Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 583: The Second Seal

Chapter 583: The Second Seal


Chapter 583: The Second Seal

The bonfire leapt and rose within the forest, but the dancing flame did not seem to give off any warmth at all. Instead, threads of a dark and cold evil aura lingered over the forest.

The aura that seeped from the strange black figure was quite unusual. It was a little similar to killing intent but even shadier. Moreover, it was filled with an aura of death and there did not seem to be even the slightest bit of life energy within it.

However, in the face of such a strange scene, Su Rou and Su Kui acted as if they were about to meet a formidable foe. They could feel an extremely dangerous ripple from the black ghost-like figure, a ripple that likely surpassed even Feng Cang.

Moreover, from Little Marten’s previous words, it seemed that they had long since held a grudge with the faction that this black ghost-like figure belonged to. Hence, it was not overly strange for them to be targeted by the latter.

Su Kui gave a look to Su Rou and the latter gently nodded in response, now prepared to remove to seal at any time to release the vast strength within her body. After the battle that day, her originally delicate and weak character had quietly changed significantly. Currently, Lin Dong and Little Flame were recuperating and could not afford to be disturbed. Their main fighting strength now was Little Marten and Su Rou. Although the opponent before them seemed to be alone at this moment, they did not dare to relax at all.

“Death Spirit General? This aura is indeed a little unusual and gives a similar feeling to the mysterious Life and Death stage. But I am not sure that this is merely a deception on the surface. I heard that some unorthodox groups would stay in the death Qi rich cemetery and train all year round. Their bodies suffer from the erosion of death Qi, causing their Yuan Power to change. However, they will lose some of their lifespan as compensation. Looks like you belong to this group.” Little Marten’s eyes slowly swept across the black figure before suddenly laughing.

He did not think that this man before them was able to reach the Death stage of the mysterious Life and Death stage. The latter’s aura might be a little stronger when compared to Feng Cang, but it was still much weaker when compared with to the mysterious Life and Death stage.

“You know quite a bit. However, the more you know, the faster you will die!”

The pupils within the dark and cold eyes of the black figure shrunk for a moment. Clearly, he was surprised that Little Marten actually understood his cultivation method.

“You are greatly lacking in qualification to say such words. If you wish to keep your little life, you should just get lost before I attack.” Little Marten raised his eyelids and waved his hand, appearing as though he was chasing away an irritating housefly.

“Heh, I was sitting in the mountains and watching a rare fun show. Now that your group is already injured, you still dare to display such an attitude?” The black figure coldly laughed.

Little Marten’s eyes slowly darkened. After which, he directly stood up from the boulder as his apathetic voice sounded out, “In that case, there is no need for you to leave.”

“Such arrogant words!”

That black figure, who called himself the Death Spirit General, suddenly let loose a malicious laughter. Threads of black energy swam around him, giving off a gloomy and cold feeling.

“Do not leave Lin Dong’s and Little Flame’s side.” Little Marten glanced at Su Rou and Su Kui as he softly said.


Su Rou and Su Kui earnestly nodded. The group’s fighting strength was currently at the lowest point due to Lin Dong’s and Little Flame’s injuries. No matter what, they needed to protect both Lin Dong and Little Flame. Given their recovery speed, these two would regain their ability to fight soon. At that time, they would no longer need to worry about this elusive fellow.

“With just the two of them, I’m afraid that it won’t be enough!” The Death Spirit General released a strange laughter. His eyes suddenly turned dark and cold as he extended his five fingers. With a flick, five black lights that contained death Qi rushed towards Little Marten.

Sizzle sizzle.

Even the air itself appeared to be violently eroded as the black light swept past and five scars directly appeared on the ground. Clearly, the Yuan Power of this Death Spirit General was much stronger than ordinary Yuan Power.

“You are still a little too inexperienced to play such tricks before me!”

Little Marten’s figure burst forward. His fist clenched as a frightening wind gathered together, forming a seemingly invisible large hand that crushed the five black lights.


Like a ghost, Little Marten’s figure swiftly appeared above the Death Spirit General as the five black lights exploded. As his palm slapped downwards, a monstrous purplish black energy swept out, directly transformed into a mountain-like palm that mercilessly swatted at the Death Spirit General. In the face of its terrifying power, the ground instantly collapsed. That frightening pressure that filled the area caused the Death Spirit General’s expression to change a little.


In the face of such power, the originally crumbling ground was directly blasted apart, while the Death Spirit General’s body also exploded.

“Is he dead?”

Su Rou and Su Kui were stunned when they saw this.

However, under their startled gazes, Little Marten’s eyes grew cold as he swung his palm down. He jabbed his finger outwards as purplish black light transformed into a spiralling whirlwind at the tip of his finger. Like lightning, it rushed towards a certain spot on his right.


A muffled sound was emitted when the purplish black light spiralled through the air and violently smashed into a shadow, causing a black figure to sorrily shoot out.

“You actually have the face to display this little trick of yours in front of me? When Grandpa Marten was roaming around the lands, you did not even existed in this world!” Little Marten coldly laughed as he watched the black figure shoot out. This fellow’s techniques could be considered unique. Anyone else would be caught off-guard. However, this was rather childish from this cunning marten’s point of view.

The Death Spirit General rapidly thrust the tips of his feet in the air before finally stabilizing his somewhat miserable figure. His eyes immediately became much darker and colder as he stared unblinkingly at Little Martern. He did not say anything unnecessary and changed his seal technique as a surging black glow erupted from his body.

“Yama’s Ghost Curtain!”

The black glow smelled of death Qi as it swiftly spread out over the forest. In the end, it enveloped Little Marten at a shocking speed. One could vaguely see numerous ghostly shadows flashing within the black curtain, causing it to appear extremely sinister.

These ghost shadows were extremely evil and unique. Once they appeared, they frantically attempted to corrode Little Marten’s body. However, each time these ghostly figures tried to corrode Little Marten’s body, they would be bounced back by a purplish black light.

“Liu Cheng, Hu Diao,, why aren’t you attacking!”

Upon seeing that his technique did not have much effect on Little Marten, an alarmed expression finally flashed across the Death Spirit General’s face. After which, he let out a low and deep cry.


Two black figures rushed out from the dark and quiet forest as his cry faded. They ignored Little Marten, who was temporarily being held back by the Death Spirit General. Instead, their vast and mighty Yuan Power surged, transforming into a large hand that violently grabbed towards the recuperating Lin Dong and Little Flame.

Su Kui had been maintaining his vigilance. Hence, he did not panic despite feeling a little shocked when the two black figures suddenly appeared. The Yuan Power within his body whizzed out as he hurriedly displayed his martial arts to meet the attack.

“Get lost!”

However, there was clearly an immense gap between Su Kui and the two black figures. His martial arts attack was directly shattered by the two fierce large Yuan Power hands almost immediately after emerging.

“Big brother, leave it to me!”

Just as Su Kui was being violently jerked backwards in retreat, a delicate hand pressed against his back and pulled him aside. Jade green energy surged out like the churning ocean waves, transforming into a light curtain that stood to their front.

“Bang. Boom!”

The large Yuan Power hands viciously slammed into the light curtain. Violent ripples erupted on the light curtain but it did not immediately fall apart. Instead, it endured for awhile before emitting a cracking sound and bursting apart.


In that short span of time, the black light curtain surrounding Little Marten was completely shattered. Little Marten rushed out with a dark and solemn face. His eyes had a terrifying desire to killing surging within it. He suddenly clenched his hand as five purplish black light pillar rushed out, transforming into five enormous purplish black iron chains. The iron chains rattled, penetrating through the empty space and pierced towards the Death Spirit General’s body.

However, no fresh blood flowed from the Death Spirit General’s body despite the iron chains that penetrated through it, an extremely strange sight.

“Heh heh, my body has long since been eroded by the death Qi. You will not be able to kill me!” The Death Spirit General raised his head and laughed in a sinister manner.

“It corpse that cannot even be considered half a fool. Yet you really believe that you have cultivated an immortal body?” Little Marten laughed coldly. His finger moved as the five metal chains that had penetrated the Death Spirit General suddenly rushed out before piercing towards the spot between the latter’s eyes at lightning speed.

The eyes of the Death Spirit General changed when he saw the target of the chains this time around. His palm danced as dense black light formed into numerous black light curtains in front of him while his body quickly pulled back.

Boom boom boom!

The chains easily destroyed the numerous defences as if they were rotten bamboo, while the Death Spirit General was now surrounded by danger from all sides, giving him an extremely miserable appearance.

“Liu Cheng, what are the both of you dawdling for?”

A loud cry suddenly escaped the Death Spirit General’s mouth while he miserably fell back, using all his strength to block Little Marten’s attack.

“Kill her!”

The two black figures clearly trembled upon hearing the Death Spirit General’s cry. Immediately, killing intent erupted within their eyes and mighty Yuan Power swept out. Their strength had actually reached the four Yuan Nirvana stage.

When the two of them unleashed all of their strength, the resulting wild and violent pressure instantly caused Su Rou’s pretty face to change. Clearly, she did not expect that the two who had suddenly appeared would actually possess a strength that was not weaker than Feng Cang’s group!

“I will not allow you to disturb big brother Lin Dong!”

Su Rou clenched her silver teeth as she lifted her sleeves. Blood dripped from her fingertip that was quickly pressed onto the seal on her wrist.

“Second Seal, remove!”

One could faintly see three seals on Su Rou’s wrist. When her finger landed on the second seal, a soft cry along with a surging jade green light wildly swept out from her body!