Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 576: Hundred Empire War, Begin!

Chapter 576: Hundred Empire War, Begin!


Chapter 576: Hundred Empire War, Begin!

The morning sunlight contained a trace of coolness as it scattered down from all over the sky, wrapping the entire Wanxiang City within it.

The fiery heat within the Wanxiang City had already reached at extreme level after having been brewed for two days. Everyone’s eyes were wildly hot with anticipation. They had left their various empires and arrived at this Ancient Battlefield, where the competition was extremely intense. All of them trained bitterly in this place for a year just in order to be able to obtain a good result in the Hundred Empire War. This was in hopes of finally catching the eye of a super sect and allow the value of one’s empire to soar.

That big battle which they had all waited for one year had finally begun!

The various talents or monsters that had come from countless number of empires were finally going to fight in this place and determine the winner. The true leaders of the younger generation within these Eastern Xuan Region empire would also appear in this place!

While the entire city was heated up, a couple of figures were slowly walking out from a small yard in the south-eastern corner of the city. It was Lin Dong’s group.

Lin Dong raised his head and watched the hot sun in the sky. A smile surfaced on his face. He had also waited one year for this day.

Little Flame was carrying a black coloured metal rod behind Lin Dong. The shadow that was created from his muscular body had covered most of Lin Dong’s body. At a glance, he gave one a kind of intense and powerful pressure.

Standing beside, Little Marten still had a lazy attitude, appearing completely different from the intense pressure that Little Flame emitted. His handsome face appeared a little demon like under the shine of the sunlight. However, Su Kui and the rest were aware that this person, whom they had witnessed fighting once before, was the most unfathomable one amongst the three of them.

Su Kui gave an inexplicable emotional sigh within his heart when he saw Lin Dong’s group. From the first impression one got by looking at them, Lin Dong was inferior to Little Flame in his size and strength and was inferior to Little Marten in terms of appearance. Moreover, his strength might not even be the strongest amongst the three. Yet, the one who truly made the decision amongst them was him.

After having lived together for a period of time, Su Kui was also aware of some of the matters regarding Lin Dong within this Ancient Battlefield. From the occasional conversation, he was aware that Little Flame and Little Marten were not as outstanding as they were current at the beginning. At that time, all the battles in the outside world were personally bone by Lin Dong, who appeared to be the most ordinary amongst the three.

Su Kui looked at Lin Dong who had raised his head and looked at the sun. The latter suddenly opened his arms and the sunlight shone onto his body, emitting a kind of uncontrolled heat.

His glow was actually even more dazzling that Little Marten or Little Flame by his side at this moment.

He would become the most dazzling person in this Ancient Battlefield.

This unknown thought suddenly flashed across Su Kui’s heart. Immediately, he turned his head, only to see that Su Ruo by his side was using her beautiful large eyes to stare at the figure in front. Her pretty face contained a faint bright redness. That figure, who had spreaded his arms under the sunlight, gave her the feeling of him being able to hold the sky even if it crumbled.

That kind of feeling actually looked even more solid than the back of her big brother, who had been protecting her in the past.


Su Kui coughed softly, waking the young lady beside him. The latter immediately lowered her head from the shock. The tip of her delicate ears had become red.

Su Kui helplessly shook his head. After Little Marten had lend a hand, Su Ruo had finally began to barely control a little of the enormous energy within her body during these two days. Although there was a limit, the strength that erupted suddenly would also be quite frightening. However, Su Ruo’s character did not experience much change despite the increase in her strength. Her gentle and weak manner caused Su Kui to be a little worried about her ability to endure the harshness of the Hundred Empire War.

“Let’s go!”

Su Kui’s soft cough had also caused Lin Dong to recover. Immediately, the corner of his mouth was slowly lifted into a bright smile. He waved his hand and walked out of the door. The others immediately followed closely behind him.

The eastern gate of the Wanxiang City was already completely filled with people. Black masses of human heads spread out from within the city like a black coloured wave. The black wave permeated everywhere.

There was a tall slope outside of the city. An incomparably large light curtain had spread apart in a circular shape at the tall slope, extending all the way to the horizon.

When one’s eyes looked past the light curtain, it was possible to see the wild forest that was within it. There was a kind of vague tragic aura that spread from within it. Every Hundred Empire War would erupt at this place. Many dark horses had appeared here and gained glory in this place. However, there were also many geniuses who had fallen in this place and became a stepping stone for others in their path to glory.

Various empires occupied different positions on the city wall. The ones at the front were naturally the most dazzling four super empires.

The scene was swept over the entire area before finally gathering onto the area in front of the Wind Cloud Empire. Feng Cang was standing with his hands behind him at that spot. His mind no longer had the kind of fury from two days ago. Instead, he appeared unusually dark and sinister. Of course, the only thing that did not change was the densely cold killing intent within his eyes.

Quite a number of people faced each other. They vaguely sensed the blood within their bodies were showing signs of boiling. Subsequently, all of them would enter that core area, where the final competition would begin. At the same time, they would also witness a sensational fight.


A sound of wind being split suddenly appeared in the midair while the hot blood in the bodies of countless number of people were boiling. After which, a number of people landed onto the city wall amidst exclamations that appeared one after another.

“It’s Lin Dong’s group!”

Countless number of gazes swept towards this group while the exclamations sounded. Finally, they were focused on the figure that had suddenly appeared.

The already sinister expression of Feng Cang, who was at the front of the city wall, became even darker and deeper. He slowly turned his head and his pair of dark chilly blade like eyes shot towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong raised his head, showing no signs of shrinking back as he faced Feng Cang. The dark and chilly killing intent that seeped out from their crossing eyes appeared to cause even the air above the wall to solidify slightly.

Feng Cang parted the corner of his mouth, revealing his dense white teeth. He extended his thumb towards Lin Dong before pointing it down. His eyes appeared ferocious.

The surroundings were in a clamor. This Feng Cang seemed to have made up his mind to kill Lin Dong’s group this time around…

A fierceness permeated around Little Flame as he looked at the provoking attitude of Feng Cang. His hand held the metal rod on his shoulder and had an impulse to charge forward. However, he was finally stopped by Lin Dong with a wave of the latter’s hand.


A faint powerful voice was suddenly transmitted from the midair after Lin Dong stopped Little Flame. Everyone raised their heads and saw Song Tai, who was suspended in the midair.

“Next, anyone who possess the Nirvana Seal will have the qualification to enter this area. However, I will remind everyone here that one is allowed to enter this place but not allowed to leave. As long as one enters it, one would end up facing the most merciless competition. There is no pity inside, only victors!”

Song Tai’s eyes that had suddenly become stern caused the expressions of quite a number of people to change. Their faces became volatile.

“I think all of you should be aware that the super sects will only select the most outstanding people. The only way for all of you to prove how outstanding you are is by defeating your opponents and snatch their Nirvana Seals!”

“Once you have absorbed a sufficient amount of Nirvana Seals, the Nirvana Seal in your palm will gradually turned into a purple-gold colour. At the time you completely possessed the purple-gold Nirvana Seal, you will possess the qualification to advance into the Nirvana Gold Ranking and catch the eye of those super sects!”

Lin Dong focused his eyes. It was unexpected that this Hundred Empire War was so harsh. One must snatch the Nirvana Seal from the hands of others if one wished to advance into the Nirvana Gold Ranking.

This was similar to breeding a poison bug. One would place hundreds of them into a container. The final survival was the most outstanding amongst them all!

“The Hundred Empire War only recognises victory. It does not recognise defeat. If you are mentally prepared, then… begin. Now is the time to prove your one year of training!” Song Tai pointed towards the light curtain at the front that seemed to extend towards the sky. His low and deep voice sounded beside everyone’s ears.

Countless number of people raised their heads. Their eyes stared at the light curtain as traces of wild heat slowly climbed into them. How could they shrink back at this moment?

A low and deep roars were emitted from some unknown spot. Immediately, the heavens and earth shook. A frightening tide surged out like a locust swarm. Finally, they rushed through the sky and charged into the enormous light barrier like moths pouncing into a flame.

“Lin Dong, follow me in and today will be the day you die!”

Feng Cang roared towards the sky from the city wall. His eyes were scarlet as he stared at Lin Dong in a dense manner. After which, his body rushed forward, leading the large group of people from the Wind Cloud Empire as well as a monstrous killing intent as he arrogantly charge into the light barrier!

Lin Dong raised his head. He looked at the backs of Feng Cang. With a gentle lick of his lips, he smilingly asked, “Everyone, are you ready?”


Everyone behind parted their mouths and smiled. Fighting intent proudly stood in their eyes. There was not the least fear within them. Subsequently, they would face the strongest super empire within the Wanxiang City!

Lin Dong laughed out loud. His laughter was like a thunder as he cupped his hands towards Song Tai in the mid air. “Master Song, thank you for your help. However, leave everything else to us!”

Lin Dong’s body rushed out after his laughter sounded. He brought about waves of rushing wind sound as he charged towards the light barrier. Little Flame and the others followed closely behind with a monstrous fighting intent.

Song Tai watched Lin Dong’s group from the sky as they charged into the light barrier with a monstrous fighting intent. An admiration flashed across his eyes. He knew that if Lin Dong’s group could pass this trial, their reputation would likely shake the entire core region!

Whether they were dragons or mere worms would be determined by this battle!