Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 587: Progress into the Deeper Regions

Chapter 587: Progress into the Deeper Regions


Chapter 587: Progress into the Deeper Regions

The sound of rushing wind was heard as a couple of figures flitted past the thick forest, their agile bodies like monkeys. The complicated terrain within the forest was no hindrance to them at all.

“Brother Lin Dong, all the competitors who have entered this core region should be heading towards the Hundred Empire Mountain, which is the most central location in this place. Not only is it the most central location, it should also be the final competition venue.” A figure gently pressed his toes on a tree branch, catching up to another figure in front as he uttered.

The figure at the front turned his head when he heard this, revealing a familiar face. This person was Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s group did not delay after resolving the trouble that Liu Cheng’s group had brought. Instead, they immediately set off. After all, the Hundred Empire War had already begun and it would be a pity if they were to miss it.

“The Hundred Empire Mountain huh…”

Lin Dong slightly nodded. Clearly, he had also heard of this final area. It was the final gathering point of the countless number of experts in this Ancient Battlefield domain. Of course, all who could reach that place were genuine experts who stood out within this Ancient Battlefield. Only these people possessed the qualification to eventually be selected by the super sects!

“Haha, brother Lin Dong, with your group’s current strength, even some of the ordinary super empires would not dare to offend you. I think that you will definitely be able to catch the eye of those super sects.” Su Kui’s tone was not without envy. He clearly understood that his talent was quite good but there was still quite a big gap when compared to Lin Dong’s group. If it were not for Lin Dong’s group, it was likely that he would not have reached this point.

The only thing that caused him to rejoice a little was that his only younger sister now possess such a great opportunity. In this way, his trip would not be in vain if she was selected in the end.

“Relax, as long as those super sects discover the energy within Su Rou’s body, they will definitely select her. At that time, they would also show their favor to those around her. You cannot escape even if you want to.” Little Marten teased.

“Then I will become their losing investment…” Su Kui rejoiced. His self-mocking words made Lin Dong’s group laugh.

“However, brother Lin Dong, even the super empires are divided into stronger and weaker ones. Amongst them are some exceptionally monstrous existences. We should be careful if we meet those empires in future.”

Su Kui once again reminded after joking.

Lin Dong nodded. He would naturally not be arrogant just because he had defeated the Wind Cloud Empire. He was similarly aware that despite the Wind Cloud Empire being a super empire, it could not be considered top tier amongst the countless empires in the Eastern Xuan Region. From what he knew, there were some exceptionally special super empires whose strength exceeded the realm of empires. Although they were still unable to compare with those extremely powerful super sects, they were far from what an ordinary super empire could compare to.

The monsters and geniuses from those super empires were incomparably troublesome to deal with. All of them were truly blessed sons of the heavens. The martial arts and soul treasures they had were the best of the best. With such resources, talent and intellect, none of these monsters would be easy to deal with.

“Brother Su Kui, do you know how powerful the Great Gan Empire is?” Lin Dong suddenly recalled the Fire General and the Mountain General who had once exchanged blows with him. They had come from the Great Gan Empire.

“The Great Gan Empire, huh? They are indeed very strong. At the very least, they are one level stronger than the Wind Cloud Empire. Their three kings and four generals are all quite well known.” Su Kui was startled for a moment before replying.

“Oh, they are a level stronger than the Wind Cloud Empire…” Lin Dong was a little surprised. Back then, the Fire General and Mountain General were not too troublesome to deal with. Their strength was only at the peak of the three Yuan Nirvana stage. It was unexpected that the Great Gan Empire was so much stronger than the Wind Cloud Empire.

From the looks of it, the so called three kings should be existences that surpassed Feng Cang. Who knew how many of them had advanced to the five Yuan Nirvana stage.

“They are indeed a little troublesome…” Lin Dong softly muttered to himself. He might not have a great grudge with the Great Gan Empire, but now that he was in the core region, everyone was a competitor. No one could be certain they would be attacked because of their three Heavenly Grade Nirvana Seal.

“Why? Does brother Lin Dong have some grudge with them?” Su Kui softly asked after seeing Lin Dong’s expression.

“We had a small disagreement.” Lin Dong smiled, not bothering to hide anything.

Su Kui’s expression sunk upon hearing this. He immediately smiled bitterly and shook his head. After getting to know Lin Dong’s group, he gradually began to realise that trouble would follow these people no matter where they went. Just moments ago, they had been targeted by a group of mysterious and troublesome people when they were recuperating.

However, he did not feel any regret. After all, if it were not for Lin Dong’s group, both Su Rou and him would likely have difficulty even entering Wanxiang City. Moreover, these three seemed to be able to resolve any trouble they encountered. Occasionally, even Su Kui could not help but feel a little anticipation as he watched just how far these three low rank empire fellows could go in the Hundred Empire War, where experts were as numerous as the clouds.

“Let’s go. We’ll increase our speed. We have fallen behind by a day and we need to catch up by morning.”

Lin Dong was unaware of what Su Kui was thinking. He raised his head to look at the sky before waving his hand. His body moved as he suddenly raised his speed. That body of his transformed into a flash that rushed towards the deeper regions of the forest. Little Flame and the others followed closely behind.

Through the entire night, Lin Dong’s group had hurried towards the central region without rest. Other than some small detours, no other unexpected situations had arisen to hinder their advancement. Hence, when the dark black sky once again become dark red in colour, Lin Dong’s group was already vaguely able to sense an increasingly number of presences around…

There were at least over a dozen super cities within the core region. Amongst these cities, there were those that were even larger than Wanxiang City. The human traffic that had entered from these cities would also gradually move deeper and gather together. Due to the unique competition method in this place, some cruel struggles would also gradually appear. In order to snatch others Nirvana Seals, it was likely that various methods would be continuously displayed.


Lin Dong’s group paused on a gigantic tree. Their eyes swept over the place as quite a number of dispirited faces and somewhat miserable figures entered their view. Most of these people were pale-faced and there was a grayish-white despair within their eyes.

“The people who had lost their Nirvana Seals.” Su Kui watched this and said. However, there was no pity in his voice. In a place like this, there was no mercy, only victory.

“They are really pitiful.” Although Su Rou’s character had changed a little, she was after all still a kind young lady. She bit her lips gently and uttered those words when she saw this scene.

“The victor is king. This is a principle that has never changed since ancient times.” Lin Dong softly said. This was the rule of this place, and even they were no exception to it. Even he did not dare to guarantee that he would successfully reach the end and no extremely troublesome opponents would appear next and cause him to lose his Nirvana Seal.

Su Rou gently bit her lips. She might be kind by nature but she was no fool. Therefore, she would not say those laughable words of asking Lin Dong to help these people. She clearly understood that if she had not met Lin Dong’s group, Su Kui and her might not even possess the qualifications to enter the core region. It was likely that their fate would be even more pitiful than this group.


Lin Dong did not plan to remain in this place for long. He waved his hand and rushed forward. The sound of wind being split apart caused the pale-faced people to look over. However, they did not show any additional emotion.

Due to them having gradually caught up to the large group that had swarmed over from all the various great cities, the surrounding atmosphere had also become increasingly heavier. Various fights were enacted in front of them. In a short few minutes, Lin Dong had saw nearly ten battles. Both sides had fought to the death because of the Nirvana Seals. This kind of atmosphere faintly showed signs of making everyone go insane.

“Brother Lin Dong. There is a resting area ahead. This kind of place is extremely chaotic. After all, all the experts within the Ancient Battlefields are currently gathering towards the core region. It is not surprising to meet any monsters.” The surrounding dense forest began to become sparse as Su Kui looked into the distance and said.

“Let’s just bypass it.”

Lin Dong mused for a moment before saying. He did not wish to waste too much time in this place. Although they really needed to absorb Nirvana Seals to raise their level, it was likely that they would have even more opportunities later on.

Su Kui also nodded upon hearing this. However, just as they were gradually approaching the resting area, Lin Dong suddenly slowed down.

“Brother Lin Dong? What is it?” Su Kui asked in a surprised manner. He was startled upon seeing Lin Dong suddenly slow down.

Lin Dong raised his head and looked at the forest of scattered stone fragments nearby. There were many silhouette around that place, causing it to appear extremely lively. Occasionally, there would be some some wild and violent Yuan Power ripples unfurling. Clearly, it was not peaceful at all.

“There are some familiar auras there.”

Lin Dong stared at that place before suddenly speaking with a smile.