Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 572: Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal

Chapter 572: Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal


Chapter 572: Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal

The enormous dense white monster bones stood on the auction stage, emitting waves after waves of desolated aura. The surrounding air appeared as though it was showing signs of solidifying.

This scene caused quite a number of people to change their expressions. It was merely just a set of beast skeleton but it possessed such might. Hence, they really could not imagine just how powerful and unrivaled this beast was when it was still alive. Quite a number of gazes within the auction ground were focused onto the stage. Private conversations broke out at the same time. From the looks of this aura, many people guessed that the Demonic Beast that this set of bones belonged to, was definitely an extraordinary beast despite not knowing its exact species.

“Desolate Heavenly Cow, a type of ancient mysterious beast. This set of beast bones contains some ancient bloodline and it is a unique item that can be used to train one’s body. This set of beast bones is also an excellent item to be used to refine a beast puppet.” Song Tai’s eyes carried some surprise as he turned his gaze away from the enormous beast bones, faced the entire place and said.

“The auction price, four million Nirvana Pills.”

The entire auction ground was immediately turned off when these words sounded. This number of Nirvana Pills was also considered quite a great sum even for some high rank empires. If it was a high level Soul Martial Arts in front of them, they might still grit their teeth and make an attempt. However, if they were asked to use such a price to purchase a beast skeleton, they would have difficulty finding the resolve to do so even though this beast bones are quite strong.

“The price of four million is quite high…” Lin Dong knitted his brows. Even he felt that paying this price for a set of beast skeleton was a little expensive.

“It is still alright and not too outrageous. The physical body of this Desolate Heavenly Cow is extremely strong. Once you have removed the ancient essence blood from within it, I can even use the bones as an ingredient to strengthen the Blood Soul Puppet in your hands. It is likely that its level will rise at that time.” Little Marten laughed.

Lin Dong’s heart only quietly achieved an equilibrium after hearing that it was possible to borrow this Desolate Heavenly Cow to strengthen the Blood Soul Puppet. No matter what, he must at least recoup some of the four million Nirvana Pill price.

Of course, Lin Dong also understood that even if he really did not manage to recoup the price, just the ancient bloodline within this bones was sufficient to get him to act. Summoning the soul of the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile is originally the strongest trump card in his hand. However, he was forced to use all of the ancient blood in his hand in order to deal with the combined attack of Tian Zhen and the others in the Ancient Treasure Trove. Without any ancient blood as an offering, he would no longer be able to summon the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile’s soul. This trump card could be considered to be useless.

Currently, the Hundred Empire War was imminent. That place would be filled with talent and demon like existences. Even Lin Dong did not dare to guarantee that everything would go smoothly in that kind of place. Hence, if he was able to once again obtain this Desolate Heavenly Cow, it would definitely be of a great help to Lin Dong. Hence, there was no reason for Lin Dong to give it up.

The auction ground was filled with conversations. Even the four super empires at the front frowned slightly. The general consensus surrounding this Desolate Heavenly Cow was that though it was a pity to give up, they felt that it was not worth the price.

Song Tai looked at the auction ground below in an indifferent manner. He did not urge anyone. After all, his heart clearly understood that if this Desolate Heavenly Cow’s skeleton was taken out and sold to those sects which specializes in refining beast puppets, it would not be worth merely four million. Even if the price was doubled, those fellows who loved these bones like their lives, would rush to obtain it. It was a little wasteful for this item to be auctioned in this place.

The silence in the auction ground continued for a couple of minutes before a high rank empire tremblingly uttered, “Four million one hundred thousand.”

From the looks of the person’s face and his voice, it seemed that he had only finally clenched his teeth and made the choice after a struggle within his heart.

Many gazes swept over that person. Their eyes appeared as though they were looking at an extremely great sucker who was being taken advantage of. Those looks caused that person to feel a little regretful. These Nirvana Pills were his entire fortune.

“Four million five hundred thousand.”

Just when everyone thought that there would no longer be anyone who would bid, a faint voice suddenly sounded. Immediately, countless number of gazes turned over. Finally, they gathered onto Lin Dong. All of them were stunned. What was this fellow planning to do?

Lin Dong leaned against the backrest of his chair. He completely ignored all of the eyes that had gathered over. Both of his eyes were slightly lowered. No one knew what exactly he was thinking.

“This fellow. Could he be attempting to lure the Wind Cloud Empire to bid again?”

Some people began to chat privately amongst themselves. After which, those numerous eyes looked towards Feng Cang from the Wind Cloud Empire right at the front. At this moment, the latter’s expression was clearly a little volatile. If it was not because he had been taken advantage off earlier, he would definitely play with Lin Dong again at this moment. However, as the saying went, one would be afraid of a rope for three years after being bitten by a snake once. He was worried that he would be played by Lin Dong again. After all four million plus Nirvana Pills was not a small sum.

Meng Lie’s expression was also a little ugly as he sat beside Feng Cang. A moment later, he finally spoke softly, “Why don’t we forget it? Our main course will appear next and it is not worthwhile for us to exhaust too much of our fortune here. Once we obtain that Heavenly Soul Treasure, we will let that brat suffer a fate worse than death!”

Feng Cang expression was gloomy. He exhaled a breath and slowly nodded.

Everyone in the auction ground looked at Feng Cang, who was both silent and still. All of them made a slushing noise in their hearts. It seemed that this person was a little frightened by Lin Dong’s earlier tactic.

The one who had just bid with a price of four million one hundred thousand was not angry when he saw Lin Dong joining the bid but instead felt a little relieved. He actually directly sat back down. It seemed that the bid from earlier had exhausted all of his courage and it was clearly impossible to get him to fork out even more Nirvana Pills to compete with Lin Dong.

Lin Dong, who had been observing that person, sighed in relief when he saw the latter sat down. Currently, he only had four to five million Nirvana Pills in his hands. Moreover, quite a number of it was obtained by Little Flame from the White Tiger Hall. Although Lin Dong still possessed a batch of expensive Elixir Pills that would enable him to exchange for a large amount of Nirvana Pills without much effort, he was leaving it as the killer move to snatch for the Heavenly Soul Treasure. Hence, he definitely did not wish to expose it at this moment.

The private conversations in the auction ground continued while Lin Dong was waiting a little anxiously. However, no one joined in and increased the bid. Seeing this, Song Tai on the auction stage finally shook his head slightly. He could not resist taking another glance at Lin Dong. This fellow had extremely sharp eyes. The items which he auctioned for all had great hidden value.

“Four million five hundred thousand. The Desolate Heavenly Cow is sold!”

Song Tai knocked onto a board as he uttered these words. Only then did the heavy stone in Lin Dong’s heart fell. He stood up and took out all of his fortune from his Qiankun Bag without hesitation and tossed it towards the auction stage.

Everyone could clearly see the joy on Lin Dong’s face when he took out the Qiankun Bag. They became immediately startled. From the looks of it, Lin Dong was really interested in this Desolate Heavenly Cow skeleton and he was not attempting to fool Feng Cang again.

Feng Cang, who was also paying attention to Lin Dong, felt his chest being stuffy when he saw Lin Dong’s expression. This bastard actually dared to fool him time and time again!

Mu Lin and the others a short distance away watched this scene with great interest. This was especially the case when they saw Feng Cang’s ugly expression. A joy involuntarily flashed across their hearts. Clearly, it was rare that they managed to see such an occurrence.

Song Tai on the auction stage received the Qiankun Bag. He randomly swept over it and nodded. With a wave of his sleeves, the enormous Desolate Heavenly Cow’s skeleton flew out. It casted a large shadow as it landed towards Lin Dong.

The beast skeleton was quite large and it was also extremely heavy. While it was still in midair, the air pressure caused many people to feel some pain on their skin.


Little Flame, who was beside Lin Dong, suddenly stood up when the beast skeleton was about to fall violently. He extended his hand and grabbed the enormous beast skeleton in a manner that greatly shocked one’s eyes. His entire body did not move, appearing just like a giant supporting the sky. That aura of his caused the eyes of quite a number of people to twitch.

Lin Dong smilingly extended his hand and stored the beast skeleton within his Qiankun Bag. After which, he cupped his hands towards Song Tai on the auction stage before quietly sitting down.

A surprise also flashed across Song Tai’s eyes as he saw Little Flame receiving this beast bone with one hand. Immediately, he swept his eyes slowly over Lin Dong’s group. These three people did not originate from a super empire, but their aura and boldness were not weaker when compared to these super empires in front. From the looks of it, quite a number of outstanding people had appeared in the Ancient Battlefield this time around.

A strange commotion began to appear within the auction ground after the Desolate Heavenly Cow was successfully auctioned off. Those many fiery hot eyes from around that were close to being boiling hot as they shot towards the auction stage with greed and expectations. Finally, they gathered onto the only purple coloured light cluster on the auction stage.

This was the truly most valuable item in the Wanxiang City’s auction!

Heavenly Soul Treasure!

The indifferent face of Song Tai on the auction stage also revealed a smile in the face of the increasingly heavy breathing from all around. That smile also contained some heat. Heavenly Soul Treasure. Even from his point of view, it was quite a good thing.

“Everyone, next will be the final item for this auction. I think that all of you should be aware that the next item to be auctioned will indeed be a Heavenly Soul Treasure.”

Song Tai’s voice completely confirmed the final most precious item. Immediately, an uproar resounded over the auction ground. The eyes of those four super sects at the front, who had been remaining quiet, turned fiery hot instantly.

The purple coloured light cluster slowly fell and landed in Song Tai’s hands. Immediately, the purple light became weaker. Finally, it completely revealed itself in front of everyone’s unblinking eyes.

It was a black coloured metal seal with a deep and ancient colour. The surroundings of the metal seal was covered with many mysterious lines. A winding black dragon was curled over the top. Its head was roaring towards the sky, shaken the Heavens and Earth.

“This is our final item. Heavenly Soul Treasure. Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal!”

Song Tai heated voice caused the auction ground to completely erupt. The atmosphere suddenly climbed to the peak!