Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 560: The Nirvana Monument Test

Chapter 560: The Nirvana Monument Test


Chapter 560: The Nirvana Monument Test

A giant golden monument was quietly erected at that spot, while a golden halo slowly extended from within. Meanwhile, a powerful vibration faintly spread out, causing one to be wary of underestimating it.

Lin Dong stared at that large golden monument for a while, before he finally retracted his gaze. At the same time, he slowly retracted the awe in his eyes. He could see countless names carved on that large golden monument. He guessed that those must have been the elite individuals who passed the test and obtained the Nirvana Seal.

Right now, there were quite a number of people crowding in front of the large golden monument. This is one of the most spectacular attraction in the Wanxiang City and for most elite individuals who came to the city, they would seek to obtain the Nirvana Seal. At the same time, they also wanted to use the opportunity to size up the other powerful practitioners, who came from everywhere else.

Lin Dong’s group walked along that towering large arena until they finally found a spot that had a pretty good view of the large golden monument.

“No wonder it’s termed a super city. Look at the number of elite individuals here. Seems like most of the powerful individuals in the Ancient Battlefield have gathered here…” Little Marten scanned his surroundings, before he smiled and said.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head, while he scanned his surroundings. The individuals who could brave the arduous journey and reach this city, have mostly reached the Nirvana stage.

Lin Dong’s sweeping gaze eventually stopped at a spot nearest to the Nirvana Monument. Promptly, he gently furrowed his brows. That was because he could sense several powerful auras at that spot.

At the spot in front of them, there were three factions that attracted Lin Dong’s attention. The one on the left had approximately a dozen over men. All of them had pretty powerful auras and standing in the middle, there was a man dressed in silver clothes. That man was quite handsome, however, that carefree and greedy smile plastered over his face, led one to understand that this man was a vicious and cruel person.

Of course, in Lin Dong’s opinion, he had the right to be so. Based on the aura that faintly seeped out from his body, this man actually did not lose out to the two generals from the Great Gan Empire, that he had met previously. Evidently, he was quite a fearsome individual.

With regards to the faction in the middle, there was a dazzling and alluring figure dressed in white, that was the focal point of the entire city. This girl has a rather beautiful face, however, her whole body gave off an off forbidding icy cold aura. Looking at a distance away, she seemed just like an unmelting millennial ice.

Obviously, she completely disregarded the various happenings around her, while her beautiful eyes locked onto the large golden monument. Green silk poured down just like a waterfall, while her beautiful and slim waist curved a beautiful curve, causing most people around her to drool.

On the right, there was another group of men. These men were dressed in different clothes while standing in front of them, was a man dressed in black clothes. That man had his hands behind his back and his facial expression was calm, just like a desolate spring. One could not discern the bottom of his expression.

“Interesting…” Lin Dong’s eyes swept across those three factions as he softly muttered to himself. Those three factions did not look simple at all. In fact, he was clearly aware that factions like these, were not the only ones in the Wanxiang City.

“The ones on the left should be members from the Silver Wood Empire. They are also a high ranked empire and the man leading them, is called Yin Sen. It is reputed that he has reached the peak of Three Yuan Nirvana stage. His attitude is extremely arrogant and he has quite a reputation in Wanxiang City.” Su Kui softly said as he introduced him.

“A truly irritating fellow.” Standing aside, Su Ruo softly added on.

Upon hearing her words, Lin Dong glanced curiously at Su Rou. Immediately, her cheeks turned red as she lowered her head in a cute fashion.

“Haha, that fellow met with Xiao Rou before and pestered her a few times. He is indeed a little irritating…” Su Kui smiled as he elaborated.

“Seems like Xiao Ruo is pretty attractive.” Lin Dong chuckled as he stared at that lady’s beautiful and red face, before he involuntarily teased her.

Su Ruo’s originally blushed face, turned even more red after Lin Dong’s tease. Immediately, she raised her beautiful limbs and hid her face.

“That lady dressed in white is called Mu Hanyue. She has quite a reputation, don’t look down on her. Backing her, is a super empire. Therefore, most people who lust after her ended up in a rather sorry state…” Su Kui once again diverted the topic, before he pointed at that dazzling white figure and said.

“Another member from a super empire…” Lin Dong was somewhat startled as he stared at that alluring figure dressed in white. This is indeed the Wanxiang City. It turns out that they could easily encounter a member of the super empire.

“The ones on the right are fairly particular. They are not from a single empire, but rather an alliance of various empires. Even though their empires are not famous, every one of them is quite powerful. In particular, that man dressed in black, it is reputed that he previously obtained an inheritance from an ancient sect. Furthermore, his strength is at the peak of the Three Yuan Nirvana stage. Previously, a man from a high-ranked empire who tried to oppose him was directly destroyed him alone…”


Lin Dong gently lifted his brows and glanced at that black clothed man, with his hands behind his back. It seems like he finally understood just how many hidden tigers and dragons they were in Wanxiang City.

“Since they are here, it is likely that they are gunning after the Nirvana Seal. I wonder what levels would these guys obtain…” Su Kui curiously asked.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head with a gentle curiously in his mind. He was also curious to find out how these powerful-looking individuals would fare in the face of the Nirvana Monument Test.

Right now, with the passage of time, there were more and more people gathering in front of the Nirvana Monument. Along the way, some individuals tried the test. However, most of them only obtained a human Nirvana Seal and it was hardly spectacular.

After observing for a while, Lin Dong realized that the people who could obtain a Nirvana Seal were mostly at the Two Yuan Nirvana Stage.

“Two Yuan Nirvana Stage will allow one to obtain a human Nirvana Seal. Typically speaking, once one advances to Three Yuan Nirvana Stage, one can barely obtain a earth Nirvana Seal. When I first took the test, I was only at Two Yuan Nirvana stage. Therefore, I could only obtain a human Nirvana Seal. Once I test myself again, I should be able to replace it with a earth Nirvana Seal. Of course, even after I obtain a Nirvana Seal, my ranking would be near the bottom.” Standing beside him, Su Kui said.

Lin Dong smiled, while his eyes focused on that large Nirvana monument. It seems like each time someone passed the test, their names would appear on the Nirvana monument. However, most of their names were at the bottom. It seems like the higher your name is, the more powerful you are.

When he thought of this point, Lin Dong’s attention involuntarily shifted up. Moments later, in the middle of that large monument, he saw two familiar names.

Zhu Tianhuo, Muhuang.

It seems like the two generals from Great Gan Empire were around the above average group in the earth level.

As Lin Dong stared at that Nirvana Monument, a commotion suddenly erupted in the arena. As he continued to observe, he saw Yin Sen, from the Yin Mu Empire, take charge and make the first move, before he stood arrogantly in front of the Nirvana Monument.

As the most outstanding existence in the arena, the appearance of Yin Mu immediately caused many people to turn their attention towards them. In fact, even that lady dressed in white, who had been generally ignoring her surroundings, shifted her attention.

Under the attention of the crowd, Yin Sen stood in front of that large Nirvana Monument, before he extended his palm and placed it gently above that icy-cold monument.

His figure stood still. In the next moment, an extremely powerful Yuan Power vibration violently gushed out from within Yin Sen’s body, and caused shock to surface on the onlooker’s faces.

Furthermore, as that powerful Yuan Power vibration gushed out, a golden glow erupted from the Nirvana Monument, which started from Yin Sen’s palm, before it quickly travelled upwards. In mere moments, he had directly exceeded the limits of human level and directly charged into earth level. Furthermore, it continued to charge upwards. Amidst the chorus of the crowd, it finally stopped.

Lin Dong saw that amidst that coursing golden glow, Yin Sen’s golden plated name finally surfaced. As he lifted up his head, he realized that there were only eight names in front of him.

That is to say, this Yin Sen, was actually ranked ninth amongst the earth level. This ranking was several times more powerful than the Zhu Tianhuo duo.

“Ninth ranking amongst earth category…”

Beside the Nirvana Monument, a series of chorus erupted. Evidently, this was a pretty high ranking.

“Mu Hanyue is about to make a move too…”

Just as the crowd were in awe over Yin Sen’s ranking, that beautiful snow colored figure, dressed in white finally stepped forward.

“Hehe, Beauty Lin, do you have the ability to surpass me?” As Yin Sen stared at Mu Hanyue’s beautiful and alluring figure, he involuntarily licked his lips before he asked.

That lady dressed in white casually glanced at him. However, she did not bother about him. Instead, she stopped right in front of the Nirvana Monument, before she extended her beautiful snow-white hands.


When he saw that Mu Hanyue did not even bother about her, Yin Sen immediately pursed his lips. Though he felt somewhat frustrated, he did not push his luck. After all, he knew who was backing Mu Hanyue.

While she was the focal point of the entire crowd, a golden glow extended from Mu Hanyue’s palm, before a golden glow swiftly coursed up the Nirvana Monument. Similarly, it successfully broke through to the earth level category before it continuously surpassed the names carved on it. Finally, while Yin Sen’s looked on hideously, it even surpassed his name.

“Eight in earth level! One rank higher than Yin Sen.”

Mu Hanyue’s results once again sparked a commotion. This result was pretty decent. At the very least, she could be considered as an elite member even in the entire Ancient Battlefield.

“Not simple individuals…”

Lin Dong softly chuckled. With regards to this Nirvana Monument, his interest in it was growing. Promptly, his attention turned towards that man dressed in black clothes, with his hands behind his back. This man had been silent since the start and he was not overly shocked by Yin Sen and Hanyue’s results.

“I wonder how high that guy will rank amongst the earth category…” Lin Dong somewhat curiously looked at him, while he muttered to himself.

After Lin Dong spoke, that man dressed in black clothes, slowly stepped forwards. Finally, under the attention of the entire crowd, he stood in front of the Nirvana Monument.