Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 614: A Familiar Face

Chapter 614: A Familiar Face


Chapter 614: A Familiar Face

The old man lazily leaned against the chair of light. His elderly face was not unfamiliar to Lin Dong. This was the mysterious old man whom Lin Dong had met in the Ancient Treasure Trove.

“To think that he is a member of the Dao Sect…”

Lin Dong and Little Marten exchanged gazes with each other, both had strange expressions on their faces. They had guessed the identity of the old man back then. Therefore, they were not overly shocked when they saw this scene. The only thing that surprised them was that this old man was someone from the most unconventional Dao Sect.

“Is brother Lin Dong acquainted with the great one from the Dao Sect?” Beside him, Liu Bai involuntarily asked softly when he saw Lin Dong staring at the old man with a strange expression.

“Yes. I have met him before in the Ancient Battlefield.” Lin Dong nodded gently as he softly replied.

“Eh?” Liu Bai’s expression involuntarily changed a little upon hearing this. Immediately, his face filled with envy. From the way he saw it, being able to interact with an individual of a super sect was an extremely fortunate.

“This old fellow is quite pleasing to the eye. The Dao Sect might be a wise choice.” Little Marten rubbed his chin and said.

Lin Dong smiled. He also had a rather good impression of this old man. Most importantly, this person did find Little Marten’s identity taboo. It was likely that the Celestial Demon Marten tribe did not have any grudges with the Dao Sect, hence,it would not be a bad decision to join this super sect.

“The Dao Sect is not easy to enter. Although its strength is inferior to the Yuan Gate, its requirements are even more stringent than Yuan Gate.”

Beside him, Liu Bai interrupted and said. Only after uttering these words did he recall just how abnormally strong Lin Dong was. He immediately laughed at himself and said, “Of course, given brother Lin Dong’s talent and performance, you should be able to catch the eye of the Dao Sect.”

Lin Dong raised his head and stared at the old man. After which, he smiled at the latter. This caused the old man, who had similarly taken notice of them, to smile in return.

“This brat… is rather interesting.”

The old man’s finger gently tapped the back of his chair. His eyes seemed to contain a smile as they paused on Lin Dong. There was an admiration that an ordinary person could not sense within them. With his ability, he was naturally able to observe the battle between Lin Dong’s group and the Sky Devil Empire at the foot of the Hundred Empire Mountain earlier.

Lin Dong’s performance had made him quietly nod his head in approval.

The old man’s heart was quietly shocked by Lin Dong’s progress within a short half a year. Although the latter had obtained the inheritance of the Ancient Treasure Trove, his foundation was still too weak. His low rank empire status was a huge limitation to himself. However, from the looks of it, Lin Dong had now clearly leaped across this gap and he was now able to contend against a super empire like the Sky Devil Empire.

Lin Dong’s eyes swiftly turned away from the old man. Immediately, he looked at the mountain top. There were currently quite a number of figures standing at the top of the mountain. Moreover, the most spectacular point about this scene was that everyone present had powerful auras. Clearly, they were no ordinary people.

Those who could survive the various eliminations and finally arrived at this place could be considered the top individuals amongst the geniuses from the various empires. Whether it was their talent or mental fortitude, those present were the cream of the crop.

Lin Dong’s eyes paused on the old man for a moment before withdrawing. After which, he looked towards the field. The numerous powerful auras caused him to involuntarily nod his head. No one here was weak.

Qin Tian’s group, whom Lin Dong had met earlier, was the most prominent amongst them. From time to time, practitioners would step forward to greet them politely, and the eyes of these practitioners did not lack a fawning expression. This led one to believe that the Tianyuan Empire was extremely famous. Of course, from the way Lin Dong saw it, it was mostly because the strongest super sect in the Eastern Xuan Region, the Yuan Gate, was backing the Tianyuan Empire.

Lin Dong glanced at Qin Tian, who was chatting with others while wearing an indifferent smile on his face. It must be said that this fellow possessed an exceptional demeanour. As the leader of the ten super empires, those that the Tianyuan Empire groomed were indeed extraordinary.

Qin Tian appeared to have sensed Lin Dong’s eyes. He tilted his head a little and stared at Lin Dong while a faint smile surfaced on his face.

Lin Dong nodded his head in a superficial manner towards Qin Tian before withdrawing his eyes. Although Qin Tian had an extraordinary background, he did not approach the latter to get into his good books.

“There are quite a number of capable individuals here…” By his side, Little Marten suddenly withdrew his gaze and chuckled.

Lin Dong sighed and nodded upon hearing this. After taking a look around, he had discovered more than ten experts who had advanced into the five Yuan Nirvana stage. These people were likely also members on the Nirvana Golden Ranking and were extremely powerful.

However, Lin Dong was not surprised by this. Even though he had defeated the Sky Devil Empire, there were still nine other super empires. Moreover, the Ancient Battlefield was extremely vast and there would definitely be others like Su Rou, who were fortunate enough to ascend the heavens with a single step and thus possess the qualifications to battle with the geniuses of the super sects.

Therefore, Lin Dong was not surprised by the number of skilled experts in this place.

“I wonder what that fellow plans on doing…”

Lin Dong suddenly recalled the mysterious scheming individuals whom he had encountered in the Ancient Battlefield as he suddenly frowned a little. He shifted his gaze towards the sky above the Hundred Empire Mountain. Although he did not know what those fellows were planning, they would likely choose to act before the Hundred Empire War ended.

Lin Dong’s gaze scanned the area, however, he did not discover anything and immediately shrugged his shoulders. Forget it, it was not his place to worry about such matters. There were experts from the eight great super sects guarding the space above the Hundred Empire Mountain. Even if an accident were to occur, they would deal with it.

“Hehe, you must be brother Lin Dong right?” A loud and clear laughter was suddenly from Lin Dong’s left while the latter was observing his surroundings.

Lin Dong was slightly startled when he heard this laughter. He immediately turned around, only to see a group heading towards him. As his eyes swept across this group, he found two familiar faces. They were the two super empire generals whom he had met in the Ancient Hall’s city.

The Great Gan Empire’s fire general, Tianhuo and mountain general Muhuang.

“Great Gan Empire huh?” Upon seeing this duo, Lin Dong realized that the group approaching him was also one of the ten great super empires.

Earlier, Lin Dong was merely aware that the Great Gan Empire was a super empire. However, he did not know that they were one of the ten great super empires. This news was obtained from Liu Bai’s group.

Three strongly built figures walked in front of the Zhu Tianhuo duo. Powerful ripples continuously spread from their bodies, testament to the fact that they had reached the five Yuan Nirvana stage. From the looks of it, these were the three rumoured kings of the Great Gan Empire.

“Brother Lin Dong, I have long heard of your name. I am Ganjin and these two are my companions. The main reason I have approached so boldly is to apologize. Back then, Tianhuo’s group has given you trouble.” Lin Dong, who originally thought that this group was seeking trouble, was slightly startled. He looked towards the slightly red Zhu Tianhuo duo before turning back towards the sincere Ganjin. Immediately, he cupped his hands together and laughed softly, “What is big brother Ganjin saying. Fights are only too common in this place. There is no need to apologize.”

Lin Dong had a good impression of Ganjin’s straightforward manner. Moreover, he did not have a deep grudge with their empire. Therefore, since Ganjin was sincere about burying the hatchet, Lin Dong was naturally willing as well. After all, a friend was better than an enemy.

Ganjin’s face was full of smiles. His eyes involuntarily weighed Lin Dong. He had naturally heard about the Sky Devil Empire and thus did not dare to belittle Lin Dong. After all, they were weaker than the Sky Devil Empire. Since Lin Dong could finish off the three devils of the Song clan, if they were to get into a fight, Lin Dong’s group would likely emerge victorious. It was best to avoid provoking such a troublesome opponent.

“Brother Lin Dong is really outstanding. Though you are from low rank empire, you are able to enter the Nirvana Golden Ranking. This has not happened for many many years…” Ganjin’s words were filled with heartfelt admiration. He knew that Lin Dong must have expended a great deal of effort in order to reach this place.

“Haha, if I am unlucky and end up fighting with you in the subsequent Nirvana Golden Ranking battle, please show some mercy.” Ganjin changed the topic and suddenly said.

Lin Dong also smiled upon hearing this. He knew that the next event was the main show.

The Nirvan Golden Ranking battle.

It was not only the last battle of the Hundred Empire War, but also the most intense one.

The final results would determine one’s ranking in the Ancient Battlefield and one’s value after entering the super sect. Hence, many people viewed it with great importance.

In order to obtain a good ranking, the various geniuses of the various empires would go all out.

This battlefield was would truly be one where tigers and dragons clashed!