Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 609: Devastating

Chapter 609: Devastating


Chapter 609: Devastating


The sound of bones cracking sounded out in the messy rock ground. Instantly, all the chaos and noise died down, as everyone turned to look at the center of the ground.

In the central area of the messy rock ground, there were two figures, one up in the air and one down below, who had just crossed blows. Song Zhen’s body was hovering in mid-air as he extended his right palm. However, he was firmly stopped by Lin Dong’s hand.

The sound of bones cracking had emerged from this spot.

Whose bone had been broken?

This thought flashed past everyone’s minds. All of them knew that the victor was probably going to emerge soon. Therefore, none of them dared to even blink their eyes.


Amidst the silence, Lin Dong’s elegant figure suddenly shifted. Promptly, an icy cold smile slowly emerged on his face. Meanwhile, there was a rich killing intent flowing within his smile.

After he smiled, Lin Dong suddenly took a step forward. His palm was just like a eagle claw as he tightly gripped onto Song Zheng’s wrist. Following which, with a jerk of his arm, a massive force immediately uprooted Song Zheng forcefully. After a swirl in mid-air, Lin Dong finally slammed him viciously against a large rock in front of the crowd’s bewildered eyes.


A deep and heart palpitating echo, which was produced when his body slammed against that large rock, sounded out across the arena. Immediately, that large rock exploded in bits, while gravel flew everywhere.

Buzz! Chii!

That terrifying impact unreservedly gushed into Song Zheng’s body. Instantly, he felt as if all the organs in his body had shifted due to that impact, as he vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood.

However, just as his body landed, Lin Dong’s cold face once again appeared in front of him. There seemed to be an coldness of unfathomable depth gushing out from his eyes.


Maintaining his tight grip on Song Zhen’s wrist, Lin Dong pursed his lips before he dragged Song Zhen and ran off. Following which, he viciously flung him at those large rocks nearby.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the arena, large rocks continuously exploded. Lin Dong continued to grip onto Song Zhen and use his body like a bat. In a extremely domineering fashion, he flung Song Zhen against those large rocks.


Everyone in the messy rock ground seemed to have slowed down. As they stared at a helpless Song Zhen, all of them involuntarily exhaled a breath of cold air as shock permeated their eyes.

All of them were simply unable to believe that a top tier individual who originated from one the ten great super empires, and had obtained the inheritance of Taozong, would actually lose to Lin Dong in such a devastating fashion!


Qingfeng’s throat rolled, while he swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Glancing at Lin Dong’s bloodstained hands, he turned to find a feeble Song Zhen only to discover an expressionless Lin Dong. Suddenly, for no particular reason, a coldness surged up across his entire body. This fellow is truly terrifying.

“Song Zhen has really lost.” Lanying softly sighed with a complicated expression on her face. Though she could sense Song Zhen’s feeble aura, she did not know why Song Zhen would suddenly lose all means of resistance. Evidently, this must be one of Lin Dong’s peculiar tactics. Furthermore, even she felt fearful of this tactic.

The instant this battle ended, Xue Ying and the rest were all in shock as they stared at this scene. Meanwhile, their pale faces turned increasingly pale. This outcome had completely exceeded everyone’s expectations. After all, it was impossible for them to imagine that Song Zhen would actually be defeated.

Furthermore, he lost so devastating to a Four Yuan Nirvana stage member from a low rank empire…

“Is that fellow so powerful…” Fear was faintly flowing within their eyes when Xue Ying and the rest saw how Lin Dong casually abused Song Zhen’s body like a weapon. His exceptional rage and violence caused their hearts to shiver.

“Big Brother!”

Song Que and Song Ba were also stunned by this scene. However, they promptly recovered their senses. Immediately, rage surged into their eyes, before their figures flashed as they attempted to rescue him.

“I have played with you for long enough. Guess it’s time to end it.” Just as Song Que was about to make a move, a phantom-like figure mysteriously appeared in front of him. When he saw that smiling beautiful face, Song Que’s pupils immediately shrunk.


Little Marten leaned forward before he instantly closed the gap between him and Song Que’s body. Following which, a palm filled with a dark purple glow faintly transformed into a black claw. With a loud swoosh, it tore through the sky. Before Song Que had the time to react, that icy cold palm had already solidly slammed against his palm.

“Buzz Chii!”

Song Que’s body solidified. In the next instant, his body instantly flew out as he vomited blood. Finally, he landed hideously on the ground and no one knew if he was still alive.

“Second Brother!” Song Ba, who had already taken a few steps forward, immediately exclaimed in shock when he saw this sight.

“Godly Transformation, Sky Demonic Claw!”

However, before Song Ba could finish his sentence, a deep tiger growl filled with a savage killing intent sounded out from behind him. Following which, a terrifying shockwind swept forth from behind and encapsulated him.

When he felt that savage shockwind, Song Ba’s expression drastically changed. As he quickly turned around, a resplendent golden glow quickly agglomerated. In a blink of an eye, it has transformed into a sturdy golden shield.


After that golden shield materialized, a large and black tiger claw quickly arrived. Without a shred of hesitation, it carried a savage killing intent as it directly slammed against that shield.

A terrifying aftershock swept forth as a black light ran amok in the sky. However, to Song Ba’s bewilderment, cracks began to swiftly appear on that golden shield.

As those cracks rapidly grew, in mere seconds, they had reached their limits. Finally, that golden shield exploded with a loud bang.


The instant that shield exploded, Song Ba, who was standing behind it, had lost his final line of defence. As that black tiger claw swept forth, with a single swipe, his entire body was viciously flung deep into the ground.

As the ground collapsed, a giant ditch appeared. Meanwhile, Song Ba was directly buried in that deep ditch…

A muscular figure that seemed just like the devil landed beside the ditch. Little Flame, who was slightly wounded, wiped off the blood stains on his face. With a savage glint in his eyes, his arms stretched out before he directly pulled out an unconscious Song Ba.

When the surrounding crowds saw this sight, they instantly turned silent. In mere seconds, two of the Three Song Devils have been instantly defeated!

Incorrect. Perhaps all three of them have been defeated. Immediately, all of their attention quiety shifted. Dust filled the arena, while all the large rocks nearby have been blasted apart by Lin Dong. Of course, the weapon he used was Song Zhen’s physical body.

Amidst the dust, a figure slowly emerged. However, his soft footsteps caused several people’s heart to tremble.

That man finally emerged from the dust and that elegant figure naturally belonged to Lin Dong. Right now, there was a gentle smile on his face, while his hands were covered with blood. Following which, he dragged a slightly twisted figure as he slowly walked out. Anywhere he walked past, a blood trail will follow and it was extremely eye catching.

After he emerged from the dust, Lin Dong swung his arm before he directly tossed that bloodied figure away, just like a piece of garbage.


The deep sound of that man landing in the arena seemed to have directly struck everyone’s heart and caused their bodies to violently tremble.

Is that really the boss of the Three Song Devils, Song Zhen?

In the messy rock ground, everyone stared at that bloody figure, before they turned to look at the smile on Lin Dong’s face. Immediately, a chilling sensation arose in their hearts.

That fellow was simply too vicious and he actually beat up a Five Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner till such a horrifying state.

“Still up for a fight?’

Lin Dong lifted his head as he stared at Xue Ying and the rest, who had pale expressions on their faces, before he laughed and asked.

Lin Dong’s smile was fairly congenial. However, to Xue Ying and the rest, he looked just like the devil. Immediately, their faces turned deathly white. Any resistance in their hearts have been completely crushed the instant Lin Dong tossed out that bloody figure.

“If you are not going to fight, surrender your Nirvana Seals… Then, scram.”

Xue Ying’s and the rest’s expressions were in flux. However, eventually their eyes dimmed down. All of them understood that this time around, they had lost completely.

“Lin Dong’s group won…”

On top of a large rock, Lanying heaved a deep sigh of relief. Meanwhile, a peculiar glint flashed across her eyes as she softly muttered.

The Three Song Devils have actually lost…

The Lin Dong trio will definitely ascend in the Nirvana Golden Ranking and become the most dazzling individuals in the Ancient Battlefield!

Lanying lifted her head as she stared at the Hundred Empire Mountain, that extended into the clouds. It is likely that even those super sects, that were keenly observing this fight, would be shocked by this result!