Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 592: Knocking on their Door

Chapter 592: Knocking on their Door


Chapter 592: Knocking on their Door

Lin Dong’s group continued to hurry towards the Hundred Empire Mountain at the centre region without rest after leaving the rock fragment area, which was their temporary resting point. Currently, all the people within this region were doing their best to reach the final battlefield.

This journey went on for an entire day and things were not too calm during this journey. After all, the core region had currently been turned into a pot to breed poisonous bugs and since Lin Dong’s group were also part of the bugs, they were unable to escape from the cruel competition. Therefore, even if they did not take the initiative to attack, there would still be quite a number of empires who would be eyeing their Nirvana Seals.

Lin Dong did not pity those fellows, whose logic had been overshadowed by greed. Other than a few cunning individuals who escaped during the chaos, most of the people ended up suffering a loss after failing to steal. Instead, they had to surrender their Nirvana Seals. After absorbing their Nirvana Seals, the colour of their heavenly grade Nirvana Seals of Lin Dong trio turned even brighter gold. Even Su Rou’s Nirvana Seal directly rose to heavenly grade. In this way, their group had four heavenly grade Nirvana Seals. If word of this was to spread, it would end up attracting many jealous stares.

Su Kui, Mo Ling and the two others had also absorbed quite a number of Nirvana Seals that were delivered to them. Although their Nirvana Seals did not advance to the heavenly grade, there was also a faint golden light flowing within their Nirvana Seal. Clearly, they had reached the peak of the earth grade Nirvana Seals. At this rate, it was not be impossible for them to upgrade their seals.

Lin Dong’s group rushed towards the Hundred Empire Mountain like a thunderbolt with quite a few interlude along the way. However, they enjoyed quite a bountiful reward. As they headed deeper into the forest, the number of individuals who took the initiative to attack them greatly decreased. After all, the Hundred Empire War had quite a brutal elimination system. Those who could pass through the many gazes of ill intent and enter this deep region would definitely possess outstanding ability and judgement.

Hence, some people were clearly aware of who they should offend, and who they should not offend. Therefore, that kind of provocation was reduced greatly towards the end. However, this left Lin Dong’s group feeling unsatisfied. After all, they wanted to reach the Nirvana Golden Ranking and that would require them to absorb even more Nirvana Seals…

However, Lin Dong’s group did feel a lot more relaxed since no one came to provoke them. When the second night gradually approached, they had already completely entered the deep regions of the core area. At this rate, it was likely that they would be able to reach that final battleground, the Hundred Empire Mountain, in no time.

The night covered the entire land and Lin Dong’s group came to a stop. The nights in the core region was even wilder and more violent compared to the nights in other parts of the Ancient Battlefield. Although Lin Dong was not afraid, Mo Ling, Su Kui and the others could not ignore it.

Of course, the most important reason was because Little Flame appeared to be showing signs of breaking through.

Little Flame had already reached the peak of three Yuan Nirvana Stage back in the Ancient Treasure Trove. He had gained quite a lot after experiencing numerous bloody battles. Additionally, his body possessed a kind of mutated constitution and the bloodline of the Heavenly Devil Tiger Tribe. Hence, he would be able to obtain twice the result with half the effort when he trained. In fact, his training progress even caused Lin Dong to feel a little involuntarily surprised.

Their group landed on the top of a mountain. Little Flame did not say any unnecessary words after they landed. He directly sat down with his legs crossed. Waves after waves of powerful Yuan Power began to spread apart in front of the shocked gazes of Mo Ling’s group.

“Is he about to undergo the fourth Nirvana Tribulation…”

Su Kui’s face was filled with envy. Typically speaking, only those leaders of the super sects could reach this level within the core region at this moment.

Lin Dong’s face was full of smiles when he saw this scene. If Little Flame was able to successfully survive the fourth Nirvana Tribulation, his strength was bound to soar. With his powerful Demonic Beast constitution, it was likely that he would even be able to fight against a five Yuan Nirvana Stage expert if he was to go all out.

Typically speaking, those experts in this core region who had stepped into the five Yuan Nirvana Stage, were basically the kind of abnormal beings that had already charged into the Nirvana Golden Ranking.

“It should not be long before you will also be able to attempt the fourth Nirvana Tribulation.” Standing beside him, Little Martern laughed as he spoke.

Currently, Lin Dong’s group had plenty of Nirvana Pills since they sold three Crossing Disaster Pills back at Wanxiang City. Hence, they did not need to worry about running out of Nirvana Pills during their training. This was also one of the important reason why Little Flame was able to show traces of breaking through this soon.

Lin Dong smiled but he did not deny it. He could similarly sense the surging Yuan Power within his body. However, he did not take the initiative to push it. This kind of breakthrough must come naturally in order for it to be the most ideal.

“Additionally, your Mental Energy did not show any signs of breakthrough ever since you have survived one Wind Lightning Trial back then. What exactly are you planning?” Little Marten glanced at Lin Dong before suddenly asking.

Little Marten knew only too well about Lin Dong’s Mental Energy talent. Additionally, Lin Dong was in possession of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. This was like adding wings to a tiger for his Mental Energy. The thing that was even more surprising was that his Mental Energy cultivation seemed to have remained stationary ever since Lin Dong endured the last Wind Lightning Trial. In fact, while the second Wind Lightning Trial failed to arrive, his Yuan Power cultivation had already broken through to the three Yuan Nirvana Stage…

Little Marten was not naive enough to believe that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy cultivation did not progress after half a year of training. The reason was likely because Lin Dong had done it on purpose.

“Heh, have I been discovered…”

Lin Dong involuntarily smiled when he heard Little Marten’s words. His smile also contained a cunningness that was similar to the one Little Marten usually had. However, he did not elaborate. All he did was to smile slightly and said, “It is a trick. You will get to know about it soon…”

Little Marten narrowed his eyes slightly. He thought about it but was temporarily unable to decipher Lin Dong’s thoughts. All he could was to shake his head with displeasure. Following which, he turned his head to gaze at the surrounding mountains in the night. He could tell that there were quite a number of groups resting in those mountain peaks. Some experts with shocking strength were amongst them.

“I think that there will be quite a commotion when Little Flame undergoes a Nirvana Tribulation. This place is extremely chaotic and I wonder just how many pairs of eyes are staring here. There are four heavenly grade Nirvana Seals on our side and they are quite alluring. Currently, the main fighting strength of our group are the three of us and Su Rou. Now that Little Flame is unable to fight because of his trial, our combined fighting strength is at a weakened state.” A flicker flashed within Little Marten’s purple-black eyes as his voice was transmitted into Lin Dong’s ears.

“Are you worried that someone will seize this opportunity to attack us…”

Lin Dong focused his eyes slightly. He had also sensed powerful hidden aura from the surrounding mountains. It would indeed be a troublesome matter if they were to really stir the desire of others.

“We are not some nameless individuals in the core region. Others will definitely think twice before they attack us.”

Lin Dong spoke with a soft voice after focusing his eyes. He knew that they were unable to avoid it even if there was trouble. However, regardless of who it was who wanted to step over them, it was likely that the person would have to pay a hefty price. He wanted to see just who would be the first bird that stands out tonight.

Mo Ling, Su Kui and the rest clearly understood the current situation. Hence, they immediately became cautious after Little Flame entered cultivation mode. They sat at spots around a hundred feet from where Little Flame sat. Mighty Yuan Power suddenly spread.

Lin Dong and Little Marten stood at the edge of the mountain top. Their bodies were just like straight long spears. A kind of shocking sharp aura spread apart in this night sky.

Su Rou sat on a green rock behind these two. Her pretty face contained a faint caution. Her long fingers were placed on a wrist. Should any unusual incidents occur, she would undo the seal and fight immediately. Clearly, she also understood that she must take over Little Flame’s position as the main fighting strength, while the latter was making a breakthrough…


Suddenly, an incomparably wild and violent Yuan Power erupted on the top of the mountain. A shocking hot wave swept apart. Those trees on the mountain peak crumbled into a withered yellow colour at that moment. Meanwhile, the original black night coolness was also scattered at this moment.

This commotion did not exceed the expectations of Lin Dong’s group and it immediately attracted the focus of many practitioners in the surrounding mountains. Immediately, rushing wind sound appeared within the black night. Some figures rushed into midair and looked over at this side from a great distance away. Those gazes were flickering repeatedly in the dark night.


The various different people that had suddenly rushed out were naturally discovered by Lin Dong. His eyes immediately narrowed as he grasped his hand. A black coloured metal seal appeared within it. Black glow permeated the place as a black seal swelled. It became just like a small mountain that was suspended on the mountain top. A shocking energy ripple swept apart.

“Heavenly Soul Treasure?”

Some exclamations immediately erupted when the black coloured metal seal appeared. Their voices were filled with greed but it was also mixed with fear and horror.

Those who could arrive at this place were no fools. They naturally understood how powerful a Heavenly Soul Treasure was. At the same time, they clearly understood just what kind of powerful fighting strength someone who controlled a Heavenly Soul Treasure had.

Some of the people in the night sky, who were about to act, had no choice but to withdraw the greed within their hearts at this moment…

Lin Dong’s eyes calmly watched this scene. The people in this place were competitors with each other. Hence, he was not worried that they would join forces. No one would be willingly to show one’s back to another ‘partner’ who could backstab one at any moment…

“It would be the best if they do not attack…” Mo Ling sighed in relief and softly said upon seeing this scene.

Lin Dong smiled. He was just about to speak when his expression suddenly changed. His eyes were dark and solemn as he looked towards the distant night sky. There was suddenly a shocking fire Qi rising from that spot. Finally, the fire Qi agglomerated into a white head red feet enormous fierce beast that had the body of an ape.

“Fearsome beast of the ancient times, Zhuyan!”

Little Marten’s eyes gradually turned icy cold as he looked at the enormous ferocious beast and softly said.

“One of the four great demon sects huh… have they finally come knocking at our door…”

Lin Dong’s face sunk. The black coloured metal seal on the top of his head began to slowly rotate.