Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 590: Ground Evil Alliance

Chapter 590: Ground Evil Alliance


Chapter 590: Ground Evil Alliance

The noisy commotion around the messy rock ground instantly came to a halt at this moment. Those gazes, that were previously filled with a gloating expression, had been replaced by traces of shock that gradually climbed from deep within their eyes.

Lin Dong?

This name that contained some magical allure caused their hearts to quietly tremble when they heard it. Soon after they entered this core region, they had heard of the massive soul-stirring battle that had occurred at the entrance of Wanxiang City.

At that place, the super empire known as the Wind Cloud Empire did not even have the time to do anything in the core region before it was completely wrecked. The ones who defeated them did not have a alarming background. Rather, these people merely originated from a low rank empire…

A face-off between a super empire and a low rank empire eventually ended with the low rank empire as the victor. This enormous contrast was sufficient to cause anyone to feel shocked.

As members of various empires, all of them understood the huge gulf that existed between these two entities. Even if some charmed individuals were able to obtain an inheritance, it would still be ludicrous for them to challenge a super empire. This was already evident based on the fact that the Mo Ling trio chose to endure and give way previously.

Therefore, with this knowledge in mind, when news of their triumph spread out, it was able to create a stunning impact.

Upon learning the result of this shocking battle, almost everyone firmly remembered his name. It was the name that dared to use the strength of a low rank empire to challenge a super empire…

Lin Dong!

At this moment, that name, which merely existed in the rumours, has finally appeared in front of them…


Some people quietly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Their eyes contained some reverence and fear as they stared at the figure in the distance. Clearly, no one had expected that this ordinary looking young man, was actually that bigshot that was famed across the entire core region.

In the battlefield, the Mo Ling trio turned calm because of the suddenly silent atmosphere. Their eyes looked at Lin Dong, who had appeared in a phantom like fashion in front of a leader of the Great Wei Empire. At this moment, a sharp scale in Lin Dong’s hand was right in front of the other party’s forehead, causing the latter to be afraid of making any move.

Moving like a thunderbolt.

This phrase flashed across Mo Ling’s head. He did not see how Lin Dong had attacked. Moreover, it was also obvious that the leader from the Great Wei Empire did not either. Otherwise, it was impossible for the other party to allow Lin Dong to place such a sharp weapon in front of his forehead.

“That fellow has become stronger again…”

Mo Ling’s group exchanged looks with one another. They were able to see some shock and complicated emotions within each other’s eyes.

The expressions of all the experts from the Great Wei Empire under the large tree also changed drastically at this moment. In fact, when they saw that incomparably sharp green coloured scale that was held between Lin Dong’s fingers, their eyes involuntarily shrunk.

“Lin Dong?”

The cold face black clothed young man’s expression clearly stiffened for an instant. His pupils reflected the cold glint from the green coloured scale. The corner of his mouth twitched a little as he said, “No wonder you are so arrogant. You really do have some ability.”

“Why don’t we just forget about this matter? If we were to really pursue responsibility, your guys deserve it.” Lin Dong glanced at the couple of unluckily people whose Nirvana Seals had been absorbed by Mo Ling’s group through his peripheral vision. After which, he starred at the cold young man in front of him and laughed faintly.

“They had snatched the Nirvana Seals from members of my Great Wei Empire in front of so many people. Do you think that this matter can end peacefully?” The cold young man narrowed his eyes and spoke with a chilly smile.

“Shall we fight then?” The smile on Lin Dong’s face became a little denser. His gaze swept across the hand of the cold young man and was vaguely able to see some flickering golden light. “The allure of a heavenly grade Nirvana Seal is quite powerful…”

“You must have a big appetite since you dare to snatch the Nirvana Seal from me, Chen Jun. Aren’t you afraid that you will not be able to swallow it?” The cold glint in the cool young man’s eyes surged. He flicked his finger and a black light dagger shot out from his finger. It contained waves of shocking sharp aura as it pierced towards Lin Dong’s throat with lightning like speed.


The black light rushed out. However, just as it was about to penetrate Lin Dong’s throat, a green scale suddenly surfaced from his throat area. With a “clang” sound, it actually directly shattered the dagger into dust.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Chen Jun’s eyes sunk slightly after his attacked was blocked. His body transformed into numerous afterimages as he quickly withdrew. At the same time, he flicked all of his ten fingers at once. Numerous razor like black light were blasted out in all directions, directly covering all of Lin Dong’s fatal spots.

Lin Dong let out a cold laughter when he saw that Chen Jun had attacked in such a vicious manner. He immediately clenched his hand tightly. Green glow gathered in it in a lightning like manner. Finally, it transformed into a thin green scale shield.

This green scale shield was not thick and it was only one feet in size. Cold glint permeated its edge, appearing as though it had cut the space to the point of forming some faint ripples.

Clang clang clang!

However, this thin and light green scale armour directly blocked all of the sharp black light that could easily penetrate through the flesh of an expert at the peak of the three Yuan Nirvana Stage. Sparks flew in all directions as it did so. However, these seemingly sharp black light had difficulty approaching Lin Dong’s body.


Lin Dong curled his palm before his green scale shield suddenly began to rotate. After which, it emitted a ‘whir’ sound before transforming into a green light that penetrated through the empty air and directly rushed towards Chen Jun.

The speed at which the green light shield flew out was so quick that one’s naked eye would not be able to detect it. Even Chen Jun could only see a green light flash past his eyes. Furthermore, he was able to sense a rich feeling of danger from it. Without daring to slight the attack, Chen Jun tossed his hand before a black coloured large bell shot out with a whistle and ruthless charged towards the green light.

This black coloured large bell was clearly quite a powerful Earthly Soul Treasure. Sound of wind being split apart continuously sounded as it rushed out. Clearly, it possessed quite a strong offensive strength.


The green light heavily struck onto the green coloured large bell. Immediately, a clear bell chime erupted over the midair. Many large trees were directly sliced apart wherever the sound wave passed.

Crack lines also began to spread on the black coloured bell at a shocking speed while the sonic wave spread. Within a short instant, a shattering sound was emitted before the bell was completely blasted apart.

Chen Jun’s powerful Earthly Soul Treasure was actually completely destroyed upon the first collison.


When the black coloured large bell broke apart, the green light once again rushed out. It was locked onto Chen Jun. That buzzing sound that was emitted due to high speed rotation was just like the sickle of a death god, ready to take the life of another.

“Ghost Blade Seal!”

Chen Jun’s face had become completely grave as the green light rushed over. The seals formed by his hands changed. Finally, he let out a low cry. Vast and mighty sharp Yuan Power swept out, transforming into a black coloured ghost blade which slashed downwards in a furious manner.

The black coloured ghost blade that was formed from Yuan Power, ruthlessly hacked onto the green light. A clear metallic sound immediately spread. Soon after, wind began to surge. The green scale shield and the black coloured ghost blade shot backwards. Finally, it was blasted into fragments in the midair. Some of the fragments even forced that Chen Jun to dodge in a somewhat miserable manner.

This fight was merely a split second long. However, there was no need to even discuss who had the upper hand.

Chen Jun’s body was a little miserable as he landed on a large tree. His expression was unusually ugly. However, his eyes, which were once again directed towards Lin Dong, no longer contained the slightest underestimation. Instead, it was a completely solemn one.

“Originally, I thought that the news was merely rumours. However, it seems like it is true…” Chen Jun coldly said.

Although he had heard of Lin Dong defeating the Wind Cloud Empire, his heart still had some doubt. However, after the previous fight, Chen Jun had completely grasped Lin Dong’s strength. With his ability, defeating Feng Cang from the Wind Cloud Empire was not impossible…

The people around quietly felt shocked when they heard this. This was especially the case for those experts from the Great Wei Empire and their faces were extremely interesting. Their eyes with fear when they looked at Lin Dong and they no longer contained the domineering look from earlier.

“I am too lazy to be bothered if your super empire wants to act mighty. However, you should not do it to my friends…” Lin Dong raised his head. His eyes were calm as he observed Chen Yun before he slowly spoke.

At this moment, Little Flame and the rest had also arrived behind Lin Dong. Their eyes vaguely contained a fierce glint as they stared at the Great Wei Empire in front of them. There was a sign that they would attack at the slightest disagreement.

The surrounding people quietly became cautious as they sensed this tense atmosphere. Upon learning of the identity of Lin Dong’s group, no one would think that they were overestimating their own strength and seeking defeat. After all, though the Great Wei Empire was powerful, they were still a little weaker compared to the Wind Cloud Empire. Since Lin Dong’s group was able to finish off the Wind Cloud Empire, it would not be impossible for them to handle the Great Wei Empire.

Chen Jun’s face was gloomy as he looked at Lin Dong’s group from the large tree. His eyes flickered slightly. Finally, he scattered the surging Yuan Power around him unwillingly. He understood that if he was to really fight with Lin Dong, the party that would likely end up losing was them…

Everyone sighed in disappointment upon seeing this scene. There was an unknown feeling in their eyes. They had never expected that even a super empire like the Great Wei Empire could only choose to withdraw in front of Lin Dong’s group. These fellows were simply too phenomenal…

“Lin Dong, I must admit that you are skilled. However, you should not be too arrogant. Those fellows who had obtained the inheritance of the four great demon sects of the Ground Evil Alliance from this Ancient Battlefield are currently searching for you. Hehe, I wonder whether you can still act so arrogantly in front of them…”

Chen Jun stared at Lin Dong before suddenly emitting a cold laughter. There was a gloating look in his eyes. However, he did not say much more. After uttering those words, his body moved and he led his group and swiftly retreated.

“The four great demon sects of the Ground Evil Alliance…”

Lin Dong frowned slightly as he watched Chen Yun’s withdrawing figure. He muttered to himself. What exactly was the relationship between this Ground Evil Alliance and the four great mysterious sect of the Tiangang alliance in the Ancient Secret Trove?