Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 566: Green Dragon Finger

Chapter 566: Green Dragon Finger


Chapter 566: Green Dragon Finger


The giant golden sword fragments exploded outwards and even air itself seemed to be torn apart wherever the fragments passed, let alone the buildings below, which were directly turned into swiss cheese, revealing numerous glossy black holes.

Within the darkness, shock stealthily surfaced in the several eyes which had been watching the night sky. Evidently, no one had expected Lin Dong to directly smash Luo Tong’s formidable attack into pieces with just the strength of Three Yuan Nirvana stage.

There was practically no warm up period in the duo’s exchange. Their first blows were formidable strikes. Both knew that the other was no ordinary individual. Thus, neither party planned to show any mercy when they attacked. Hence, this short exchange secretly contained an endless amount of danger.

In the courtyard, Su Kui involuntarily swallowed when he saw that scene. His eyes could not help but turn towards the tall figure shrouded in green light. The cards up this fellow’s sleeves were completely astonishing.

Little Marten still maintained his lazy appearance as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Although Luo Tong had reached the Four Yuan Nirvana stage, he had clearly advanced to that stage not too long ago. To suppress Lin Dong with just this was undoubtedly a pipe dream. What’s more the current Lin Dong had ‘Dragon Transformation’, a Martial Art that even Little Marten felt was extremely wondrous and mysterious.

Hovering in the night sky, Luo Tong stared intensely at that figure shrouded by a green glow. At the same time, the shock in his eyes stealthily retreated. Moments later, it was completely transformed into a solemn glint. Right now, he no longer dared to treat that young man in front of him as an ordinary individual.

“It seems like I have indeed underestimated you…”

Luo Tong’s voice was solemn. He pointed out two of his pale fingers before he clipped a giant sword fragment that was flying back at him. The sharp glow flowing in his eyes were as sharp as a blade.

“Even if that is the case, I must tell you. It is not a wise move to offend my Wind Cloud Empire.”

While that green glow flowed, that dragon-like shadow slowly swivelled before it gradually disappeared. Promptly, Lin Dong’s figure once again appeared in front of countless pairs of eyes, that were stealthily surveilling him.

After withdrawing the green glow, the cold glint on the green scales on Lin Dong’s right arm began to glow even more resplendently. As he lifted his head, a cold glint also appeared on his pupils, which were mixed with a dash of green, before he said: “I must tell you too. You have overestimated yourselves.”


After he spoke, Lin Dong’s eyes turned completely icy-cold. Following which, his figure flashed as he leapt forth. Countless blurry shadows transformed into a green light ray, as he directly tore through the air and appeared in front of Luo Tong at a startling rate.

Lin Dong’s sudden increase in speed caused Luo Tong to be stunned. However, promptly, the vigorous Yuan Power in his body gushed out. He knew that there were countless individuals observing this place. Therefore, tonight, for the sake of Wind Cloud Empire’s reputation, he must thrash this fellow who has suddenly popped out in Thousand Elephant City!

“Green Dragon Bat!”

A glaring green glow swept out from Lin Dong’s body in every direction. Finally, it swiftly gathered on the middle finger of Lin Dong’s right palm.

As that green glow quickly gathered together, Lin Dong’s figure began to swell up in a peculiar fashion. Green scales slowly appeared on his fingers. In a few short moments, Lin Dong’s finger had transformed into a several meters long green dragon finger!

His dragon finger was wrapped with countless green scales. Meanwhile, a savage shockwave emerged from it. At the tip of his finger, there was a dazzling cold glint, which looked as if it could penetrate through space!

This was a genuine dragon finger and it was not forged from Yuan Power!

The “Materialized Dragon Skill” that Qing Zhi had given Lin Dong had the ability to rob the heavens of its powers. If you could fully master it, his physical body would rival that of the dragon tribe. Of course, based on Lin Dong’s current strength, he had naturally yet to reach that stage. Nonetheless, he could still barely transform one of his fingers into that of a dragon.

When this giant dragon finger appeared on Lin Dong’s palm, it seems fairly peculiar. However, that vibrations that seeped out caused Luo Tong’s expression to turn solemn instantly.

Once that dragon finger appeared, Lin Dong did not hesitate any more. As he suddenly stretched out his arm, wherever the green dragon finger flashed by, the surrounding air was completely scattered. Following which, the green glow tore through the air and stabbed at Luo Tong as quick as lightning.

Chi! Chi!

Everywhere the dragon finger flashed by, it caused a piercing soundwave. As he stared at that dragon finger, that was growing rapidly in his pupils, vigorous Yuan Power gushed out manically from within Luo Tong’s body. Finally, his hand seals changed as he furiously shouted: “Sword Shield Finger!”

Sharp Yuan Power manically gathered in front of Luo Tong. In mere moments, they transformed into a large shield-like Yuan Power sword. A exceedingly solid sensation emerged from within and it seemed like an extremely powerful shield.


Once that sword shield materialized, an exceedingly sharp green glow violently approached. Following which, under countless stares from the crowd, it solidly slammed against that sword shield. Instantly, a piercing metallic sound violently resounded across the night sky.


A terrifyingly force erupted the instant finger and shield collided. Due to that force, Luo Tong’s body was actually forcefully pushed back by hundreds of meters.

Buzz Chii!

There was sparks crackling on that sword shield. Lin Dong’s body continued to rush forth, while Luo Tong’s body was directly pushed back by that force. Anyone could tell that Lin Dong had actually taken the upper hand in this direct fight!

Luo Tong’s expression was solemn. He could similarly sense just how powerful Lin Dong’s attack was. He had never expected that even after he poured all his strength in his shield, he was still forced into such a sorry state. However, he believed that Lin Dong would not be able to sustain this kind of attack for long. As long as he is able to endure his vicious counterattack, he would have the chance to turn the tables!

When he thought of this point, a cold glint flashed across Luo Tong’s razor sharp eyes. At this moment, he suddenly saw a derisive smile slowly appeared on Lin Dong’s face. Promptly, his heart trembled.


While that derisive smile appeared on his lips, Lin Dong’s strangely pulled back his arm. Following which, which he was only a short distance away, his green dragon finger began to vibrate at a terrifying rate. Meanwhile, a piercing sound wave began to spread out while his dragon finger shook.

When he saw this sight, Luo Tong’s pupils violently shrunk. To use high-speed vibrations in order to increase his destructive power. That fellow’s physical body is actually this powerful.

“Green Dragon Finger, Destroy!”

A rapidly shaking green dragon finger carved out several blurry shadows, as it flew out as quick as lightning. Finally, it viciously slammed against that solid sword shield.

A piercing sound wave manically sounded out from the sword shield. Finally, Luo Tong’s shrunken eyes shrivelled until it was the size of a pin. That was because, he saw that there were actually small cracks appeared on the sword shield, that he had used all of his Yuan Power to create.

Lin Dong’s eyes were icy cold as he viciously shouted. Following which, his fingers began to vibrate even more vigorously.


More and more cracks began to appear. Moments later, under Luo Tong’s astonished stare, the shield that covered his body began to explode with a loud bang.

Shrapnels filled the horizons. However, Lin Dong’s expression remained clam. As he jerked his arm, that green glow directly tore through the shrapnels before it lightning quick stabbed on Luo Tong’s chest.


That dragon finger landed on Luo Tong’s chest, but it did not pierce the latter’s body. Instead, a clear and crisp sound echoed out. As the residue force emerged, Luo Tong’s shirt ripped apart before revealing a black vest, that he was wearing underneath. On that black vest, there was a peculiar glow shimmering. Evidently, it was a fairly powerful Soul Treasure. However, right now, the glow on the Soul Treasure had dimmed. Evidently, it had suffered a big blow after taking Lin Dong’s finger attack.

Buzz! Chii!

Even though he had the Soul Treasure to protect him which allowed him to avoid a fatal attack, the residue force still wounded Luo Tong until he was forced to spit out a mouthful of blood. Meanwhile, his body hideously flew out. Following which, his figure flashed before he actually used the momentum to make an escape.

“Lin Dong, you will regret this!” As Luo Tong’s fled, an deep and enraged roar resounded across the nightsky.

During the night, the entire city seemed to have turned silent stealthily. Several pairs of hidden eyes were filled with shock. That first ranked earth category member who had already advanced into Four Yuan Nirvana Stage, was actually wounded and forced back by Lin Dong!

“That fellow is simply too vicious…”

Several pairs of eye involuntarily turned to look at that man hovering in the night sky. It was simply too much for them to believe that Luo Tong would actually be defeated by him. Furthermore, that guy was simply too gutsy. Injuring Luo Tong was akin to a declaration of war against the Wind Cloud Empire.

“The two heads of the Wind Cloud Empire will not let this matter rest…”

Some individuals muttered to themselves. They could only imagine just how enraged the Wind Cloud Empire will be, when they hear about Lin Dong’s provocations.