Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 559: Nirvana Monument

Chapter 559: Nirvana Monument


Chapter 559: Nirvana Monument

Thousand Elephant City was located near the central region of the Ancient Battlefield. As one of the few cities that one had to pass through to enter the central region, the business and vastness of the city had reached an unfathomable stage. The entire city practically covered the mountain range, a construct of unimaginable proportions.

In addition, as one of the few super cities in the Ancient Battlefield, it was different from the other chaotic areas. Rules and regulations were present here and the faction that controlled this city, was not from any of the empires in the Ancient Battlefield, but were stationed here by the super sects.

With the super sects stationed here, no matter how untamed the geniuses and monsters from the various empires were, none of them dared to to be so wanton in this place. Even though the troops stationed here were casually chosen by the super sects and their strength alone would perhaps not be much to fear, this strength was merely superficial. The prestige contained within the two words, ‘super sects’, was enough to cause everyone here to behave themselves.

Of course, this did not mean that one had to behave inside the city. One could still fight if one wished here, as long as one did not go too overboard. The super sect troops stations here were willing to close an eye. After all, they did not want to waste time on instilling obedience into these wild fellows.

Thus, Thousand Elephant City was undoubtedly much more regulated compared to the lawless and chaotic areas in the Ancient Battlefield.

After yet another half a day of travelling, Lin Dong’s group crossed the towering mountain before the shocking scene of a vast city that stretched to the end of their sights, filled their eyes.

The towering walls shot straight into the clouds and spread out in both directions. However, even after reaching the limit of one’s sight, the city walls still did not stop.

After entering the Ancient Battlefield, Lin Dong had seen quite a few large cities. However, compared to the city currently before his eyes, they were akin to dwarfs meeting a giant.

In the skies just outside the city, wind sounds wove together into a single entity. Countless figures flew in from all directions before landing outside the city walls.

Among those uncountable figures, Lin Dong could sense some extremely powerful presences. Immediately, surprise gushed up in his eyes. As expected of a rarely seen super city in the Ancient Battlefield, both the numbers and the quality of the practitioners here had reached a rather high level.

This was truly a place where dragons hid and outstanding individuals gathered!

“Brother Lin Dong, it is forbidden to fly in the skies above Thousand Elephant City, hence we can only enter through the city gates. The super sects have stationed their men here and everyone needs to follow their rules.” Su Kui gazed at the vast city in the distance as he explained.


Lin Dong nodded his head. He had some knowledge about Thousand Elephant City. It did not matter how formidable a character one was, they all needed to behave themselves here. That was because there were very few individuals who were foolish enough to challenge the authority of the super sects. After all, the main reason everyone came here was to pass through the countless rounds of selection and eventually become a disciple of these super sects, that were titans of the world.

“Oh that’s right, brother Lin Dong, the three of you should have the qualifications to enter the Nirvana Rankings right? For your first visit, the most important thing is to obtain a Nirvana Seal.” As if something had suddenly struck him, Su Kui suddenly said.

“Nirvana Seal?” Lin Dong was momentarily stunned.

“If you want to take part in the final Hundred Empire War, the first prerequisite is to possess a Nirvana Seal. This thing is akin to a ticket that one cannot do without.”

Su Kui smiled as he explained.

“Normally, as long as one reaches the Two Yuan Nirvana stage, one would have the qualifications to receive a Nirvana Seal. However, the Nirvana Seal is also categorized into three different levels, Heaven, Earth and Man. The Nirvana Seal in my hands is the most ordinary Man level.” Su Kui awkwardly smiled before stretching out his hand. One could discern something flickering at the center of his palm. Faintly, a grey pagoda like symbol appeared.

“What do the different Nirvana Seal levels represent?” Lin Dong inquired.

“They are a kind of embodiment of one’s strength. Normally, most people would only possess a Man level Nirvana Seal, while a few extra talented individuals would have the qualifications to possess an Earth level Nirvana Seal. As for the Heaven level Nirvana Seal, these belong to existences that no one would dare to offend. According to what I know, practically all the practitioners who possess the Nirvana Seal also possess the qualifications to contest in the Nirvana Golden Rankings.”

“Nirvana Golden Rankings…”

Hearing this extremely serious name once again, Lin Dong slowly nodded. As long as one had the qualifications to enter the Nirvana Golden Rankings, one would be able to enter the super sects eyes. No wonder the competition was so fierce.

“How are the Nirvana Seal levels decided? According the one’s strength on the surface?” Changing the topic, Lin Dong curiously asked.

“There is a Nirvana Monument in Thousand Elephant City. After being tested, the names every practitioner who has the qualifications to enter the Nirvana Rankings will automatically appear on its surface. At the same time, the Nirvana Monument will also get a reading of your battle power and even potential. With all this information, it will allocate the the Nirvana Seal accordingly.”

Su Kui chuckled as he elaborated.


Lin Dong was a little moved. To think that this Nirvana Monument was actually so powerful that it could even get a reading of one’s hidden potential?

“Similar Nirvana Monuments have been placed here by the super sects and each super city has one. According to my news, these Nirvana Monuments are true-blue Heavenly Soul Treasures…” Su Kui said in a low voice.

“Heavenly Soul Treasures.” The astonishment in Lin Dong’s eyes grew even more intense. Soon after, he involuntarily wet his lips. Quite some time had passed since he first entered the Ancient Battlefield and he had also entered a considerable number of treasure troves. Yet, even in the Ancient Secret Treasure Trove, he had never encountered a Heavenly Soul Treasure. From this, one could see how rare and precious this level of Soul Treasures were. To think that the super sects would be so wealthy that they were actually able to place such a Heavenly Soul Treasure in each major city.

“Haha, please do not harbour any ideas about this treasure. Whoever harbours even the smallest ill thought about this Nirvana Monument will be immediately eliminated from the Hundred Empire War. Even one’s empire will not be spared and will likely lose the qualifications to enter the next Hundred Empire War.” Su Kui jokingly said.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong also smiled. He was no fool. A Heavenly Soul Treasure might be formidable but it could only be enjoyed by a living person. The fury of the super sects could instantly wipe out even a high ranked empire. Towards those titans, Lin Dong did not dare to be hold the slightest bit of contempt.

“In that case, let’s first head for the Nirvana Monument area…”

Since the Nirvana Seal was something they could not do without, it would be best to obtain it as soon as possible, so as to avoid any mishap that would potentially deny them the right to participate in the Hundred Empire War. After all, if such an event happened, Lin Dong would truly be in a rather difficult spot.

Su Kui smiled and nodded, before leading Lin Dong and the others as they landed outside the city. As a super city, there were dozens of entrances into Thousand Elephant City. However, each entrance was flooded with people, yet, the most peculiar thing was that these people were in rather orderly lines. The chaos that was usually seen in other areas seemed to have completely disappeared here. This sight caused Lin Dong to secretly praise the super sects’ prestige. Those that came here were perhaps no ordinary individuals and were each as wild as a noble steed. Yet, every single one of them followed the rules here…

Lin Dong and his party joined the queue. In approximately half an hour, they finally entered the enormous city successfully.

The instant they entered the city, a terrifying wave of noise filled with a surging heat hit them in the face, causing Lin Dong and gang to slightly squint while trying to adapt. Quickly, they opened their eyes to gaze upon the black mass of people that on the immense streets, to which they could not help but bitterly smile. As expected of a super city.

“Let’s go to the Nirvana Monument area.”

Lin Dong did not have any intentions of strolling about and immediately spoke to Su Kui. Let’s attend to the important matters first.

Su Kui nodded his head in response and led the way while the rest followed behind. They travelled through the maze-like streets and about half an hour later, they finally arrived at the center of Thousand Elephant City.

When they reached the central district, Lin Dong lifted his gaze and looked towards the center of of the city. An incomparably large plaza towered there. The plaza was roughly a hundred feet tall and the wide stone steps that led to the plaza, was choked with people.

Lin Dong’s gaze swept around before concentrating on the center of the giant plaza. A giant golden monument silently stood there like a mountain. Golden light twinkled on its surface. The light gathered to form circles of golden light that enveloped the giant monument’s surroundings. This resplendent golden light caused the monument to become the most dazzling and attention grabbing object in the entire super city.

“Is that the Nirvana Monument?”

Lin Dong gazed at the titanic object and involuntarily licked his lips while mumbling as he felt the frightening undulations that it gave off.

Today, he had finally experienced the might of a Heavenly Soul Treasure.