Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 591: Enemies

Chapter 591: Enemies


Chapter 591: Enemies

The originally tense atmosphere in the rock fragment ground suddenly relaxed after the Great Wei Empire left in a somewhat dejected manner. Numerous unique gazes continuously swept over Mo Ling’s group. Immediately, they released a soft sigh. It was unexpected that these three fellows, who looked like ordinary individuals, were actually related with this this group of abnormal people that were renowned across this core region. This involuntarily caused them to secretly feel relieved. It was fortunate that they did not add insult to injury earlier. Otherwise, it was likely that their fate would not be any better than Li Kun’s group.

“Ground Evil Alliance… four great demon sects…” Lin Dong was too lazy to be bothered about the surrounding gazes. His mouth quietly repeated these words, which Chen Jun had mumbled earlier. “Looks like it should be another treasure trove. However, from its name, it seems like they are arch enemies with the Tiangang Alliance. They might have even engaged in life and death battles back then.” Little Marten laughed.

“That is of no concern to me.” Lin Dong frowned and said.

“Hehe, at times, one must naturally bear some of the responsibility of the inheritance that one obtained.” Little Marten laughed heartlessly.

“Qing Zhi never mentioned this to me.” Lin Dong helplessly shook his head. Qing Zhi never mention that he had to deal with the Ground Evil Alliance when he had received his inheritance.

“Lin Dong, you do need to be careful about the Ground Evil Alliance.” Mo Ling, who was standing behind Lin Dong suddenly said.

“Huh?” Lin Dong turned his head in surprised and stared at Mo Ling, whose expression was a lot more grave.

“Based on what I know, the inheritance of the Ground Evil Alliance four great demon sects have landed in the hands of four extremely powerful super sects. Moreover, the inheritance that they have obtained are a little unique. It requires the fresh blood of the four who have obtained the inheritance of the four great mysterious sects. Only then will it be fully activated.” Mo Ling said.

“Oh?” Lin Dong’s eyes became focused. Clearly, he did not expect that the inheritance of the Ground Evil Alliance would actually be this unique. It seems like the grudge between the Ground Evil Alliance and the Tiangang Alliance must be quite a huge one. Even they, their inheritors, must participate in this feud.

“You have obtained two of the four great mysterious sects inheritance, while the other two landed into the hands of Yan Sen and Liu Bai. Earlier, we heard that they had already exchanged blows with those super empires who had obtained the inheritance of the Ground Evil Alliance, even before they reached the core region…” Mo Ling said.

“Even Liu Bai and Yan Sen are targeted by them.” Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. It seems that this Ground Evil Sect is truly targeting them with ill intent.

“Your reputation has already spread across this core region. It looks like these fellows will come and look for you soon.” Little Marten smilingly said.

“They can come if they want. We also need quite a lot of Nirvana Seals in order to enter that Nirvana Golden Ranking. If they wish to deliver themselves to us, I will be happy to accept them.” Lin Dong smiled. He did not feel the slightest fear. Although he did not like trouble, he was not afraid of it as well. With his current fighting strength, he would stand quite a high chance of victory even when facing those experts at the peak of the four Yuan Nirvana Stage. Moreover, Little Flame, Little Marten and Su Rou also possessed powerful fighting abilites. Hence, he was not afraid even if they had to clash head on with a super empire.

“Just what are these four great demon sects?” Lin Dong paused for a moment before suddenly asking.

“The four great demon sects are named after fearsome beasts from ancient times. They are Yiwu, Taozong, Qiongqi, Zhuyan and these inheritances are all extraordinary. Furthermore, thanks to the foundation of a super empire, it is sufficient to allow their leaders to possess the qualification to attempt to enter the Nirvana Golden Ranking.” Mo Ling spoke solemnly.

“Fearsome beasts from ancient times huh.” Lin Dong nodded slightly. It did have a similar naming fashion as the four great mysterious sects. One is upright while the other is nefarious. No wonder they oppose each other.

“That’s right, Mo Ling, this is my brother Lin Diao,” Lin Dong suddenly appeared to have suddenly recalled something and introduced both parties.

Mo Ling hurriedly cupped his hands together upon hearing this. His appearance was actually quite handsome and there was even a little feminine aura to him. However, if he was to compare with Little Marten’s demonically handsome appearance, the latter was clearly on a completely different level. If this was a comparison between two ladies, both would indeed be pleasing to the eye. However, if it was between two men, one need not even mention how embarrassing it was.

However, Mo Ling did not underestimate Little Marten just because of the latter’s appearance. After witnessed Little Flame’s frightening strength, he gained a respectful mentality towards all of these people who had suddenly appeared beside Lin Dong. Moreover, he was able to vaguely sense that this handsome young man, who had yet to attack, was likely a terrifying character.

“There is no need to be courteous. We can be considered as friends.” Little Marten smiled. The words that he subsequently uttered caused Mo Ling and the two others to be at a loss. However, Little Marten did not give an explanation. After all, he had hid himself within Lin Dong’s body and Mo Ling’s group was naturally unaware of his existence.

Lin Dong subsequently introduced Su Kui and Su Rou. After which, both parties got to know each other a little before they quickly became familiar with each other.

“That’s right, there is something else…” While both parties were becoming familiar with each other, Mo Ling suddenly looked towards Lin Dong and spoke with a much more solemn expression in his eyes, “We met Lin Langtian.”

“Lin Langtian?”

Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly shrunk. That fellow is still alive huh?”

“A good guy has a short life while a scourge survives for a thousand years. This saying is indeed true. It is unexpected that this lad actually possessed such a hardy life.” Little Marten clicked his mouth and said.

Mo Ling’s group was aware of the deep grudge between Lin Dong and Lin Langtian. Therefore, they were not shocked by his reaction. After musing for a moment, Mo Ling continued, “However, that fellow is a little strange and he is a little different from before. When we saw him, he saw us as well. However, his eyes were staring at us in a somewhat foreign manner…”

Lin Dong knitted his brows slightly. Just what had happened to Lin Langtian. Regardless, it did not appear to be good news for him.

“Of course, despite this unfamiliarity, that fellow’s strength had become extremely terrifying…” Du Yun by the side continued. “We saw him kill an expert who had stepped into the four Yuan Nirvana Stage and snatch the other party’s Nirvana Seal…”

Lin Dong’s eyes congelated. When he was at the Ancient Treasure Trove back then, Lin Liangtian’s strength was at most at two Yuan Nirvana Stage. It was unexpected that his strength had actually advanced to such a shocking level within a short few months. It seemed like it must be due to other circumstances.

“There are more and more enemies…”

Lin Dong gently flicked his five fingers. Sharp wind lingered over the tip of his fingers. His face did not reveal the slightest anxiety or fear. Instead, it was filled with some heat. This was the Hundred Empire War and it would involuntairly cause one’s blood boil.

“Let’s go. Head to the Hundred Empire Mountain. Since we have finally reached here, we must at least witness the final battleground. I really wish to exchange blows with those demon like geniuses from the various large empires in the Eastern Xuan Region.”

Lin Dong raised his head and smiled. After which, he ceased uttering any other words. He waved his hand and his body took the lead to rush out. Little Marten, Little Flame and the rest followed closely behind him.

Mo Ling and the two others looked at Lin Dong’s back. The fresh blood within their bodies began to show vague signs of boiling. Being members of the Great Yan Empire, they similar felt pride when they saw Lin Dong’s accomplishments. When news from the Ancient Battlefield was transmitted back to the Great Yan Empire, the entire empire,the imperial family and the various clans and sects would be shaken because of all his actions.

That fellow would perhaps become the most dazzling existence within this Ancient Battlefield…


This was an empty forest. A group of people was seated deep within this forest. Although no unusual sound was emitted from it, the cold and ferocious aura that was faintly being emitted caused the atmosphere in this place to show signs of solidifying.


A ray of light suddenly rushed over from the distance amidst this silence. After which, it was grabbed by a figure within that group. It was actually a voice transmitting jade plate.

That person listened to the voice within the jade plate. After which, he suddenly raised his head and looked towards the middle of the forest. There was a figure who was seated cross-legged like a demon king there. Waves after waves of shocking hot fire Qi continued to be emitted from within his body.

“Chief, there is news about Lin Dong’s group!”

That demon god like figure finally opened his tightly shut eyes slowly upon hearing this loud laughter. His entire body was covered by a fire Qi, vaguely forming a large beast with an ape like body, white head and red legs.

A fearsome beast from the ancient times, Zhuyan!

“Has he finally appeared?”

Some murderous intent slowly surged into the pair of fiery red eyes under the flame. He immediately stood up. With a flash of his body, he had appeared in the distant large tree.

“Let’s go, only by killing him, can I receive the true inheritance of the Zhuyan Sect …”

Upon hearing the misty voice that resounded across the forest, a killing desire also suddenly surged up the eyes of the many people below. The sound of rushing wind appeared as they whizzed out!


A clear bone cracking sound suddenly appeared. At the same time, an expert with Yuan Power ripples over his body that was not weaker to that of the peak of a three Yuan Nirvana Stage expert, slowly collapsed. Fresh blood seeped out from his head that was cracked apart. Finally, he slumped onto the ground. There seemed to be a terror that could not be removed within that pair of eyes.


A green clothed human figure beside this corpse kicked it apart. After which, he extended his tongue and licked the fresh blood and brains on his hand. A sharp and strange voice was emitted from his mouth.

“Lin Dong, the current me will likely cause you to be wary… hee hee!”

He slowly raised his head before his eyes turned towards a certain direction. That handsome face currently possessed a sinister and distortion like that of a stern ghost.

He was actually Lin Langtian!