Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 584: Awakening

Chapter 584: Awakening


Chapter 584: Awakening

Boom! A majestic jade green energy violently unfurled from within Su Rou’s body like a tidal wave. Its intensity and force did not lose out to Liu Cheng or Hu Diao!

Liu Cheng and Hu Diao were clearly shocked due to the powerful energy that had suddenly exploded from Su Rou’s body. When the Lin Dong and the rest were battling the Wind Cloud Empire during the day, they had observed Su Rou’s rather substantial strength. However, there was still quite a gap between them and her. Yet, Su Rou’s strength had now swiftly soared right before their eyes and had even caught up to them. As a result they could not help but be inwardly startled. The majestic power surged as Su Rou waved her hands. Jade green energy gathered in her hands like an emerald. Containing astonishing undulations within, it clashed head-on against the Liu Cheng duo’s palms.


Wild and violent Yuan Power erupted almost instantaneously as the withered leaves on the ground exploded into dust before being blown away by that wild and violent force.

Su Rou’s delicate body was jolted back by that berserk force, causing her to be forced several steps back. Jade green light rapidly flickered, dispelling the force that had entered her body.

The Liu Cheng duo were also forced to take a step back. The two of them had joined hands after all, and even though Su Rou’s strength had suddenly soared and reached their level, they still maintained the upper hand. Although this situation was not totally out of their control, the strength that had erupted from Su Rou still caused the both of them to be greatly startled. Their eyes swiftly looked towards the extremely miserable looking Death Spirit General a short distance away as their pupils involuntarily shrunk. They clearly understood the latter’s strength. It was unexpected that he had ended up in such a miserable state in the hands of that handsome young man.

Swiftly settle this!”

Liu Cheng duo looked at each other and violently nodded after forcefully suppressing the shock within their hearts. They had initially believed that finishing off Lin Dong’s group would be easy with the Death Spirit General assisting them. However, no one could have imagined that Little Marten, who had never seriously fought, would actually possess such a frightening strength. Now, they had to quickly finish off Su Rou, otherwise, once Lin Dong and Little Flame withdrew from their deep recuperation state, the situation would immediately be turned around.

After having witnessed the fighting strength of Lin Dong and Little Flame, even Liu Cheng and Hu Diao did not have the confidence to defeat them. Moreover, the Death Spirit General, whom they had originally invited as a helper, was not only unable to serve any purpose but had instead been suppressed by the unfathomable Little Marten to the point of being unable to retaliate.

Therefore, they needed to swiftly resolve this situation!

A fierce glint flashed across the Liu Cheng duo’s eyes. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, they suddenly stepped forward, extremely well coordinated as they attacked. The powerful pressure of the attack directly enveloped Su Rou.

“Death Devil Imprint!”

Black light spread from the duo’s hands, directly transforming into two giant black seals. Under the giant seals, were numerous ghost face symbols. Wave after wave of corrosive death Qi continuously emitted before mercilessly crashing towards Su Rou.

This black light was extremely strange. Although this deep black death Qi was not the true death Qi of the mysterious Life and Death stage, it was extremely difficult to deal with. In fact, it would be extremely troublesome for even a Nirvana stage expert if it seeped into his body.

Su Rou had clearly sensed how troublesome it was to deal with this strange energy. Her pretty face immediately became much more serious. Jade green energy agglomerated on her hand, causing her hand to appear as if it was made of crystal clear emerald.

The emerald hand swiftly cut through the air, rapidly transforming into a dozen handprints that ferociously pounded on the ghost seals.

Bang bang!

When that emerald like handprints landed onto the ghost seals, a vast and mighty energy shook the two ghost seals until they began to violently tremble, faintly revealing signs of crumbling apart.


Upon seeing how formidable Su Rou’s attack was and her fearlessness in the face of their corrosive fake death Qi, the Liu Cheng duo coldly snorted a fist viciously landed on the ghost seals. Surging Yuan Power whizzed out, causing the two death seals to become as heavy as mountains, forcefully blasting apart the numerous emerald palm imprints.

This sudden rise in pressure caused perspiration to seep out on Su Rou’s forehead. Although she was currently able to control some of the mysterious strength within her body, she had yet to completely refine it. This flaw might not be obvious when dueling with three Yuan Nirvana stage experts. However, against genuine four Yuan Nirvana stage experts like Liu Cheng, especially in a two against one situation like this, that flaw would immediately be exposed.

Nevertheless, despite the surge in pressure, Su Rou clenched her teeth and refused to withdraw. She could sense the swiftly recovering strengths within Lin Dong and Little Flame behind her. It was likely that the two of them had vaguely sensed something while in their deep recuperation state. As long as she endured a little longer, Lin Dong and Little Flame would soon awaken. At that time, there was no longer a need for them to be afraid.

“Bang bang!”

While Su Rou gritted her teeth and withstood the fierce and violent attack of the Liu Cheng duo with all her strength, on the other battleground, Little Marten had forced the Death Spirit General to an unusually miserable state. If it were not for the latter’s exceptionally strange body, it was likely that he would have long since been killed by Little Marten.

In this extremely one-sided battle, the Death Spirit General finally understood. Little Marten seemed to be even stronger than himself and it was impossible to defeat Little Marten. However, he was able to delay Little Marten and wait for the Liu Cheng duo to succeed.

His plan might have been a good one but Little Marten was also a wily old fox. In the blink of an eye, he understood the Death Spirit General;s intention. Immediately, his eyes turned chilly and his attacks became increasingly merciless. However, it must be said that the Death Spirit General was quite strong. It was likely that the latter had already reached the five Yuan Nirvana stage. Together with these strange techniques of his, he was able to survive under Little Marten’s onslaught.

This slippery manner of the Death Spirit General caused Little Marten to have the impulse to use the Celestial Demon Marten body to immediately destroy the Death Spirit General. However, this urge was quickly and forcibly suppressed by him. This was the core zone and there would definitely be experts from the super sects observing this place. If he were to use the strength of the Celestial Demon Marten’s true body, those experts would definitely sense it.

He was unaware if there were any super sects that held a hatred towards their Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Therefore, in order to avoid attracting an even greater amount of trouble, all he could do was to try his best to endure.

“Let me see just how long you can last!”

Little Marten’s eyes turned frosty as his attacks abruptly reached another level of intensity. This caused the already tremendously pressured Death Spirit General’s eyes to reveal a panic expression. He cried out sharply as he dodged in a miserable manner, “Liu Cheng, use Thousand Ghost Claw!”

Nearby, the Liu Cheng duo were steadily forcing Su Rou back step by step. Upon hearing the Death Spirit General’s cry, their expressions suddenly changed as they immediately gritted their teeth spat out a mouthful of essence blood. At the same time, black Yuan Power whistled out and wrapped around the essence blood at lightning speed as the combination began to wiggle.

Howl howl!

Wind came gushing down as black light seemed to wiggle. It sounded as if a ghost was screeching.


The black fog squirmed before eventually agglomerating into an enormous black ghost claw. The ghost claw was covered all over with an uncountable number of sinister human faces. Screech after screech was rang out, causing the Yuan Power in one’s body to churn.

Immediately after forming, the ghost claw carried a shockingly cold ripple as it tore through the air like lightning. It grabbed at the Su Rou, who was still bitterly enduring on. In the face of the ghost claw’s power, even air itself exploded.

As she gazed at this ferocious attack, Su Rou’s face turned deathly pale. However, she still showed no signs of withdrawing. She gritted her teeth, planning to undo the third seal. Base on what Little Marten had said, if she used the third seal with her current strength, it would likely end up causing some injuries to her body.

However, she was unable to consider so much at such a moment.

Su Rou gently bit into her lip. Her long fingernail landed on the third seal on her wrist. She was just about to undo it when a hand suddenly extended out from behind and grabbed her slender hand. A figure that did not appear strong but gave her an endless amount of security slowly stepped forward.

“Brother Lin Dong!”

Joy surfaced on Su Rou’s pretty face as her gaze fell upon the figure who had walked out from behind her.

“There is no need to undo the seal. You have already done very well…”

The figure reached out and rubbed Su Rou’s head as he softly chuckled. After which, he lifted his head to gaze upon the Liu Cheng duo as the corners of his mouth lifted to form a chilling expression.

“Leave everything else to us. These trashy cowards truly never stop.”