Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 557: Vicious

Chapter 557: Vicious


Chapter 557: Vicious

After Lin Dong’s soft words came out of his mouth, the Su Rou trio saw a fearsome fiendish look appearing on the honest-looking Little Flame’s face, who had previously kept quiet and did not speak a single word.

At that moment, it was as if this honest-looking fellow, who possessed a gigantic physique, instantly became a bloodthirsty Asura that clawed out of hell!

Upon seeing Little Flame’s fiendish posture, Su Kui swallowed the words in his mouth that he intended to say previously. From the moment they met, he could sense the mysteriousness of the Lin Dong trio. Furthermore, Lin Dong clearly was not an impulsive individual. If he knew the background of these people and he still dared to take actions, he must have something that he could rely on.

In this Ancient Battlefield, Su Kui had seen a lot of low-profile individuals with terrifying capabilities. He could not guarantee that Lin Dong does not belong to this group of individuals.


When Yan Mo and his counterparts saw this scene, they could not help but mock, “Recently, there are a lot of delusional people like you in the Ten Thousand Elephant City. However, you are the first batch of people that actually dare to provoke the Wind Cloud Empire!”

“Kill them. Don’t leave any survivors!” With a sinister look in his eyes, Yan Mo waved his hand downward and shouted coldly.


As Yan Mo’s words left his mouth, the four figures beside him surged forward at almost the same time. Among these four figures, there were two who had reached Three Yuan Nirvana stage, while the remaining two were at Two Yuan Nirvana stage. Such a lineup was rather formidable.

As the four figures attacked at the same time, waves of vigorous Yuan Power extended outward rapidly and powerful repressive force engulfed Lin Dong and his counterparts. Apparently, these four figures had no intentions of being merciful. Their first attack had already displayed a rather formidable martial art. Accompanied by a killer intent, their Yuan Power blasted out with a whizzing sound.

“Brother Lin Dong, be careful!”

Standing behind Lin Dong, Su Rou shouted involuntarily while her facial expression changed drastically as she witnessed this scene.

Lin Dong looked at the whizzing incoming attack with a peaceful look on his face. Then, he waved his hand with his back facing Su Rou. He did not even show any sign of taking actions.


Frantic Yuan Power gushed forward like a surging mountain flash flood. However, just before it got within a few feet of Lin Dong, the air in front of him suddenly exploded. An enormous shadow that was accompanied by a heavy pressure came whizzing down. As a black-colored metal pole swiped across the air, its terrifying power gave rise to a remnant shadow that forcibly detonated the Yuan Power attack without any flashy moves.

Naturally, Little Flame was the one who suddenly took action. His attacks were not overly flashy or delicate. One-hit KO would almost be the perfect phrase to describe his attacks.

The pole shadow flew across and detonated the incoming formidable martial arts. Little Flame’s muscular figure landed heavily in front of Lin Dong. As he raised his head, one could already see scarlet rising in his eye pupils. That kind of ferocity was like an angry tiger that just escaped from its cage.

The four attacking figures clearly were shocked at Little Flame’s capabilities. However, it was apparent that they had a lot of experience and knowledge as well. Thus, upon seeing this sight, they did not fluster and instead, their eyes merely turned solemn gradually.


Little Flame stamped his foot ferociously against the ground. Accompanied by a fiendish aura, his muscular physique surged forward with a speed that did not match his body size at all. In a flash, a pole shadow that contained terrifying force appeared before one of the Wind Cloud Empire’s practitioners.

Apparently, the sudden attack surprised that person. Resplendent golden light immediately gushed out of his body and formed a golden glowing shield around his body.


However, upon seeing such a defence, a mocking snort came out from Little Flame’s throat. Then, as the green veins on his arms squirmed, the pole shadow surged forward and slammed ruthlessly onto that golden glowing shield.


As a metallic sound echoed throughout the area, everyone was astonished to see the sturdy resplendent golden shield shattered instantly. After being struck by such a heavy blow, that practitioner’s body went flying backward while leaving behind a hundred metres trail on the ground. Eventually, he flew into the jungle where it was unknown whether he lived or died.

One swing of his pole killed one person. Little Flame’s eyes were fierce and malicious. While the other three persons were still staring blankly at what had just happened, three powerful pole shadows ripped through the air at almost the same time without the any hesitation. The crafty-moving shadows landed ruthlessly on the chests of that three persons. The bright golden glow on their bodies dimmed in an instant.

Cough! Pfft!

Three of them spitted out a mouthful of blood each. Two of them, who were of Three Yuan Nirvana stage, could still handle the attacks. However, as for the Two Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner, after his chest was directly struck by Little Flame’s pole, his injury was clearly a fatal one!


At this moment, those two blood-spitting Three Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners finally came back to their senses. At once, their facial expressions became malevolent-looking. However, before they could even attack out of rage, Little Flame’s enormous body already surged toward them with repressive pole shadows. A sky full of frantic pole shadows swept towards them.

Bang bang bang!

As the three of them exchanged blows with a lightning like speed in the mid-air, waves of violent Yuan Power and gales swept across the area. The three figures were crisscrossing in the sky and every blow was deadly.

Lin Dong looked at the crisscrossing figures in the sky peacefully. His facial expression did not show the slightest bit of worry at all. Even Lin Dong himself was unsure about Little Flame’s current capabilities. Previously, even the Great Gan Empire’s Mu Huang was defeated by Little Flame. These two Wind Cloud Empire’s practitioners had just passed through the third Nirvana Tribulation. Hence, how could they be a match for Little Flame?

“Brother Lin Yan is so powerful,” As Su Rou saw this scene, her lucid and elegant face flushed and her eyes were filled with adoration. She must have been excited by how Little Flame was able to defeat so many practitioners at one go.

“Your capabilities are quite strong too. If you really want to protect your brother, you must change your attitude. On this battlefield, even if you possess capabilities, you will always be a lamb if you are weak-minded,” Lin Dong explained plainly.

“This time around, you are lucky to meet us. However, what about the future then? You can’t expect there’s someone to save you every time you’re in troubles, right?”

Lin Dong heaved a sigh. If he was weak-minded like this, he have probably died countless times over past few years?


Even though Lin Dong’s tone was not strict and even contained a tinge of gentleness, when Su Rou heard it, she did not dare to retort and eventually nodded her head obediently.

On one side, when Su Kui saw this scene, he was slightly startled. Soon after, he gave a smile as if he was feeling somewhat relieved….

“Bang bang!”

Just as what Lin Dong expected, the battle in the mid-ar did not last too long. Under Little Flame’s torrential attacks, the two Three Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners finally gave in and Little Flame caught their mistakes. A metal pole that contained dreadful force landed heavily on their bodies.

The two figures flew backward and they spitted out fresh blood violently, while flying through the air. Finally, they crashed heavily onto the ground. The energy from their collisions to the ground created arm-sized crevices on the floor that extended like a spider web.

After Little Flame sent the two figures flying, he waved the pole in his hand and aimed it at the nearby Yan Mo, whose facial expression was unsettled. Then, with a deep and low voice that was filled with strong killer intent, Little Flame warned, “It’s your turn now.”

Yan Mo’s face was grave. After he saw what had happened, he was fearful of Little Flame’s amazing fighting capabilities. However, soon after, he clenched his teeth and roared, “All of you are in big trouble!”

“From the day we enter the Ancient Battlefield, troubles have been finding us non-stop….” Lin Dong replied nonchalantly.

“You can be stubborn now but you will regret it in the future!”

Yan Mo warned sinisterly. At the same time, he surged backward and retreated. He is a smart individual. Given the current situation, he knew that he could no longer pose any threat to Lin Dong and his counterparts. If this situation was to drag on, he might lose his life.

Lin Dong looked indifferently at the retreating figure of Yan Mo and raised his gaze towards Little Marten. Upon seeing what happened, the latter gave an uncanny chuckle and with a jolt of his body, he oddly disappeared.

“Since troubles are coming, we shall not show any mercy….”

Lin Dong muttered softly as he saw Little Marten disappeared. His tone was filled with chilliness, which forced Su Kui and Liu Ya to gulp involuntarily. Apparently, they did not expect the most peaceful-looking person out of the trio had the most ruthless way of handling issues…..