Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 585: Extermination

Chapter 585: Extermination


Chapter 585: Extermination

Wuuu wuuu!

The countless piercing shrieks from the glowing ghost claws caused one’s head to be stricken by waves of dizziness. Evidently, it possessed the unique power of a Mental Energy attack.

“Lin Dong?”

The expressions of Liu Cheng and his partner changed when that figure appeared in front of Su Rou. However, it was impossible for them to withdraw at this moment. Their eyes immediately turned chilly as an ominous light flashed onto their faces. Immediately, they clenched their hands before an increasingly darker and colder black light surged out from their palms and poured into the black ghost claws.

They had stealthily observed Lin Dong’s strength before, thus it was only natural that they did not dare to underestimate him. Of course, they were not weaker than Feng Cang. Hence, even though they were wary of Lin Dong’s strength, they were not too afraid of him. With the two of them joining hands, they believed that Lin Dong would only be able to retreat!

The colour of the already black ghost claws became even deeper with the infusion of the duo’s mighty Yuan Power, and now looked as if they were real. Under those sharp claws, even space itself seemed to be eroded.

Lin Dong raised his head and looked at the foul-smelling ghost claws as they flew towards him. His eyes focused slightly, before he clenched his fist and a black metal seal appeared in his hand. It was the ‘Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal’ that he had obtained from Feng Cang.

While he recuperated, he had also completely mastered this Heavenly Soul Treasure. Currently, this ‘Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal’ could be considered to truly belong to Lin Dong.

“Alright, I shall use the both of you to test the might of this Heavenly Soul Treasure!”

An icy smile flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He suddenly clenched his hand and a powerful black glow was emitted from that black metal seal. However, this black light did not contain the slightest darkness or chillness. Instead, it was filled with a kind of special pressure and violence. The black dragon that was curled over the metal seal slowly opened its tightly shut eyes. After which, a black sonic wave, which had once reduced Lin Dong into an extremely miserable state, suddenly swept out from Lin Dong’s mouth and rushed towards the ghost claws from all directions.

Clang clang clang!

The black sonic wave heavily smashed onto the dark black ghost claws. Waves of metallic sound immediately erupted from it. That sonic wave contained a fearsome sharpness that was potent enough to shred a three Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. Moreover, there was an endless amount of it. If one was swept into the ripple, even a four Yuan Nirvana Stage expert would end up in an extremely miserable state.

Faced with the continuous attack by the black sonic waves, the black ghost claws also began to tremble intensely. Finally, it erupted and formed numerous cracklines when the sparks flew.


The cracklines on the ghost claws, which was formed by both of them, spread with lightning like speed. Moments later, it directly emitted a “bang” amidst the shocked eyes of Liu Cheng’s team. After which, their ghost claws was directly torn apart by the black sonic wave!

“Withdraw immediately!”

The expressions of Liu Cheng’s group changed drastically when they saw their ghost claws break apart. Immediately, both of them retreated almost simultaneously.

“You want to leave?” The cold smile in Lin Dong’s eyes was even denser. He flicked his finger before ten black sonic waves curled into a strange arc. They rushed out immediately and appeared in front of the retreating Liu Cheng’s duo within an instant.

The expressions of Liu Cheng duo became increasingly ugly in the face of the densely cold wind that rushed over. Immediately, they quickly maneuvered the Yuan Power within their bodies. Bright golden light surged out from within their bodies. Clearly, they had activated their Nirvana Golden Bodies.

Sizzle sizzle!

The black sonic wave flashed past the bodies of the Liu Cheng duo. Due to its frightening degree of sharpness, it directly cut and left numerous deep bloody scars on their Nirvana Golden Bodies. Immediately, both of them released a sharp screech as they held their wounds and swiftly retreated.

The might of the Heavenly Soul Treasure was finally been revealed. Liu Cheng and Hu Diao were both at the four Yuan Nirvana Stage and they were not weaker than Feng Cang’s group. If Lin Dong wanted to hurt the two of them with normal means, it was likely that he would have to expend some effort. However, by using his ‘Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal, he was able to shatter their combined attack on their first exchange and even hurt the two of them. From this, one could tell that this soul treasure was indeed worth tens of millions of Nirvana PIlls.

A panic flashed across the eyes of Liu Cheng duo when they saw that they had fell behind and even suffered some injuries after their first exchange. Clearly, they did not expect that the situation would be turned around this quickly. They had been observing Lin Dong’s group for quite a while. However, they were worried that they would be discovered by Song Tai if they were to take action in Wanxiang City. That is why they chose to wait until now. However, now that they had acted, they realised that the change in the situation was somewhat beyond their expectations.

“Let’s go!”

The two of them glanced at one another and they could tell that both of them wanted to retreat. However, before they could do so, an extremely fierce and violent wind suddenly swept down. A dark black rod figure came smashing down like a mountain and ruthlessly smashed their bodies with a shocking momentum.


Liu Cheng and Hu Diao immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Their bodies flew backwards, uprooting countless enormous trees along the way. The golden light that flickered over their bodies became unusually dim at this moment.

That strong figure suddenly fell from the sky. It appeared just like a demon as a fierce and evil aura spread apart. The metal rod in his hand danced and the sound of rushing wind continuously appeared.

“Since you have come, then don’t leave!!”

Some fierceness surged within Little Flame’s eyes. A low and deep sound, along with some killing intent, spread over this forest.

The expressions of Liu Cheng’s group became much paler as they watched this metal seal that was being held in Lin Dong’s hand as well as Little Flame, who was holding a metal rod. Thy immediately cried out in a dark ruthless matter, “Lin Dong, do you really wish to become enemies with us? Those people backing us are not people some small flies like you could deal with. You had better not rebuff our goodwill or you will end up suffering a worse fate!”

“We are willing to retreat and not find trouble with you. However, you had better not ask for a mile when given an inch!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent. Circular black light spread from the black seal in his hands. He turned his head and looked at the two of them, only to part his mouth into a smile. Those bright white teeth was permeated with a chillness within the eyes of Liu Cheng’s group.

“There is no need to retreat. I shall take all of your lives regardless of your background.”

Lin Dong smiled. The black seal within his hands immediately rushed out. Frighteningly wild and violent ripple rushed out in front of Liu Cheng’s panic filled eyes. The black light spread and an enormous illusionary black dragon slowly appeared. A terrifying pressure quietly spread.

The dragon spirit that existed within this ‘Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal’ was extremely powerful. Even Lin Dong was forced to use the Heavenly Dragon aura within his body in order to defeat it. Despite so, he still barely managed to eke out a victory. From this,one could tell just how frightening the might of this dragon spirit was.

Each of Liu Cheng’s duo in front possessed a strength that could be compared with Feng Cang. Clearly, they were not ordinary people. Therefore, Lin Dong had decisively used such a powerful killing move directly.

Lin Dong had quite a great dislike towards these ghost like fellows. He could not be bothered about their background and he did not care about their evil schemes. However, their illicit actions have angered Lin Dong and caused his killing intent to soar.

Lin Dong did not like being targeted by this group of people constantly. Therefore, he decided to get rid of them thoroughly tonight!


The black dragon roared. That majestic black light became just like a black curtain the covered the sky as it swept apart in all directions. An indescribable wild and violent energy permeated within this black curtain.

The Liu Cheng’s duo were clearly so shocked by Lin Dong’s powerful technique until their faces turned pale. They could sense a thick feeling of death from within that illusionary black dragon.

At this moment, they finally understood that Lin Dong genuinely wanted to kill them!

“Thousand Ghost King Body!”

Dark and cold black energy wildly surged out from the bodies of Liu Cheng and Hu Diao. After which, it actually agglomerated into a black illusionary figure as their hand seals changed. That illusory figure was partially visible with countless amount of sharp sounds being vaguely emitted from it. This evil spirit, that appeared to have been agglomerated from tens of thousands of ghost, was filled with a shocking evil aura.


The black dragon also descended when that enormous black illusory figure was formed. The ground appeared to tremble at this moment. In the next instant, both of them violently collided!


Numerous large crack lines instantly spread on the ground. Every gigantic trees within a thousand feet exploded into wooden fragments that permeated the sky.

That enormous black illusionary figure lasted for a mere moment under the pressure of the black dragon, before it gradually collapsed in front of the Liu Cheng duo’s shocked eyes.

Their strongest defence had collapsed and the two of them were now completely exposed to their incomparably wild and violent black dragon. Following which, that frightening force came pouring down.

The golden light that flickered over the bodies of the two of them instantly turned dim when that black dragon rolled heavily over their bodies. Immediately, their bodies were crushed into powder at this moment.

This was a totally overwhelming blow!

While Liu Cheng’s group was being crushed by this black dragon, on the other battlefield, Little Marten’s hand was covered by a purple-black glow, as it ruthlessly slammed against the body of the Death Spirit General, who had been choosing to dodge repeatedly.

An incomparably powerful energy gushed out from Little Marten’s hands. Nearly half of the body of that Deal Soul Warrior was forcefully crushed at this moment. His body was also tossed high up before violently landing onto the ground.

Little Marten’s eyes were indifferent as he looked at the Death Spirit General, whose aura had become a weary one after suffering a heavy blow. He slowly said, “Looks like the intel that you have gathered on us before attacking is simply too shabby. Unfortunately, all of you won’t have a second chance…”