Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 605: Taozong Fierce Spirit

Chapter 605: Taozong Fierce Spirit


Chapter 605: Taozong Fierce Spirit

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Vast and mighty Yuan Power permeated over the bone spear. The powerful energy contained within also caused the spear.to tremble slightly. Waves after waves of strange buzzing sound caused the air to tremble repeatedly.

From Lin Dong’s expression which was gradually turning icy cold, anyone could tell that he was about to completely erupt after being pushed around miserably previously…

Song Zhen’s expression became dark, solemn and frightening as he stood in front of Lin Dong. When he had discovered Lin Dong had actually survived the Nirvana Tribulation under his eyes, he felt as though he was being played with like a monkey. Everything had been smooth sailing ever since he had entered the Ancient Battlefield and he had even obtained the inheritance of one of the four great Demon Sect, Taozong’s inheritance. This caused his originally powerful strength to advance to another level. From the way he saw it, it was likely that only those top three empires’ leaders from the ten great super sect could suppress him within this entire Ancient Battlefield! Someone like Lin Dong was definitely not considered amongst them!

However, this individual who was not even worth his consideration, had played him in front of so many people!

“If I do not rip you into ten thousand pieces today, what face will I, Song Zhen, have?”

A ferocious expression climbed onto Song Zhen’s face. A monsterous black glow suddenly erupted from within his body. These black glow was extremely strange and it appeared as though there were traces of energy scattering as they wiggled.

This kind of feeling was similar to the Devouring Power of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. However, it appeared exceptionally dark, cold, fierce and brutal!

The black light agglomerated on Song Zhen’s hands before it finally transformed into an enormous black coloured trident. There appeared to be a strange drawing on the trident. A large beast, whose appearance was blurry, roared at the sky. Its large mouth was f exceptionally eye-catching and it looked as though it wanted to swallow the entire world.

There was a kind of roar, which seemed to have originated from the ancient time, vaguely spreading when the trident was formed. Those drawings on the trident appeared to have been revived. They wiggled and continued to swallow the surrounding natural Yuan Power.

“Lin Dong, next, I shall allow you to witness the so called Taozong sect’s inheritance!”

A killing intent surged within Song Zhan’s eyes as he released a low roar. His body moved and an afterimage directly appeared. His body also emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound as it appeared in front of Lin Dong in a phantom like manner. That trident in his hand directly brought about a monsterous black glow, as it covered Lin Dong like a black curtain that contained a death aura.


A monsterous black glow was reflected within Lin Dong’s eyes. Even while facing such a fearsome attack from Song Zhen, he did not retreat even a little. His eyes were icy cold as the bone spear in his hand suddenly trembled. A similarly ancient howl was emitted from within the spear. After which, the spear shook and a cold glint tore through the empty space. That sharp aura directly gathered at the tip of the spear and transformed into spear shadows that was permeated with a densely cold glint.

The spear afterimages were just like a lotus that was blooming. However, amidst this great beauty was an incomparably icy cold killing intent.

Those spear afterimages gathered together and directly cut through the sky. In the next instant, it collided with the wild and violent trident that was rushing over explosively!

A clear sound spread following the eruption of some sparks. The invisible air had been shaken to the point of forming circular ripples. After which, it spread in all directions with a shocking speed.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

That terrifying wind swept over but Lin Dong’s expression did not change. The bone spear in his hand suddenly shook and a sharp spear shadow suddenly exploded. Numerous petals from the lotus like spear shadows fell. After which, they became like incomparably sharp daggers that covered over all of the lethal points on Song Zhen’s entire body with a shocking speed.

This sudden change also arrived quite suddenly. Even Song Zhen was clearly shocked. By the time he had recovered, a densely cold air had already descended on his body.


Although the situation was not quite right, that Song Zhen did not show the slightest sign of panicking. Instead, he let out a mocking cold laughter. The black glow on his body surged. After which, it directly formed a black coloured large mouth on his chest. A frightening suction force appeared from the large mouth. It sucked and swallowed all of those sharps densely cold spear shadows.

“The fierce beast Taozong swallows everything in the world. This attack of yours might be powerful but it is useless against me. Ha ha!” Song Zhen laughed out loud towards the sky. His eyes immediately turned chilly as the trident black glow danced in his hands before shooting explosively towards Lin Dong.

“Devouring Power?”

The bone spear in Lin Dong’s hand danced and completely blocked Song Zhen’s attack. His eyes also became slightly more focused. It was rumoured that the fierce beast Taozong possessed a kind of frightening swallowing strength. There was nothing in the world that it could not swallow. From a certain point of view, this kind of great swallowing strength was similar to the Devouring Power of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

However, this kind of swallowing strength was merely only for swallowing. It was unable to absorb it and use it for itself. From this point of view, it was inferior to the Devouring Power. Of course, this was not surprising. The Devouring Power was something that was possessed by the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. The latter was one of the eight great Ancestral Symbols. Although the fierce beast Taozong was also renown since the ancient times, it was clearly a little weaker when compared to the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

“Haha, Lin Dong, your strength would be continuously swallowed by the strength of Taozong when you battle me. You will become weaker as you fight. How would you duel with me?”

The trident in Song Zhen’s hand transformed into a dense black glow that covered over Lin Dong. Each time it made contact with the bone spear in Lin Dong’s hand, that swallowing force would surge. Finally, it would swallow a little of the Yuan Power that covered over the bone spear of Lin Dong.

If this situation was to continue, Lin Dong’s Yuan Power would indeed be diminished and he would finally completely fall into a disadvantage.

This was indeed the case base on an ordinary situation. However, Lin Dong was clearly not included within this ‘normal’. Being in possession of the Devouring Power, this so called swallowing method in front of him was undoubtedly childish from his point of view…

Hence, a mocking smile appeared on Lin Dong’s face when he was faced with the ridicule of Song Zhen. Song Zhen looked at that smile and immediately became furious. He was just about to strengthen his attack when his expression suddenly changed. This was because he sensed that the black coloured energy that permeated over the trident had actually disappeared in a strange manner a little at a time.

Swoosh swoosh!

Lin Dong’s attack seemed to have consumed a stimulant when the energy on the trident disappeared. It became extremely wild and violent. This kind of feeling was as though all the strength of his that had disappeared had all returned to Lin Dong’s body.

“How is that possible?” Song Zhen’s expression changed drastically. He immediately clenched his teeth and hurriedly activated his swallowing strength in an attempt to swallow the other party’s Yuan Power when exchanging blows with Lin Dong. However, the result of this contact caused his heart to sink. Lin Dong’s Yuan Power seemed to be encompassed by something that was actually able to completely ignore his swallowing strength!

Moreover, the thing that caused him to be most shocked about was that the swallowing strength that had made contact with Lin Dong’s Yuan Power not only failed to swallow the energy but had instead swiftly disappeared a little at a time.

“This fellow is strange!”

Song Zhen’s eyes swiftly glanced at the teasing expression on Lin Dong’s face. A chillness suddenly surged up his back. He did not understand just what Lin Dong had done. However, this unusual matter definitely had something to do with him.

“This brat should have obtained the inheritance of the Green Dragon Hall. However, it is impossible for the interior of that Green Dragon Hall to possess such a strange thing!”

“Damnit, just what tactic has he used?”

Song Zhen’s eyes flickered. He was still without any headway a moment later. Immediately, he could only clench his teeth as his body helplessly retreated with great force.

Numerous gazes were looking at the retreating Song Zhen from around the chaotic rock grounds. Some low uproar immediately sounded. This was because the scene in front of them was clearly that of Song Zhen dodging the sharp attacks of Lin Dong.

“Brat, you should not be pleased this soon!”

Song Zhen’s eyes became increasingly ferocious as he withdrew. Since their weapons could not make contact with each other, he would use an absolute strength to defeat the other party in one attack!

Strange monstrous black glow continuously swept out from within Song Zhen’s body. The black glow permeated over the place and covered most of the sky within the blink of an eye. That sign of clouds covering the sun caused one to be shocked.

Song Zhen was really angered…

Looking at this sign, everyone understood that Song Zhen had already been forced by Lin Dong to the point of being truly furious.


The black glow wildly wiggled around Song Zhen’s body. Finally, it gradually transformed into a dark black ink like giant beast from the ancient times under the numerous shocked gazes.

The enormous beast had an extremely strange form. Its entire body was black and one was completely unable to clearly see the position of its eyes and nose. Only an incomparable dark black huge mouth was present in an eye-catching form.

A frightening suction force was immediately emitted from that large mouth when this beast from the ancient times had appeared in this place. Immediately, a terrifying suction force was emitted from its large mouth. A wild wind blew and waves of natural Yuan Power was being swallowed by it.

“This is…”

Numerous eyes were startled as they watched the strange black coloured unique beast. The sound of cold air being inhaled appeared on the chaotic rock ground.

Taozong Fierce Spirit!