Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 607: Outcome

Chapter 607: Outcome


Chapter 607: Outcome


In the air, Song Zhen was dumbstruck as he stared at Lin Dong, who gave a brilliant smile in response. Song Zhen’s entire body was filled with a chilly sensation. His finger trembled as he pointed at Lin Dong while an intense astonishment surged through his eyes.

“You actually devoured my Swallowing Power!?”

Song Zhen finally completed his sentence after a long time. His voice contained an unconcealable astonishment.

He could not believe that not only did his mythical beast’s Swallowing Power not do any damage to Lin Dong, but it was instead completely devoured by Lin Dong…

The Swallowing Power was known to be able to swallow any living things in this world. Anything that fell within it would be digested. However, not only did it fail to digest Lin Dong, it was instead devoured by Lin Dong through some unknown method. Song Zhen was absolutely dumbstruck by this scene.


Numerous gasps broke out in the surrounding area. The onlookers stared at Lin Dong as if they had seen a ghost.

“The Swallowing Power of the vicious Taotie might be strong, but the inheritance that you obtained is nothing compared to the genuine article. Therefore, it’s not difficult to overcome it.”

Lin Dong laughed mockingly as numerous shocking gazes focused on him. He then continued, “I’m afraid the Taotie Sect’s inheritance will lose thirty percent of its power after losing the Swallowing Power…”

From Song Zhen’s perspective, the loss of the Swallowing Power was akin to him cutting off one of his limbs, and it could be said that he had brought this upon himself. If he kept to his plan of using his martial art for offense, it would take Lin Dong quite a while to defeat him. However, in the end, he chose to show off the Swallowing Power that he obtained from the Taotie Sect in hopes of finishing Lin Dong off in one go.

If Lin Dong was any ordinary individual, he would be digested into nothingness after falling into the stomach of darkness. However, he possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. As such, he did not find the Taotie Beast’s Swallowing Power to be as frightening as everyone else imagined it to be.

Therefore, when Lin Dong fell into the stomach of darkness, he immediately activated the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and Devouring Power spread outwards. Eventually, the stomach of darkness and the Swallowing Power that filled it were completely devoured!

In the battle between these two unique powers, Devouring Power had completely gained the upper hand….

Hence, not only did Lin Dong easily counter Song Zhen’s killer move, he was also able to cause the latter to lose his most powerful weapon, Swallowing Power!

“Bastard… return me my Swallowing Power!”

The rigid smile on Song Zhen’s face looked extremely comical. After a moment, his face suddenly turned distorted and malevolent. With a roar, his body charged forward.

Swish swish!

Several shadows appeared in the air. Following which, a powerful trident force materialized into a sky of shadows that engulfed Lin Dong like a torrential rain.

“Taotie Devil Trident!”

As the shadows descended from the sky, they gathered together at a terrifying speed, transforming into a black flash. Accompanied by a horrifying energy wave, the black flash violently thrust towards Lin Dong’s skull. As the black flash flickered, there seemed to be an ancient roar emerging from within.

However, Lin Dong merely sneered upon seeing such a violent and raging attack from Song Zhen. With no indications of dodging the attack, the Yuan Power in his body surged frantically. With a jerk of his arm, his bone spear flew.

The flying bone spear did not have a spectacular flying trajectory. However, the boundless Yuan Power that it carried was so solid it was almost real and filled with an astonishing destructive power.


When the bone spear made contact with the trident, a crisp metallic sound was heard. Following which, a brutal gale swept out from the point of contact, creating violent ripples through the air.

“Without Swallowing Power, the Taotie Sect’s martial art seems to be rather weak.”

A smirk flashed across Lin Dong’s face. He could sense that Song Zhen’s offense had lost a part of its soul. Even though his offense appeared vigorous like before, it was no longer hard to deal with.

Song Zhen’s face was twisted. He brandished the trident wildy as a terrifying gale blasted towards Lin Dong. It looked as if Song Zhen was going to go crazy. Looks like the loss of the Swallowing Power had dealt a huge blow to him.

Even though his attacks were brutal and ferocious, Lin Dong was able to stop them completely. Moreover, signs of chaos and disorder started to appear in between Song Zhen’s attacks…

“Song Zhen is really reckless now,” Lanying softly said. Her beautiful eyes focused slightly as she witnessed this scene.

During a battle, a practitioner’s mental state was especially important. By attacking recklessly, one would reveal his or her weaknesses, and eventually, he or she would be killed by his or her opponent. Right now, Song Zhen was behaving in such a way.

“Lin Dong’s power is rather strange. To think that he was actually deal with the Taotie’s Swallowing Power!” Qing Feng replied with a serious look on his face.

“The Swallowing Power might be powerful but it’s not invincible. There are countless unique powers in this world. What Song Zhen had was merely one of these many powers. Hence, it’s not surprising that his Swallowing Power can be countered. Of course, the tricks up Lin Dong’s sleeves are rather powerful as well…”

Lanying then continued softly, “After all, he’s only at the Four Yuan Nirvana stage…”

“Right now, what do you think are the odds of Lin Dong winning the fight?” Qing Feng asked.

“If you ask me this question at the start of this battle, I would have said he had a forty percent chance of winning. However, right now, I’m afraid he has a sixty percent chance of winning or even higher,” Lanying muttered.

Qing Feng slightly nodded his head while shock flashed across his eyes. With his Four Yuan Nirvana stage strength, Lin Dong had sixty percent chance of defeating a Five Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner. Was this guy truly that fearsome….

“Furthermore, Lin Dong’s counterparts have also gained the upper hand in the other two battlefronts,” Lanying shifted her beautiful eyes and looked at Little Marten’s and Little Flame’s battles. Her face was especially serious when she saw Little Marten’s battle.

“The one called Lin Diao is extremely powerful. On the surface, he might even be stronger than Lin Dong. Look at Song Que. He has been completely suppressed since the start of the battle. As for the muscular Lin Yan, even though he is not having an easy time, his infernal aura makes Song Ba’s limbs tremble. The Lin Dong trio is indeed not simple.”

Upon hearing these words, Qing Feng shifted his gaze and nodded his head solemnly. He no longer dared to underestimate the trio. Their strength was comparable to the Song Devils. If Lin Dong and his counterparts could defeat the Song Devils, that would mean they were qualified to be on an equal footing as Lanying and Qing Feng himself!

Their names would definitely be on the Nirvana Golden Ranking!

“Clink clink clink!”

The spear and the trident crossed swords at lightning speed while sparks flew in all directions. It was clear that Lin Dong and Song Zhen were fighting with zeal and anger. Their attacks were extremely fast and ruthless. Most of their attacks were targeted at each other’s vital points. If one was to be hit by one of those attacks, a serious injury was inevitable.


Another ferocious collision took place as a violent energy wave swept across the area. Enormous cracks appeared on the ground below both parties as they were knocked back by the resultant force.


After both of them were knocked back, Lin Dong’s facial expression suddenly turned ice-cold. Boundless Yuan Power gushed out from his body and formed five giant ancient fingers.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger!”

An icy glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. With a bellow, five giant ancient fingers quickly gathered to become an enormous ancient hand. As the enormous ancient hand appeared, a figure of nothingness appeared in this space.

Lin Dong did not stop after he successfully formed the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger. A green glow burst out from his body and charged right into the enormous hand.

Buzz buzz!

After the entry of the green glow, numerous huge green dragon scales grew on the enormous ancient hand. In a blink of an eye, the enormous ancient hand had become a green scaly hand!


Lin Dong’s eyes were piercing cold. Without any hesitation, he clenched his fist and the enormous ancient hand imbued with the Heavenly Dragon Aura ripped through the air and smacked down onto Song Zhen.

Bang bang bang!

As the enormous green-scaled hand whizzed downward, the earth instantly cracked open. The onlookers who stood too close to the battle were knocked backwards as they spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

As Song Zhen watched the enormous incoming green-scaled hand, his facial expression became extremely grim. He could feel an intense danger from the hand.


“Taotie Devil Armour!”

A bright black glow frantically gushed out and twirled around Song Zhen’s body. The dark glow solidified rapidly and eventually formed a black armour. A dark aura surrounded the armour which gave off waves of energy .

As the devil armour was formed, the enormous green-scaled hand was already on its way down. Finally, under the numerous gazes from the onlookers, the hand ruthlessly smacked down onto Song Zhen.


Accompanied by a huge bang, an earth-shattering dark glow erupted from the armour on Song Zhen’s body. His body flew back from the impact in a sorry state. The dark aura quickly congregated and formed numerous dark mouths that absorbed the tremendous impact.

“Haha, even though I’ve lost the Swallowing Power, you still can’t kill me!”

As the numerous dark mouths disappeared, Song Zhen’s body stabilized while still several feet from the ground, before he raised his head and chuckled sinisterly.

“Is that so”

The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth curled up. Suddenly, he forcefully pressed both his palms onto the ground.

The ground beneath Song Zhen suddenly weirdly split in a strange manner. Under numerous shocking gazes from the onlookers, torrential dark light erupted from the crevice and materialized into a huge mouth of darkness. Within the huge mouth, there appeared to be a black hole of unfathomable depths.

“This is…” Song Zhen’s pupils shrunk when he saw the huge mouth of darkness that abruptly formed below his feet.

“Heaven Devouring Mouth!?”

Lin Dong’s facial expression was ice-cold. As he clenched his fist, the mouth of darkness whizzed upwards and swallowed the petrified Song Zhen.

“Now, I will let you have a taste of my Heaven Devouring Mouth…”

As darkness filled Song Zhen’s eyes, he heard Lin Dong’s cold and indifferent voice.