Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 595: Domination

Chapter 595: Domination


Chapter 595: Domination

“Lin Dong!”

Xiao Shan’s body fell miserably from the night sky. His aura was weary but his face was filled with an extremely furious expression. His Nirvana Seal had only reached this level that was close to the Nirvana Golden Ranking, after he had expended a great amount of effort and various tactics to absorb ten four Yuan Nirvana Stage experts’ Nirvana Seals. However, Lin Dong had currently snatched it all away. This caused all of his effort to completely vanish!

Quite a number of experts in the surrounding night sky looked at each other. They had never expected that Xiao Shan would actually be defeated by Lin Dong. In fact, even the former’s Nirvana Seal was snatched away by the latter.

“Lin Dong, the both, the both of us are now sworn enemies!”

Xiao Shan’s body violently smashed onto the ground. That massive momentum caused him to spit out another mouthful of fresh blood. However, he ignored his injuries as he raised his head and roared out furiously.

“You reap what you sow!”

Lin Dong’s laughed in a chilling manner. If he was to be defeated by Xiao Shan today, it was likely that not only would his Nirvana Seal be stolen, but he would definitely use his fresh blood to complete the inheritance of the Zhuyan’s sect.

The victor was the king and the loser was nothing more than a bandit. Lin Dong had seen quite a number of such events within this Ancient Battlefield during this one year.

Currently, Xiao Shan was already seriously injured and was not a threat. However, Lin Dong did not show any signs of attacking again. Instead, his attention was directed towards Little Flame on the mountain top, who was undergoing a Nirvana tribulation.

At this moment, the wild and violent Yuan Power that had surrounded Little Flame’s body had become substance like. A wild violence spread and the ground within a thousand feet had directly cracked apart because of dryness. All the surrounding trees turned withering yellow before they transformed into powder and scattered.

Mo Ling and the others, who were originally seated around Little Flame to protect him, were eventually forced to move away because they were unable to endure that kind of wild and violent heat. They circulated their Yuan Power and blocked themselves from the erosion of that special hot Yuan Power.

The fourth Nirvana Tribulation was not considered weak. However, it clearly did not possess any fatal threat towards Little Flame. His body was so strong that even the golden body of those four Yuan Nirvana Stage experts were unable to match up. Hence, as long as no accident occurred during the Nirvana Tribulation, it was likely that Little Flame would have more than seventy percent chance of successfully enduring through it. His odds of success was definitely a level that most of the experts could not hope to attain.

“Have the experts from the Great Net Empire also been blocked…”

Lin Dong’s eyes turned towards the space above the mountain top. All he could see was a dragnet that was formed by flickering purple-black chains. Those experts from the Great Net Empire were also a little startled when they saw this scene. After all, there were at least a couple of dozens of men from the Great Net Empire. Amongst them were three experts who had stepped into the four Yuan Nirvana Stage. Even so, they were still unable to break the barrier that Little Marten had created.

“Such terrifying strength…”

Quite a number of people in the surrounding night sky looked at those people from the Great Net Empire, who had gone all out but still failed to approach that mountain peak. After which, they turned to look at the handsome young man, who was standing with his hands behind his back in midair. Traces of shock began to surge up their faces.

Easily blocking three four Yuan Nirvana Stage experts and dozens of other strong experts alone. This feat was likely something that only those peak experts who had stepped into the five Yuan Nirvana Stage were able to accomplish. However, this exceptionally handsome young man had actually done it. Could it be that this fellow had also stepped into the five Yuan Nirvana Stage?

Quite a number of people felt cold sweat dripping all over their bodies when they thought of this. They looked at each other and there was a shock that they could not hide within their eyes.

Five Yuan Nirvana Stage. There were definitely people currently in this core region who had reached this level. However, those who could reach this level were all, without exception top existences even amongst the super empires. These people were basically demonic like existences who were able to comfortably enter the Nirvana Golden Ranking and catch the eyes of the super sects. However, this so called low rank empire actually had such a monster as well?

“The Great Yan Empire… why is it so strong…”

Quite a number of people were speechless. They were simply unable to imagine how a low rank empire was able to produce so many monster level beings all at once.

Originally, they had thought that Lin Dong was already the most outstanding person within the Great Yan Empire. However, now that they had taken a closer look, they finally realized that there was another one, who had hidden himself.

With this lineup, it was likely that they would not lose out even if they were to fight against those elite individuals from the super empires.

Lin Dong’s body was suspended in front of the mountain peak, while all the gazes in the sky was quietly filled with shock. His hand was holding the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear. That sharp icy coldness in his eyes swept all around him. He was aware that this big battle had definitely attracted quite a number of experts who were observing this spot. Currently, Little Flame was at a critical juncture as he was undergoing a Nirvana tribulation and the consequences of him being disturbed was severe. Therefore, even though he defeated Xiao Shan, he did not chase after him. This was because he clearly understood what was more important.

A sharp and stern aura spread out from within Lin Dong’s body. It appeared to be just like a sharp sword that cut through the night sky. His blade like eyes swept around but hardly anyone dared to look at him. After witnessing the shocking fighting strength that Lin Dong had unleashed earlier as well as the terrifying strength which Little Marten had displayed, none of them dared to attack regardless of how much they coveted their Nirvana Seals and Heavenly Soul Treasure.

Boom boom!

While Lin Dong was looking around him and deterring everyone, the experts from the Great Net Empire were sent flying miserably by the purple black-chain dragnet. The Nirvana Seals within their hands were all snatched by Little Marten when they flew away.

Within just a short few minutes, the interior of the dragnet only had three four Yuan Nirvana Stage experts bitterly enduring within it. The remaining people were all defeated by Little Marten alone.

At this moment, Xiao Shan once again rushed into the midair with a swaying body. However, his aura was already quite sluggish. Clearly, he had sustained pretty severe injuries from Lin Dong earlier.

His somewhat pale white face turned unusually green when he saw that the Great Net Empire had suffered such a terrible loss. However, he did not dare to attack again. He was aware that with his current condition, it was impossible for him to match up to Lin Dong. The end result would be the same even if he was to forcefully charge forward again.

“Boom boom boom!”

Three extremely low and deep sound were emitted in the midair. After which, everyone saw three purple-black chains being swiftly flung onto the bodies of the three Great Net Empire experts with lightning like speed, appearing just like poisonous snake coming out of hiding. Terrifying force surged out and directly slammed at the three of them until they spat out blood and flew backwards. At the same time, the Nirvana Seals in their hands were also unceremoniously snatched away by Little Marten.

The three figures were eventually miserably caught by the people from the Great Net Empire. Only at this moment did the purple-black chain in Little Marten’s hands faded. His gaze gently swept around and a frightening hostility vaguely flashed across his handsome face.

Regardless of how calm and indifferent Little Marten usually acted, he ultimately possessed the heart of a Celestial Demon Marten. According to his character, it was likely that he would have already eaten all of these people. However, he worried that he would bring trouble to Lin Dong if he was to reveal his identity. That explains why he chose to put in the extra amount of effort.

“Who else wants to target us?” Little Marten swept his slightly cold eyes over the Great Net Empire in a deterring demeanor. He slowly looked towards the surrounding night sky. A dark cold voice spread around him.

The expressions of quite a number of people changed after his voice spread out. However, no one dared to reply. Even a group as powerful as the Great Net Empire was miserably defeated by Lin Dong’s group. Hence, they did not wish to offend such ruthless characters.

The peak was completely silent. Mo Ling’s group on the mountain peak involuntarily extended their hands and violently rubbed their faces. They immediately let out a bitter laughter. They could not imagine that just Lin Dong and Little Marten alone, were actually able to deter the geniuses from various empires to the point that they did not even dare to utter anything…

“These two abnormal beings…”

Lin Dong quietly stood on top of his black coloured metal seal. He watched this quiet night sky and his expression relaxed a little. It seemed like after using the Great Net Empire to set an example, no one dared to step forward…


This thought had just flashed across Lin Dong’s heart when he suddenly raised his head. There was a mountain at that spot. A green clad figure flashed and appeared. At the same time, an incomparably sinister pair of eyes were locked onto Lin Dong like a evil ghost.

Moonlight scattered down from the sky and shone onto the somewhat distorted face, which appeared just like a ghost. That appearance was quite a shocking one.

Lin Dong’s eyes shrunk slightly as he looked at that figure. His hand, which was holding the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear, slowly tightened. An icy cold voice seeped out from between his teeth and spread apart with a killing intent that was difficult to suppress.

“Lin Langtian, you are still alive!”