Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 570: Balance Spirit Fruit

Chapter 570: Balance Spirit Fruit


Chapter 570: Balance Spirit Fruit

The glowing purple orb surrounded by a faint halo looked extremely magical as it hovered at the highest point of the stage. The unique and powerful energy wave that it emitted had undoubtedly made it the spotlight of the entire market, causing the eyes of countless onlookers to be filled with burning fervor and greed.

If it were not for Song Tai standing guard on the auction stage with a straight face, and if he did not represented a super sect, the onlookers in this place would have their rationality overwhelmed by greed and try to seize the artifact by force.

This kind of incident might be rarely seen in the outside world, yet it was commonplace in the Ancient Battlefield. In this place, if one was powerful enough, he or she could do anything without any obstruction.

Atop the auction stage, Song Tai looked down at the restless auction market with a dull face. After a moment, he waved his hand and one of the glowing orbs flew down and landed on his palm. The light dissipated and materialized into an three feet tall green mountain peak.

“The first auction item is an Earthly Soul Treasure, Soul Peak Sword. This sword is one of the finest treasures among the Earthly Soul Treasures. Even the Nirvana Golden Body of a Three Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner cannot handle its sharpness.”

Song Tai flipped his palm and a green mountain peak longsword appeared in his hand. Surging with Yuan Power, the tip of the sword suddenly shot out a glimmering sword lustre. Soon after, the sword lustre began to hiss like a python that was on the move. Following which, a huge cyan rock on the auction stage exploded. The broken pieces were as smooth as a mirror, and this sharpness attracted the attention of numerous people.

“Soul Peak Sword, starting bid three hundred thousand Nirvana pills,” Song Tai flatly announced after putting away the sword.

Clearly, Song Tai was not a professional auctioneer. This flat tone usually failed to amp up the atmosphere. However, this auction item was rather good and hence, the atmosphere of the auction market did not die down due to Song Tai’s tone.

“Three hundred and twelve thousand.”

The sharpness of this Soul Peak Sword indeed surpassed most Earthly Soul Treasures. The Nirvana stage and Nirvana Golden Body were what symbolized a Nirvana stage practitioner. If one possessed such an excellent Soul Treasure, he or she would undoubtedly gain the upperhand during a confrontation. Thus, right after Song Tai finished his sentence, someone immediately bidded.

“Three hundred and fifteen thousand.”


Lin Dong watched the continuously rising clamour in the auction market while his face remained placid. His gaze swept across the hovering glowing orbs above Song Tai’s head. Obviously, some kind of seal had been deployed on these glowing orbs. As such, he could not see through these glowing orbs and identify the artifacts within them.

However, with the sharp senses of his Mental Energy, Lin Dong could roughly sense the differences among a few glowing orbs. The energy wave emitted by each glowing orb was different from the others. It appeared that this auction did have some bearings…

“Brother Lin Dong, if you want to fight for that Heavenly Soul Treasure and you do not have at least five million Nirvana pills, I’m afraid you won’t even have the chance to open your mouth and bid,” Su Kui casually said to Lin Dong after seeing the audience bidding for the Soul Peak Sword.

“Five million Nirvana pills, so much,” Su Rou was slightly startled by this huge number. It seemed she had never seen such a huge amount of Nirvana pills.

“That is only the minimum bid. Heavenly Soul Treasures are supposed to be invaluable. Since one has finally appeared now, those formidable super empires will not give up so easily,” Su Kui laughed bitterly.

Lin Dong laughed. Currently, he indeed did not have much Nirvana pills. When he was inside the Ancient Treasure Trove, his main focus was not on obtaining Nirvana pills. Nonetheless, even though he did not have a robust foundation of Nirvana pills, he still had other things in his hands….

For example, he managed to obtain some mysterious Elixir pills in the last pill room of the Ancient Treasure Trove. Those pills were extremely valuable. Just one of those pills was enough to buy a huge amount of Nirvana pills. Therefore, Lin Dong’s financial resources would not lose out to those super empires’.

By hook or by crook, he must obtain that Heavenly Soul Treasure!

While Lin Dong and Su Kui were conversing, the first bidding round of the auction ended. That Soul Peak Sword had been bought by an empire for a winning bid price of five hundred thousand Nirvana pills.

In the following bidding rounds, several relatively strong Earthly Soul Treasures were put up for auction. Some were offensive types while others were defensive types. Overall, these items were considered powerful. One of the items which was called “Magmar Stone” had been sold for a winning bid price of eight hundred thousand Nirvana pills. This amount certainly caused a lot of people to smack their lips.

As the rarity of the items being put up for the auction increased, the atmosphere in the auction market livened up increasingly as well. However, in the first few front rows, the four great super empires and some relatively powerful high-ranked empires had yet to take any actions. Clearly, they did not want to waste too much of their financial resources on these insignificant artifacts.

Just like them, Lin Dong was not moved by these Earthly Soul Treasures. His slender fingers were steepled and his eyes were slightly drooping, while he silently waited for the artifact of his dreams to appear.

“The next item that is up for auction will be an unique elixir, the Balance Spirit Fruit. Not a lot of people know about the existence of this elixir. However, there’s no need to doubt its beneficial effect. The mastery of Yuan Power is not a smooth level road. Sometimes, for certain reasons, the Yuan Power in one’s body may wreck havoc and injure his or her body. This Balance Spirit Fruit is able to bring balance to the chaotic Yuan Power.”

On the auction stage, a palm-sized jade-green fruit suddenly appeared on Song Tai’s hand. It seemed to exude a faint unique aura.

“Balance Spirit Fruit?” Even Lin Dong was startled when he heard this name. Clearly, he was unfamiliar with this item.

“It seems that my intuition is right, this item does exist. Let’s bid for it. If we obtain it, I can help Su Rou to control the tremendous power in her body,” Little Marten suddenly said, while he trembled with excitement and enthusiasm at this moment.

“Oh?” Lin Dong was surprised. Apparently, Little Marten had been waiting for this item to appear.

“This kind of elixir might not help Nirvana stage practitioners to a significant extent as most people at this level only have one power in their body, which is the Yuan Power. Therefore, this kind of elixir is only useful for Samsara stage practitioners. That’s because most Samsara stage practitioners cannot not control the balance of Life Qi and Death Qi in their bodies, which eventually lead to the collapse of their physical bodies,” Little Marten chuckled.

“If this item appears outside, those Samsara stage practitioners will fight over it to their deaths. However, in this place, there are not a lot of people who recognize the usefulness of this elixir.”

“Various types of powers…” Lin Dong was astonished. His scenario was somewhat similar to this.

“You don’t need it. The Ancient Universe Formation in your body is way better than any elixirs. You are one lucky guy. In the future, you will experience the benefits of the Ancient Universe Formation yourself….” When the Ancient Universe Formation in Lin Dong’s body was mentioned, even Little Marten could not help but smack his lips and explained.

“Balance Spirit Fruit, starting bidding price, one million Nirvana pills.”

At this moment, on the auction stage, Song Tai started to yell out a starting bidding price that sent the audience into an uproar. A lot of people felt incredulous about the fact that an elixir would fetch such an expensive price.

With regards to the uproar among the audience, Song Tai did not say anything. Naturally, he knew how precious the Balance Spirit Fruit was and the fact that it would not receive much recognition in this place. That was because this item was not useful to the type of practitioners here.

After the uproar in the auction market quietened down, the audience started to whisper among themselves but no one was willing to bid for the item. One million Nirvana pills was not a small amount. No one wanted to purchase the so-called Balance Spirit Fruit for such an amount of Nirvana pills.

Lin Dong silently looked at this scene. After a few minutes, he finally said plainly, “One million and one hundred thousand Nirvana pills.”


Lin Dong’s bid immediately caught everyone’s attention. Countless people were looking at him stunningly. Their gazes were somewhat eccentric. Clearly, they treated him as a foolish spendthrift.

“Brother Lin Dong.”

Upon hearing Lin Dong’s bid, Su Rou’s quiet and exquisite face changed slightly. She knew that Lin Dong bidded for the Balance Spirit Fruit for her sake. However, the bidding price of one million Nirvana pills made her distressed and touched at the same time.

On the auction stage, Song Tai was shocked by the unexpected bid as well. His gaze shifted towards Lin Dong while containing a tinge of astonishment.

After Lin Dong bidded, no one wanted to increase the bid. Apparently, they did not want be crazy like Lin Dong. After seeing this scene, Lin Dong grinned. However, just as he was about to speak again, a cold voice came gently from the front row, “One million and two hundred thousand Nirvana pills.”

The voice belonged to Feng Cang of the Wind Cloud Empire.

After yelling out his bid, he turned his head around and scanned Lin Dong with an indifferent look. The corners of his mouth were slightly curled, as if he was sneering at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong squinted his eyes slightly and stared at the troublemaking Feng Cang. With He withdrew the glint of fury in his eyes and counterbidded, “One million and five hundred thousand.”

“One million and seven hundred thousand.”

Feng Cang retorted lazily. Even though he already planned to get Lin Dong and his counterparts after obtaining the Heavenly Soul Treasure, he felt that it was rather amusing to tease his opponents.

“Two million.” Lin Dong opened his mouth and bidded again.

“Brother Lin Dong,” Su Rou’s huge eyes could not help but become teary. She casted a look of hatred at the troublemaking Feng Cang. If Su Kui was not holding her back, she would have asked Lin Dong to give up on this meaningless contest.

“Don’t worry, it’s definitely worthwhile to pay two million Nirvana pills for the Balance Spirit Fruit,” Little Marten reassured plainly. It was obvious that his handsome face was rather pissed off. Feng Cang’s action was indeed despicable.

“Hehe, you are truly worthy of being the inheritor of the four great mysterious sects’ inheritance. You are rather well-off. Since you want it so much, you can have it then.”

Waving his hands, Feng Cang smirked coldly and looked at Lin Dong mockingly after raising the bidding price to two million Nirvana pills.

Lin Dong looked at Feng Cang and smiled after a while. A Qiankun bag then flew out of his sleeves and landed on Song Tai’s hand. After taking a look at it, the latter nodded his head slightly. With a snap of his finger, the Balance Spirit Fruit flew towards Lin Dong, who kept it after receiving it.

“That fellow is simply too despicable!”

After seeing Lin Dong kept the Balance Spirit Fruit and sat back onto his chair, Su Rou was still seething with anger. She was not happy with the fact that Lin Dong had to pay an extra one million Nirvana pills due to Feng Cang’s meddling.

“Don’t worry, I will make him pay back both the capital and interest next time around.”

Lin Dong gently smiled. Within that smile was a slight bit of chilliness. It was obvious that Lin Dong was infuriated with Feng Cang’s meddling….