Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 568: The Four Great Super Empires

Chapter 568: The Four Great Super Empires


Chapter 568: The Four Great Super Empires

As the Hundred Empire war approached, the population in Wanxiang City grew increasingly terrifying. An escalating number of practitioners streamed in from every direction, causing the already electrifying atmosphere in the city to suddenly reach a whole new level.

Over the past two days, several newcomers arrived to take the Nirvana Monument Test, however, none of them could touch the first three ranks of the earth category. Whatsmore, it would be impossible for any of them to charge in and claim three of the four top spots in the earth category in a domineering fashion like Lin Dong’s group had done.

Of course, this was partly because there were a few individuals who were unwilling to expose their true strength. After all, there were countless dragons and tigers hidden in Wanxiang City and the people who could make it here were cautious and smart individuals. Hence, they naturally did not want to expose themselves.

Nonetheless, this did not nothing to conceal the commotion that Lin Dong’s group had caused in the city. During that night, many people had witnessed the fight between Lin Dong and Luo Tong. Henceforth, there was hardly anyone in Wanxiang City, who did not know of Lin Dong’s daring exploit of challenging a prized fighter from the Wind Cloud Empire.

After news of that night’s events spread, what caused most people to be stunned was that the intolerant and arrogant Wind Cloud Empire, who once eliminated five high rank empires in Wanxiang City, would turn eerily silent. In fact, it did not seem like they were going to cause trouble for Lin Dong.

Of course, from the intel that they received, some astute individuals were able to vaguely deduce the reason. They knew that even though this grudge would not be easily resolved, the Wind Cloud Empire currently did not want to be distracted by Lin Dong’s group. After all, their current target was the rumoured Heavenly Soul Treasure that would appear in the auction!

After the fight over the Heavenly Soul Treasure was concluded, it will be time to resolve that grudge…

Like the calm before the storm, two days passed by stealthily and quietly.

As news of the Heavenly Soul Treasure spread, an increasingly number of elite practitioners streamed into Wanxiang City over the past two days. Everyone was aware just how powerful a Heavenly Soul Treasure was. If they could somehow obtain it, their strength would surely surge. In fact, it would even give them a good fighting chance in the upcoming Hundred Empire War.

Due to the temptation of the Heavenly Soul Treasure, the city grew increasingly chaotic…

As thousands waited with bated breaths, two days passed. Finally, the Wanxiang City auction arrived in a leisurely manner.

The auction was held in a large arena in the northern part of the city. As a heavyweight city, Wanxiang City was not lacking in land. Even though they city was packed, the arena was still able to accommodate them.

When Lin Dong’s group arrived at the large arena, it was already packed with people. When they heard the sound waves that dashed through the heavens, even though Lin Dong was already prepared for it, he involuntarily marvelled secretly in his heart.

Lin Dong’s group walked into the arena and instantly felt countless peculiar stares being directed at him from every direction. In a short two days, Lin Dong had definitely become a well-known figure in Wanxiang City. Therefore, it was no surprise that everyone was aware of him.

“Haha, it seems like the allure of the Heavenly Soul Treasure is pretty strong. Even Lin Dong has been drawn here.”

Soon after Lin Dong’s group walked into the arena, a laugh sounded out from nearby. Lin Dong turned around, only to see Chang Ling, who he was briefly acquainted with, walk towards him together with a group of men.

With regards to Chang Ling, Lin Dong did not dislike him. Just like him, the latter did not have a powerful background and it must have took him a tremendous amount of effort in order to secure his current accomplishments. Lin Dong was clearly aware of the sacrifices it took.

“Brother Chang Ling.” Lin Dong cupped his hands and smiled.

“Brother Lin Dong has truly made a name for himself overnight. That fight during that night was truly shocking.” Chang Ling sincerely replied. That night, he had initially been worried for Lin Dong when he saw Luo Tong approaching Lin Dong’s group. However, he never expected that renowned elite practitioner in Wanxiang City, would be eventually forced by Lin Dong to eat humble pie and retreat.

Lin Dong’s performance that night can only be described by one word: stunning.

The people beside Chang Ling were also staring reverently at Lin Dong. In their opinion, a super empire was a monstrous entity. Therefore, they admired the fact that Lin Dong actually had the guts to challenge one.

With regards to their stares, Lin Dong could only laugh. No one would want to irke the wrath of such a troublesome foe and he was no exception. However, things did not always play out as planned.

“Brother Lin Dong. I know that you must be here because of the Heavenly Soul Treasure. However, based on the information that I have received, the Wind Cloud Empire is the favoured winner in this fight. Once the Heavenly Soul Treasure lands on their laps, based on their usual methods, they will surely employ drastic measures against anyone who have crossed them. At that time, you will probably be at the top of their list.” Chang Ling glanced around, before he suddenly cautioned in a low voice.

Lin Dong was slightly taken aback. Promptly, he gently nodded his head and said, “Thanks. I will be careful.”

When he saw this situation, Chang Ling, who was originally planning to advise him to leave Wanxiang City, shook his head while he bitterly laugh. After conversing for a while, he led his men and headed towards the front of the arena.

“Seems like the Wind Cloud Empire came prepared…” While he stared at Chang Ling’s back, Lin Dong was deep in thought. Even though the Wind Cloud Empire was powerful, could they defeat the three other super empires? It was never wise to count your chickens before they hatch.

“Go. Let’s enter.”

Lin Dong shook his head and suppressed these thoughts. Following which, he directly led Little Marten and found a seat in the large arena.

“Seems like quite a number of elite practitioners have came to Wanxiang City over the last two days…” After taking their seats, Little Marten’s eyes casually scanned his surroundings, before he suddenly said.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. Even though there were countless number of auras crisscrossed in the arena, he could still sense a few powerful vibrations within. In fact, some of these auras were similar to Luo Tong. Evidently, these elite practitioners were all attracted by the Heavenly Soul Treasure.

While Lin Dong was surveying his surroundings, a commotion suddenly erupted in the arena. Following which, a splitting wind sound echoed out as dozens of individuals descended from and landed directly at the forefront of the arena.

“The Lone Moon Empire…”

Amongst the dozen or so figures, Lin Dong stared at one familiar and alluring figure. She was Mu Hanyue. Besides her was a man dressed in white clothes. The aura that emerged from within that man’s body caused Lin Dong’s expression to turn solemn. That aura was more than twice as powerful as Luo Tong’s…

“That is the leader of the Lone Moon Empire, Mu Lin.” Su Kui stared at that individual while he solemnly said.

“Very powerful indeed.” Lin Dong gently nodded his head. From Mu Lin’s body, he could sense an extremely dangerous sensation. Immediately, he silently sighed inside his heart. He was truly envious of the members of these super empires.

When Lin Dong observed Mu Lin, the latter also detected him. Immediately, he turned around and looked right at Lin Dong. Following which, he gently smiled at him.

When he saw Mu Lin’s friendly gesture, Lin Dong immediately returned it with a smile. He was no fool. Unless he had no other choice, he did not want to cross these powerful super empires.

Not long after the Lone Moon Empire members appeared, two other groups entered the arena in a dazzling fashion. Under the attention of the crowd, they landed at the forefront of the arena.

“That man is Wu Ta from one of the Four Great Super Empires, Forest Empire. He is similarly a powerful individual who has reached the heaven category on the Nirvana Monument…”

Su Kui pointed at a green-robed man. The man’s hair was jade-green as well. However, the skin of his body was extremely dry and it even showed signs of cracking. Therefore, he looked quite peculiar. Nonetheless, the aura from his body did not lose out to Mu Lin.

“Besides him, is Mo Fen from the Lihuo Empire. They used to be a powerful existence that commanded an entire region…”

On the other side was a muscular man with fire tattoos emblazoned on his back. He was seated on a stone chair while a savage and dry Yuan Power rippled from his body, causing the air several feet around him to turn exceedingly dry.

“The heads of the other two super empires…”

Lin Dong’s eyes glanced at the two individuals who had powerful auras. Promptly, he gently nodded his head. They were indeed individuals who were able to obtain the heaven category on Nirvana Monument. Sure enough, they would not be easy to deal with.

Even though most of the people who could reach this place were pretty powerful, compared to the three of them, the difference was immediately apparent.

“The ones who are going to appear next should be the Wind Cloud Empire?”

Lin Dong’s eyes slowly narrowed. Moments later, his heart violently shook. He could feel two extremely powerful Yuan Power vibrations suddenly surge from a distance away. Like a hurricane, it swept into the arena and blew the crowds away.

“Haha, it seems like most of you guys have arrived early. However, this Heaven Soul Treasure is something that my Wind Cloud Empire must have. Today, let me witness who has the ability to snatch something away from our Wind Cloud Empire!”

A savage wind blew, while a hearty laugh wrapped with by potent Yuan Power, boomed across the large arena, causing many people’s eardrums to ache. However, none of them dared to reveal a dissatisfied expression on their faces.

Lin Dong slowly lifted his head and turned to look in that direction. At that spot, a savage Yuan Power hurricane gathered together, before two figures appeared flambloyant in front of the crowd.

Right now, those two figures also turned around. Immediately, their eyes, which were several times sharper than Luo Tong, fixed onto Lin Dong’s body with a slightly icy glint.

The originally chaotic arena turned silent quiety. In fact even Mu Lin and the rest tilted their heads and stared at this sight.

“The Wind Cloud Empire is truly domineering…” Lin Dong’s eyes met with those two pairs of eyes. Promptly, they crisscrossed under the stares of the crowd while he softly said.

While he softly spoke, a man with a centipede-like scar on his face, instantly chuckled. Promptly, his bone-chilling laughter ricocheted across the entire arena.

“Are you Lin Dong? Very well, your life is mine.”