Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 608: Do You Still Have Strength?

Chapter 608: Do You Still Have Strength?


Chapter 608: Do You Still Have Strength?

A giant mouth of darkness broke out from the ground and swallowed Song Zhen’s body at a shocking speed, in front of numerous terrified gazes.

Sizzle sizzle!

Song Zhen disappeared immediately after his body was being swallowed. Only a large cluster of strange black light wiggled in midair. Meanwhile, a heart palpitating energy faintly scattered out from within in.

“Heaven Devouring Mouth?”

The surroundings of the messy rocky ground was silent for a second before everyone finally recovered. Immediately, they let out a sharp scream. They had seen Song Zhen’s powerful attack before. However, they were unable to imagine that Lin Dong was also able to use a similar move…

“How is this possible?”

Amidst the commotion, everyone’s eyes were filled with shock. How could Lin Dong use this martial art that belonged to the Taozong sect?

“What is going on?” Feng Qing, who was seated on the large rock, also had a shocked expression. His eyes locked onto that wiggling black light. Song Zhen’s aura had disappeared immediately ever since he was swallowed. It was as though he had been swallowed into the black stomach.

Lanying’s pretty face was similarly filled with a stunned expression. She frowned slightly and muttered, “The Heaven Devouring Mouth that Lin Dong used might be the same as the one Song Zhen displayed. However, its ripple is extremely obscure. It is likely because he forcefully snatched away Song Zhen’s “Swallowing Strength”…”

“How is it possible for Lin Dong to snatch Song Zhen’s Swallowing Strength? Even we cannot do that.” Song Qing muttered to himself.

“We might not be able to do it, but that does not mean that others cannot as well. Lin Dong is not a simple person.” Lanying said.

Feng Qing could no longer remain noncommittal in face of these words from Lan Ying. Lin Dong was able to force Song Zhen until such an extent. This was already sufficient to prove that he was capable. If he could really defeat Song Zhen, there would be no more than five people in the entire Golden Nirvana Ranking who could defeat him!

In other words, the current Lin Dong would more or less have the qualifications to be ranked as the top five members of the Hundred Empire War!

Given his background from a low rank empire, being able to reach such a stage would be truly quite terrifying…


A miserable figure shot backwards from a battleground a short distance from the messy rocky area. After which, he forcefully stabilized its body around five feet in front of a large rock. A terrifying strength spread out from within his body and directly shattered the large rock behind the it. A groan was also emitted from his mouth. Clearly he had suffered some injuries.

“Is that all you can do?” A ghost like figure appeared in the midair and looked down at the man, who had groaned and retreated below. The figure laughed faintly. His handsome face had an expression of ridicule.

The person with the handsome appearance was naturally Little Marten, while that miserable person was Song Que, who was fighting with him. Since the very beginning, Little Marten had gotten the upper hand. In fact, Song Que no longer harboured any intentions of winning. Instead, he merely wanted to tie Little Marten down.

Song Que clearly understood the extent of Little Marten’s strength after their fight. Comparatively speaking, he knew that he weaker than Little Marten. Furthermore, the latter had various peculiar tactics and he was extremely ruthless. Therefore, it was simply impossible for him to defeat such an opponent alone.

A steely green expression emerged on his face when Song Que heard Little Marten ridicule. However, he could only grit his teeth and swallow his anger at this moment.

“Once big brother finishes off that brat, he will be able to free himself. At that time, both of us will join forces. Regardless of how unusual this person is, he would definitely end up dying!”

Song Que rubbed away the trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. After which, his eyes swiftly drifted towards the battleground of Lin Dong. When he saw Song Zhen being swallowed by the large black mouth, the fearsome expression on his face suddenly solidified. He looked just like a clown, appearing exceptionally comical…

“Looks like there is no hope for your final life saving straw…” Little Marten mocked.

“That brat actually wants to trap my big brother with his strength? He must be out of his mind!” Song Que spoke sternly. However, shock flashed across his eyes. This proved that he was feeling uncertain in his heart.

However, Little Marten was too lazy to be bothered about this. His eyes looked towards the black light. Even he felt quite surprised that Lin Dong was actually able to force Song Zhen till such a sorry extent in such a short period of time.

At the same time, some of the other battlegrounds, including that of Xue Ying and the others, had also sensed this commotion. After which, their faces also quickly turned much paler instantly.

“So powerful.”

Compared to the pale white faces of Xue Ying’s group, a wild joy and shocked expression surged up the faces of Liu Bai’s group. It was a long while later before they said these two words with some difficulty.

The battle between Lin Dong and Song Zhen could be said to be full of ups and downs. From the initial disadvantage, Lin Dong had currently firmly obtained the upper hand. Song Zhen, who had acted in a mighty fashion previously, had now been reduced into an extremely miserable state.

With regards to the shocked gazes surrounding him, Lin Dong acted as though he did not see them. His eyes were staring firmly at the squirming black light in midair. Though others might not be aware of it, he clearly understood that the thing hidden within this black light was not some Swallowing Strength. Instead, it was genuine Devouring Strength.

Lin Dong had only purposefully used a method similar to the Swallowing Strength in order not to expose the existence of his Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Moreover, the ripples between the two were also a somewhat similar. Therefore, it was easy for him to replicate the move.

“Bang bang!”

Under the focus of Lin Dong, the black light that wrapped around Song Zhen suddenly began to shake intensely. It looked as though there was something within it that was struggling wildly.

Lin Dong’s eyes remained indifferent and he did not make any unnecessary move. The wiggling of that black light became increasingly intense and the Devouring Strength was permeated within was wildly being emitted.

“Boom boom boom!”

Song Zhen, who was swallowed by it, had clearly showed some traces of going crazy. A terrifying attack erupted within the black light. One could even hear his furious roar being vaguely emitted.

The expressions of quite a number of people changed slightly upon hearing Song Zhen’s roar. That roar contained a feeling of having met with a dead end. Could it be that “Heaven Devouring Mouth” that Lin Dong had used was really so troublesome to the point that even Song Zhen was unable to escape?

Some hand prints were continuously surfacing on the black light. Everyone could sense the hysteria attitude of the person within it.


However, it must be said that Song Zhen’s actual strength was quite strong. Even though he had landed in this dangerous state, his wild all out effort had caused numerous crack lines to actually be formed on this dense seemingly unbreakable black light.

Those crack lines spread swiftly. Finally, they completely spread apart. At the same time, numerous light figures also erupted out from within at a lightning like speed. They panted as they paused in the midair. Their expressions were pale white as their eyes became as ferocious as an evil ghost.

“He has come out!”

Numerous exclamations erupted from the surroundings of the messy rocky area as everyone looked at Song Zhen, who had broken the black light. Song Que, Xue Ying and the rest sighed in relief, appearing as though they had been relieved of a great burden.

“It looks like you have really thought too much!” Song Que smiled ferociously as he looked at Little Marten before speaking.

“Is that so?” Little Marten lifted his eyebrows. His face contained a playful smile.

Song Que’s heart immediately sunk when he saw this smile of the other party. At this juncture, Song Zhen, who had emerged from the black light, was staring viciously right at Lin Dong. His expression was so pernicious that words could not describe it properly.


Song Zhen did not utter any unnecessary words as his figure directly rushed out. An incomparably ferocious palm wind slammed furiously towards the waiting Lin Dong from all directions.

However, Lin Dong did not do anything in the face of this attack by Song Zhen. He slowly shook his head as his eyes looked at a fearsome looking Song Zhen with indifference. After which, he gently raised his hand and gently collided with Song Zhen’s palm wind.


A clear sound was emitted. However, the expected shocking forceful fluctuation did not appear. Song Zhen’s seemingly ferocious palm wind had completely scattered when it made contact with Lin Dong’s hand.

“Is there still any strength left within your body?”

Lin Dong raised his head. He looked at the savage face that was within close proximity. It was possible for him to detect that torrent like fear that surged out from deep within the other party’s eyes. After which, he smiled slightly. The terrifying strength on his palm erupted instantly!


The sound of bones cracking resounded over this chaotic rocky ground in an ear piercing manner instantly.