Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 588: Do You Dare

Chapter 588: Do You Dare


Chapter 588: Do You Dare

There was an extremely wide plot of land littered with rock fragments within the forest. Giant trees that reached into the skies surrounded the place. One could vaguely see many people within that vacant space and also hear sounds of activity being continuously emitted from within.

Upon taking a closer look, one would see a wide green ancient stone square. Currently, there were many figures clustered on the square.

“Don’t go overboard. We have already given you a Nirvana Seal. What else do you want? We are not interested in this kind of duel!”

One could faintly hear a furious voice from the square. When the surrounding onlookers heard these words, they quietly sighed as a pitying and bitter smile flashed across their eyes.

Past the surrounding crowd, one would see two groups facing off at the centre of the wide square. One of the groups consisted of three people whose faces were rather familiar. Upon closer inspection, one would be surprised to find that they were the Mo Ling trio, who had obtained the inheritance of the Protector Sect.

The three of them had left the Ancient Hall in advance after having exited the Ancient Treasure Trove back then. In the end, they had entered the core region from another great city and hence had not met Lin Dong till now.

The Mo Ling trio’s strength had greatly soared to the three Yuan Nirvana stage due to the inheritance they received. Although this kind of strength was not considered overly strong within the core region, it was still quite good. At the very least, if they were not bestowed such a lucky opportunity, they would likely not even possess the qualifications to enter this place.

Opposite Mo Ling’s group were a couple of black clothed figures. Their gazes were full of mockery as they stared at the furious trio like a cat toying with a mouse.

“Mo Ling, we are already extremely merciful not to directly rob your group of everything without even uttering a word. Moreover, we have even given your group a chance to retaliate. As long as you can defeat us, not only will you be able to keep your Nirvana Seal, but you will also be able to take the Nirvana Seal from our hands. Where else can you find such a good deal?” A black clothed man, who was the leader of that black clothed group smilingly said.

“We do not wish to fight you!”

Mo Ling spoke with a deep voice. His eyes looked towards a large three that was behind this group of people. These people did not show any intention of intervening with the trouble here. Their eyes were shut and the terrifying ripple which they vaguely emitted deterred everyone in the wide square.

These people belonged to the same empire. Moreover, it was a extremely powerful super empire. Mo Ling had a good understanding of them. This was because they had all entered this core region from the same great city. The reason that these fellows would target them was because they had some small conflict earlier. Originally, Mo Ling was worried that they would seek revenge and had purposefully reduced their speed a little. Unexpectedly, they still wounded up meeting here.

Although Mo Ling’s group had obtained some inheritance, there were clearly unable to compare with these super empires with a strong foundation. Therefore, Mo Ling’s group had chosen to give in when the other party acted in an overbearing manner.

Originally, they had planned to rest a little when they had arrived at this place earlier. It was unexpected that they ended up coincidentally meeting these fellows. After which, this other party had found an excuse to head over here. Putting it nicely, their intention was to spar. However, the ultimate aim of this group was the Nirvana Seal in their hands.

Mo Ling’s group was unable to fight against this kind of powerful faction. After careful consideration, they could only get Man Shan to accept the challenge. In the end, he had lost to the other party because of some despicable tactics.

Du Yun’s and Man Shan’s faces were green as they stood beside Mo Ling. Clearly, their hearts were feeling quite furious.

There were clearly quite a number of people observing from around the wide square. However, not a single person dare say too much. Their eyes were filled with pity and gloating expressions as they looked at Mo Ling’s group.

All of them knew that this group of black clothed man in front of them belonged to the Great Wei Empire, a super empire. This group was worthy of being the overlord in this resting area and no one dared offend them. One could only describe Mo Ling’s group to be a little too unlucky to have been targeted by them.

“Mo Ling, why do you need to say such childish words. What can you do if we directly snatch your Nirvana Seals in this place?” That black clothed man smiled faintly. His tone was filled with scorn.

“On account that you have also come in from the same great city, I shall give you a choice. Take the initiative and hand over a Nirvana Seal and we will let you leave. Else, we will attack and snatch all of it. What do you say?”

Mo Ling’s fist immediately tightened when he heard the words of this black clothed man. Du Yun and Man Shan by the side felt a great fury within them. Their faces turned cold and they involuntarily wanted to attack. However, they were stopped by Mo LIng again.

“Dammit, let’s just fight!” Man Shan gritted his teeth and said.

“Useless.” Mo Ling gently shook his head. His eyes leaped past the black clothed man in front and looked towards the group of people seated under the large tree a short distance away. Those people were the truly top-tier individuals with extraordinary abilities. If they were to intervene, the chances of Mo Ling’s group victory would be zero.

Du Yun’s and Man Shan’s also looked over. Their faces immediately became dim. They were able to see some of the extremely dazzling figures within the great heavy city called “Great Winding City”.

When they looked over, there was a black clothed cold face young man under the large tree who was glancing at them indifferently. His eyes did not contain the slightest pity. He was merely looking down at them with disdain.

“If you want Nirvana Seal, we will give it to you.”

Mo Ling’s expression changed. Finally, he shook his head in a slumped manner. He directly walked forward and extended his hand. A silver coloured Nirvana Seal was on his palm.

“Hee hee, this is called understanding the situation.”

That black clothed man smiled in a pleased manner. He extended his hand and unceremoniously absorbed the Nirvana Seal in Mo Ling’s hand. After which, he waved his hand and lazily said, ‘Get lost. Do not appear in front of the eyes of our Great Wei Empire in the future. Otherwise, you will not even be able to protect the last Nirvana Seal. A group of losers from a low ranked empire.”

Mo Ling clenched his fist tightly. His fingernails were inserted into his palm, emitting waves of piercing pain. He knew that this was the difference brought about due to the great foundation the other party had. If it was not because of the super empire sitting behind these fellows in front of them, Mo Ling would definitely let them pay the price. Unfortunately, they did not possess such a strong background.


The expression in Mo Ling’s eyes dimmed slightly. He did not say anything more as he led the dispirited Du Yun and Man Shan to leave amidst the numerous pitiful eyes from around him.

When they had turned around, the surrounding people also spread apart and formed a path for them. All of these people quietly shook their heads as they watched Mo Ling’s group, who were just like dogs which had lost their homes.


The few people from the Great Wei Empire involuntarily laughed in a proud manner when they saw this situation. Their laughter was filled with arrogance and joy. This caused quite a number of people to frown slightly upon seeing this. However, no one dared to say anything.

That cold face black clothed young man under the large tree curled his mouth slightly. He was just about to speak when his eyes suddenly congelated. He suddenly turned towards another direction of the empty spot within the forest.

An empty part was slowly being spread from within the human crowd as Mo Ling trio swiftly walked out with ugly faces. However, Mo Ling, who was right at the front, suddenly paused. Du Yun and Man Shan, who were behind, were unable to stop in time and collided onto his back. Only then did they recover. They raised their heads. Those eyes of theirs looked towards the front and their expressions suddenly changed. It was as though they felt a little ashamed.

The crowd’s gazes followed theirs and looked over, only to find that a couple of figures were standing at the end of the path that had been formed. The leader of that group was a leisurely looking young man. There were three men and one woman following behind him. Their eyes were also staring at Mo Ling trio.

The group of people that had suddenly appeared was naturally Lin Dong’s group, which had hurried over. He had saw the situation earlier but did not say anything. All he did was to stare at Mo Ling’s group.

“What happened?” Lin Dong curled his mouth slightly and softly asked.

Mo Ling’s expression changed a little. He quickly walked forward and revealed a smile on his face. He said, “We are actually able to meet you here. How coincidental. It’s nothing. Let’s go.”

Du Yun and Man Shan widened their mouths behind Mo Ling but ultimately did not say anything. Lin Dong had already helped them many times. If they needed the latter to stand up for them all the time, they would really be living without any dignity.

Moreover, that Great Wei Empire was simply too strong and they did not wish to implicate Lin Dong. After all, this time around, the empire that they met was no longer some high ranked empire. Instead, it was a genuine super empire.

“Eh? Reinforcement?” The black clothed man on the wide square parted his mouth into a smile and laughed out loud when he saw this. Those people around also stared over at this point. They felt quite a great amount of interest.

“Why aren’t you fighting? I think that you should be able to deal with this kind of character?” Lin Dong ignored that enigmatic manner of that fellow. All he did was to look at Mo Ling in front of him and asked faintly.

“They… behind them is a super empire.”

Mo Ling clenched his fist tightly. His voice was a little hoarse when he spoke. He thought that he might be looked down upon by Lin Dong at this moment. This was because he had never seen Lin Dong afraid of anyone ever since he got to know the latter. Lin Dong had not felt any fear even when they had just entered this Ancient realm.

Lin Dong looked at Mo Ling, whose eyes had turned red from having suppressed himself. He merely laughed softly and patted the latter’s shoulder. After which, his gaze leaped past the wide square and looked towards the group of people with shocking aura under the large tree.

“I will support all of you no matter what happens today. Do you dare to go and snatch the Nirvana Seal that you have lost?”

Mo Ling was startled upon hearing the soft voice that sounded beside his ear. He suddenly raised his head and looked at the smiling young man. Both of his eyes instantly turned red. After which, he began to nod his head violently in a crazy fashion.

“You are the boss, we’ll listen to you!”