Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 579: Snatching Treasure

Chapter 579: Snatching Treasure


Chapter 579: Snatching Treasure

The green light and the black glow spread over the sky in a crazy and wild fashion. Each of them occupied half of the sky. That terrifying ripple caused countless number of people to turn pale in dismay.

The large green coloured dragon tore through the distant air. One could vaguely see Lin Dong’s body within the dense green light. Fresh blood continuously flowed out from his body. Some injuries had appeared on that strong body which he was proud off. This was not as a result of an external force, instead it was the strong burden brought about by the eruption of the Heavenly Dragon Aura within his body, something which was beyond what his physical body could handle.

That Heavenly Dragon Aura that Qing Zhi had left behind within Lin Dong’s body was extremely powerful. However, it was not a strength that the current Lin Dong was able to easily control. Even just by activating a portion of the power, it was still able to cause that physical body of Lin Dong, which was considered strong, to wound up with some injuries.

However, Lin Dong was unfazed despite fresh blood flowing down his body. There was a craziness that would give anyone some palpitations flickering within both of his eyes.


A deep cry was suddenly emitted from Lin Dong’s mouth. That green dragon whizzed and threateningly collided with the black dragon in a violent fashion!


All the sound in this entire place appeared to have been annihilated the moment the collision occurred. Even time itself appeared to have slowed.

The green and black light appeared to be two bright suns as an intense glare erupted in the sky. Following which, there was a frightening ripple with an indescribable violence and wildness. That ripple turned into a hurricane and swept down from the sky…

The green dragon and black dragon crazily bit at each other. Their clash was earthshaking.

Feng Cang’s expression was pale as he looked at the green dragon and black dragon, that bit at one another in the sky a short distance away. When he saw this tactic of Lin Dong, even he could not help but reveal a shock within his eyes, With his four Yuan Nirvana Stage strength, the great strength that was formed when activating the Heavenly Soul Treasure would cause even those like Mu Lin and the rest, who did not have any special technique, to be seriously injured. However, this kind of attack was still being completely blocked by Lin Dong!

Originally, he thought that the victor would be determined once he used his Heavenly Soul Treasure. However, the situation in front of him caused a chillness to surge up his heart.

Feng Cang really could not imagine how Lin Dong, who only possessed the strength of a three Yuan Nirvana Stage, could actually have such a terrifying combat strength. Even if he had obtained one of the inheritance of the four great mysterious sects, it was impossible for him to be so hard to deal with.


Two figures that were covered with a stench of blood were ruthlessly clashing against each other within the forest. That fierce and uncontrolled strength shook the ground, forming numerous gullies in the process. Powerful wind erupted. Even the surrounding tall trees were turned into clusters of wooden chips.

A frightening energy fluctuation spread as the two figures flew back by hundreds of feet in a miserable fashion. After which, they charged forward once again with scarlet eyes. Killing intent permeated their bodies.

Fresh blood scattered and the ground was dyed by a blood-red colour. The fight between these two could truly be considered a tragic one.

This was an extremely stunning and bloody fight!

The green dragon and black dragon continuously unleashed waves after waves of shocking energy ripples and they blotted out the sky. Even the dark clouds in the sky was forcefully torn apart at this moment.

The many pairs of eyes that had gathered around this place were currently in a completely stunned state. Even those people like Mu Lin had a graveness that seemed to have solidified on their faces.

The green and black glow continuously spread. At the same time, a raving expression was gradually surfacing from deep within the eyes of Lin Dong, who was within the green dragon.


A low and deep roar was abruptly released from Lin Dong’s throat. His skin was actually cracked, forming numerous wounds, while fresh blood flowed out from it. At the same time, waves of shocking green light came gushing out.


That mad expression filled Lin Dong’s eyes. His hand was clenched into a fist as he launched it violently. At the same time, the enormous claw of the large green coloured dragon that covered his body also erupted out at this moment. Green light agglomerated on the dragon claw, penetrated through the air and smashed onto the black dragon’s head within lightning like speed.

A frightening energy ripple exploded over the head of the black dragon. It immediately seemed to have spark a chain reaction. From its head to its tail, the body of the black dragon began to continuously explode. That dense black glow also swiftly became pale.


The green coloured dragon claw clenched violently before that black dragon’s head was forcefully crushed to the point where it burst apart. A horrified expression surged into all the eyes in the sky the moment the explosion occurred.

The black dragon’s soul that was formed when Feng Cang activated the Heavenly Soul Treasure, was actually forcefully torn apart by Lin Dong!


Feng Cang, who had a mental connection with the black dragon, spat out a mouthful of blood when the latter exploded before his aura instantly turned weary. Clearly, he was seriously implicated by the black dragon’s destruction.

“How is this possible?”

Feng Cang was still unable to recover after spitting out fresh blood. He looked at the black dragon’s soul, which had exploded in midair with disbelief, as he screeched.


The green glow on the flashed in the sky just when he let out a roar. A figure that was covered by fresh blood gradually rushed out from the body of the green dragon, which was gradually becoming paler. With a flash, that figure had appeared in front of Feng Cang.

Feng Cang’s expression changed upon seeing the blood covered figure, who was charging over, as he hurriedly pulled back. While he did so, a blood covered hand was extended out with lightning like speed and grabbed that palm size black coloured metal seal.

Lin Dong was actually thinking of snatching this troublesome Heavenly Soul Treasure from Feng Cang’s hands!

“Fool, I have already planted a blood seal within this treasure. You won’t be able to snatch it just because you wish to!” Feng Cang immediately cried out furiously upon seeing this scene. The seal on his hand changed as he maneuvered the Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal to escape from Lin Dong’s hand.

“If you have planted a blood seal, all I need to do is to remove it!”

Lin Dong emitted a cold laughter. He looked at the wildly struggling black seal in his hands which was faintly showing signs of unleashing an extremely sharp black coloured sonic wave. His eyes turned chilly as that Stone Talisman in his hand suddenly unleashed a white glow.

The white glow gushed out from Lin Dong’s palm and directly covered the Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal. When the white light covered it, Feng Cang suddenly sensed that the thread of connection he had with the Soul Treasure had actually been forcefully cut off.

Feng Cang’s eyes suddenly shrunk. A shock surged up his heart. He had already planted a blood seal on the Heavenly Soul Treasure and even an expert who was one level higher than him, would have difficulty removing it. Therefore, how did Lin Dong manage to do it?

“Haha, thanks for your gift. I will be keeping this thirty million Nirvana Pills treasure!”

The white light that covered the black coloured metal seal disappeared in a flash. Lin Dong could not resist laughing out heartily. This item had finally landed in his hands.

Numerous expressions in the midair were undergoing drastic changes. The eyelids of Mu Lin and the others began to twitch intensely. Lin Dong had actually directly snatch the Heavenly Soul Treasure from Feng Cang’s hands?


Feng Cang, who was already seriously injured, ended up hurting himself due to anger when he heard Lin Dong’s hearty laughter. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. His eyes were vicious as he stared at Lin Dong. However, his body suddenly pulled back. He did not know just what method Lin Dong had used to snatch his Heavenly Soul Treasure. However, now that he had lost the Heavenly Soul Treasure, it was extremely disadvantageous to him if this battle was to drag on!

“You wish to leave? Hand over your Nirvana Seal!”

The chillness in Lin Dong’s eyes became even denser as he watched Feng Cang’s withdrawing body. He strided forward and his body rushed out. Within a flash, he had appeared in front of Feng Cang. The glow in his palm agglomerated. He maneuvered the similarly nearly exhausted Yuan Power in his body. After which, a finger of his swelled, transforming into a green coloured dragon finger.

“Green Dragon Finger!”

The dragon finger penetrated through the space. It carried a sharp aura as it ruthlessly rushed towards Feng Cang in front of numerous shaken eyes with a shocking speed.

Feng Cang’s expression changed drastically as he watched the dragon finger rushing over. Currently, he was already at his limit after the bitter battle earlier and his fighting strength was no longer the same as before. At this moment, all he could do was to squeeze the remaining Yuan Power from his body. A gold coloured light circle began to spread.


The dragon finger rushed out and instantly landed on the gold coloured light circle. A ripple began to wildly churned on the light circle.

“It’s over!”

A dense chillness surged within Lin Dong’s eyes. The corner of his mouth was slowly lifted.


The dragon finger swiftly trembled. With a ‘buzz’ sound. That final layer of golden circle that was protecting him burst apart, forming numerous cracks.


A slight sound appeared. Feng Cang’s eyes shrunk to the size of a pinhole at this moment. Traces of horror finally climbed out from deep within his eyes.