Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 567: An Approaching Storm

Chapter 567: An Approaching Storm


Chapter 567: An Approaching Storm

The night sky gradually turned darker. However, that wild and violent energy ripple continued to remain in the night sky, causing many gazes present to be quietly tremble in fear.

A couple of figures stood facing the wind on a tall tower at the north of the city. Their eyes were locked onto the direction where the big battle had erupted earlier. There was an unknown expression in their eyes.

“What an interesting fellow. However, his strength is indeed quite strong.” There was a moon-white clothed handsome man standing right at the front. He gradually withdrew his gaze from the distant, while a interested smile surfaced on his face.

“Although I do not have a deep relationship with Lin Dong, I am aware that someone like him will not live under anyone. The Wind Cloud Empire will definitely end up being rejected if it wished to recruit them.” Another white clothed figure stood behind the white clothed man. This was Mu Hanyue, whom Lin Dong had met during the day.

At this moment, she had also withdrew her gaze from the night sky. There was still some remnant shock within her pretty eyes. Clearly, that big battle earlier had greatly exceeded her expectations.

“Not easy to recruit huh? I can tell that Lin Dong’s group is not a simple one. If we can recruit them, they will definitely be of great help.” The handsome man said.


Mu Hanyue shook her head slightly. She looked towards the direction that Luo Tong had fled towards and softly said, “Luo Tong is a good example. The reason why Lin Dong fought is to send us a message. He does not intend on joining any empires. Or rather, he thinks that there is not a single empire who has the qualification to recruit them, even including us, the super empires.”

“Haha, what a arrogant fellow.” The man laughed.

“It might be impossible to recruit such a person as a subordinate, but it is still possible to have a good relation with him through other means. Currently, they have offended the Wind Cloud Empire. This is quite good from the perspective of our Lone Moon Empire.” Mu Hanyue said.

The man nodded as he voiced his thoughts, “The focus of the Wind Cloud Empire will definitely be placed on the auction held the day after tomorrow. They intend to obtain that Heavenly Soul Treasure at any cost. If they were to obtain it, it is likely that no one will be able to stop them in the Wanxiang City.

“Other than our Lone Moon Empire, there are two other super empires who are also eyeing that Heavenly Soul Treasure. They will not allow the Wind Cloud Empire to obtain it so easily…” Mu Hanyue spoke faintly.

“There is still going to be a fight over this matter. Whoever obtains this Heavenly Soul Treasure would likely gain quite a great advantage in the subsequent Hundred Empire War. No one will give up so easily…”

Two figures were seated on a tall platform at the southern part of the city. A chessboard was placed in front of them and it looked like they were challenging each other.


A rushing wind sound was emitted from a distance. Following which, a figure filled with a bloody stench hideously descended on a platform, before he stood in front of two seated individuals. His face was bitter and it was indeed Luo Tong, who was defeated in Lin Dong’s hands earlier.

“Lin Dong, it is rumoured that he has obtained one of the four great mysterious sects’ inheritance. It is unexpected that someone who had come from a low ranked empire is actually able to climb to such a stage in the Ancient Battlefield. It is really not easy.” A seated figure raised his eyes, glanced at Luo Tong and laughed faintly.

“That fellow is indeed quite strong. Moreover, the martial arts that he had displayed is also extremely strange.” Luo Tong could not resist but say after recalling the mysterious martial arts displayed by Lin Dong that had transformed his finger into a dragon finger.

“It should be a martial arts from the Green Dragon Hall, one of the four great mysterious sects.” Another seated man raised his head. His facial expression was of a sickly pale colour. That paleness appeared as though there was no blood flowing in him.

“That fellow refuses to hand over Su Rou. What should we do?” Luo Tong softly asked.

“We must definitely obtain that girl. If we are able to obtain that kind of strength, we will definitely be able to stand out in the Hundred Empire War. In fact, we will have no need to fear even when facing those powerful existences.” The pale face man pressed his finger gently on the chessboard and smiled faintly.

“If he doesn’t appreciate kindness, all we will need to do is to finish him off when the time comes.” The smile on the corner of the man’s mouth clearly had a ferocious feeling to it when he spoke.

Luo Tong quietly nodded. His eyes similarly possessed a cold glint surging within it.

“Of course, we must first obtain that Heavenly Soul Treasure from the auction. Once we obtain that thing, we will no longer need to be afraid of the remaining three super empires in the Wanxiang City. A little stray like Lin Dong shall amount to nothing.” The figure opposite the pale faced man finally spoke hoarsely. He raised his head and a ferocious scar could be seen on his face. The scar appeared to wiggle like a centipede, emitting an evil aura as it did so.

“Luo Tong, you should go and recuperate from your injuries first. Leave them alone for two days. We will settle all the grudges when the time comes.”

The chess piece on the scarred man’s hand suddenly landed onto the chessboard. An incomparable wild and violent energy seeped out. All the chess pieces on the chessboard were shattered into powder.

“I understand.” Luo Tong nodded. After which, he turned around and left without saying anything else.

“How troublesome. If it is not because I do not wish for more trouble at this point in time, I really wish to take action and finish off that brat…” The scarred man lifted his head and muttered. He was staring into the distance in a dense wild beast like manner.

“Relax, none of them will be able to escape once we obtain the Heavenly Soul Treasure. Compared to this, I really feel a heartache for the price that we will need to pay in order to buy the Heavenly Soul Treasure. If we are not in the Wanxiang City, I really wish to snatch it directly…” The pale faced man laughed faintly.

“Regardless of what price we pay, we can get them all back when the time comes.” The scarred man parted his mouth and smiled. A chillness spread from his dense white teeth.

“Ke ke, that’s right…”

The pale looking man raised his head. The savage feeling from the corner of his mouth became increasingly dense as he muttered, “None of you will be able to escape…”

Such a conversation was currently appearing from quite a number of places within the Wanxiang City. The fight tonight had greatly exceeded the expectations of most people. Originally, they thought that Lin Dong would be suppressed in the face of the powerful four Yuan Nirvana Stage strength of Luo Tong. However, the final result was Luo Tong fleeing after being injured.

Lin Dong had displayed a shocking strength. However, many people understood that though he might appear impressive, he had also completely infuriated the Wind Cloud Empire. After all, the two leaders from the Wind Cloud Empire that had yet to reveal themselves, were the truly frightening existences…

Lin Dong’s expression was calm as he stared at the direction in which Luo Tong had fled from the night sky. After which, he slowly landed into the courtyard.

Su Kui looked at Lin Dong, who had returned to the courtyard. He quietly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The latter’s strength had clearly shocked him once again. He had discovered that after being acquainted with Lin Dong, he was continuously being shocked by the strength and trump cards displayed by the latter.

“It seems that we have truly formed a deep grudge with that Wind Cloud Empire this time around…” Little Marten casually laughed.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. His gaze was immediately turned towards Su Kui as he asked, “The Wind Cloud Empire has two leaders?”

“Yup, these two fellows are extremely powerful. They are different from Luo Tong, who has only just advanced to the four Yuan Nirvana Stage. They have long since stepped into this stage. Moreover, they are also people who are in the Heavenly category of the Nirvana Tablet.” Su Kui’s expression became solemn upon mentioning this. He clearly understood that the matter tonight had completely offended the Wind Cloud Empire and they would likely attack them soon. At that time, it would really be a soul-stirring time.

“Moreover, the techniques of those two fellows are also extremely vicious. Back then, they destroyed nearly five high ranked empires overnight when they had just arrived at the Wanxiang City. They even exchanged blows with a super empire like the Lone Moon Empire. Finally, they directly forced the members from the reigning super sect to intervene, before the conflict was finally resolved.”

“Destroying five high ranked empires…” Lin Dong congelated his eyes. This method of establishing their dominance was indeed vicious.

“The Wind Cloud Empire is the strongest amongst the four super empires in the Wanxiang City. Adding the current Luo Tong, they possess three experts who had stepped into the four Yuan Nirvana Stage. On the other hand, the remaining three super empires only have one person who had advanced to this level.”

Lin Dong nodded as he let out a sigh in his heart. From the looks of it, these super empires can also be divided into the strong and the weak ones. At the very least, this Wind Cloud Empire was much stronger on the surface when compared with the other three super empires. No wonder they were able to act in such a domineering manner in this city.

“The so-called Hundred Empire War is ultimately a place for the super empires to fight. Other than some of those who had truly gained great luck and ability from the other empires, most of those who remained until the end are those who from the super empires. It is really too difficult for an ordinary person to even gain a spot, much less stand out in that kind of place.

Lin Dong also deeply agreed with this. Those people from the super empires already belonged to the peak level ever since they had entered this space. Even if they did not spend any effort to search for treasures or inheritances, they will still form over ninety percent of the competitors. It was easier said than done for an ordinary person to compete with these people from a completely different starting point.

However, there was no absolute fairness in this word. Constantly dwelling over it will only make an ordinary individual even more ordinary and they would only feel some additional useless resentment for no reason.

“The four super empires in Wanxiang City do not possess a congenial relationship. The auction this time around might worsen that grudge. I have heard that the four super empires are all targeting that Heavenly Soul Treasure. No matter who the item ends up with, this Wanxiang City will definitely not be calm. Those grudges will also erupt at that time…”

Lin Dong nodded slowly. He lifted his head and looked into the distant night sky. He vaguely felt that this city seemed to possess the feeling of an approaching storm.

After the auction was over the day after, it was likely that this city would also end up turning into a chaotic one. At that time, the Wind Cloud Empire would also likely attack them…