Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 599: Cooperation

Chapter 599: Cooperation


Chapter 599: Cooperation


Lin Dong’s group directly rushed into the desolated forest that was overflowing with a fearsome aura. Under the cover of the enormous lush trees, it seemed like the world in front of them had been covered by layers of faint red blood.

There were countless number of geniuses from various empires have been buried within the forest. Clearly, after today, the ground here would turn even more dark red…

When Lin Dong’s group landed in the forest, they were already able to sense the intense battles that had suddenly erupted within this region. Everyone who had entered this place all showed signs of turning into crazy devils. They had given up on too much in order to reach this place. Hence, no one wanted their final step to be blocked.

Even if they were unable to step into the Nirvana Golden Ranking, they must still perform to the best of their abilities. This was because this was their final opportunity.

“What should we do?” Su Kui eyes looked around him. The surrounding atmosphere caused his expression to turn solemn. Immediately, he did not dare to make any decisions and chose to turn to look at Lin Dong instead.

“Let’s head directly to the Hundred Empire Mountain. Those who can reach that place are the true elites and their Nirvana Seals are the best.” Lin Dong softly said.

Instead of bitterly snatching other people’s Nirvana Seals in this outer area, it was better to head directly to the foot of the Hundred Empire Mountain and wait for others to do the work. Although those who could reach there were all extraordinary individuals, it would save them a great deal of effort.


Lin Dong’s voice had just sounded when he suddenly frowned and lifted his head. He could sense that there was quite a number of rushing wind sounds hurrying towards his direction.

“Have we been targeted so soon?” Mo Ling and the rest also appeared to have detected something. The looks on their faces changed before they quickly circulated the Yuan Power within their bodies.

The sound of wind splitting swiftly arrived. Moments later, numerous figures came rushing over from both sides of the forest. Finally, they appeared on the empty ground of Lin Dong’s group.

A surprised expression involuntarily appeared on Lin Dong’s face when these people appeared. This was because those in front of him were individuals that he was acquainted with.

“Haha, brother Lin Dong. It has been half a year since we have met, it looks like you are doing well.” A white clothed handsome man, who was standing amongst the group to the left, cupped his hands together and laughed in a loud clear voice. It turns out that he was actually the one who had also obtained one of the four great mysterious sects’ inheritance back then, Liu Bai.

There were quite a number of experts clustered around Liu Bai. That glaring red dressed enchanting lady with a slim and lovely body beside him, was also someone that Lin Dong was acquainted with, Mu Hongling.

Beside Mu Hongling stood a strong looking man. This man had a square face and his rough eyebrows contained some prestige. It was likely that he was no ordinary individual.

There were fewer people towards the right side. However, all of them possessed powerful auras. The one leading them was the black clothed Yan Sen.

All the inheritors of the four great mysterious sects had actually gathered at this place.

While Lin Dong was observing Liu Bai’s group, the other party had clearly placed their eyes onto the former’s body. His eyes contained a deep sigh. When they had first seen Lin Dong back then,the latter was not even worthy enough for them to view him seriously. However, now, even their prideful self had no choice but to admit that Lin Dong’s lineup had gradually surpassed them. At the very least, they could not force the Great Net Empire to pay such a heavy price when faced with the latter.

“These people are really strong…” That square face man beside Mu Hongling slowly spoke with a grave expression in his eyes.

Mu Hongling nodded gently. Her teeth bit her red lips as her beautiful eyes stared at Lin Dong with a complicated expression. When they had first met, Lin Dong had not even reached the half-step to Nirvana Stage. Yet, he had currently become the dark horse, who was most likely to enter the Nirvana Golden Ranking.

“You would not come looking for me if there is no reason to do so. Since everyone has come looking for me, I don’t think it’s because you are after the Nirvana Seals in our hands, right?” Lin Dong smiled slightly. He remained calm despite the arrival of these two large factions. With his strength, Lin Dong would not be afraid even when faced with those so called ten great super empires.

“Brother Lin Dong really knows how to joke. Currently, there is hardly anyone in the Hundred Empire Forest who dares to target you… “ Liu Bai smiled. Promptly, he paused before he said: “The reason that we have come here is because we wish to cooperate with brother Lin Dong.”

“Cooperate?” Lin Dong was startled.

“Since brother Lin Dong has already exchanged blows with the Great Net Empire, I think that you should aware of the Ground Evil Alliance and the inheritors of the four great demon sects, right?” Liu Bai asked.


“One of the inheritors of the four great demon sect, the Great Net Empire, has already been finished off by your group. However, there are still three powerful empires waiting for us. Moreover, amongst them, the inheritance of the Taotie Sect was obtained by one of the ten great super empires, the Sky Devil Empire and their strength is extraordinary. Based on the information that we have obtained, these three great empires have already set up a trap and are waiting for us. The place that we must pass by in order to reach the Hundred Empire Mountain has already been sealed by them.”

Liu Bai laughed bitterly when he spoke until this point. He said, “We have already fought with the Blood Seal Empire and the Bone Jade Empire. We can be considered as evenly matched. However, the Sky Devil Empire is too powerful. If they were to join forces, it would be impossible for us to break through.”

Lin Dong’s eyebrows also knitted gently when he saw the bitter smile on Liu Bai’s face. Three great empires joining forces, with one of them being a vicious ten great super empire. With this kind of lineup, it would likely be extremely difficult for them to charge through alone.

“The Ground Evil Alliance and the Tiangang Alliance are factions that totally oppose each other. In order to obtain the inheritance, they would definitely not let us off easily. It is likely that none of us will be able to run from this battle.” Yan Sen spoke in a soft and deep voice.

“How powerful is the Sky Devil Empire?” Lin Dong asked.

“Very powerful. The Sky Devil Empire is said to have three devils. The eldest is called Song Zhen, the second is called Song Que and the third is Song Ba. All of them are experts who had stepped into the five Yuan Nirvana Stage. Moreover, there are also some underlings with extraordinary strength beneath them.” Liu Bai curled his lips. His voice contained a dense fear.

They were also a super empire but the strength of the Sky Devil Empire was far surpassed them.

“Three five Yuan Nirvana Stage huh…”

Mo Ling and the others behind Lin Dong had a drastic change in their expressions upon hearing these words. The strength of this ten great super empires was actually this terrifying…

“They are indeed extremely troublesome to deal with.”

A solemness surged up Lin Dong’s eyes. This was likely the empire with the grandest lineup that he had encountered since entering this Ancient Battlefield.

Three five Yuan Nirvana Stage. It was likely sufficient to eliminate Liu Bai’s group. No wonder they did not dare to enter into the deep region and had instead chose to come looking for him…

“Are you asking us to deal with the Sky Devil Empire?” Little Marten asked with a half smile

“I know that this is making things difficult for you, but you are the only ones who are currently able to deal with them…” Liu Bai laughed bitterly while feeling a little embarrassed. The ones whom Lin Dong’s group had to deal with in this alliance was going to be the most troublesome opponent.

“All of us are considered to be on the same boat. Lin Dong, if we are finished off by the Sky Devil Empire, you will also be besieged from all sides. Therefore, none of us has a choice.” Yan Sen spoke in a deep voice.

“Currently, everyone knows that the Sky Devil Empire has already made an arrangement in the deep regions of the Hundred Empire Forest and are waiting for us. Even those experts from the super sects on the Hundred Empire Mountain could be staring at that place. Unless we withdraw from this Hundred Empire War now, otherwise… we must engage in this fight!”

Lin Dong knitted his brows tightly but he did not speak. If they could be victorious in this battle, it was likely that they could directly ascend the Hundred Empire Mountain. However, if they were to fail, one year’s of bitter training would come to naught.

Liu Bai and Yan Sen ceased saying anything as they looked at Lin Dong descending into silence. However, their heart beats had unknowingly increased. Lin Dong was considered as their final potential savior. With their current strength, it was impossible for them to contend against the Sky Devil Empire. The only one who could achieve this was likely Lin Dong’s group, which had a reputation that was catching up to the ten great super empires…

Mu Hongling quietly clenched her hand tightly. The tense atmosphere caused her experience breathing difficulties. She could also sense the anxiety of those around her. All of them were awaiting Lin Dong’s answer. This was because the person in front of them was considered as their final savior.

Mu Hongling’s pretty eyes were staring at the quiet Lin Dong with a complicated expression. All sorts of emotions were mixed into it. Who could imagine that the young man, who had once ended up in an exceptionally miserable state in her hands, would actually become this powerful within a short half a year. Even their final fate rest on his single word.

This tense atmosphere continued for awhile before it was broken by a long exhale from Lin Dong. He raised his eyes and looked at the incomparably anxious Liu Bai’s group before softly saying, “Can you deal with the Blood Seal Empire and the Bone Jade Empire?”

“As long as the Sky Devil Empire does not intervene, we can definitely settle these two empires!” An excitement flashed across the eyes of Liu Bai and Yan Sen as they replied in a deep voice.

“In that case…”

Lin Dong lifted his lips. Immediately, the corner of his mouth was lifted into a relatively fiery hot arc.

“In that case, just leave the Sky Devil Empire to us.”

The back of Mu Hongling’s teeth bit her red lips. Her pretty eyes stared at the young face, where a wild heat had appeared. An unusual flush gradually surged up onto the enchanting face of hers. The attraction she felt towards Lin Dong at this moment had surpassed any of the outstanding men whom she had met in the past…

She was not aware of how this situation would end. However, she knew that in this subsequent big battle, this man would become the most dazzling existence within the Hundred Empire Forest.