Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 578b: Earthshaking

Chapter 578b: Earthshaking


Chapter 578b: Earthshaking

Dark clouds churned in the sky, blotting out the sky. Even the originally dark red sky became overcast at this moment.


The black dragon entered the storm clouds. Occasionally, it was possible to see an enormous body flashing pass when the clouds flipped. The icy cold ancient aura of its seemingly metallic body emitted a ripple that caused one to feel fearful in one’s heart.

Countless number of eyes contained some shock as they looked at the storm clouds that had gathered in the sky. They could vaguely see an enormous being rolling within. That kind of special ripple and pressure caused even Mu Lin and the other experts, who had stepped into the four Yuan Nirvana Stage, to feel some palpitations within their hearts.

“There is an actual dragon’s soul within the Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal!” Mu Hanyue covered her red lips with her hands and exclaimed with shock.

“It should be an incomplete dragon’s soul…” Mu Lin’s expression was solemn as he said, “However, it is still extremely powerful. With this Heavenly Soul Treasure, Feng Cang would be hard pressed to find an opponent who could match him within the four Yuan Nirvana Stage!”

“I’m afraid that things are looking bad for Lin Dong this time around…”

While the dark clouds in the sky rolled and the black dragon loomed, two fierce beast like figures had also suddenly collided violently against each other at another corner.

A deep explosion sounded. Fierce and ruthless fists violently landed on each other’s bodies. The two bodies trembled intensely before they finally flew backwards with a loud ‘bang’. Fresh blood scattered, causing the place to appear extremely bloody.

Little Flame’s foot heavily slammed onto the ground. Numerous crack lines spread out from under it. The surface of his body vaguely possessed some flickering black glow. Only then did he manage to resolve the enormous force that had invaded into his body.

Little Flame took a few hurried breaths. His scarlet eyes was filled with a fierce evilness as he stared at the other party, whose body was similarly covered with traces of blood.

“He is really not simple.”

Meng Lie rubbed away the trace of blood from the corner of his mouth. After which, he spat out a mouthful of blood. He parted his mouth in a manner that was filled with hostility, as he stared at Little Flame in front of him. Those eyes on that strong body of his congelated slightly. Clearly, he did not expect that he would be forced by Little Flame till such a miserable state.

“You might be able to entangle the old me but Lin Dong appears to be unable to last for long.” Meng Lie raised his head, glanced at the sky that was covered with dark clouds and laughed in a sinister manner.

From the looks of it, Feng Cang had clearly used the Heavenly Soul Treasure that he had obtained. Since he had even taken this thing out, it was likely that the victor of that battle would have already been determined regardless of how troublesome dealing with Lin Dong was.

“Lin Dong can be considered as capable since he was able to force Feng Cang to use the Heavenly Soul Treasure. But, everything will end now.”

Little Flame’s scarlet eyes glanced at the sky. After which, he saw Lin Dong’s somewhat miserable appearance, with blood flowing out from the latter’s hands. However, Little Flame did not reveal any panic, something beyond Meng Li expectation. Instead, he had once again turned around. Those eyes that were staring at him were increasingly bloodthirsty.

“Big brother will not lose this easily…” Little Flame’s voice was a little hoarse. However, there was a conviction in his tone that cannot be described by words.

A fool who attempts to deceive himself and others!” Meng Lie laughed furiously.

“My task is to finish you off.” Little Flame leaned his body slightly forward. A monstrous killing intent surged out, appearing just like a prehistoric wild beast that was about to attack.

“Finish me off? I will let you witness the strongest martial arts within my Wind Cloud Empire!”

Meng Lie laughed towards the sky. Immediately, he licked the blood on his face. The cruelty and fierceness in his eyes instantly became extremely dense. He took a step forward and changed the seal formed by his hand. An extremely frightening fluctuation was suddenly unleashed from within his body.

“Emperor Rite!”

A low and deep roar that was permeated with a dense desire to kill was emitted from within Meng Lie’s throat. That fluctuation became even more intense as the ground subsequently shook once again. The momentum was several times stronger when compared to before.

Surging Yuan Power wrapped around Meng Lie’s body. While his hand seal changed, numerous strange deep yellow coloured vapor began to suddenly seeped out from underground. After which, it twined upwards, followed his skin and entered his body.


Meng Lie’s body suddenly began to swell. His muscles were strengthened while his veins pulsed, appearing just like a dragon. Within a short instant, not only had Meng Lie’s body swelled to double his size but even his aura had become exceptionally powerful.

“This is my true fighting strength. Next, I will break every bone in your body!”

Meng Lie raised his head and parted his mouth to give Little Flame a cruel smile. His foot suddenly stepped forward and his body disappeared at that instant. When it next appeared, his body was already in front of Little Flame. Immediately, it gathered a fist wind that contained a terrifying strength as it directly tore through the air and ruthlessly smashed towards Little Flame’s heart.

Little Flame’s arms once again transformed into tiger claws as they crossed each other in front of him. He forcefully received this fierce punch from Meng Lie. After which, his body flew backwards. A gigantic tree was blasted into dust in the process.


Having gained the upper hand with the single punch, Meng Lie did not pause even a little. His body rushed out before another heavy punch, that could seriously injure a four Yuan Nirvana expert, erupted from him.

The black coloured tiger claw was extended out. It forcefully grabbed the metallic punch that had erupted. Little Flame’s eyes were scarlet as his throat suddenly emitted a tiger roar. His enormous body also began to reveal a drastic change. Within a short instant, it had transformed into a fighting machine with a human body and a tiger head!

“You are actually a Demonic Beast!” This scene directly caused Meng Lie’s expression to abruptly change. Only at this moment did he understand why Little Flame’s physical body was actually this frighteningly strong!


The tiger roar shakes the forest. After releasing his beast form, Little Flame’s fighting strength had clearly soared at a shocking rate. His strength, speed, reaction etc, were all comparable to Meng Lie after the latter had used the ‘Emperor Rite’!

The strength surged and churned within Little Flame’s body. He clenched his tiger claw tightly and smashed it out with a lightning speed. The wild and violent sharp fist wind directly collided with Meng Lie’s attack.

“Boom boom boom!”

A circular shocking wind swept apart and those surrounding gigantic trees burst apart upon contact. The two of them had currently unleashed their fighting strength to the limit. The bloodiness from the pure physical fight was extremely trilling for anyone watching it.


The dark clouds churned in the sky. A paleness gradually surfaced on Feng Cang’s face upon seeing this. However, there was an even greater amount of wild and savage expression. He was aware that he would definitely be able to end this battle that had frustrated him, with this attack!


Feng Cang’s finger suddenly pointed towards Lin Dong. An icy cold cry that caused the surrounding temperature to fall was suddenly emitted.


The dark clouds shook when this killing cry sounded. An incredibly large black shadow finally rushed out violently as an enormous black dragon extended its icy cool ancient metallic body. It appeared in front of everyone’s eyes in a manner that shocked one’s eyes.

The air had crumbled and exploded under the roar of the dragon. Those forest below directly crumbled at this moment. An enormous pit had appeared within the short blink of an eye.

Everyone’s faces were completely pale in the face of the black dragon’s attack.

This kind of strength was not something that they, who were three or four Yuan Nirvana Stage experts, could endure!


The clothes on Lin Dong’s body were ripped by the frightening wind pressure that was transmitted across space. Even with his powerful physical body, Lin Dong still felt a kind of piercing pain. He was aware that this attack by Feng Cang was truly a lethal one!


A deep breath followed Lin Dong’s throat as it was exhaled. Soon after, his eyes were slowly shut in front of the many stunned gazes.

In the face of this shocking attack by Feng Cang, the current Lin Dong had actually gave up all forms of defence.

“That strength…”

While everyone was at a loss because of his action, Lin Dong’s mind was scanning over the interior of his body with lightning like speed. It appeared as though he was searching for something.

Lin Dong’s mind flashed through his body like a thunderbolt. Finally, it entered his Dantian. A cluster of green coloured glow appeared. Within that green glow was a creeping Green Dragon. It meandered and held its body close together. A kind of shock pressure spread from it.

This was the Heavenly Dragon Aura that Qing Zhi had left in his body back then!

However, Lin Dong was only able to absorb this kind of frightening Heavenly Dragon Aura a little at a time and he was unable to refine it. However, he currently needed to activate some of this strength now. Although he would have to pay a price, he remained unfazed!

“I need you!”

Lin Dong’s mind appeared to have transformed into an invisible large hand as it grabbed onto the green light.


Those tightly shut eyes of Lin Dong were suddenly opened at this moment. After which, he spread his hands and roared towards the sky!


The thing that was emitted from Lin Dong’s mouth was not a just a mere roar. Instead, it was a clear dragon’s roar!

Under this dragon roar, that black dragon, which had rushed over, actually trembled violently. However, those dragon eyes that were without any intelligence, also revealed a terror that originated from deep within its soul.

“You will not be able to take my life!”

Lin Dong laughed out loud towards the sky as he seemed a little maniacal. Green coloured glow swept out from his body in all directions before finally transforming into an illusionary large green coloured dragon in front of countless number of gazes!

“This… is a dragon’s soul?”

Mu Lin and the rest were stunned as they watched the enormous green coloured dragon that had appeared. Regardless of whether one looked at it from its aura or the ripple that was formed, this green dragon definitely surpassed the black dragon!

Could it be that this Lin Dong actually possessed a real dragon’s soul?

The large green dragon wrapped around Lin Dong’s body before shooting out in front of the countless number of shocked and horrified eyes. Finally, it directly collided violently with the black dragon under these countless pairs of shocked eyes!

This collision was truly earthshaking!