Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 562: Complete Sweep

Chapter 562: Complete Sweep


Chapter 562: Complete Sweep


Resplendent golden light erupted from the Nirvana Monument. When the golden light erupted, not only did it capture the attention of everyone within the large arena, numerous astonished gazes were casted from outside of the large arena as well.

Captivating all the eyeballs, the surging golden light charged into the earth category like a hot knife through butter and directly broke through the top ten rankings!

Because of Mu Hanyue and Chang Ling’s advancements, Yin Sen’s ranking had dropped from the ninth to the eleventh rank. And now, when the golden light charged mightily into the top ten rankings, Yin Sen’s name was flung ruthlessly to the twelfth rank.

Upon seeing this, Yin Sen’s facial expression became exceptionally unsightly. He had heard of Mu Hanyue and Chang Lin’s reputations. Therefore, even though the fact that they surpassed him on the Nirvana Monument pissed him off, he still could accept it. However, given the current situation, how could some new guy who appeared out of nowhere surpassed him?

At this moment, Yin Sen started to suspect if the Nirvana Monument was spoilt.

However, no matter how unsightly Yin Sen’ facial expression was, the flickering golden light did not show any sign of disappearing abruptly. Even after surpassing Yin Sen’s name, it did not show any sign of slowing down and continued climbing up. Under the surrounding commotion, the golden light pushed down Mu Hanyue’s name as well.

At this moment, the white-robed Mu Hanyue’s beautiful eyes slightly froze and he looked at the young fellow, who was standing before Nirvana Monument and touching it with a single hand, with his uber-black eyebrows slightly knitted.

Not far away, a slight surprised look even appeared on Chang Lin’s peaceful face at this moment. His initial facial expression, which was entertained by the commotion, was replaced by traces of solemnness. That was because he saw the golden light did not extinguish even after surpassing Mu Hanyue’s name. Instead, it continued to climb with a unhurried speed!

“It’s already at the seventh rank!”

A wave of rumbling sounds erupted around the Nirvana Monument. All the onlookers were looking in awe at the golden light, which had already climbed to the seventh rank. Indistinctly, the flowing blood in their bodies seemed to show sign of boiling. It had been quite a while since these onlookers saw a dark horse, that could disrupt the rankings like this.

“Brother Lin Dong is so powerful!” Su Rou’s face was pleasantly surprised while her big eyes were filled with adoration. In her eyes, Su Kui’s result was already very good…. However, it paled in comparison to Lin Dong’s result.

On one side, Su Kui was nodding his head excitedly. Initially, he predicted that it would be quite a good result if Lin Dong could reach the tenth rank. However, he did not expect latter’s charge into the rankings to be so ferocious.

“It’s still too early to be excited.”

Little Marten laughed indifferently. He clearly understood Lin Dong’s capabilities. If Chang Ling could reach the fifth rank, Lin Dong would absolutely hit a higher rank than him.

After hearing Little Marten’s words, which did not seem to be a joke, the pleasantly surprised look on Su Ruo’s face became more obvious. In contrast, Su Kui was gradually becoming emotionally moved. He could not help but purse his lips. Did this fellow really come from a low-ranked empire? This kind of capabilities was enough for Lin Dong to match up against some of the elite fighters from those super empires.

“It’s already at the sixth rank!”

Just as Little Marten finished his sentence, an uproar erupted again. One could see that the golden light unhurriedly surpassed the sixth rank.

“It’s moving again and it’s going to surpass Chang Ling!”

Just as the commotion broke out, another one suddenly broke out again. The onlookers saw the flickering golden light started to climb again. This time around, it even pushed down the fifth rank, which Chang Ling had not occupied for long.

“Brother Chang Ling, this fellow…is not simple. We do not know where he is from as well,” A man beside Chang Ling concurred solemnly as he saw this scene.

“He’s indeed not simple.”

Chang Ling nodded his head slowly while his facial expression was solemn as well. In a soft voice, Chang Ling continued, “There are really hidden dragons and crouching tigers in the Ancient Battlefield. Every now and then, there will be such seclusive dark horses emerging.”

“We don’t even know which rank he can actually achieve. At the top of the rankings, they are the elite fighters of the four super empires. Reportedly, those fellows have even fought with Four Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners before,” That man beside Chang Ling said.

“I’m curious too….”

Chang Ling raised his head and looked at the back of the young fellow in front of the Nirvana Monument. He wanted to see if the guy who had just surpassed him, could challenge the elite fighters of those super empires.

The golden light was glittering on the Nirvana Monument. Unconsciously, there were more and more people being attracted to this area. Eventually, these people stared at the slow climbing golden light with a shocking look on their faces.

That golden light was gradually getting nearer to the fourth rank of the earth category!

The noisy vicinity of the Nirvana Monument oddly became much more quiet. Numerous gazes were staring at the golden light, which was getting closer and closer to the fourth rank. It was as if everyone’s hearts were being pulled and they did not even dare to breathe.

“It has been surpassed!”

Suddenly, a hoarse alarmed voice rang across the area. All the onlookers’ hearts tugged firmly. That was because they saw the slow climbing golden light genuinely surpassing the fourth rank and replacing it.

“It’s not stopping…”

However, after the fourth rank was being replaced, they numbly discovered that the golden light did not stop. Immediately, some people could not help but give off moaning sounds.

Following which, just like before, the golden light continued to climb. Instead of climbing rapidly, the golden light was climbing with a slow and steady speed. Finally, under numerous stupefied gaze, a dumbstruck look gradually appearing on the everyone’s faces. The third rank and the even second rank… were surpassed….

Earth category, second!

A cool breeze swept across the area. In front of the Nirvana Monument, numerous onlookers’ facial expressions froze and these onlookers stared unbelievably at this scene. Clearly, they could not imagine that an unfamiliar newcomer could reach such a high rank!

The top four rankings belonged to the elite fighters of those super empires. These fighters were outstanding and reputable individuals in Wanxiang City. However, right now, they had been easily surpassed by an unknown youth….

The onlookers could imagine the huge uproar that would be created in the Wanxiang City if news of this was to spread.

At this moment, everyone’s breathing became heavy and their eyes became boiling hot suddenly. They stared firmly at the flickering golden light. They knew that if that golden light went up by one more rank, Lin Dong would reach the peak of the Earth category!

This scene would cause everyone to go crazy!

While numerous hurried breathing noises could be heard all around, even cool-headed individuals like Mu Hanyue and Chang Ling could not help but clench the fists in their sleeves tightly. They clearly knew if that was what happened next, an enormous commotion would be created in this city.

Under numerous attentive gazes, the golden light flickered. However, it did not continue to climb like what everyone had expected. Instead, the golden light strangely stopped for a while before it started to shrink. Eventually, the golden light formed two words.

Lin Dong!

“Sigh…..” When that name appeared, sighs were given off by the onlookers in front of the Nirvana Monument at almost the same time. They must be disappointed by the fact that they could not see the most stunning scene. However, these sighing sounds lasted for a while, before a sky-trembling commotion erupted once again on the large arena. Countless boiling eyes converged onto Lin Dong. It must be that they wanted to see if this mysterious individual, who surpassed the three super empires’ elite fighters, possessed remarkable abilities.

Little Marten took a glance at Lin Dong’s back and furrowed his eyebrows. He is extremely aware of Lin Dong’s potential. He knew that Lin Dong must have repressed the surging golden light at the last moment. Otherwise, he was definitely capable of charging towards the first rank.

“The infantry usually bear the brunt of attack…” However, Little Marten was quick-witted. After thinking for awhile, he knew Lin Dong’s apprehension. Even though they had a powerful lineup, there was no need to have such a high profile in this kind of place. Withholding a trump card on hand always brought about unexpected benefits.

Yin Sen was looking at that golden name with stiffness in his face. The two words ‘Lin Dong’ was pressuring him until the point that he was unable to breathe. If Lin Dong only reached the fifth or sixth rank, he might worry but not until this extent. However, unfortunately, Lin Dong’s final result was not a fifth rank or sixth rank, but a second rank instead!

Yin Sen was no fool. He understood what the rank symbolized. He also clearly understood that this youth, who had just surpassed the three other super empires’ elite fighters, was no pushover!

Mu Hanyue’s beautiful eyes was fixated on the figure, who was standing tall and straight like an upright spear. She pursed her red luscious lips and there was an unusual expression in her eyes. She displayed such behaviour not because she was attracted to Lin Dong. Instead, it was an instinctive behavior that women portrayed when they saw an extremely outstanding man.

Little Marten, both of you should give it a go too.”

Under the countless attentive gazes, Lin Dong turned around with a warm smile on his face. He did not exude the mightiness that helped him surpassed the other three super empires’ elite fighters. However, at the same time, no one dared to despise this fellow in front of them.

Little Marten shot a glance at Lin Dong and did not reject the latter. He knew that if they wanted to have a footing in a city like Wanxiang City, where geniuses and hidden dragons and crouching tigers were everywhere, keeping a low-profile would only bring them endless troubles.

Little Marten walked out and put his palm indifferently onto the ice-cold Nirvana Monument. Just as everyone’s gazes were shifted in the direction of Little Marten, the resplendent golden light had already erupted. With a swoosh and under the alarmed gazes of the onlookers, the golden light barbarically charged into the top ten rankings. Finally, it stopped beneath Lin Dong and replaced the third rank. Then, the golden light coagulated and formed two words.

Lin Diao. Earh category, third!

The whole process took less than five seconds. All the onlookers on the large arena became speechless, when they saw Little Marten walked back while wiping his palms apathetically even before the golden light disappeared completely

After Little Marten walked back, Little Flame grinned and walked forward and put his big hands onto the monument.

Under those dumbstruck gazes, the golden light began to surge. Eventually, it broke through the top ten rankings like a hot knife through butter. Finally, it stopped beneath Little Marten before the golden light started to coagulate.

Lin Yan. Earth category, fourth!

At this moment, everyone’s facial expressions froze. They looked at hovering golden words and their heads were spinning involuntarily. Less than ten minutes, the Earth category’s second to fourth ranks had found their new respective owners.


At this moment, the cool-headed Mu Hanyue heaved a deep breath of aroma and looked at the three figures standing before the Nirvana Monument with her beautiful eyes. Monopolizing three ranks out of the top four rankings. Even the four great super empires in Wanxiang City could not have attained such achievement. However, this achievement had been attained by that three strangers.

“These fellows…. Who are they?”

Mu Hanyue pursed her red lips tightly. She knew that the Wanxiang City would surely become increasingly fiery with the appearance of these three persons.