Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 553: Little Marten’s Might

Chapter 553: Little Marten’s Might


Chapter 553: Little Marten’s Might

The monstrous black light was just like a black curtain that spread over the day sky with lightning like speed. Even the sunlight that scattered from the sky had vanished.

The two black figures looked at this black light that was swiftly spreading from the top of their heads, before their eyes suddenly turned stern and solemn. It was likely that they had sensed the strange strength contained within the black light.

“This fellow is a little unusual!”

The two of them exchanged glances and saw the meaning contained in the other’s eyes. They had discovered Lin Dong’s group back at the Ancient Hall and had similarly seen Lin Dong’s and Little Flame’s powerful strength when they defeated Zhu Tianhuo’s group. However, that was not enough to surprise them. It was due to this that they decided to follow Lin Dong’s group, preparing to find a chance to kill this fellow who might have had unearthed their conspiracy. However, no matter how they thought, they would never have expected that the seemingly youngest Little Marten, was the one who hid himself the deepest.

The development of this matter seemed to have spun out of their control.


The black light spreading throughout the sky caused the two black figures to sense a trace of danger from within it. Due to their overly cautious mentality, they did not dare to be careless. Immediately, the bright golden light surged out like floodwaters before finally transforming into a gold coloured large light figure.

“Devil Crushing Golden Spirit!”

The gold coloured light figure stood within the monstrous black light. A golden ray of light spread and blocked the erosion of the black glow, attracting the attention of everyone as it did so.

Lin Dong’s eyes were a little grave as he watched this scene. The two black figures were extremely strong. If it was not because of the fact that Little Marten had currently recovered his physical body and some of his strength, it was likely that both he and Little Flame would end up with quite an intense battle.

Boom boom!

The bright golden light was emitted from the large gold coloured figure like a volcano. It carried waves of extremely powerful energy as it eroded away the strange purple-black light that entered from every opening.

“Humph.” The purple-black glow in Little Marten’s eyes became increasingly dense upon seeing the stubbornness of the two. He extended his long hand and suddenly clenched it tightly.


The purple-black light wiggled strangely when Little Marten’s cry sounded. It actually transformed into numerous large purple-black chains that shot out and directly entwined firmly around the large golden figure. After which, it shrunk ruthlessly.


A clear sound appeared and the incomparably tough large golden figure immediately began to crumble. Numerous crack lines were formed while even the golden glow on it had become dim.

However, this was not considered swallowing but a kind of erosion. Little Marten’s energy possessed some eroding properties and had quite a great offensive strength. However, it was impossible to achieve the effect of the Devouring Power, which took the strength of others for oneself.

Shocked flashed across the eyes of the two black shadows, when they saw the line pattern on the large golden figure. A ruthlessness quickly surged as the seals formed by their hands changed. “Explode!”


The large golden figure suddenly swelled when the seals were formed. An extremely wild and violent energy storm swept from behind. Finally, a ‘bang’ was emitted and it was actually forcefully exploded. The wild and violent attack that was formed because of the explosion also scattered half of the spreading black light. Those two figures also took the opportunity to rush out, escaping from the reach of the spreading black light.

Seeing that these two fellows had escaped from his attack range, Little Marten did not continue to attack. He waved his hand and those black light were swiftly withdrawn. Finally, it entered into Little Marten’s body.

“Who are you exactly?” After this exchange, the two black shadows clearly did not dare to underestimate this seemingly ladylike beautiful young man in front of them. Their sinister voice had an addition trace of surprise.

“Let me warn you, do not intervene in this matter. The things that are involved behind are far from what you can bear!” The other black shadow also coldly cried out.

“Tcch.” Little Marten curled his mouth and laughed coldly, “What has Grandpa Marten not experienced. Do you think that you are qualified to threaten me?”

“You!” Those two mysterious black shadows were clearly extremely agitated by Little Marten. Immediately, they spoke in a dense manner, “You are indeed quite skilled, but don’t think that we don’t have the ability to deal with you.”

“You cowardly mice dare to act arrogantly in this Ancient Battlefield that is controlled by the Eastern Xuan Region?” Little Marten mockingly looked at the two.

The expressions of those two black figures immediately changed drastically upon hearing this. Their voices had turned unusually deep with shock at this moment, “Just what do you know?”

“Grandpa Marten knows all that needs to be known. I have said before that we are not interested in whatever plan that you have. However, if you wish to secretly conspire against us, Grandpa Marten can only display a killing blow and kill you people, who have sneaked into this domain.” Little Marten smiled at the two of them. His handsome face that was present in the eyes of those two black shadows caused the latter to feel a chill surging within their hearts.

Lin Dong and Little Flame appeared beside Little Marten. Their eyes were cautious as they watched the two mysterious people in front. The fragments of the conversation that he could vaguely hear allowed Lin Dong to guess that these fellows who had sneaked into the Ancient Battlefield definitely had some extremely grand plans. The people involved were definitely not simple individuals. In this game between powerful shadowy individuals, Lin Dong did not want wish to be part of it. Currently, all that he wanted to do was to pass the Hundred Empire War and find a super sect to use as a stepping stone, so that he could advance into an even higher level.

Those hidden eyes of the two black shadows floating in the sky flickered. There was a vague killing intent as well as fear lingering within them. Clearly, they were still unwilling to abandon their intention to kill Lin Dong’s group. However, Little Marten’s intervention had thrown their a spanner in their works, causing them to be extra wary.

Little Marten crossed his hands over his chest and lazily stared at these two black shadows. The strength of these two were quite great. If he did not use the Celestial Demon Marten actual body, it was likely that there would be some difficulty killing them. However, if he was to do that, it would inevitably attract the attention of the experts, who were paying close attention to this space. At that time, he might even bring about a great deal of trouble to Lin Dong. Hence, forcing these two to withdraw was the best result.

Lin Dong was clearly aware of Little Marten’s intention. Therefore, he did not say anything else. These two black shadows were quite strong but it was impossible to cause his group to be afraid. However, it was obviously that there were not the only ones involved in this grand and revolutionary plan…

Lin Dong did not intend to touch this quagmire.

The atmosphere in the midair stiffened. It was a long while later before the glint in the eyes of these two black shadows flickered slightly. A deep and solemn voice was slowly emitted, “Since you insist on not intervening, the two of us shall give you respect. However, I hope that you remember your promise. Do not randomly interfere in this matter. The water is too deep and regardless of what kind of ability you have, you will be drowned in it.”

Little Marten shrugged his shoulders and remained non-committal.

“Hopefully we will not hear of any other rumours. If the news here is to leak, there will naturally be someone who will find trouble with you. At that time, the situation might not be as easily resolved as it is now.”

The two black shadows glanced sinisterly at Lin Dong’s group. Finally, they clearly understood that it was pointless to say anything more. They immediately ceased to speak as they turned around, transformed into two black rays of light that swiftly shot out. Within a couple of breaths’ time, they had already disappeared into the horizon.

Little Marten only lazily withdrew his eyes after seeing that the black shadows had disappeared into the distant. He curled his lips and said, “What a hateful grasshopper. If it is not because I do not wish to expose my identity, I would have directly slammed them to death.”

Lin Dong grinned. He also withdrew his eyes that were looking into the distance and softly said, “It looks like the matter regarding this Ancient Battlefield really has a wide implication. This place is the territory of the Eastern Xuan Region. Moreover, it is a place where quite a number of super sects were selecting disciples. Yet these fellows actually dare to intervene. I really wonder just what kind of great monster is backing them.”

“It is likely that these fellows will not let the matter rest so easily.” Little Flame, who had been quiet at the side, suddenly remarked.

Lin Dong nodded. This time around, they had relied on Little Marten’s strength to cause the other party’s offensive plan to fail. However, with this experience, the other party would no longer make this mistake again in the future…

“There is also no need to be overly worried. This Ancient Battlefield is after all the territory of those super sects from the Eastern Xuan Region. Those people will not dare to be overly flagrant. Otherwise, they might end up prompting those experts from those super sects to appear. Their plans would likely end up in smoke at that time.” Little Marten laughed.


Lin Dong nodded once again. He said, “I am not interested in what what those great beings want to do. It is fine as long as they do not interrupt my advancement. Otherwise, I won’t care who they are…”

“Let’s go, we must hurry to the Thousand Elephant City next. That place is one that we must pass in order to head to the central area. It can be considered to be a truly chaotic one where many hidden experts lie. Be extra wary once we reach there.” Lin Dong turned his eyes and looked towards a certain direction. After which, he waved his hand and took the lead to rush forward. Little Marten and Little Flame swiftly followed behind.

Two black shadows flashed and appeared from a distant mountain peak after Lin Dong’s group left.

“How should we deal with this?” A black shadow glanced at his companion and spoke with a cold voice.

“We must not let any word leak. Otherwise, none of us will escape. The person following beside that brat is quite skilled. I guess that even if the both of us were to join forces, it will still be difficult to finish him off. Looks like we must summon the Death Spirit General…” The other person mused for a moment before replying in a densely cold voice.

“Oh? Do we actually need to ask that perverted guy? Is that fellow really so strong?” The earlier black shadow was immediately startled as he softly asked.

“There will not be any trouble if we are prepared. Ultimately, it will be beneficial for us. We must eliminate those three people no matter what!”

That black shadow sinisterly uttered. His voice that was filled with killing intent lingered over the top of the mountain. Even the air itself had become icy cold.

”Those three fellows are in for a bad time…”