Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 577b: Bloody Battle

Chapter 577b: Bloody Battle


Chapter 577b: Bloody Battle


Little Flame’s muscular figure surged forward with an astonishing repressive force. Even Meng Lie’s murderous aura was repressed when that kind of overflowing fiendish aura erupted from Little Flame’s body.

Before Little Flame got close to his target, the black-colored metal pole in his hand already whizzed forward. With a force that was as heavy as a mountain, the pole ripped through the air and blasted ruthlessly towards Meng Lie’s vital points.

“Hey, you’re courting your own death, bastard!”

When Meng Lie saw the incoming Little Flame, his eyes froze due to the overwhelming fiendish aura that was around Little Flame’s body. However, a smirk still came out of his mouth. With a grasp of his palms, a mud-colored giant hammer appeared in his hands. He then swung it with both his arms and slammed it down ferociously.


As the metal pole collided against the giant hammer, an ear-piercing sound echoed throughout the air. Ripples of visible energy waves diffused from the collision point with a terrifying speed.

Bang! Grumble!

The enormous tall tree beneath both of them was being sliced across through its middle and broke in an instant. As the tall tree broke and fell, dust pervaded the sky. That kind of might being displayed was rather horrifying.


As dust filled the sky, the two figures that were overwhelmed with fiendish auras barely came to a standstill before they started to surge forward again without even waiting for the onlookers to return to their senses. The metal pole and the giant hammer collided frantically against each other in the mid-air. Violent waves of wind ripples swept across the area continuously.

From afar, Mu Lin and his counterparts were looking at the battle between Little Flame and Meng Lie, while their facial expressions turned increasingly solemn.

“This big fellow’s capabilities are very powerful. He hid his true strength before the Nirvana Monument!” Mu Lin slowly said.

Mu Hanyue nodded her petite head lightly. There was a strong trace of astonishment in her beautiful eyes. She clearly knew about Meng Lie’s capabilities. However, even though the battle before her eyes was exceptionally frantic, that muscular figure did not show the any sign of falling into a disadvantageous position. Furthermore, the kind of fiendish aura that he exuded was much stronger than Meng Lie’s, who had numerous lives and blood on his hands.

“I’m afraid the Lin Dong trio is not as simple as they seem….” Mu Lin said in a deep voice. Following which, he shifted his faze to the other side where Luo Tong led a group of Wind Cloud Empire’s practitioners and surrounded Little Marten, who had yet to take any actions, and his counterparts. Even after being confronted with such situation, the handsome Little Marten’s face remained nonchalant without any sign of worrying.

“Girl, I shall leave the rest of the practitioners to you. Remember, don’t let Lin Dong and Little Flame get distracted,” Little Marten said indifferently and looked at Luo Tong after stretching his back.


Su Rou bit her red lips and nodded her head repeatedly.

“I’m afraid it’s not up to you to decide whether they will get distracted or not!” Luo Tong sneered. There were five Three Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners behind him. With the addition of himself, it would not be much of a problem for this lineup to handle Little Marten and his counterparts.

However, just when Luo Tong finished sneering, he saw the corners of Little Marten’s mouth curled up into a smirk. Immediately,a shiver went down his spine. Before he could say anything, Little Marten’s figure oddly disappeared.

The fact that Luo Tong was able to step into the Four Yuan Nirvana stage proved that he was rather capable. Therefore, when Little Marten’s figure disappeared, resplendent golden light and vigorous Yuan Power gushed out Little Marten’s body.


Just when the golden light gushed out, a demon-like figure appeared before Luo Tong’s eyes. Then, he saw Little Marten reached out his palm and a slap swept across the air.


As the slap swept across the air, an exceptional violent gale formed and landed on Luo Tong’s face with a lightning speed. Immediately, a metallic sound was given off and Luo Tong was sent flying by Little Marten’s slap.

Stabilizing his distressed figure, Luo Tong’s face was still protected by his Nirvana Golden Body. However, his face still swelled up and appeared extremely comical.

“You!” With a shocked and angry look on his face, Luo Tong stared at Little Marten, who was walking casually towards the former. Luo Tong’s readiness had silently reached its highest level. The previous attack from Little Marten had made him realise that this devilish-handsome fellow’s powers were rather terrifying. At least when he fought with Lin Dong that night, the latter did not force him into such distressed state!

“Actually ,this fellow is the scariest out of the three of them!”

This thought mysteriously came up into Luo Tong’s mind. Soon after, his body broke into a cold sweat and he clenched his teeth and roared, “All of you, take action now and capture that girl!”

As long as he could capture Su Rou, Lin Dong and his counterparts would not act rashly to prevent any harm to Su Rou. When that moment came, the situation would turn in their favor. Even though it was dishonorable to use such method against a teenage girl, he could not care too much at this point of time!

“Still have the time to shout out commands huh,”

Little Marten’s facial expression was slightly cold. With a step forward, he oddly vanished again. Upon seeing this, Luo Tong’s figure hurriedly retreated. However, after a few seconds, a figure appeared before him like a sticky parasite. A slap flew across the air and Luo Tong was sent flying off again.

“Do it!”

When those Wind Cloud Empire’s practitioners saw the Four Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner being reduced to such sorry state, they could not help but feel stupefied. Without any hesitation and with a roar, they took actions together and reached out their hands towards Su Rou.

Upon seeing this, Su Kui’s facial expression changed drastically. Beside him, Su Rou was biting her lips lightly. Then, she took a step forward and with a rarely seen determination, she spoke with a trembling voice, “Big Brother, you are not their match. Let me handle this.”

“Little Rou.”

Su Kui was shocked. Before he could say anything, he saw Su Ruo reached out her slender jade-white finger and bit it lightly with her mouth. A trace of blood seeped out from the tip of her finger. She then pulled up her sleeves and revealed some weird symbols on her snow-white wrist. The blood from her finger tip dripped onto one of the symbols on her wrist and that particular symbol became diluted promptly.

As that symbol became diluted, an enormous energy that alarmed Su Kui gushed out like a python that woke up from its slumber while displaying a towering might.

Weird dark-green energy curled around Su Rou’s body. Her jet-black long hair floated behind her back and was dyed green by that weird energy.

As Su Rou raised her head, her elegant face was surging with chilliness. She slowly raised her slender jade-white hands and then clenched them abruptly.


A violent, green-colored glowing energy wave suddenly swept across the area. The five Three Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners were knocked flying backward and when they landed, they looked extremely pathetic.

“I can’t let all of you distract Brother Lin Dong.”

Su Rou warned in a cold and crisp voice while her body was surging with violent energy and her green glowing eyes were staring at the five Wind Cloud Empire’s practitioners, whose facial expressions had changed drastically.

“They have completely broken out into a fight…”

The same thought came to everyone’s minds as they looked at the battles that erupted simultaneously across the sky. At Lin Dong’s side, the battle had gone all-out on its offensive and exceeded everyone’s expectations. This war was getting more and more interesting…

At this moment, the sky had been divided into a few battlegrounds and the most eye-captivating one was between Lin Dong and Feng Cang. Anyone could tell that that these two men were the cores of their respective camps. No matter which one of them lost, it would deal a huge blow to the morale of the loser’s camp.

The two demon-like figures fought viciously with a lightning speed in the sky. Waves of thunder-like sounds echoed throughout the sky, setting off fear and trepidation in countless people’s heart. One mistake was all it took to lose the battle. Feng Cang’s face was gloomy. During the previous exchange, he discovered that he could not thoroughly suppress Lin Dong with his Four Yuan Nirvana stage’s mastery of Yuan Power!

“Is it because of that weird energy?”

Feng Cang stared at the greyish-black energy that was surrounding Lin Dong’s body. His eye pupils dilated and he could sense that every time Lin Dong and him exchanged blows, a part of his attacks’ strength would disappear mysteriously. At the same time, Lin Dong’s attacks would suddenly become much more stronger. That kind of feeling was as if the strength that he lost had been absorbed by Lin Dong.

“There’s something odd with this fellow, I can’t let this battle drag on!”

As this thought flashed across Feng Cang’s mind, his facial expression grew gloomy. He took in a deep breath of air and the surging Yuan Power around his body boiled instantly. At this moment, his eyes became abnormally intense.


Suddenly, violent gales began to form in the sky. Eventually, the gales materialized into columns of huge tornadoes and terrifying ripping forces swept across the sky ferociously.

From this scene, anyone could tell that Feng Cang could not help but use his martial art to try and suppress Lin Dong!

“Lin Dong, no matter how capable are you, I shall take your pathetic little life!”

Feng Cang roared towards the sky. Four huge tornadoes spun crazily around his body. From afar, it displayed a formidable might.

“This is…”

As Mu Lin and his counterparts saw this scene, their eye pupils dilated. Apparently, they recognized the powerful martial art that Feng Cang had displayed.

“Great Demonic Tornado Palm!”

With a sinister-looking face, Feng Cang changed his hand-seal and the four tornadoes surged forward abruptly. An exceptionally violent Yuan Power lingered within the tornadoes. As the tornadoes surged forward, numerous faintly discernible huge faces formed and seethed with a demonic aura.

“Boom boom!”

The four gigantic tornadoes ripped across the sky like a terrorizing dragon that was made of wind. Powerful gales directly ripped out four enormous trails in the savage jungle that was beneath the fight.

Clearly, the martial art that Feng Cang had displayed was a rather powerful Soul martial art. This display of might would make even the face of a Four Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner like Mu Lin turned solemn. They knew that if they were the ones fighting Feng Cang, they might have to go all-out in order to handle that attack.

“I may not be good at a lot of things, but I’m strong-willed and that’s something nobody can take away from me!”

Lin Dong raised his head and looked at the four gigantic palm-like tornadoes. With a loud chuckle, his hand-seal changed with a lightning speed. Following which, five black-colored beams of light shot out from his body in an instant.


As the light beams congealed, they materialized into five ancient and huge fingers in the twinkling of an eye. Then, under numerous attentive gazes, the fingers lined up in a straight line and became a big hand that was emitting ancient and savage aura.

However, this time around, this big hand was different from the previous one. It was of a dark-greyish color and there was an additional trace of mysteriousness to it.

As the big hand formed, the dimension of nothingness exploded. A faintly discernible shadow appeared and an extremely powerful aura of might begin to pervade the air.

“Soul Martial Art!”

Numerous gazes were directed at the shadow that came out of the dimension of nothingness and cries of surprise could be heard continuously. The onlookers could sense that the martial art Lin Dong had just displayed was an extremely powerful Soul Martial Art!

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand, break it!”

Lin Dong’s facial expression was intense. As he abruptly clenched his fist, the shadow that came out of the dimension of nothingness waved its hand at this moment as well. Immediately, the dark-greyish big hand whizzed across the air, creating violent vibrations through the air space that it had whizzed past. Finally, under numerous attentive gazes, the hand landed ferociously onto the palm that was made up of four Yuan Power-filled tornadoes!


When the collision took place, it was as if the entire heaven and earth trembled. Waves of ear-splitting rumble resounded frantically throughout the area. Those practitioners who were near to the battleground, were directly affected by the waves of rumble. Immediately, their faces turned pale-white and they retreated quickly from the area.

“I want to see how many times you can withstand my attack!”

When the tornadoes palm was blocked, Feng Cang’s facial expression grew increasingly fierce. However, a tinge of solemness began to develop behind that fierce facial expression. His strength was to suppose to surpass Lin Dong’s and he even displayed such powerful Soul Martial art, and yet he still failed to obtain an advantageous position steadily. No matter what, he did not dare to underestimate Lin Dong’s strength anymore. Otherwise, he would be the one who failed miserably in this battle.

Clearly, Feng Cang would not allow this to happen. As such, when he saw his tornadoes palm was blocked, he took a step forward and waves of vigorous Yuan Power gushed out from his body. Changing his hand seal, he formed another four gigantic tornadoes that swept towards Lin Dong with a much fiercer poise.

“The more attacks you launch at me, the more I shall block them!”

Facing such wild and torrential attacks from Feng Cang, Lin Dong’s eyes were burning with battle fury as well. As he flipped his hand, waves of Fusion Force gushed out from his body continuously. The waves of Fusion Force eventually materialized into a big hand that blasted towards the tornadoes palm with an earth-shattering force.

Boom boom boom!

Horrifying and wild collisions continued to take place in the sky. Many onlookers’ facial expression gradually turned grim when they saw the energy waves that swept across the sky.

Usually, this kind of powerful Soul martial art consumed an astonishing amount of Yuan Power. Currently, the battle between these two individuals had reached its climax. Whoever could not sustain and give up first, he would be devoured by his opponent’s formidable attack immediately.

From a different perspective, Feng Cang had a huge advantage in this kind of direct confrontation. After all, he was a Four Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner, which was one level higher than Lin Dong. His mastery of Yuan Power was much more refined than Lin Dong’s as well. If this battle of attrition continued, Lin Dong would fall into a disadvantageous position.

Of course, that was usually the case. However, after Lin Dong displayed that kind of terrifying powers that far exceeded a Three Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner was capable of, no one would consider him under the usual case.

As the battle between Lin Dong and Feng Cang reached its climax, on the other side, the battle between Little Flame and Meng Lie had been fierce and violent all the way since it started.

The metal pole and giant hammer were being brandished in the air. Every movement possessed terrifying power that was enough to split open mountains and shatter the earth. It was an exceptionally horrifying sight to behold.


Two muscular figures collided against each other ruthlessly before visible energy ripples swept out from the collision point. Beneath them, the savaged huge jungle blew up into nothing but dust and became a huge piece of flat land.

Both figures were knocked back by a violent energy in a sorry state and landed fiercely on the ground, creating a deep and hundred feet long ground trail.


Meng Lie leapt up from the ground with a vicious look on his face and then spat out a mouthful of blood. Faint waves of pain could be felt on his boyd. In the previous exchange, his body had taken more than ten brutal blows from Little Flame. Naturally, Little Flame also received more than ten blows from him at the same time. However, what pissed Meng Lie off was that Little Marten’s body was terrifyingly tough. The degree of the damage done by Meng Lie’s attacks on Little Flame’s body did not reach the former’s expectation.

“Since you dare to play with Daddy, Daddy will play with you until you die!”

The viciousness on Meng Lie’s face was getting obvious. Apparently, he was not happy to be forced by Little Flame into this state. Licking his lips with his scarlet tongue, Meng Lie suddenly opened up his feet and bent his body slightly forward. His muscle began to vibrate with a weird arc. At the same time, impetuous waves of energy extended outward from his feet. At this moment, the huge piece of land surrounding him began to tremble violently.

The trembling of the ground became increasingly violent. Eventually, cracks and crevices started to form and extend around Meng Lie’s body. At that moment, it looked as if an earthquake was occurring.

“Great Seismic Wave!”

Meng Lie took a step forward and a callous roar came out of his throat. Following which, he bent over his body and and landed a ferocious punch on the ground ahead of him.

The piece of land where he landed his punch began to rupture and an enormous crevice formed under his fist and tore through the ground with a lightning speed, causing numerous gigantic and tall trees to collapse on the way.

The speed of the crevice extension was extremely fast. In a blink of an eye, the crevice reached within ten metres of Little Flame. Then, the countless crushed stones in the crevice began to give off a dreadful energy wave. At this moment, the crushed stones materialized into a huge python that lunged towards Little Flame’s chest with an astonishing speed.

A deep and low sound resounded through the air and Little Flame’s muscular body shot backward, snapping hundreds of gigantic trees on his way and whipping up sand and stones into the air.


Upon seeing this, a sinister smirk appeared on Meng Lie’s callous face. However, just as the smirk appeared on his face, his eye pupils began to dilate. All he could see was a black figure surged outward from where Little Flame had landed. This sight would cause one to tremble with fear.

“Humph, a cockroach that can’t be killed!”

After Meng Lie saw Little Flame was not severely injured by his powerful attack, the former’s facial expression turned grim. Following which, he bent over his body and bombarded the ground with fist again. Another crevice erupted and extended through the ground like a thick black line, which surged towards the incoming figure.


As the ground split open, a huge, crushed rocks-made python that was engulfed by horrifying energy lunged at Little Flame. However, this time around, as the huge python lunged out, the black figure swiped out an enormous black tiger paw. The tiger paw was emitting a kind of dreadful aura and it eventually smacked the huge python with one swipe.

A formidable force erupted from the tiger paw and the crush rocks-made python exploded immediately!


Upon seeing this scene, Meng Lie’s facial expression changed drastically. And before Meng Lie could do anything, that black figure surged forward and Little Flame appeared in his sight. However, at this point of time, Little Flame’s arms had been transformed into two black-colored tiger limbs. The wiggling veins on those tiger limbs looked like young dragons, giving off a frightening savage energy at the same time.

“This is!?”

Meng Lie’s eye pupils shrunk when he saw the two real tiger claws. However, before he could say anything, Little Flame clenched his tiger paws while his eyes were surging with a scarlet glow. Like a legitimate black tiger that was ripping its prey’s heart, Little Flame’s paw bombarded Meng Lie’s chest without any mercy.

A metallic sound rang through the air. Meng Lie’s chest actually caved in from that attack. Luckily, he possessed the Four Yuan Nirvana stage’s Nirvana Golden Body, otherwise, his heart would have been ripped out by Little Flame’s paw.

However, even though Meng Lie’s Nirvana Golden Body was able to block Little Flame’s abnormally powerful punch, his body still flew backward. Under numerous astonished gazes, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The entire area broke out into an uproar. The battle between Little Flame and Meng Lie was rather gory. Both of their punches landed precisely on each other’s body. Everyone knew that if this kind of punch landed on someone else, his or her body would explode into a blood mist.

“That Lin Yan is quite… brutal!”

When Mu Lin and his counterparts saw Meng Lie, who was well-known for his savagery, fell into a disadvantageous position in his death battle against Little Flame, they could not help but suck in a deep breath of cold air. Their facial expressions grew exceptionally solemn. Now, they finally discovered that each individual of the Lin Dong trio was comparable to a Four Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner!

In this way, they are equivalent to three Four Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners. This kind of lineup and strength was much more powerful than those super empires.

This discovery made the smiles on Mu Lin and his counterparts’ faces somewhat bitter. Even though they were not considered really outstanding among the super empires, their foundation was still much more stronger as compared to other empires. However, at the end of the day, these three practitioners who came from a low-ranked empire still surpassed them. Even if they were sanguine about this disparity, they still held an unbalance impression of the situation in their hearts…

“That Luo Tong… is so miserable…” Mu Hanyue suddenly spoke in a soft voice.

Mu Lin laughed bitterly and looked at the distant forest. Sounds of trees collapsing could be heard constantly. He could see that one figure was beaten up like a punching bag. That figure was Luo Tong from the Wind Cloud Empire. He was also a Four Nirvana stage practitioner, and yet, he completely lost his ability to fight back in the hands of the devilish-handsome young man.

“His opponent is sick in the mind…”

Mu Lin heaved a sigh. The odds of Wind Cloud Empire winning this battle seemed to be lower and lower. That was because the sudden outburst of powers from Lin Dong’s camp was rather frightening…

“Feng Cang… is also being pinned down by Lin Dong,”

Two of them raised their heads and looked at the distant sky. The battle over there was extremely intense. However, even though Feng Cang had displayed his Soul martial art, he still did not show any sign of stopping Lin Dong. When their Soul martial arts collided, it even seemed that Lin Dong had the upper hand over Feng Cang.

“However…” Mu Hanyue’s beautiful eyes flickered and she spoke with a gentle voice, “Feng Cang still has his trump card…”

Mu Lin’s facial expression slightly changed and nodded his head. Until now, Feng Cang had not used the Heavenly Soul Treasure that he had obtained during the auction.

If the Heavenly Soul Treasure’s power was unleashed, Lin Dong might not be able to withstand it.

In the sky, the ancient huge fingers once again detonated the four tornado palms that were incoming from various crafty angles. Violent shock wave sent Lin Dong and Feng Cang flying off for more than a few hundred metres. Following which, they stabilized their bodies in the sky with a hastened breathing.

At this moment, both of their faces were pale-white. It appeared that even with their strength, they could not handle the heavy exhaustion from the previous exchange of blows.

Feng Cang wiped off the bloodstain on the corners of his mouth. With a sinister look on his face, he gazed in the direction of Meng Lie. The corners of his eyes twitched and spoke with a hoarse voice, “I didn’t expect all of you to conceal your capabilities to such extent.”

“It doesn’t feel good to kick an iron plate, right?” Lin Dong sneered while stretching his numb hands.

“It’s indeed slightly troublesome, but it’s an overestimation to call yourself an iron plate.”

Feng Cang’s mouth curled and traces of chilliness seeped out from his eyes. Soon after, he reached his palm and slowly said, “Initially I still thought I would not need to use it…”

“However, I could no longer stand the fact that you’re still alive. Therefore, no matter how troublesome you are, I must take your live today!”

Ruthlessness flashed upon Feng Cang’s face abruptly. Immediately, he clenched his fist and a heaven-covering black glow gushed out from it. Under numerous astonished gazes, a black-colored metal seal appeared.

Feng Cang finally could not help but unleash his trump card, the Heavenly Soul Treasure!