Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 561: Chang Ling

Chapter 561: Chang Ling


Chapter 561: Chang Ling

This black clothed man clearly possessed quite a strong reputation within the Wanxiang City. Hence, the countless number of gazes from around turned towards him when he appeared. Their eyes were filled with a curious expression.

Mu Hanyue’s pretty eyes also turned towards that black clothed man. She had heard of the latter’s reputation. However, she was unaware of just what kind of level this ruthless character, who had once destroy a high rank empire all by himself, would actually reach in this Nirvana Monument’s test…

Yin Sen narrowed his eyes slightly. The expressions in the eyes that he used to stare at the black clothed man, was a little unnatural. By relying on his sharp instinct, he was able to sense a kind of faint dangerous feeling from this black clothed man. This kind of feeling was something that he would only normally sense from the top five people of the earth-grade Nirvana Seal.

“Is that fellow really that strong?” This kind of feeling caused Yin Sen’s heart to feel a little displeased. Based on his domineering nature, he naturally did not like to see others surpassing him.

That black clothed man focused his eyes as he stood in front of the Nirvana Monument. He slowly extended his hand and made contact with the Nirvana Monument. After a brief deep silence, a bright golden light suddenly erupted from his palm.

The golden light this time around was actually much stronger than Yin Sen and Mu Hanyue earlier!

The golden glow appeared before it shot upwards at a shocking speed while numerous exclamations rushed out from the surroundings in a ripple like manner.

Swoosh swoosh!

The golden glow swiftly flew past and directly adapted a stance like no one was able to block him, as he rampantly charged into the earth-grade category. He passed by countless individuals before it entered the top ten. After which, he surpassed Yin Sen and Mu Hanyue almost instantly.

“He is already at the seventh spot!”

“He actually shows signs of still being able to charge forward! This fellow is actually this strong!”

Numerous exclamations were emitted almost immediately when everyone saw this situation. Under this exclamation, that golden glow had surpassed Yin Sen and Mu Hanyue. Instead, it leaped upwards at a slower pace. Each time he leaped successfully, he would cause the surroundings to erupt noisily.


The golden glow flashed and leaped past the sixth name and forced the fifth name downwards. Only at this moment, did the golden glow gradually become dim. Finally, it agglomerated into two large golden coloured words.

Chang Ling!

Earth category, fifth!

Dense soft private conversations spread apart suddenly along with the surrounding noise as everyone looked at the name which was frozen. It stirred quite a great commotion.

Yin Sen’s expression was a displeased one. He coldly snorted. Clearly, he was unhappy at this person having more limelight than him.

Mu Hanyue’s icy cold eyes also flickered at this moment. She similarly did not expect that Chang Ling was actually able to directly charge to the fifth spot of the earth category. This ability could be compared with the prized fighters from some super sects.

“Is this person called Chang Ling? He is indeed quite strong…” Lin Dong also carried a surprise on his face, as he watched this scene. From the reactions of those around, Lin Dong was aware that the result Chang Ling had obtained was quite incredible.

“It is indeed very great. He is actually able to charge to the fifth of the earth category. This fellow…” Su Kui nodded and sighed, “Those four in front are all competent fighters from super sects and they are all extremely powerful. Unexpectedly, this Chang Ying was actually this close to them. Incredible indeed.”

Lin Dong smiled. The smile in his heart became increasingly dense. He really wanted to know just what level he would be able to reach at this Nirvana Monument.

Chang Ying raised his head and looked at the position he had obtained from in front of the Nirvana Monument. He frowned slightly as if he felt a little displeased. However, he also understood that reaching this stage was already his limit. Immediately, he turned and returned to his comrades.

A heated tide continued to remain in the large arena after the ordinary remanent test was completed. Quite a number of people had some envy within their eyes. It had been almost a year since they had entered this realm. Before heading to this place, they were the outstanding talent from their own empires. However, they must understand that even geniuses are divided into levels. Many ordinary experts gradually became mediocre in this place. Of course, there are also some geniuses who had become increasingly outstanding amidst the harsh competition. They experienced many hardships and gradually became someone great.

“We should also go and try.” Su Kui was also ready to give it a go at this moment. Hence, he turned to Lin Dong’s group and said.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded. After which, his group walked out and directly headed for the enormous Nirvana Monument. Their group naturally did not attract as much attention as Yin Sen and the two others. Hence, there were naturally not many people paying attention to them. Everyone thought that they were merely a group of ordinary people.

Su Kui took the lead to touch the Nirvana Monument. His three Yuan Nirvana Stage strength also completely erupted at this moment. Golden light surged. After charging forward for awhile, it finally charged into the earth category, allowing him to heave a sigh of relief. Although his ranking was far inferior to Yin Sen, being able to charge into the earth category was already quite a significant result for him.

Su Kui looked at his own result before parting his mouth to laugh. It seems that his training during this period of time was not wasted.

“Big brother is really incredible.” Su Ruo was not stingy with her praises. Her face was filled with a joyous smile.

“Hee hee, little Su Ruo, if this result can be considered as incredible, does it mean that big brother Yin Sen has become the princess charming in your eyes?”

Su Ruo’s voice had just sounded when a teasing laughter that spoilt the mood, was suddenly transmitted over. Everyone turned their heads before finally seeing Yin Sen walking over with a smile on his face. His gaze continued to sweep over Su Ruo’s lovely body, causing her to feel disgusted.

“You!” Su Ruo’s pretty face immediately flashed with fury, when she saw Yin Sen walking over.

“Yin Sen, you should clean your mouth!” Su Kui’s expression sunk as she coldly cried out.

“I heard that you were being hunted by the Wind Cloud Empire? Why have you returned? Do you want to come to my side? Little Su Ruo and I are a perfect match. She will not lose out by becoming mine.” Yin Sen smilingly said. His face was covered by a domineering smile.

“Don’t you agree, little Su Ruo?” Yin Sen asked as he planned to stand together with Su Ruo.


Just as Yin Sen was about to step forward, a black figure that contained an extremely great pressure was suddenly transmitted. It directly shook the entire sky and ruthlessly struck towards Yin Sen’s throat.

This sudden attack caused Yin Sen to be slightly startled. However, he was also quite strong. His body flashed and he dodged it. His gaze was a little dark and solemn as he looked at Little Flame, who was holding a metal rod, which was being pointing at him.

The expressions of those experts from the Silver Wood Empire behind Yin Sen changed drastically upon seeing this situation. Strong Yuan Power flowed out before they stared menacingly at Lin Dong’s group.

Su Ruo also took a small step back upon witnessing this atmosphere, which had suddenly become tensed. Su Ruo also took a small step back and stood beside Lin Dong without realising it.

“Do you have the ability to resolve the issues with Wind Cloud Empire? Someone who can only boast is not a man.” Lin Dong smilingly looked at Yin Sen and said.

Yin Sen’s expression changed slightly. Although he was domineering, he was not a fool. The Wind Cloud Empire was a genuine super empire. Based on his current strength, it was naturally impossible for him to face off against them. Those words spoken earlier were undoubtedly just an attempt to take advantage of Su Ruo.

“Why? From the looks of it, you have already found someone to protect you? However, I’m afraid that this person who has caught your eyes is just like the wax on a silver gun, pleasant on the eye but of no use.” Yin Sen laughed coldly. His words were quite vicious.

Su Ruo was so furious that her small face became red. She was just about to burst out in anger when Lin Dong in front of her, simply waved his hand. Little Marten by the side also lazily said, “Do you want to throw this fellow out?”

There was already quite a number of people near the Nirvana Monument, who had been attracted by the atmosphere. Even Mu Hanyue and Chang Ling had thrown their gazes over. All of them involuntarily became startled when they heard Little Marten’s words. Their gazes were a little surprised as they carefully observed Little Marten after having heard these words. Those eyes of theirs were a little unique as they slowly looked at the casual Little Marten. Regardless of how hateful the mouth of this Yin Sen was, he was at the very least a person who had charged into the top ten of the Nirvana earth-stage. It was likely that one would not be able to throw him out without some ability.

Their eyes swept over Little Marten’s body, attempting to probe Little Marten’s background. However, regardless of how they probed, they was unable to sense anything unique.

“Throw me?” Yin Sen had clearly become completely infuriated by Little Marten’s words as he laughed, “There might perhaps be a handful of people in the Wanxiang City, who are qualified to say such words to me. However, your group is not amongst them. Su Kui, the next time you wish to find a support, please find a smarter person. Otherwise, you will only get into more and more trouble.”

“How troublesome.”

Little Marten gently clenched his hand. His handsome face revealed a smile. The heart of Su Kui by the side trembled, upon seeing Little Marten’s manner. He had personally saw Little Marten finish off Yan Mo from the Wind Cloud Empire within a few minutes…

“Let’s do the important things first.”

Lin Dong suddenly waved his hand just when Little Marten was planning on finishing off this hateful fellow on the spot. After which, he turned his body. His eyes stared at the Nirvana Monument in front of him. He placed one hand behind his back as he extended his right palm and gently touched the icy cool monument.

Perhaps it was because of Little Marten’s somewhat unique words from earlier but the surrounding people, including Yin Sen, Mu Hanyue and Chang Ling turned their eyes towards Lin Dong at this moment. From the scene in front of them, it seemed that Lin Dong was the leader of this group. If they wished to tell if these people really had the ability or if they were acting, all they needed to do was to look at the subsequent test result to get an accurate answer.

Yin Sen’s eyes revealed an icy cold smile. Coldness flowed within his eyes. He had already made up his mind. After the test result of Lin Dong’s group come out, he would personally attack and let these ignorant people, who had just arrived in the Wanxiang City to know just what kind of price they must pay by speaking such arrogant words in this place!

Lin Dong’s body did not move in front of the countless number of gazes. His hand had just touched the icy cold surface of the monument when it shook. He could clearly sense an extremely unique energy spreading out from within that Nirvana Monumen, scanning every part of his body.

The Yuan Power within Lin Dong’s body and the Mental Energy within his NiWan Palace actually began to show signs of rippling under this kind of scanning.

The scanning continued. This kind of scanning strength was quite unique. It was actually able to vaguely probe at the mysterious stone talisman within Lin Dong’s body. Even the Ancient Universe Formation and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol were discovered. This caused Lin Dong to be slightly startled. A thought passed through his mind and a sudden strength erupted from within that mysterious stone symbol and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. It directly shattered the scanning strength as it did so.


Waves after waves of bright golden glow suddenly surged from Lin Dong’s palm, which was touching the stone monument, after the scanning strength disappeared. The intensity of the golden glow was so dense that it was similar to that of a gold coloured sun!

The golden glow shone. All the faces around it had become shocked at this moment.

Golden light spat out from Lin Dong’s hand. With a ‘swoosh’ sound, it shot out along its surface. After which, it began to climb manically in front of the many shaken gazes!