Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 598: Seven Great Super Sects

Chapter 598: Seven Great Super Sects


Chapter 598: Seven Great Super Sects

Purple-golden Nirvana Seal!

Only those who had stepped into the Nirvana Golden Ranking would have this unique indicator!

This was the first time Lin Dong had seen a genuine purple-gold Nirvana Seal. Moreover, what he felt most surprised by was that the owner of this purple-gold Nirvana Seal was actually a beautiful lady.

Great waves were surged within Lin Dong’s heart and it was only some time later before he managed to suppress it forcefully. He extended his hand and gently made contact with Lanting’s hand. That icy cool yet tender feeling made him unwilling to let it go.

“Great Yan Empire, Lin Dong.”

However, Lin Dong ultimately did not overindulge in this feeling. He did everything appropriately and released her hand after a mere touch. This was because he clearly understood that this lady in front of him was likely the strongest person he had met ever since he had arrived at the Ancient Battlefield.

Before he managed to identify whether this lady was a enemy or a friend, he must proceed with caution.

Lanying stared at Lin Dong before smiling sweetly. Her sharp female’s instincts had similarly allowed her to discover Lin Dong’s shrunken eyes when the latter saw the purple-gold Nirvana Seal on her palm. At the same time, she could also feel the caution and fear Lin Dong had towards her.

“I have long since heard of your group. I never unexpected that we would only bump with each other here.”

Lanying had a very sharp chin and when she smiled, it caused her to look quite beautiful. Her pretty eyes were also smiling gently as she looked at Little Marten, Little Flame, who were beside Lin Dong, and Su Ruo, who was standing behind Lin Dong.

Little Marten still retained his leisure manner. His handsome face was always able to immediately attract the eyes of others. Lanying’s eyes similarly paused on his face for a moment. Her long fingers were immediately curled. She could sense a faint dangerous feeling from his body.

Her gaze paused on Little Marten for a moment. After which, she looked at Little Flame, who had a strong giant like body, as well as the timid Su Rou that was standing behind Lin Dong. The back of her teeth immediately bit her red lips. Subsequently, she turned towards Lin Dong and spoke in a tone before she spoke with a deeper meaning: “The strength of your group really lives up to your reputation.”

“Miss Lanying is too generous. There are many hidden talents within this core region and we might even be unfortunate enough to be targeted by others and have our Nirvana Seals stolen a short moment later.” Lin Dong laughed. He naturally understood that this Lanying seemed to have seen through some of their strength.

“That might be true.” Lanying covered her mouth and laughed, an action that was beyond Lin Dong’s expectations. It was as though she did not think that Lin Dong was merely being humble. Moreover, when she spoke, she was also staring at Lin Dong, intending to see whether the latter would be angered because of his pride.

However, what caused her to be a little surprised was that even after she directly provoked him, Lin Dong continued to smile. In fact, his eyes even did not reveal any hostile ripples.

“This place is where tigers and dragons hide and it is an extremely chaotic environment. No one can be certain about what will happen next.” Lin Dong laughed softly.

“It is indeed uncertain. However, I do know of a troublesome group that will approach you.” Lanying smilingly said.

“Oh?” Lin Dong raised his eyebrows slightly. Since Lanying described them as ‘troublesome’, it would seem like the ones who were targeting them would not be ordinary individuals.

“One of the ten great super empires, the Sky Devil Empire. Heirs who have inherited the inheritance of the leader of the four great demon sects, Taotie.” Lanying said with a gentle smile..

Standing beside him, Su Kui’s expression drastically changed once again.

The number of empires in the Eastern Xuan Region were as numerous as the stars. However, these empires were also divided into different ranks. The super empires were the overlord amongst them. At the same time, amongst these super empires, there were ten strongest empires and they were the elite. They were called the ten great super empires of the Eastern Xuan Region.

This so called Sky Devil Empire was one of them. Similarly, the Celestial Empire that Lanying originated from was one of them as well.

They were the true elites standing at the peak of this Ancient Battlefield. Perhaps they had been looking down on everyone ever since they entered this realm while they walked right in front of everyone.

“It is indeed quite troublesome.” Lin Dong nodded slightly. He was aware of the existence of the ten great super empires. However, he did not know that the inheritors of the Taotie Sect inheritance was actually one of them. Therefore, the Sky Devil Empire would likely be several times stronger than the Great Net Empire. If this empire came looking for them, it was likely that there would be an intense big battle.

Lanying curled her mouth slightly and glanced curiously at Lin Dong, whose expression had not really changed. She seemed to be a little curious about the source of his calmness. After all, those fellows from the Sky Devil Empire were individuals that even she felt extremely troublesome to deal with.

The number of people swarming over to this region increased while Lin Dong was conversing with Lanying. The noise created also broke the original silence of this place.


At this moment, a humming sound was suddenly emitted from the sky. Countless number of people raised their heads to stare, only to see a glow suddenly rushing over from the middle of the forest. After which, it transformed into a human figure, who appeared in the tall sky.

That human figure was standing on an enormous sword, while wearing the clothes of a sect. His eagle like eyes were filled with an intense sternness as they swept over the entire place. An extremely powerful pressure also swept out from his body one wave after another and caused the noisy surroundings to turn completely silent.

Everyone looked at the figure with respect. From the clothes of the figure, all of them knew that this person in front of them was a member of the super sect, whom they respected like gods in their hearts.

“Your abilities have been proven since you were able to reach this place after one year of bitter training. However, the selection of disciples by the super sects is extremely strict. Only the most outstanding individuals will be chosen.”

That person riding a sword in the midair overlooked everyone. His voice was just like that of muffled thunder that rumbled beside everyone’s ears.

“Only one condition is needed to ascend the Hundred Empire Mountain. The Nirvana Seals in your hands must become purple-gold in colour. As long as you can secure it, your one year worth of training will have a fairytale ending.”

“Purple-gold Nirvana Seal…”

The expressions of quite a number of experts around became complicated when they heard these words. They clearly understood just what the purple-gold Nirvana Seal represents. It was an indication of an expert on the Nirvana Golden Ranking. It was not an easy task to turn one’s Nirvana Seal into a purple-gold colour in front of the ill intent gazes of the countless number of experts around.

“I don’t care what tactics you use and we will also not be bothered about the process. All we care about is the end result! As long as you are able to possess a purple-gold Nirvana Seal, it will be sufficient for you to catch the eye of the super sects!”

Lin Dong’s heart involuntarily sighed quietly when he heard this. These fellows… looks like they were really intending to force most of the people here to go crazy. It was likely that a cruel massacre would occur in the interior of the desolated forest after everyone entered it.

“With so many competitors around, the ones who could obtain the purple-gold Nirvana Seal would definitely be amongst the minority. This kind of selection is really a little harsh. Is there any use for the absorption of this level of fresh blood for these super sects?” Lin Dong softly muttered to himself.

“Those who possess the purple-gold Nirvana Seals and are selected will be specially groomed after entering the super sect. They can be considered as a direct disciple. At the same time, those people from the super sects will also observe the various battles within the forest. Those who have an outstanding performance will also be selected by them. However, after entering the super sects, they can only be considered a disciple in name. Of course, their position will naturally be inferior to the former.”

The one who had explained to Lin Dong was Lanying, who was standing beside him. The gaze she used to look towards that man riding a sword in the midair was not overly respectfully. It was likely that she was a very experienced person who was well-versed in wordly matters.

“Given Miss Lanying’s outstanding talent, it is likely that a super sect has long since reserved you, right?” Lin Dong smilingly asked.

“The Celestial Empire is the direct descendant of the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. I will naturally be entering it. Of course, if one’s talent is mediocre, it will be difficult to enter regardless of how good one’s connection is.” Lanying laughed softly.

“Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace?”

Lin Dong was immediately stunned when he heard this name. He remembered that back in the Great Desolate Province of the Great Yan Empire, he had met a linen clothed old man. That fellow seemed to have mentioned that he was someone from the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace.

Now that he thought about it, that fellow back then really knew how to boast. With his strength that was not even at one Yuan Nirvana Stage, it was likely that the person would only be an extremely ordinary character even if he was part of the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. Hence, it was clearly impossible for him to pull Lin Dong into that faction.

Lanying treated this as though Lin Dong had just first heard of these super sects. Therefore, she appeared unconcerned as she looked at the person riding a sword in the midair, who was acting superior as he uttered those useless words. After which, she smilingly said, “There are a total of seven super sects in the Eastern Xuan Region. Of course, other than them, there are still some other super sects. However, the strength of the other super sects are inferior to them.”

“Oh? Which of these seven super sects is the strongest?” Lin Dong asked curiously. It was the first time he had heard such a detailed information that was related to those super sects that stood high above.

“The dominant one among the seven super sects should be Yuan Gate.” Lanying pursed her red lips slightly and spoke with a complicated expression in her eyes.

Yuan Gate. When Lin Dong heard this somewhat foreign name that seemed to possess a vast and mighty aura, he nodded slightly. However, he promptly saw Little Marten’s expression changed subtly.

“The super sects of the Eastern Xuan Region are not considered harmonious. The competition between them are quite intense. If you were to enter a super sect that has some conflict with our ‘Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace’, in the future, we might even end up fighting.” Lanying teased.

Lin Dong felt ashamed. However, he obtained another piece of information from this. These super sects of the Eastern Xuan Region did not appear to be united. It seems like one would not be able to escape various disputes no matter where one was in this world.

While Lin Dong was continuously inquiring about the information relating to the super sects, the mighty voice of the human figure riding a sword in the midair had finally come to a stop. He looked at the blood red eyes of many people below before he smiled with satisfaction. After which, he suddenly waved his hand, “Since everyone is ready, I shall announce that the Hundred Empire War will officially begin!”


The entire place seemed to tremble at this moment before rushing wind sound resounded over the sky. Finally, many figures rushed towards the final battlefield below from all directions.

“I shall make a move first. Lin Dong, hopefully I will be able to meet you at the Hundred Empire Mountain. There’s finally a low rank empire member that made it here. Please do not disappoint me…” Lanying turned her head and smiled sweetly at Lin Dong after she saw the flashing human figures that covered the sky. Her lovely body moved, transforming into a couple of afterimages as she rushed out.

“What quick speed. No wonder she is someone who has stepped into the Nirvana Golden Ranking…”

Lin Dong also sighed as he looked at Lanying’s phantom like speed. Those who could step into the Nirvana Golden Ranking were indeed not ordinary individuals.

“Let’s go. We’ll head directly to the Hundred Empire Mountain!”

A trace of wild heat also climbed into Lin Dong’s eyes when he sensed that the atmosphere around him that had exploded. In the next instant, he waved his hand and rushed towards the forest like an enormous bird. Little Marten and the rest followed closely behind.

The final battleground has finally arrived!