Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 569: Wanxiang Auction

Chapter 569: Wanxiang Auction


Chapter 569: Wanxiang Auction

His sinister laughter resounded throughout the auction area. However, what changed most people’s facial expression, was that they could sense the strong killer intent within that laughter.

All their attention was finally shifted towards Lin Dong. However, what surprised everyone was that even when Lin Dong was being threatened by the notorious leader of the Wind Cloud Empire, his face was still as calm as a serene lake. Countless faces were reflected in his eyes. No one knew what this youth was thinking of when he actually dare to provoke the Wind Cloud Empire.

Beside Lin Dong, Little Marten shot an indifferent glance at the guy with a scar on his face. His purple-black eyes seemed to be surging with chilliness.

At this moment, the silly smile on Little Flame’s face disappeared as well. A terrifying baleful aura began to emit from him slowly. He raised his head and a tinge of scarlet was rising in his eyes. Then, like a great beast from the desolated land, he warned with a deep and brutal voice, “I dare you to try it.”

The auction house became silent once again and everyone was looking at the giant-like Little Flame. Suddenly, a fiendish aura extended outwards from his body, frightening a lot of people.

Even Mu Lin and his counterparts were startled by this sight. Soon after, an astonished look appeared on their faces. They had never expected that even when faced with a threat from such a vicious individual from Wind Cloud Empire, Lin Dong’s faction still dared to oppose them.

“Such a daring fellow!”

Because of Little Flame’s actions, that man with a centipede-like scar on his face raged and then laughed. A similar fiendish aura surged out from his body continuously. It appeared that he had the intention of attacking on the spot.

“Anyone knows how to brag. I think it’s best to settle all our grudges after the auction has ended,” Lin Dong suddenly waved his hands at Little Flame and said, while looking at the scarred guy whose body was surging with a fiendish aura.

“Hehe, you’re right. After the auction has ended, all those who are enemies of the Wind Cloud Empire will not escape.”

The figure beside the scarred man turned his head around and revealed an especially pale-white face and stared at Lin Dong. After a while, he gave a knowing smile before he sat back down on the stone chair.

“I will let you live a little bit longer. Cherish the little amount of time you have left!” The scar on the scarred man’s face wiggled, appearing extremely sinister. He looked eerily at Little Flame and then slowly sat down under everyone’s gazes.

As both sides sat down, the hostile atmosphere in the huge auction market relaxed significantly. Several pairs of eyes were scanning Lin Dong’s figure continously. Apparently, they did not understand where did the Lin Dong trio’s courage came from. Even when they are facing two notorious leaders of the Wind Cloud Empire, they did not display any fear at all.

The other three great super empires were looking peculiarly at Lin Dong and his counterparts as well. There seemed to be an indescribable look in their eyes.

As time passed, more and more terrifying influxes of people were converging at the auction market. From afar, it looked as if there was no end to the pitch-black sea of the attendees’ heads. That kind of full-to-bursting atmosphere made one’s hair stood on his or her end.

“Previously, the man with scars on his face is called Meng Lie. There’s another name for him in the Wanxiang City, The Butcher. Reportedly, ever since he stepped into the Ancient Battlefield, the blood on his hands amount to more than a hundred lives. Furthermore, his killing methods are extremely brutal,” Su Kui informed Lin Dong in a soft voice.

“Butcher Meng Lie….” Lin Dong nodded his head slightly. His name perfectly described his appearance. Meng Lie’s fiendish aura was different from Little Flame’s innate one. Clearly, the strong blood-reeking aura of Meng Lie was acquired and not innate.

“The other leader of the Wind Cloud Empire is called Feng Cang. If Meng Lie is a beast that only knows how to massacre people, then Feng Cang is a venomous snake that always hides in the dark and catches people by surprise. According to the information that I obtained, this fellow seems to have obtained an ancient sect’s inheritance and his powers are unpredictable.”

“No doubt they are from a super empire….”

Lin Dong nodded his head again and looked at the backs of the two figures whom everyone dreaded. He could not deny that Meng Lie and Feng Cang were indeed no pushovers. If not for Lin Dong’s current powerful lineup, it would be very hard for him to go toe-to-toe with them.

However, there was no ‘if’ in this world. When Lin Dong just arrived in the Ancient Battlefield, he had no help at all. At that time, Little Marten had not left his beast form while Little Marten was still a Demon Spirit. Both of them were not of great help to him and he could only depend on himself to contend with his opponents. Naturally, he was being put in a few difficult situations as well. However, Lin Dong still managed to persist through that period of time. How could he not now?

While Lin Dong was conversing softly at this side, at the most front row, Feng Cang’s slender fingers were steepled and his eyes were looking straight ahead. He asked apathetically, “Is everything prepared?”

“Don’t worry, everything has been prepared. When that moment comes, Mu Lin and the rest will be in for a surprise,” Meng Lie grinned and replied.

Upon hearing these words, Feng Cang then nodded his head slightly and squinted his eyes like a poisonous snake that was going to spit out poison, extremely ruthless and vicious.

“When this whole thing ends, I will not let those few lads off. By then, I will make them suffer till they beg for their own death!” Meng Lie laughed malevolently.

“Once I obtain the Heavenly Soul Treasure, they are nothing but pushovers. I will let you handle them in any way as you wish,”

Feng Cang coldly replied.

The malevolence on Meng Lie’s face was getting more and more obvious. Just as he was about to say something, his mind suddenly jolted. He raised his head and looked at the huge stage in the centre of the auction market. A figure slowly walked out onto the stage.

As he walked nearer, the audience discovered that this figure is a middle-aged man who was wearing a grey robe. His face was serene and did not waver just because there were countless covetous gazes focused on him.

The moment this man appeared, Lin Dong’s gaze immediately focused on him. Soon after, a solemn look flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He could sense an extremely powerful yet well-hidden aura from the body of the man.

“He is the overseer whom the super sect stationed in the Wanxiang City. He is called Song Tai. However, no one has ever seen him take action before. Because of his backing from a super sect, whenever he opens his mouth to talk, not even those super empires dare to oppose him,” Su Kui informed Lin Dong.

“Ahh, this man is not simple. If one does not have the capability and dares to behave atrociously in front of him, he or she will just be humiliated,” Little Marten suddenly gave a chuckle. It seemed that he could sense the hidden yet powerful energy waves coming off that middle-aged man.

Lin Dong nodded his head slightly. It is foolish to think that the man in front of him would only rely on his super sect’s reputation to pressure people.

The man, who suddenly appeared on the stage, immediately became the focal point of the entire auction market. Apparently, everyone in the auction market knew his identity. In an instant, there was a reverent look in everyone’s gazes. Even those super empires that were seated in the front row started to restrain their arrogance.

“All of you are here because of the Wanxiang City’s auction. I shall not dwell on the rules here. Fighting is prohibited in the auction market. No matter which empire are you from, a super empire or a low-ranked empire, once you violate this rule, you will be banished from here. The second time you violate the rule again, you will be disqualified from the entering the Hundred Empire War. Everyone, am I clear?”

The middle-aged man put his hands behind his back and scanned the entire area with an unenthusiastic look. His firm voice echoed loudly in everyone’s ears.

As his gaze swept passed Lin Dong, he paused for awhile. Following which, when he saw Little Marten, his facial expression froze slightly and a look of suspicion seemed to flash across his face. When he first saw Little Marten, he could sense faint dangerous vibes emitting from the handsome young man.

“An I mistaken….”

This kind of feeling died out after a short moment. When he refocused his attention, he could no longer sense it anymore. Following which, the middle-aged man muttered to himself and looked at Little Marten once more, before shifting his gaze elsewhere.

“His perception is rather sharp. It appears that this man’s mastery of Mental Energy has also reached an exceptionally high level.…” Little Marten said after the middle-aged man shifted his gaze elsewhere.

At this moment, Lin Dong silently heaved a sigh of relief as well. When he saw the middle-aged man staring at their direction, he was worried that Little Marten’s identity would be exposed. It seemed like he was worrying for nothing.

“There are not a lot of items up for auction this time around. However, these items have gone through a round of strict selection before being put up for the auction and therefore, they are still considered rare artefacts. I guess there will be a lot of people who are interested in them.”

On the auction stage, the middle-aged man looked at the auction market and laughed dully. Then, with a swipe of his robe, more than ten resplendent light orbs shot out from his sleeves and hovered on the stage.


At this moment, all the gazes were converged onto the stage. The audience could sense waves of powerful energy coming off those resplendent light orbs. From the look of it, these items are rather extraordinary.

At the top of all these light orbs, there was a human head-sized, purple light orb. There were circles of halo surrounding that particular light orb. Indistinctly, it was giving off an energy wave that induced fear in countless people’s hearts.

Under that kind of energy wave, the entire auction market became silent. Following which, almost everyone’s eyes, including Lin Dong’s, began to burn with fervent. They clearly knew which was the only item that would possess such terrifying energy wave.

Lin Dong licked his lips and stared tightly at the purple light orb with his eyes boiling.

“Is this the Heavenly Soul Treasure that is to be auctioned this time around!?”