Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 610: Qin Tian

Chapter 610: Qin Tian


Chapter 610: Qin Tian

The atmosphere around the messy rocky ground was completely silent. Even the air itself faintly showed signs of solidifying. A rich bloody scent was scattering over from the coagulation.

The Three Song Devils have been completely defeated.

As they looked at the three miserable-looking figures in the arena, everyone knew that this earthshaking battle has ended.

Lin Dong slowly stepped forward in front of the completely silent crowd. When he reached Song Zhen’s body, he bent down and prised apart his hand. Immediately, a purple-gold coloured Nirvana Seal appeared.

Quite a number of people around drooled when they saw that purple-gold coloured Nirvana Seal. As long as they were able to obtain this, they would gain the qualifications to advance into the Nirvana Golden Ranking.

Of course, despite their desire, no one really dared to do anything. Even those powerful three devils from the Song clan have been defeated by Lin Dong’s group. Hence, which ordinary expert would dare to challenge them?

“Lin Dong, you actually dare to offend my Sky Devil Empire. You are courting death. I might not be able to do anything to you in this ancient dimension, but once we leave this place, the strength of my Sky Demon Empire is sufficient to crush you into a pulp!” Song Zhen was really hardy. Even though he had been thoroughly thrashed by Lin Dong to such a miserable state, he was still able to live. His incomparably weak and vicious eyes stared at Lin Dong as he panted.

Lin Dong’s expression was indifferent. He ignored Song Zhen and directly grabbed the latter’s hand. After which, he took his Nirvana Seal. Light surged as he unceremoniously absorbed all his purple gold Nirvana Seal.


After Lin Dong absorbed Song Zhen’s purple-gold Nirvana Seal, his Nirvana Seal, which originally held some purple-gold luster, immediately released a purple glow. The light became increasingly dense before finally completely transforming into a purple-gold colour.

At this moment, Lin Dong had officially stepped into the Nirvana Golden Ranking!

“Lin Dong! Just you wait. After we leave this ancient domain, I will make sure you die miserably!”

Song Qing was extremely furious when he saw this. His face, which was already covered with fresh blood, appeared even more terrifyingly distorted. However, he did not have any strength left to fight with Lin Dong currently. Hence, he could only roar out in rage, while his eyes were filled with rich viciousness.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at the screaming Song Zhen. The latter’s cry immediately came to a halt. Song Zhen had sensed a true killing intent from Lin Dong’s eyes.

“Since you have repeatedly reminded me to get rid of the root of my problems, it seems like you might be a little disappointed if I do not act as you say.” Lin Dong smiled. However, his smile revealed a chilling aura.

Lin Dong did not give Song Zhen any time to react after uttering those words. He clenched his hand before his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear quickly appeared. It directly transformed into a chilly glint that ruthlessly pierced towards Song Zhen’s throat.

The chilling glow was magnified in Song Zhen’s eyes. A shocked expression also appeared with his eyes. Clearly, he did not expect that Lin Dong would disregard the fact that he came from a super empire and actually attack him directly.

Regardless of how shocked he currently was, he did not possess any ability to retaliate against Lin Dong. Hence, all he could do was look at the cold glow, which had instantly arrived, with a terrified expression.


However, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly shrunk, just when the tip of the spear that contained a gold glow pierced towards Song Zhen. A light suddenly tore through space before colliding against the tip of the spear with lightning like speed. Waves after waves of extremely powerful force erupted. It actually forcefully shook Lin Dong’s bone spear until it moved.


The tip of the spear cut across Song Zhen’s face, leaving behind a deep bloody scar. After which, it violently tore a hundred feet large gully on the ground.

Lin Dong was expressionless as he glanced at Song Zhen, who was screeching while covering his face with his hands. After which, he lifted his head. His tone was indifferent, “This is a grudge between us and the Sky Demon Empire. May I know which friend wish to intervene?”

Swoosh swoosh!

Everyone’s attention suddenly shifted, before they finally paused at a gigantic tree not far away. Three figures appeared at that spot.

The person in front looked like a young man. He was wearing white clothes and there seemed to be an image of a rising sun on his white clothes. That man was tall and he looked quite handsome. He stood with his hands behind his back and there was a unique aura flowing from him.

Two men with lazy expressions also stood behind this white clothed man. Their clothes also had a large rising sun image. It was likely that they came from the same empire.

“Is that… Tianyuan Empire’s Qin Tian?”

The surroundings erupted into numerous exclamations that contained a great shock when the three of them appeared. Lin Dong could hear an extremely dense respect from within their voices.

“Tianyuan Empire?” Lin Dong congelated his eyes. His expression became much more solemn. Tianyaun Empire was ranked number one amongst the ten super empires!

“Even Qin Tian was attracted by it?” Lanying’s group, who was situated on another large rock, frowned slightly upon seeing this. Their eyes, however, contained a rich fear.

“This friend, Song Zhen’s group had already been defeated. I think that it’s best for one not to go overboard in anything one does. What do you think?” Qin Tian stared at Lin Dong and spoke with a faint smile.

Qin Tian gave off an extraordinary aura and there was a convincing spirit contained within his words. It seemed like he was someone whom everyone regularly looked up to. Although he phrased his words as a question, Lin Dong did not hear a slightly conciliatory tone in his words. Instead, it sounded more like a command.

Lin Dong’s eyes flashed. As he gripped his palm, he immediately withdrew his bone spear. Although he was unhappy with Qin Tian’s tone, there was no need for him to clash with the latter. Tianyuan Empire was the strongest of the ten super empires and his strength would definitely be quite terrifying.

“Take their Nirvana Seals.” Lin Dong turned his head towards Little Marten and spoke faintly.

Little Marten lazily glanced at Qin Tian’s group upon hearing this. After which, he ceased speaing any further. He turned around and took the Nirvana Seals of Song Que’s group.

“All of you, could you also not do this on account of the Tianyuan Empire and me? Haha, after all, it is not easy for them to obtain their purple-gold colored Nirvana Golden Seals.” However, just as Little Marten moved, Qin Tian’s eyes flashed. He mused for a moment before speaking.

Everyone around turned quiet after he spoke. It was an extremely common for one to have their Nirvana Seals taken after being defeated and no one would think that this was overboard. That was because Nirvana Seal was the reward for the victor.

Although everyone understood this rule within their hearts, no one dared to oppose when they saw that the one who had spoken, was the leader of the most powerful empire in this Ancient Battlefield, Tianyuan Empire .

Liu Bai’s group had a somewhat ugly expression. They hesitated for a moment before they turned to look at Lin Dong, clearly awaiting his decision.

Lin Dong’s expression did not change much despite the attention. In fact, his eyes did not have a single shred of anger. He turned his head, looked towards the giant three and asked in a calm voice,”If we were defeated today, do you think that Song Zhen’s group would show mercy and not snatch our Nirvana Seals?”

Not only would they snatch your Nirvana Seals. Most Likely, you will be killed as well! This was likely the common thought in the minds of quite a number of people around.

Qin Tian looked down at Lin Dong from above, with his hands behind his back. With a faint smile, he said: “Although Song Zhen’s group acts in an arrogant fashion, they are likely not unreasonable people.”

“Nonsense.” Some people parted their mouths. His words could only fool a child.

Lin Dong smiled and shook his head. He clearly felt that the other party’s words were extremely comical. Therefore, he did not plan to bother with them. He looked towards Liu Bai’s group and waved his hand.

“Do it, collect your reward.”

Standing on the large tree, Qin Tian grinned before he shook his head with a soft sigh.


A human figure behind Qin Tian laughed in a strange manner just as the latter was shaking his head. That figure rushed out with a ‘swoosh’ sound and appeared in front of Lin Dong in a flash. A chilly glow surged on the tip of the latter’s finger. It had a densely cold strength permeating over it as it mercilessly pressed towards Lin Dong’s forehead.

Lin Dong’s expression turned slightly cold when he saw this fellow attack as he pleased. However, before he could act, Little Marten appeared in front of him. He also pressed his finger forward without saying a word.


Those two fingers that contained a shocking strength collided in the midair. Waves after waves of powerful storm spread apart. After which, it directly shook the ground, forming over a dozen large cracklines.

Rippling strength spread apart. That figure immediately shot backwards. His toes pressed on the air before landing back on the giant tree. His original mocking expression had become a lot more serious.

Little Marten’s body did not move. His pretty face contained a faint chill as he glanced at the person who had attacked earlier. After which, he turned towards Qin Tian, parted his mouth and spoke in a dense manner, “I will accompany you if you wish to fight. I do not feel you are deserving of any respect.”

“Go and take the Nirvana Seals. Grandpa Marten shall see who dares to continue speaking nonsense!” Little Marten turned his head and cried out coldly towards Liu Bai’s group.

Liu Bai’s group was stunned when they saw Little Marten’s actions. It was the first time that Su Kui, Mo Ling and the rest had seen the usually lazy Little Marten act in such a forceful and overbearing manner. He completely did not give this Tianyuan Empire face.

However, after hesitating for a moment, they clenched their teeth before they completely absorbed the Nirvana Seals from Xue Ying and the rest.

While they were absorbing the Nirvana Seals, Qin Tian on the large tree also knitted his brows slightly. His hands, which were placed behind his back, were gently lowered.

Quite a number of people present felt their hearts tightened when they saw his action. It was rumoured that Qin Tian was the strongest individual in the Ancient Battlefield. Could it be that he was going to attack now?