Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 612: Ascending the Mountain

Chapter 612: Ascending the Mountain


Chapter 612: Ascending the Mountain

The gong sound was accompanied by a powerful voice, which resounded over the entire domain in a vast and mighty manner. After which, it scattered, appearing as though it was spreading towards the entire ancient space…

At this moment, anyone, whether or not they could enter the core region, suddenly raised their heads. Their eyes looked towards the direction where the Hundred Empire Mountain was located with incomparably wild and heated eyes.

The one year of bitter training was all for this day.

“Have we finally reached the end…”

Lin Dong lifted his head and stared at that enormous mountain, while he gently pursed his lips. Suddenly, a hundred over emotions surged in his heart.

One year ago, he had left the Great Yan Empire and arrived at this place where the geniuses gathered. At that time, he was merely an ordinary member amongst those participants. Furthermore, his status as member of a low rank empire had doomed him to start at the bottom of the foodchain. However, reality proved that Lin Dong would not be ordinary.

During this entire journey, he had met countless number of opponents. Each of them was stronger than the next and they were increasingly troublesome to deal with. Ultimately, he was the last man standing.

This Ancient Battlefield was just like an extremely cruel filtering machine and it did not show any mercy. Only the fittest would survive.

It was also this kind of cruel filtering that allowed Lin Dong, this diamond in the rough, to gradually unleash a dazzling luster during this one year.

This kind of luster was not inferior even when compared with those geniuses from the super empires.

Lin Dong could sense his enormous improvement during this one year. In his opinion, the world that he now knows has become increasingly vast as he trained. The Great Yan Empire from before now appeared so small when he thought about it.

“This place… is not bad.”

Lin Dong turned his head to look at Little Marten before he suddenly laughed.

Back then, Little Marten had insisted on him participating in this Hundred Empire War. It was likely that he wanted to take this opportunity to train Lin Dong. The final result was indeed very satisfactory.

During this one year’s time, Lin Dong had directly advance from the Creation Stage to the Nirvana Stage. His progress was considered to be quite rapid.

“It is all right.” Little Marten once again recovered his casual manner as he spoke lazily, “This Hundred Empire War can be considered as a rather decent honing ground for younger generation members like you. Of course, in the future, you might come into contact with even more dangerous places.”

Lin Dong smiled as he was not surprised by this. As he continued to grow stronger, the things and experts he would come into contact with, would naturally become stronger and stronger.

Qin Tian looked at the top of the mountain from the giant tree. After which, he turned his head towards Lin Dong and smiled faintly. However, his smile caused the latter to feel a little uncomfortable. Lin Dong clearly adopted the greatest caution in the face of someone like Qin Tian.

Qin Tian did not say anything else to Lin Dong’’s group. Immediately, he turned around. His toes pressed on the tree and he transformed into a rainbow light that directly rushed towards the mountain top. Those two figures behind him also closely followed.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Following Qin Tian’s action, a commotion immediately appeared in this entire region. Those experts, who were in possession of the Heavenly Grade Nirvana Seals, immediately shot out. Their expressions were wildly heated as they rushed towards the top of the mountain.

On the other hand, those experts, who had yet to possess a Heavenly Grade Nirvana Seal, suddenly had sunken expressions. A fierce glint flashed in their eyes. Some people actually suddenly attacked a moment later, attempting to snatch the Nirvana Seals of the others at this last moment in order to gain the qualification to ascend the mountain.

“Boom boom!”

Hence, this kind of silence continued for a moment before this entire area suddenly erupted into some furious screams. After which, wild and violent Yuan Power ripple began to erupt.s

“Bastard, what are you planning to do?”

“Do what? Heh, of course I’m going to snatch your Nirvana Seal!”

“Bloody hell. I’m afraid that you don’t have this ability! Brothers, attack!”


Various furious cries basically completely erupted at this moment before the entire region become incomparably chaotic. In order to gain the qualifications to ascend the mountain, those individuals have overridden their individual rationality. Their attacks felt crazy and frantic.

Liu Bai’s large group all clustered around Lin Dong. With such a lineup, no one dared to charge towards them with heated eyes. After all, even the Sky Demon Empire was defeated by them previously. Regardless of how crazy those people were, it was likely that they would simply be courting death by charging over.

Lin Dong’s expression was calm as he watched this scene and he was not surprised. His gaze looked towards everyone beside him and smilingly asked, “Does everyone have a Heavenly Grade Nirvana Seal?”

Mo Ling and the others nodded excitedly when they heard this. Previously, they had received quite a lot of Nirvana Seals from the experts of the three super empires led by Sky Demon Empire. As such, it had allowed their Nirvana Seals to reach the Heavenly Grade Nirvana Seal level.

With the strength of Mo Ling’s group, it was normally extremely difficult to possess a Heavenly Grade Nirvana Seal. However, thanks to their relationship with Lin Dong, they were able to obtain the qualifications to ascend the Hundred Empire Mountain.

“Brother Lin Dong, it is really all thanks to your group this time around. We will not forget this favor.” An excited expression was also plastered on Liu Bai’s face. This usually indifferent person also involuntarily felt his heart fluctuate at this moment. He cupped his hands together towards Lin Dong and spoke.

Standing aside, Yan Sen also nodded slowly. His expression was somewhat complicated as he looked at Lin Dong. Back then, when he had first met the latter in the Ancient Treasure Trove, Lin Dong had yet to advance into the Nirvana Stage. However, right now, Lin Dong had directly led them and defeated the Sky Demon Empire, one of the ten super empires!

As he recalled this fact, even Yan Sen could not help but feel shocked at Lin Dong’s swift improvement. He understood that with Lin Dong’s talent and ability, it was likely that he would not be a nameless individual even after he entered a super sect.

“Brother Liu Bai is too polite. We are cooperating with one another and my group is not the only one that has put in effort.” Lin Dong laughed.

“You are actually quite good looking . Why haven’t I realized this earlier…” Mu Hongling, who was wearing a red dress, suddenly smiled sweetly before she said.

“You were only focus on killing me previously. I am afraid you didn’t have the time to discover it.” Lin Dong teased. Back then, he and Mu Hongling had a little grudge over the Ancient Secret Key.

Mu Hongling’s pretty face reddened. An enchanting smile actually surfaced on her pretty face. Her eyes were rotated. “If I knew that you had so much potential back then, I will not compete with you for the Ancient Secret Key. I can even give it to you.”

Even Lin Dong was unable to endure, as he stared at her enchanting appearance and her fiery eyes. This woman was just like a cluster of flame that caused one’s heart to feel a burning heat.


Su Rou, who was standing beside Su Kui, suddenly stuck up her small mouth and let out a soft snort when she saw Mu Hong Ling flirting with Lin Dong. That young lady like demeanor caused a half smile to surface on Su Kui’s face.

“Tsk tsk, Lin Dong, I have really underestimated you…” Just when Lin Dong was prepared to pull away from this topic, two figures suddenly rushed over and landed in front of them. They were actually Lanying’s group, whom they had met once before.

Lin Dong did not slight these two people who were from the ten great super empires. He hurriedly cupped his hands together.

Lanying smilingly stared at Lin Dong. She gently lifted her sharp chin and said, “The Sky Demon Empire and the Tianyuan Empire have quite a deep relationship. That is why Qin Tian intervened.”

“Additionally, Qin Tian is not as friendly and open-minded as he appears on the surface. Your group did not give due respect to him. Be careful.”

“Thanks for the reminder.” Although Lin Dong was unaware of why Lanying would warn them, he still politely thanked her.

“It’s nothing. Our Celestial Empire and the Tianyuan Empire are considered enemies. The enemy of my enemy can be considered as a friend…” Lanying quietly spoke. Immediately, she paused for a moment before she spoke hesitantly, “Moreover, the Tianyuan Empire is a subordinate faction of the ‘Yuan Gate’.”


Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly shrunk when he heard this. It was unexpected that the background of this Tianyuan Empire was actually so strong. It turned out to be the top ranked super sect in the Eastern Xuan Region.

Lanying did not have bother staying any further after uttering those words. Her figure flashed before she transformed into a ray of light and rushed towards the mountain top. That man called Qing Feng also closely followed behind.

Lin Dong looked at their figures and knitted his eyebrows slightly. Clearly, this information had somewhat exceeded his expectations.

“I have heard of Yuan Gate. Back then, it fought with my Celestial Demon Marten clan. Therefore, we can be considered as sworn enemies…” Standing beside him, Little Marten’s voice suddenly transformed into a wisp of sonic wave that entered Lin Dong’s ears.

Lin Dong’s expression changed slightly. Immediately, he nodded quietly. Seems like there was no way he could join the “Yuan Gate”. Regardless of whether he had offended Qin Tian, just this point from Little Marten alone was sufficient for him to give up on joining the strongest super sect within the Eastern Xuan Region.

Perhaps no one in this place could see through Little Marten’s actual body. However, Lin Dong believed that there would definitely be some unimaginably powerful experts within that “Yuan Gate”. At that time, it was likely that even Little Marten would not be able to hide perfectly.

Rather than being expelled and hunted after, it was better to distance themselves from Yuan Gate. Although he felt somewhat pitiful that he had to give up on the top ranked super sect, he had no other choice.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong withdrew his emotion and ceased saying anything. He waved his hand. After which, his body moved, transforming into a black shadow that rushed out explosively.

Swoosh swoosh!

A large number of wind splitting sound appeared behind him after Lin Dong rushed out. Following which, numerous figures hurried into the air in front of the many envious eyes and directly dashed towards the mountain top.