Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 593: Xiao Shan

Chapter 593: Xiao Shan


Chapter 593: Xiao Shan

(*For those of you who are curious about the ancient fierce beast Zhuyan, do check out our introduction here)

The fire red flame Qi was exceptionally glaring in the night sky. Moreover, that faint great wave like powerful ripple that swept apart also caused countless number of shocking gazes to be thrown over.

“Is that the fierce beast Zhuyan?”

“It is Xiao Shan from the Great Net Empire. He has obtained Zhuyan’s inheritance, which belongs to one of the four great demon sects. Tch tch, according to what I know, that four great demon sects and the four great mysterious sects are enemies. Those of them who had obtained the inheritance of the demon sects must use the fresh blood of those who had obtained the inheritance of the mysterious sects in order to obtain the complete inheritance…

“Looks like they are also charging towards Lin Dong.”

“There is really going to be a good show. It is rumoured that Xiao Shan had attempted the fifth Nirvana Tribulation. Although he eventually failed, his strength was such that he was unrivalled amongst the four Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners. Although Lin Dong’s group defeated the Wind Cloud Empire, they might not be able to gain any advantage in the hands of Xiao Shan.


Private conversations swiftly spread within the night sky. This mountain peak had quickly become the most eye-catching spot within this area.

That enormous beast, which was formed from a bright red flame, swiftly arrived in front of the numerous surrounding gazes. Finally, it appeared in the air above the mountain peak. Quite a number of rushing wind sound were also transmitted from behind. Finally, numerous figures were suspended in the midair and their auras were all quite powerful. Clearly, they were the powerful individuals from the Great Net Empire.

A human figure was standing with his hands behind him, within that fierce beast Zhuyan, which was formed from a flame. His faint red eyes indifferently stared at the two figures on the mountain peak below.

The fire Qi lingered around before entering his figure bit by bi. Only at this moment, was his appearance finally unveiled in front of the many gazes.

Xiao Shan was wearing a glaring bright red robes, which was as piercing as fresh blood. Quite a number of people felt a chill within their hearts when they looked at it. Xiao Shan was not considered handsome and his face even possessed a dark red tattoo. At a glance, he looked like a miniature Zhuyan.

“Lin Dong, you have finally appeared…”

Xiao Shan stared at Lin Dong on the mountain peak. His expressionless face was slowly lifted into a smile. His smile pulled at the dark red Zhuyan picture and caused his face to be filled with a fierceness.

“Great Net Empire, Xiao Shan?” Lin Dong softly spoke. He knitted his brows slightly as he stared at this unwelcomed guest.

“Since you are aware of our background, it is likely that you should understand why I have come looking for you. The both of us have no grudge with one another. However, you can only blame yourself for obtaining the inheritance of the four great mysterious sects…” Xiao Shan’s voice was extremely hoarse. It caused anyone hearing it to feel quite uncomfortable.

“This kind of ripple, it seems like someone amongst you is experiencing a Nirvana Tribulation. It seems like I have picked an opportune time…”

Xiao Shan’s eyes were suddenly thrown towards the mountain peak. After which, he saw Little Flame, who had his eyes shut, and laughed. Extremely wild and violent Yuan Power surged over the latter.

“Xiao Shan, I do not wish to become enemies with your Great Net Empire. Therefore, you should keep yourself in check. If you remain obstinate, it will be too late for regrets when you lose your Nirvana Seal!” Lin Dong’s eyes turned slightly cold as he slowly said.

“Haha, regret?”

Xiao Shan laughed out loud towards the sky in midair. His laughter was filled with a ridicule. “Lin Dong, I know that your group had defeated the Wind Cloud Empire. However, someone at Feng Cang’s level is merely ordinary in my eyes. I’m afraid that you are a little naive to attempt to raise your stature in front of me by using this matter.”

Those experts from the Great Net Empire behind Xiao Shan also released some mocking laughter. Their eyes playfully stared at Lin Dong’s group.

“In that case, it is pointless to speak anything more. Let’s fight.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were slightly lowered. He clenched his hand and the black coloured metal seal in his hand suddenly rotated. Black glow permeated the place while the black dragon crouching above the seal appeared to show signs of awakening.

The teasing expression in the eyes of the experts from the Great Net Empire began to withdraw upon seeing that suspending black coloured metal seal. Clearly, they also sensed the might of this Heavenly Soul Treasure.

Xiao Shan’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the black metal seal. Immediately, he waved his bright red robes and took a stride forward. He laughed coldly, “I have heard many rumours about you Lin Dong. Today, I wish to personally try and see if you, a person who had climbed up from a low rank empire, is really that troublesome to deal with!”

“If you want me to surrender, you should prove it with your abilities!”

Xiao Shan’s body trembled suddenly. Monstrous bright red fire Qi swept out. It appeared as though the temperature of the surroundings had been raised. A manic like feeling lingered around him, causing him to appear exceptionally shocking.

Little Marten’s purple black eyes stared at the shocking aura of Xiao Shan. A cold glint flashed across his eyes. However, Lin Dong extended his hand to stop the former just as he was about to step forward.

“Little Flame is in the midst of breaking through and must not be disturbed. It is much safer if you are standing guard.” Lin Dong softly said.

Other than Xiao Shan, there were three others from the Great Net Empire who had reached the level of four Yuan Nirvana Stage. This was quite a powerful lineup. If they were to intervene and disturb Little Flame’s attempt at undergoing the tribulation, it was likely that things would become quite troublesome. Moreover, the one most suitable amongst them who could perfectly protect Little Flame in the face of their attacks, was likely Little Marten.

“Although that fellow has not advanced to the five Yuan Nirvana Stage, he is stronger than Feng Cang, who was at the peak of the four Yuan Nirvana Stage. Can you handle him alone?” Little Marten hesitated for a moment and asked.

Lin Dong smiled. Xiao Shan was indeed quite strong and he was on a different level compared to Feng Cang. However, the current Lin Dong was also much stronger when compared to when he exchanged blows with Feng Cang…

“Protect Little Flame well.”

Lin Dong softly instructed. After which, he ceased uttering any other unnecessary words. His body moved and rushed towards the midair under the attention of countless number of gazes. Following which, they turned their attention towards that black metal seal.

“Good, you have guts!”

Xiao Shan involuntarily laughed coldly when he saw that Lin Dong dared to meet him in battle alone. He grabbed abruptly with his hand before a fiery hot wild and violent Yuan Power agglomerated in his palm with lightning like speed. After which, it transformed into a five feet bright red blade. Following which, that blade shook and emitted a ‘cling’ sound. Even the air was slashed apart.

“Lin Dong, other people have said that you are one of the few people within this Hundred Empire War who is able to challenge a super empire with your status as someone from a low rank empire. Next, I shall witness just whether you live up to your reputation!”

Xiao Shan’s eyes suddenly turned sharp and cold. The crimson red large blade in his hand furiously slashed downwards. Dozens of enormous fiery red blade glow erupted with lightning like speed. The blade glow flashed past and actually sealed off Lin Dong’s retreat path.

Lin Dong clenched his fist as he looked at those fiery red blade glow that rushed over. His Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear appeared with a flash. That spear shook, forming numerous sharp spear afterimages which struck heavily against those blade glows.

Clang clang clang!

Sparks shot in all directions. Wild and violent Yuan Power whizzed and spread. Many of those wild and violent blade glows were completely broken by Lin Dong’s spear afterimages.

“I don’t have the mood to play with you. You should not use these kind of probing attacks!”

“Dragon Sonic Web!”

Lin Dong’s eyes turned slightly chilly. The seal formed by his hands changed and the black dragon under his feet immediately let out a roar towards the sky. That black dragon on the seal slowly opened its dragon’s eyes and widened his mouth. Black light crazily gathered. After which, it transformed into a black coloured sonic wave amidst the soul-stirring dragon roar and swept out in all directions.

These black coloured sonic wave did not rush out in all directions like it did in the past after it swept out. Instead, it gathered together and formed an incomparably large black coloured sonic web that immediately covered Xiao Shan within it.

Clearly, after Lin Dong grew increasingly familiar with this Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal, his control over it was also becoming increasingly proficient.

Some shallow scars was cut and formed in the space when the black coloured sonic wave rushed past. Xiao Shan’s eyes congelated when he saw this situation. He commented with a deep voice, “You are skilled indeed.”

“You are right, I also do not have the patience to continue playing with you. Since you are one of the inheritors of the four great mysterious sects, I shall allow you to witness what is called the inheritance of the four great demon sect!”

“Just watch me finish you off with one attack!”

“Zhuyan Demon Spirit!”

Xiao Shan widened both of his arms. His body trembled violently as a majestic bright red aura suddenly began to gush out from his chest like a volcano. Finally, it agglomerated in a wild manner. Under the numerous stunned gazes, it actually transformed into a thousand feet large crimson beast.

The enormous beast had an ape’s body with copper red feet. Its head was as smooth and eye-catching as white jade.

This was the body of the ancient fierce beast Zhuyan and it was different from the kind of illusionary figure before. The body of this Zhuyan actually possessed a peerless fierce aura with a wildness that permeated within it. At a glance, it was as though it had travelled through space and time from the ancient era.


The large beast howled to the sky. Fierce aura spread throughout the sky. A mountain peak like large claw was suddenly extended out and it actually forcefully shattered that sonic wave web with just a fist. After which, a large hand that carried a huge shadow tore through the empty space. It contained a destructive strength within it as it violently slammed towards Lin Dong in front of the countless number of shocked eyes.

Given that momentum, even a four Yuan Nirvana Stage expert would definitely not live if he was struck by it!

Su Rou on the mountain top, was also so frightened, till she covered her mouth in shock due to Xiao Shan’s attack. Her large eyes were filled with panic and worry.

Little Marten narrowed his eyes slightly. Although he still appeared calm on the surface, some purple-black glow was already agglomerating over the tip of his finger.


An enormous shadow whizzed over and an earth-shaking dragon roar once again resounded over the sky. The black dragon on the black metal seal swelled. Finally, it rose to the air. A dense pressure was also being emitted at this moment.

“Let’s see whose attack will finish off the other party!”

A fierce glint was similarly surging in Lin Dong’s eyes. He looked at the black dragon that flew out from the black coloured metal seal. A kind of green light suddenly spread over both of his hands. After which, it was ruthlessly inserted into the body of the black dragon. At the same time, a little of the cluster of dragon aura within his body was split apart and poured into the body of the black dragon!

“You are merely an ordinary member of the dragon race when you are alive. Now, I shall bestow you with Heavenly Dragon Aura. Show me all of your might!”

Lin Dong watched that black dragon, which was wildly struggling after having suddenly emitted a bright green glow. A fiery heat surged up his eyes. He really wanted to try and see just what kind of powerful strength it would have after obtaining the might of his Heavenly Dragon aura!