Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 554: A Night Encounter

Chapter 554: A Night Encounter


Chapter 554: A Night Encounter

As nightfall came falling from the sky, a dark and gloomy color covered the heaven and earth. Under the influence of the darkness, the Yuan Power between the heaven and earth turned violent at the same time.

On a mountain range that was within a short distance from the Thousand Elephant City, there was a bonfire ongoing. Three figures were seated silently beside the bonfire. Even though continuous howls of Demonic Beasts could be heard throughout the night, their faces remained serene and did not reveal even the slightest bit of nervousness.

The three figures belong to the Lin Dong trio, who had been travelling unrelentingly from the Northwest Region in a hurry to the Thousand Elephant City. As the distance between the Northwest Region and the Thousand Elephant City was very long, even if the Lin Dong trio maximized their speeds, they still required nearly five days to reach this place.

“At our current rate, we can reach the Thousand Elephant City tomorrow,” Lin Dong smiled while stretching his back beside the bonfire.

Little Flame nodded his head. Little Marten’s face remained lazy-looking. He raised his eyes and took a sweeping glance at the surrounding darkness and said, “This time around, I can’t sense anyone following us. It appears that two fellows have retreated.”

“Reportedly, there are members of the super sects standing guard in the Thousand Elephant. I guess those fellows of unknown origin do not dare to get near to us,” Lin Dong laughed plainly.

Little Marten nodded his head while leaning against a huge tree. At this point of the night, the Yuan Power between the heaven and earth was getting rather rampant. The earth began to tremble and frantic howls of Demonic Beasts rushed forth the sky. Indistinctly, one could see the notorious Demonic hordes scrambling over the mountain range.

However, no matter how enormous the Demonic horde was, there was not a single Demonic Beast within hundred feet of the Lin Dong trio. Even the Demonic hordes that were surging through mountain range seemed to avoid their location intentionally. It appeared as though there was something they feared in this area.

“With the both of you here, it’s more than enough to induce fear in those Demonic hordes,” Lin Dong could not help but chuckle when he saw this scene. Little Flame possessed the bloodline of the Heavenly Devil Tiger Tribe, while Little Marten had already regained the physical body of a Celestial Demon Marten. Such unique display of might was enough to keep those Demonic hordes away.

During the past five days of hasty journey, they practically did not meet any obstruction and were even relaxed. It has been quite a while since they last enjoyed such a carefree sensation after entering the Ancient Battlefield.

Right now, beside Lin Dong, Little Flame was starting to become increasingly outstanding, while Little Marten had regained his physical body and his powers were recovering steadily. Both of them were powerful enough to take care of themselves. Therefore, Lin Dong no longer need to go through great pains and carefully strategize on how to handle various powerful enemies o his own.

“What kind of Demonic hordes are these? If you can enter the Demon City, you will see what the genuine surging Demonic hordes are all about,” Little Marten curled his lips and said.

“Demon City huh. If there’s an opportunity in the future, I definitely want to go there and experience it,” Lin Dong chuckled. He was rather curious about that mystical and unfamiliar region.

“It’s not an easy task to enter the Demon City. Separating the Eastern Xuan Region and the Demon City is a Chaos Demonic Sea, which is so huge that one will not be able to fly over. Even when I am at my peak, I need to remain highly cautious when I cross the sea,” Little Marten explained.

“Chaos Demonic Sea….” Lin Dong muttered. For some reasons, he found it somewhat familiar.

“On the map that you obtained in the Yan City’s Symbol Master Tower, there was a location of the second piece of Ancestral Symbol being marked on it. That is where the Chaos Demonic Sea is located at,” Little Marten continued.

At this moment, Lin Dong suddenly understood something and smacked his lips involuntarily. The second Ancestral Symbol. There were eight Ancestral Symbols in total. He did not know what type of Ancestral Symbol was that particular piece. It had been quite long since the day Lin Dong obtained the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Without possessing the powers of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, it would be very hard for Lin Dong to achieve his current status within one or two years. Thus, he developed a strong interest in this kind of godly artifacts like the Ancestral Symbols.

“Among the eight Ancestral Symbols, other than the Devouring Ancestral Symbol that you have, I have also seen a guy who possessed the Blazing Ancestral Symbol. Phew, that guy is an exceptional and ruthless individual. He is able to evaporate an entire river with a flip of his palm. During those days, I have been taken advantage of by him numerous times. That guy was a top-ranking entity in this heaven and earth. You might have the chance to meet him in the future,” Little Marten reminisced.

“Blazing Ancestral Symbol…” A look of novelty flashed across his eyes. Clearly, he was rather curious about it. How powerful would that kind of Ancestral Symbol be?

“There’s no need for you to envy him. The Devouring Ancestral Symbol is the most mysterious symbol out of the eight Ancestral Symbol. Naturally, there’s something powerful about it. It’s just that your capabilities haven’t reached that level yet. Therefore, you are unable to fully unleash its potential,” Little Marten explained lazily.

Lin Dong nodded his head slightly. Even though he was curious about the ability of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol, he was not drooling or lusting over it. He knew the principle of not biting off more than what he could chew. Currently, he could not even fully control the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. If he was lucky enough to obtain another piece of Ancestral Symbol again, it would be hard for him to master it as well. During that time, he might hurt himself instead.

Upon seeing Lin Dong expressing understanding towards this matter, Little Marten did not speak anymore. Then, he put his fingers into the bonfire and played with a wisp of fire boringly. After a moment, his fingers suddenly trembled and his eyebrows folded slightly.

At the same time, Lin Dong and Little Marten sensed something as well. They raised their heads and looked into the darkness of the jungle ahead of them. There seemed to be a sound of urgent footsteps coming through the darkness.

Lin Dong’s and Little Marten’s facial expressions did not have much changes. Little Flame’s hands slowly slided down and grabbed the black-colored metal pole beside him.

The bonfire was surging. After a short while, three figures walked out of the darkness.The first one was a wild-looking male,whose body was rather muscular. Following behind him were two girls. One of the girls was wearing red clothes. Her slender and seductive body possessed an arousing curve in the darkness and her face was extremely beautiful as well. Even though she could not be compared to Mu Hongling, she was still considered as a fine beauty.

Behind this girl, there was a teenage girl who was dressed in green. Her face was rather exquisite. Within her big and jet-black eyes, there was a lack of maturity and experience that Lin Dong was familiar with. Instead,her eyes seemed to contain a tinge of timidity.

Lin Dong shot a glance at the three persons. His gaze stopped at the green-clothed teenage girl for a while. Then, his eyes drooped slightly and he did not express much interest in them.

“My three friends, our path has been blocked by a Demonic horde. We chose to retreat to this place as we saw a bonfire here. May we take a short break here?” The wild-looking man cupped his fist in courtesy and asked after scanning the Lin Dong trio carefully.

“No, you may not,” Little Marten replied coldly as he raised his eyes. He sensed something troublesome about these three persons.

“You!” Upon seeing Little Marten’s rudeness, the red-dressed girl’s eyebrows flared slightly. Just as she was about to say something, she was being stopped by the man hastily. The man appeared wild-looking, but he was extremely meticulous in his actions. In this dark night, the whole mountain range was filled with Demonic hordes and yet, this place was oddly empty. Even those Demonic hordes did not dare to get closer to this place. Even though he was not sure of the exact reason, he did not dare to slight these three extremely young-looking men.

“Since this friend does not want to be bothered, we will leave this place,” The man gritted his teeth slightly. He was rather decisive as he turned and prepared to leave.

Beside the man, the green-dressed teenage girl bit her lips lightly and with a tinge of fear in her big black eyes, she looked at the Lin Dong trio and asked shyly, “Three big brothers, we will not disturb you. We will only be resting beside you for a while. Once the Demonic horde leaves, we will leave as well. If you are not satisfied, we can offer you some Nirvana pills as remuneration.”

“Fine, give us two million Nirvana pills,” Little Marten replied indifferently.

Upon hearing these words, that green-dressed teenage girl’s face flushed with embarrassment and her big eyes became teary unexpectedly. Even Little Marten was surprised at this sight. Those who made it to the Ancient Battlefield were considered the best in their respective empires. This small girl’s behaviour stunned him.

“My brother is merely joking. The three of you come and have a seat,” Lin Dong, who was playing with a wisp of fire all along, suddenly raised his head and smiled kindly at the three person. His gaze was fixated on the green-dressed teenage girl most of the time. His gaze contained a unique tinge of gentleness. This teenage girl reminded him of the lass back at home, Qing Tan. He wondered how she was doing now….

Upon seeing Lin Dong opened his mouth, Little Marten did not say anything else. Among the three of them, the wild-looking man was the most powerful. He was at most a Three Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner and could not pose any threat to them.

Upon hearing these words, the three persons were clearly elated. After a slight hesitation, they walked toward the bonfire and sat orderly beside it.

“My friend, my name is Su Kui. This is my sister, Su Rou,” The wild-looking man cupped his fists toward Lin Dong and pointed to the green-dressed girl. Then, he point to the beautiful red-dressed girl.

“This is our companion, Liu Ya.”

After the wild-looking man finished his introduction, he then scratched his head and continued, “We are from the Great Qing Empire, a middle-ranked empire, hehe.”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong was slightly happy. This fellow was rather simple-minded. By introducing himself, it meant that they were not dangerous.

“I’m Lin Dong. These are my two brothers, Lin Yan and…. Lin He.”

Lin Dong laughed as he ignored Little Marten, who was rolling his eyes furiously, and gave him a surname. After all, he could not introduce them to other people by calling them Little Flame and Little Marten

“We are from the Great Yan Empire, a low-ranked empire.”

Upon hearing these, the Su Kui trio was stunned. An unbelievable look flashed across their eyes. It must be that they never expected the three mysterious individuals in front of them were from a low-ranked empire.

“Brother Lin Dong, you are really from a low-ranked empire?” The teenage girl, whose name was Su Rou, could not help but ask while raising her big black eyes.

When Lin Dong saw cute facial expression, he smiled slightly. After fighting with so many people in the Ancient Battlefield for nearly one year, he did not have a peaceful conversation with someone like now. Following which, he nodded his head and sliced a piece of meat from the roast meat in the bonfire and passed it to Su Ruo. Then, he laughed, “If you’re not afraid of me poisoning you, eat some and fill your stomach.” Hearing these words, Su Rou’s face blushed. After thanking Lin Dong with a soft voice, she reached out her hand. At the moment when she reached out her hand to take the slice of meat, her fine fingers accidentally touched Lin Dong’s hand.

Upon that point of contact, Lin Dong’s facial expression suddenly changed slightly. An indifferent Little Marten, who was beside Lin Dong, squinted his eyes as if he sensed something as well.