Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 615: Nirvana Golden Ranking Battle

Chapter 615: Nirvana Golden Ranking Battle


Chapter 615: Nirvana Golden Ranking Battle

A brilliant sun hung high in the sky above the Hundred Empire Mountain as warm sunlight sprinkled down. Its radiance was similar to that of dawn.

“Everyone, it’s about time.”

Seated on the glowing chair in the air, the grizzled hair man from the Yuan Gate announced as his uninterested gaze swept across the surging crowd below before shifting his attention to other super sect members.

Upon hearing his words, the other seven nodded their heads as well.

When he saw this, the grizzled hair man slowly stood up with his hands behind his back and cast a sweeping glance across the arena. The commotion on the mountain peak immediately subsided as everyone looked towards him with reverence.

Upon receiving this kind of gaze from the crowd, the thin blade-like lips of the grizzled hair man curled up slightly, as if he enjoyed the attention and reverence that he was receiving.

“I am the Yuan Gate representative, Liu Tong.”

A flat but firm voice rumbled in everyone’s ears like thunder as the grizzled hair man’s gaze swept across the mountain peak.

“First and foremost, I would like to congratulate everyone here. The fact that you are able to reach this place speaks volumes about your strength and potential. Anyone who possesses the Heavenly Grade Nirvana Seal is just barely qualified to become an entry-level disciple of the super sects.

Upon hearing these words, several people heaved a sigh of relief as if a huge load had been lifted off their hearts, while emotion filled their eyes. They knew that their one year of hard work had finally paid off.

As long as they were able to enter the super sects, even if they were entry-level disciples, it was enough to do their empires proud. As for thee higher tier direct disciples, these were reserved for the abnormally powerful individuals that had stepped into the Nirvana Golden Ranking.

Many people were somewhat envious when they thought of this. A direct disciple and a entry-level disciple had completely different statuses in a super sect.

“As for those who have entered the Nirvana Golden Ranking, I would like to congratulate all of you as well. You have obtained the qualifications to become the direct disciples of the super sects,” Liu Tong announced indifferently.

“Next up, there will be a competition of the highest calibre. Only those who have entered the Nirvana Golden Ranking will be qualified to participate in this competition. The final ranking you obtain in the competition will determine the degree of favouritism you receive in your respective super sect.”

“As it stands, the last three winners have become a member of our Yuan Gate, and are now famed practitioners across the entire Eastern Xuan Region.”

As Liu Tong spoke of this issue, even though his tone was flat like before, it also contained a tinge of pride and arrogance.

On the glowing chairs, the other super sect members furrowed their eyebrows slightly. Though the Yuan Gate was indeed powerful, they found Liu Tong’s words unpleasant to the ear.

The old man from the Dao Sect shot a glance at Liu Tong while pursing his lips. Due to some yet to be known reasons, the relationship between the Yuan Gate and the Dao Sect was not exactly a friendly one. Therefore, it was natural for the old man to despise the arrogant Liu Tong.

“Next up, please enter the arena immediately when I call out your names!” Liu Tong waved his hand and a glowing scroll opened up in front of him.

“Tianyuan Empire, super empire, Qin Tian.”

On the mountain top below, Qin Tian looked at the gazes that were directed at him and could not help but smile slightly. He took a step forward and slowly walked into the arena. His poise indeed contained the demeanor of an elite practitioner.

Murmurs and whispers broke out on the mountain peak. Gazes that were filled with fear and envy were directed at Qin Tian. They clearly knew that the Tianyuan Empire was a subordinate faction of the Yuan Gate. This time around, Qin Tian would most likely become the champion of the Hundred Empire War. At that time, he would definitely enter the Yuan Gate. As such, the Yuan Gate would have recruited four Hundred Empire War champions in a row.

Liu Tong looked at Qin Tian and nodded his head approvingly, feeling somewhat pleased in his heart. It appeared that their Yuan Gate would once again be the biggest beneficiary of the Hundred Empire War.

“Great Desolate Empire, super empire, Ji Shan.”

A man, whose muscular body was built like a iron tower and emitted terrifying energy waves, walked out from the crowd and into the arena.

“Divine Empire, super empire, Mo Leng.”

A black-clothed man swept out from the crowd. Powerful Mental Energy ripples surrounded his body. It turns out that he was a practitioner that specialized in Mental Energy.


As Liu Tong continued to announce the names, the practitioners of the Nirvana Golden Ranking stepped into the arena one by one. Each time a name was announced, an uproar would break out on the mountain peak and various respectful gazes would be directed at the person who just had his or her name called out.

“Celestial Empire, super empire, Lanying.”

When Lin Dong heard this name, he raised his head and watched the familiar figure that had just flown into the arena as he softly chuckled.

“Great Yan Empire… low rank empire, Lin Dong.” A slight pause appeared in Liu Tong’s voice. Following which, his gaze shifted downward to look upon the slender body youth.

“Lin Dong? Is that the Lin Dong who defeated the Sky Devil Empire’s Song Zhen?”

The commotion on the mountain peak suddenly intensified. Numerous gazes filled with intense amazement were directed at the lanky figure. However, at this point in time, no one dared to make any sneering remarks at the mention of a low rank empire, because the members of a low rank empire had far surpassed them in terms of strength and capability….

Ignoring the numerous gazes of reverence and amazement, Lin Dong moved and landed gracefully on the arena with both his arms slightly hanging down.

“Great Yan Empire…. Lin Diao.”

“Great Yan Empire…. Lin Yan.”

The following two names further intensified the commotion on the mountain peak, while shock appeared on many people’s faces. The fact that the low rank empire Lin Dong managed to barge into the Golden Nirvana Ranking was already startling. No one could imagine the following two names were from the same empire. This definitely riled everyone riled.

“Haha, it has been many years since someone from a low rank empire barged into the Nirvana Golden Ranking. Furthermore, there are three of them…” The elderly man that carried a sword sheath caressed his beard and chuckled as he stared at Lin Dong from his glowing chair.

Beside him, the old man from the Dao Sect laughed as well. He stared at Lin Dong with flickering eyes.

“Great Qing Empire, middle rank empire, Su Rou.”

Upon hearing this, Su Rou’s petite figure flew into the arena and landed beside Lin Dong. She then stuck out her tongue playfully, appearing extremely adorable. However, after a gentle stare from Lin Dong, she quickly closed her tiny mouth.

“This young lady…” The beautiful eyes of the pretty middle-aged woman from the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, suddenly brightened up. She stared closely at Su Rou as if she had discovered something.

“Her body actually contains a Spirit Emblem. Such a promising seed,” Seated beside the beautiful woman, a middle-aged man chuckled.

“This young lady doesn’t specialize in Mental Energy. Your Divine Sect has nothing to do with her. Our Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace will be most suitable for her…” The beautiful woman rolled her eyes at the middle-aged man and said.

Upon hearing these words, the man merely smiled. He did not have any intention of vying with her over Su Rou. After all, the beautiful woman was right. Su Rou was not proficient in her mastery of Mental Energy, and hence, she was not suitable for a Mental Energy focused sect like the Divine Sect.

As Liu Tong continued announcing names, more and more practitioners whose bodies emitted powerful energy undulations flew into the arena. The gradual convergence of aura caused an increase in the temperature of the arena.

In the air, Liu Tong’s eyebrows suddenly frowned as he stared at the glowing scroll, before he announced, “Great Yan Empire…. Lin Langtian.”


As these words left his mouth, an uproar broke out. Astonishment flashed across many faces. To think that another person from the Great Yan Empire had made it into the Nirvana Golden Ranking?

A mere low rank empire, yet four individuals had made it into the Nirvana Golden Ranking. Even the super empires did not obtain such result. What did the Great Yan Empire do to enjoy such good fortune?

Amidst the uproar and commotion, Lin Dong’s eyebrows gradually knitted together. He raised his gaze and saw a handsome green-robed man walk into the arena.

That familiar face belonged to Lin Langtian!

As Lin Dong stared at Lin Langtian, the latter unblinkingly stared back. On his handsome face, an extremely sinister smile appeared.

They were from the same clan, and yet, they were not considered brothers. Instead, they were sworn enemies.

Both of them knew there was no way that their differences could be resolved.

Lin Dong clearly knew about Lin Langtian’s nature. If the latter were to enter a super sect, he would pose a great threat to Lin Dong’s family in the Great Yan Empire.

Thus, for the sake of his family and getting rid of any problems in the future, Lin Dong would absolutely not allow this thorn to exist.

Therefore…. Lin Langtian must die!

Lin Dong’s fist slowly clenched itself, while a terrifying killer intent burst out of his slightly narrowed eyes.

There was absolutely no way that he would let Lin Langtian successfully enter a super sect!