Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 589: Resist

Chapter 589: Resist


Chapter 589: Resist

The smile on Lin Dong’s face grew even wider upon seeing Mo Ling’s red eyes, before he chuckled and asked, “Do you trust me?”

“I have never doubted you from the start.”

Mo Ling exhaled deeply. Because he had delayed entering the core region, he had not heard of the face-off between Lin Dong and the Wind Cloud Empire. However, this did not affect the unshakable confidence he had in Lin Dong. This confidence had sprouted in his heart due to Lin Dong’s various actions since the start of the Hundred Empire War. Even now, he was still confident in the latter even in the face of a super empire.

At the beginning, he did not wish to implicate Lin Dong in this matter. One reason was that he did not wish to trouble Lin Dong and another was that he did not want Lin Dong to clean up after them again. However, he never imagined that Lin Dong would say such words.

This time, Lin Dong did not take the initiative to intervene and help them take back their pride. Instead, he merely calmly informed them that although the other party had the backing of a super empire, he, Lin Dong, had their backs.

There was a similar excitement surging in the eyes of Du Yun and Man Shan. They immediately gritted their teeth tightly as a fierce glint flickered within their eyes. Their originally dispirited appearance had disappeared almost instantaneously, causing them to look as though they had turned into someone else.

Everyone around them were a little stunned when they saw the Mo Ling trio, who had suddenly changed from dogs which had lost their homes into individuals filled with spirit. They clearly did not understand why the group would undergo such a drastic transformation after seeing Lin Dong. Could it be that this person was able to give them the backing to provoke a super empire?

“Go, use your own strength to snatch back the things that belongs to you. Although we are from a low rank empire, I will handle any consequences of today.” Lin Dong waved his hand and laughed.

“Low rank empire?”

Lin Dong did not make much of an attempt to hide his words. Therefore, his voice had spread rather far. The expressions of those around immediately became rather interesting as their gazes stared at the former in a strange manner. Originally, they had wondered what gave Lin Dong’s group the courage to say such words. Unexpectedly, he also came from a low rank empire. It was truly a mystery how these fellows managed to muddle into the core region…

Mo Ling’s group merely nodded their heads heavily amidst the many interesting gazes from around them. After which, they suddenly turned around and once again walked back towards the wide square with surging killing intent.

“Oh, you’ve got guts…”

That few black clothed man on the square were still standing there. They had been watching Lin Dong’s group with icy glares from the start. When they saw Mo Ling’s group boldly approach them, they immediately began to laugh in an strange manner.

“Kid, don’t randomly attempt to appear mighty. It will be too late for regrets in future. I believe that you do not have the qualifications to meddle in our affairs.” The leader in black stared at Lin Dong and sneered.

Lin Dong merely grinned upon hearing this. He ignored the small fries and directly raised his head to watch the other group under the large tree who also looked over in response. A faint chillness flashed over Lin Dong’s face at this moment.

“Revealing your arrogance, you are seeking death.” A white haired man beside the cold black clothed young man parted his mouth into a smile and spoke in a sinister manner.

The black clothed young man’s sharp blade like eyes swept over Lin Dong, while playful look smirk formed from the corner of his mouth. His body, which was originally intending to stand up, once again sat down. He wanted to see just how these people were going to resist today.

“Li Kun, since others wants to test the capabilities of our Great Wei Empire, you should just test theirs in return.” The black clothed young man tapped his five fingers. A faintly discernable icy aura lingered over his fingertips as he softly spoke.


The man in the arena immediately responded in a respectful manner upon hearing this. A ferocious expression surged up his face as he turned around. He stared at the approaching Mo Ling’s group as his lips parted and venomous words dripped from his mouth, “I have given you a path to live. Since you refuse to take it, do not blame me for being merciless!”


A low and deep sound suddenly erupted from under Li Kun’s feet. Faced with this ferocious face of Li Kun, Mo Ling’s group did not utter any unnecessary words. Instead, mighty Yuan Power surged out from within their bodies, causing Li Kun’s expression to change a little. Clearly, they did not expect that Mo Ling’s group would actually also be this strong after going all out.

“Kill them. Show no mercy!”

Li Kun cried out coldly. The Mo Ling trio’s courage to provoke the Great Wei Empire had clearly caused him to become rather furious. If he did not teach these people a proper lesson today, it was likely that the reputation of the Great Wei Empire would become the butt of others jokes.

There were four figures behind Li Kun. All four of them had rather powerful auras. Hence, after Li Kun’s cry sounded, these four figures also abruptly charged forward. Their Yuan Power undulations had similarly reached the three Yuan Nirvana stage.

Although they were also at the three Yuan Nirvana stage, they were clearly significantly weaker in comparison to Mo Ling’s group. No matter how one put it, the Mo Ling trio had obtained a sect’s inheritance. Perhaps this would not allow them to compare to the leaders of those super empires, but they were definitely not a group who could be dealt with by ordinary characters.

Numerous figures criss crossed at lightning speed while formidable martial arts attacks containing powerful Yuan Power ferociously flew out.

Bang bang bang!

Everyone watched the wild and violent ripples that was emitted from the point where the human figures clashed. Surprise was present in the eyes of quite a number of people. Clearly, they did not expect that Mo Ling’s group, who had swallowed such an insult earlier, to actually possess such fighting strength.

“These three fellows have progressed quite well…” Little Marten smiled and said when he saw this scene.

“After all, they have also obtained a sect inheritance. It is sufficient to make up for the gap in their foundation.” Lin Dong nodded. The Mo Ling trio’s progress could already be considered to be extremely quick. From the looks of it, the benefits that they had obtained from the inheritance was quite significant. After all, the current Lin Dong was merely had the strength of the peak three Yuan Nirvana stage. Of course, his three Yuan Nirvana stage strength was sufficient to kill Feng Cang and the other four Yuan Nirvana stage experts.

“Does big brother Lin Dong knows them?” Su Rou softly asked.

“Yes. They came from the same empire as me.” Lin Dong smiled and replied.

Su Rou blinked her large eyes. Evidently also extremely surprised. After all, she knew Lin Dong’s ferocity rather well. However, comparatively speaking, Mo Ling and others seemed lot more ordinary.

“It looks like they are about to win.” The usually quiet Little Flame suddenly spoke in a flat voice.

His words had barely faded when a low and deep sound rang out in the battleground. The four Great Wei Empire experts shot backwards, appearing extremely miserable. They were clearly in a completely disadvantageous situation.

Mo Ling’s group swiftly absorbed the Nirvana Seals in the hands of these four people when they were sent flying.


Li Kun’s eyes immediately darkened upon seeing the four’s swift defeat. However, before he could take action, Mo Ling had already rushed over. The latter’s long hand seemed to dance as a wild and violent Yuan Power gathered at lightning speed.

“Returning Wild Yuan Army!”

Mo Ling’s handsome face was currently covered with an almost maniacal expression. The martial arts which he had used was extremely powerful. From the looks of the Yuan Power that was seemingly gathering in Mo Ling’s palm, it was clear that it had reached the low grade Soul martial arts level.

“Mo Ling, you dare!”

Mo Ling’s lightning like attack also caused Li Kun’s face to change drastically. This was especially the case when he sensed the wild violence from the former’s palm. His expression grew even uglier as he quickly maneuvered his Yuan Power and threw his fist forward.

Mo Ling’s face was cold as ice. His wild martial arts attack violently smashed onto Li Kun’s fist. A mighty force erupted which directly send Li Kun flying. A ‘urgh’ sound could be heard as a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out.


An uproar immediately sounded from all around when everyone saw Mo Ling send Li Kun flying with a single strike. However, the surprise in their eyes disappeared as quickly as it had come as they looked at Mo Ling with pity. Did this fellow forget that there was a true expert from the Great Wei Empire watching from the sidelines?

Sending a member of the Great Wei Empire flying in front of so many people. This matter would likely not end well…


That white haired man under the large tree watched this scene with a sunken expression in his eyes. His face immediately turned cold as he slammed a palm into the ground which directly transformed into a black light that shot out. Mighty Yuan Power swept outwards. It turns out that he was four Yuan Nirvana stage expert!

That white haired man was just like the great Peng that had extended its wings. In a flash, he appeared in the air above Mo Ling. With a malicious laugh, his hand transformed into a Yuan Power storm as it was violently fanned towards the latter.

“Even a bastard from my Great Wei Empire is more noble than you lowly beings. I will let you know just what you cannot touch!”

Formidable Yuan Power tore through the air, containing an astonishing destructive force as it fanned towards Mo Ling like lightning. Its speed was as fast as a thunderbolt.

Mo Ling’s expression changed when he felt this wild and violent strength. He was just about to retaliate when a wind sound was suddenly transmitted from behind them. A strong metal tower like figure landed heavily in front of him as incomparably powerful rod images erupted and directly smashed onto the Yuan Power storm.

“Get lost!”

A low and deep cry sounded as a terrifying strength spread out from the rod. Everyone was stunned to see that the body of the white haired man shoot backwards. With a ‘bang’, he collided onto a large tree before falling down miserably.

The eyes of that cold faced black clothed man grew darker at this moment. He made a snapping motion with his fingers as a black coloured dagger flashed and appeared. With a jerk of his arm, a black light appeared to have penetrated through the air. This light contained a wind that could split the body of a four Yuan Nirvana Stage expert as shot towards Little Flame’s throat at a crafty angle.


The black light rushed past. However, when it was still several feet from Little Flame, a green light suddenly shot out from behind him. It ferociously collided with the black light, forcefully shattered the dagger.


The expression of the cold black clothed man suddenly changed when the dagger was shattered. In the reflection of his eyes, a figure appeared in front of him in a ghost like manner, before a flickering cold green scale paused in front of his forehead.

“I think that I, Lin Dong, can still take care of the matter here.”

The entire place was silent. Lin Dong smiled a little as he watched the many stunned faces. His soft voice carried an icy chill as it quietly echoed.

“Lin Dong?”

The name from Lin Dong’s mouth suddenly caused the pupils of quite a number of people to rapidly shrink. At this moment, they had finally realized who Lin Dong was.