Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 563: Wanxiang Auction

Chapter 563: Wanxiang Auction


Chapter 563: Wanxiang Auction

The surroundings of the Nirvana Monument was completely silent. Everyone’s attention was focused on the three figures. Everyone was clearly aware just how shocking this news would be once it spread throughout the entire Wanxiang City.

The first four names in the earth-rank category were basically dominated by the prized fighters from the Four Great Super Empires, and it had been a long time since anyone was able to challenge them. However, the Lin Dong trio had basically took three of those spots today!

Furthermore, anyone could tell from their names that they were closely related. In fact, they likely belonged to the same empire. If that was truly the case, this empire’s strength was simply too startling.

Su Kui was shocked when he saw this sight as he involuntarily swallowed. He had already viewed Lin Dong’s abilities in high regards. However, Su Kui never expected that Lin Dong could actually take the second spot. Furthermore, Little Marten and Little Flame were closely behind and were only one spot behind Lin Dong. Their strength and lineup was simply too terrifying.

“Those three fellows, I really wonder how they managed to pull off such a feat. After all, they only came from a low rank empire, yet their capabilities are able to match and even exceed some super empires.” Su Kui bitterly laughed in his heart. As he compared himself to the Lin Dong trio, he finally realized the gap between them.

Beside him, Su Rou did not dwell too long on this issue. When she saw the Lin Dong trio’s superb performance, her tiny face was filled with a joyous smile. Promptly, she grinned as she turned to stare at a despondent Yin Sen. That fellow was previously so proud of the fact that he had obtained the ninth rank. However, right now, he had been directly pushed down to the fourteenth position.

Lin Dong smiled as he turned to look at Little Marten, before he gently nodded his head. He knew Little Marten’s abilities and there was no way he would merely belong to the top three ranking of this lowly category. If he really wanted to, he could easily rush into the heaven category and tower over everyone. However, that would attract too much attention.

As he lifted his head, Lin Dong’s attention turned towards the golden Nirvana Monument. On top of the earth category, the three Lin family names were exceptionally eye-catching. However, he only glanced at those three names before he looking above those names. At that spot, there was an even larger golden name floating.

Luo Tong, first in the earth category, Wind Cloud Empire.

“A member of the Wind Cloud Empire?”

Lin Dong observed the empire name that only appeared for the number one ranker as his eyes narrowed a little. He never expected that the top ranked member of the earth category would actually be from the Wind Cloud Empire.

“Luo Tong is extremely powerful and I’ve heard that he is attacking the fourth Nirvana Tribulation. If he is successful, the Wind Cloud Empire will have another heavyweight member.” Behind Lin Dong, Su Kui softly spoke in an extremely wary tone.

“Attacking the fourth Nirvana Tribulation?” Lin Dong chuckled. It’s no wonder he was able to tower over the other prized fighters from the three great super empires. Looks like he was indeed quite skilled.

While they spoke, Lin Dong’s attention turned to the spot above the earth category. However, it was completely enshrouded by a golden glow and he could not discern anything at all.

“Nirvana Monument Heaven Category. Only the experts that can reach that stage are able to see it. Those fellows are mostly the heads of the super empires and they are all extremely powerful.”

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. It was said that as long as one could hit the heaven category, one would have the qualifications to attack the so-called Nirvana Golden Board. It seems like the members of the heaven category were truly of a different calibre.

Lin Dong looked at it for a while, before he retracted his attention. Next, he turned around before he calmly gazed at a stiff-looking Yin Sen and asked, “Do we have the qualifications now?”

When he heard these words, Yin Sen’s expression instantly deflated, like a cigar hitting snow, while the raging and powerful practitioners standing behind him similarly deflated and did not dare to display any signs of hostility.

What a joke. In front of the trio who were powerful enough to rival the prized fighters from the super empires, even with Yin Sen, all of them together would not even be able to threaten them.

White and green alternated on Yin Sen face. However, even a haughty and arrogant man like him did not dare to speak anymore. After releasing a dry laugh, he led his men and sorrily withdrew.

Lin Dong glanced at their backs, but he had no intention of seeking trouble with them. He knew Yin Sen’s character and he believed that he knew who he could afford to offend and who he could not.

“These three friends, my name is Chang Ling. If you guys don’t mind, perhaps we can be friends.” Just as Yin Sen and his men left, from beside the Lin Dong trio, Chang Ling could resist no longer as he walked up and cupped his fists towards the three of them, before he greeted them with a smile.

Lin Dong looked at this man, who had originally clinched the fifth spot but was now squeezed down to the eight spot because of them. When he realized that the latter’s expression was sincere and held no bitterness, he immediately smiled before he cupped his fist and replied, “Lin Dong. These are my two brothers, Lin Diao and Lin Yan.”

“This is the first time in Wanxiang City that three out of the top five ranks of the Earth category is occupied by the same empire. The Lin brothers must be truly skilled. I believe that all of you will certainly shine in the upcoming Hundred Empire War.” Chang Ling sincerely remarked.

“We got lucky.” Lin Dong smiled as he said.

Chang Ling smiled as he shook his head. Luck played no role in the Nirvana Monument test. However, since Lin Dong was unwilling to elaborate, he swiftly changed the topic and asked, “Since the Lin brothers have chanced upon Wanxiang City, I believe that you must be after the Wanxiang Auction that is being held in two days time”

“Wanxiang Auction?” Lin Dong was stunned for a moment.

“The Wanxiang Auction is the most prominent location in the entire Wanxiang City and is only opened every two months. This auction is basically the largest auction in the entire Ancient Battlefield. That is because once one passess through the Wanxiang City, one would be able to enter the central area and partake in the Hundred Empire War. Therefore, many people hope to buy some treasures in that place in order to boost their strength.” Beside Lin Dong, Su Kui softly explained.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong gently nodded his head. Wanxiang City was one of the major cities and there were countless elites gathered here. Therefore, there was a good chance that someone might have found some unknown mystical treasures in this area and brought it to the auction. If they were lucky, they might actually encounter some legendary treasures.

“It is said that there is a Heavenly Soul Treasure available in the auction this time around. If the three of you are interested, you should take a look.” Just as this thought crossed Lin Dong’s mind, an exceptionally cold and clear voice suddenly sounded out. Lin Dong lifted his head, only to see that Mu Hanyue, who was dressed in white, had unknowingly appeared in front him. Her stunning face was cold yet exquisite.

“Miss Mu, many thanks for the information.” With regards to this ice princess who was backed by a super empire, Lin Dong did not dare to be disrespectful. Immediately, he cupped his hands and thanked her.

He knew that the reason why their relationship warmed and even this exceptionally ice-cold Mu Hanyue would take the initiative to speak to them, was because of the four names hovering at the top of the Nirvana Monuments earth category.

In fact, even the super empires would not dare to look down on their rankings. Furthermore, if they could use this opportunity to recruit them, their strength would surely surge. Perhaps, Mu Hanyue had this thought in mind. After all, even if she could not recruit them, it would be good to build some relations.

Mu Hanyue nodded gently, before her beautiful eyes glanced at Lin Dong. However, that was all and she was not overly affectionate. She was still slightly cold as she turned around and left.

Lin Dong glanced at Mu Hanyue’s alluring back as he chuckled. This lady was not only beautiful, but also exceptionally smart.

“Haha, brother Lin Dong, Mu Hanyue is the most famous beauty in Wanxiang City. Furthermore, she has the Lone Moon Empire backing her. There are numerous men who pine for her in hopes of dashing towards the heavens.” Chang Ling saw Lin Dong’s reaction as Mu Hanyue left and could not help but say.

“A beauty is lovely, but it is too far.” Lin Dong smiled. Over the years, he had met plenty of ladies. In terms of appearance, none of them surpassed Ling Qingzhu. In fact, even Mu Hanyue was slightly lacking. Perhaps, it can be said that he did not have a romantic bone in his body. However, even Lin Qingzhu’s beauty could not captivate him and turn him into a worker bee orbiting around her. Therefore, there was no way Mu Hanyue could do so.

“The Lin brothers’ performance was simply too outstanding and you guys may attract the attention of some super empires. Perhaps, they will be interested in recruiting the three of you.” Chang Ling casually commented.

“The three of us have gotten used to being free spirits and have no intention of joining a super empire.” Lin Dong casually said.

Chang Ling was an intelligent man. When he heard their words, he silently heaved a sigh of relief. The Lin trio was extremely powerful. Therefore, if they were recruited by a super empire, it was not good news for them.

After the two of them conversed for a while, Chang Ling finally turned and left. Meanwhile, Lin Dong’s group did not linger on any further and they directly left the arena under the attention of the crowd.

“Brother Su Kui, perhaps we should take a look at the auction coming up in two day.” After leaving the arena, Lin Dong turned to Su Kui as he smiled and said.

“Yes, let me arrange it.” Su Kui nodded. He had stayed in the Wanxiang City for a time and was more familiar with this area. Therefore, it was most appropriate for him to take care of the arrangements.

“Why? Are you interested in the auction?” Little Marten lazily asked.

“A Heavenly Soul Treasure. That is somewhat that we must see. This kind of item is too powerful. If someone else obtain it, it will become a deadly weapon.” Lin Dong slowly nodded his head while he softly said.

Heavenly Soul Treasure. They had yet to encounter such an object in the entire Mysterious Treasure Trove. However, they had never expected that it would actually appear in the auction. One wonders just where it had appeared from.

It seems like there was going to be a terrible bloodbath over this Heavenly Soul Treasure.