could sense an extremely faint and mysterious fluctuation.

“This little fellow is really capable…” The old man from the Dao Sect stared at Lin Dong with great interest. He was aware that Lin Dong had obtained the inheritance of the Green Dragon Hall. However, he was unaware that Lin Dong actually possessed this kind of unique energy.

The enormous light pillar shot towards the sky. After which, they crossed each other in the sky. Following the agglomeration of these light pillar, the empty area had swiftly collapsed and transformed into complete darkness.

An illusionary figure slowly appeared when the darkness surfaced.

The illusory figure was blurry. However, one could faintly see that he was standing with his hands behind him. His eyes overlooked the entire area and a kind of aura that was difficult to describe, slowly spread apart while being accompanied by a kind of ancient feeling.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand, Forming Martial Soul!”

At this moment, Lin Dong’s expression was extremely solemn. Along with the great increase in his strength, he was becoming increasingly familiar with his control of his high grade martial arts, Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand. The shocking strength that he was unable to unleash in the past, was currently being gradually unleashed by him.

At Lin Dong’s command, those light pillars which had agglomerated a large amount of energy, completely rushed into the empty void. After which, they entered into the blurry figure.

Buzz buzz!

With the pouring in of these energy light pillar, the illusory figure appeared to slowly become substance like. It was possible to see that tall figure wearing a faint gray robes amidst the blurriness. His blurry eyes seemed as though they were unable to override the world.

“He is actually able to form a martial arts soul to such an an extent…”

Quite a number of people looked at the illusory figure that emitted an ancient feeling in the empty space. Their eyes contained some shock. A majority of people here knew soul martial arts. However, there was hardly anyone who could unleash their soul martial arts to such an extent.

The most powerful part of a soul martial arts was not the might that it brought. Instead, it was the aura of its creator that it possessed. Just a remanent aura from those top experts that lived in the ancient times, would be able to shake the heavens.

Lin Langtian lifted his head and looked at the blurry figure in the empty space. A extremely solemn expression gradually surged onto his face, which was covered by ferocity. He could sense the extraordinary power behind Lin Dong’s attack.

Under the attention of the crowd, Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air. Promptly, an aura slowly extended from his palm before it aimed at Lin Langtian in the distance. In the next instant, a cold glint surged in his eyes as his hand suddenly clenched.


When Lin Dong clenched his hand, everyone were shocked to see that the blurry figure in the empty darkness had actually extended his hand. Moreover, the most shocking fact was that his hand was actually truly extended out from within the void and appeared in front of the eyes of countless number of people!

That was an extremely long and white hand that looked extremely beautiful. However, everyone was aware that it was a hand that had truly existed in the ancient times. It definitely possessed a great might that could rip apart the land.

The hand appeared to have penetrated through time, broke through space and came from the ancient times. It broke through the illusion and gently slammed down at Lin Langtian while everyone watched.


The sky crumbled almost instantly the moment the hand slammed down. Even the natural Yuan Power had been forcefully shattered by this palm!

This palm was actually so terrifying!