Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 552: Being Targeted

Chapter 552: Being Targeted


Chapter 552: Being Targeted

The sound of wind parting resounded over the serene blue sky. Three figures rushed past with lightning like speed and a low and deep wind pressure on the sea of trees below, forming three shallow scars on it. Looking from a distance, it appeared as though it was a green coloured gully.

These three figures were naturally Lin Dong trio, who had left the Ancient Hall and were hurrying towards the core area of the Ancient Battlefield.

The size of the Ancient Battlefield was extremely vast. The north-western region where Lin Dong’s group was located, was merely a tiny portion of it. Of course, with such a vast amount of space, it was likely extremely difficult for one to roam the entire area within a short one year.

Lin Dong’s journey to the centre of the Ancient Battlefield was clearly not something that could be accomplished within a short two to three days. Therefore, they needed to make full use of the time.

“There is a Ten Thousand Elephant City located along the route from the north-western region to the centre of the Ancient Battlefield. That is one of the few cities in the Ancient Battlefield that one must pass through, to reach the central area. Various experts from all over the Ancient Battlefield are gathered there. At that place, experts who had advanced into the Nirvana Stage are common and it could be said to have many hidden experts. Of course, it is also a place that we must pass when entering the central region.” Lin Dong’s eyes swept slightly around him while they were travelling. Immediately, he turned his head and uttered those words to the other two with a smile.

Little Flame scratched his head and smiled in a silly manner. Some fiery heat surged within his eyes. This fellow was addicted to fighting deep within his bones. Being able to fight with those experts was quite an enjoyable event in his opinion.

Little Marten did not comment much when he heard this. His eyes swept over the space around them. For some unknown region, his eyebrows were knitted slightly together.

“Little Flame, what kind of inheritance did you obtain from the White Tiger Hall?” Lin Dong did not notice Little Marten’s expression. Instead, he glanced at Little Flame before asking with some curiosity.

“A martial arts of unknown depth known as the White Tiger Star Scale Mirror…” Little Flame laughed.

“White Tiger Star Scale Mirror…”

Lin Dong nodded slightly. It was likely that a remanent shadow like Qing Zhi did not appear within the White Tiger Hall. However, this was only normal. An old demon of abnormal level like Qing Zhi. It was already very incredible to even have one here. If the other three halls had existences that were similar to him, the strength of the Tiangang alliance would likely be a little too terrifying.

After a brief inquiry about Little Flame’s experience in the White Tiger Hall, Lin Dong did not continue his questioning. His eyes were rotated before someone finally noticed Little Marten’s expression. He was immediately startled as he softly asked, “Little Marten, what is it?”

Little Flame also looked at Little Marten. Upon seeing the latter’s narrowed eyes forming a somewhat dangerous arc, his Demonic Beast unique instincts also caused it to understand something. His forward charging body suddenly stopped and a dark black metal rod appeared in his hand. His large body directly blocked in front of Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s eyebrows were slowly knitted. Powerful Mental Energy swiftly spread apart. However, his deep probing did not register any response. This did not allow him to heave a sigh of relief, but instead caused his expression to gradually turn solemn.

The purple-black glow in Little Marten’s eyes flickered and that handsome evil looking face had appeared a little deeper. In a low voice, he coldly laughed, “We seemed to have been targeted by someone.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong’s eyes shrunk immediately. He did not sense anything unusual throughout the journey. What did this mean? It meant that the person who had targeted them was so powerful that even they could not sense him. That kind of ability was not something that an ordinary person could achieve!

“Can we find him?” Lin Dong softly uttered. A cold glint vaguely flowed in his eyes. He did not expect that they would be immediately targeted by others the moment they left the Ancient Hall. This matter caused him to feel a little upset.

Little Marten smiled and nodded. After which, he suddenly grabbed in front of him and a purple-black light glow rushed out from his palm in a lightning like manner. After which, it transformed into a purple-black light net that suddenly covered the entire empty space.

Sizzle sizzle!

The purple-black light net appeared to possess a powerful corrosive strength. Even the invisible air emitted waves of white smoke when the net appeared, causing one’s heart to pound wildly upon sight.

The purple-black light net covered the empty space under the focus of Lin Dong’s group. However, the moment that the net was about to be withdrawn, that empty space finally began to become distorted in front of the eyes of Lin Dong’s group. A surprised ‘huh’ was emitted. Immediately, a bright strong glow was suddenly erupted and actually repelled the purple-black net by force.

Two somewhat strange figures surfaced from nowhere after the light net was repelled. The two figures were wrapped within a black shadow, causing one to be unable to discern their appearance. However, Lin Dong’s expression changed drastically upon his first glance at these two mysterious figures. This was because these two were surprisingly the two mysterious people, whom he had seen within the Nirvana Burning Sky Array in the Ancient Treasure Trove.

“We were actually discovered by them?”

Lin Dong’s eyes gradually become grave. He became cautious, appearing as though he was faced with a great enemy. He clearly understood that despite having already raised his strength to that of the three Yuan Nirvana Stage, he was still able to sense a dangerous feeling from the bodies of these two mysterious experts. Although this kind of danger was much weaker compared to when he had first seen them, these two people were clearly not people whom Zhu Huotian’s group could compare with.

“It is really surprising. You can actually discover our presence…” The two black shadows were suspended in the sky. Two pairs of cold eyes were staring at Lin Dong’s group under the black glow as they spoke sinisterly.

“May I know what great being the two of you are? What are you planning to do by following behind us?” The surprise in Lin Dong’s eyes were withdrawn as he spoke with a calm manner.

“Hee, brat, why are you still acting foolish in front of us. We have met before in the Nirvana Burning Sky Array.” A black figure let out a soft cold laughter.

“Although we did not see your appearance back then, we can still clearly remember your aura.”

“Seeing that you have fled so quickly back then, it is likely that you have overheard something, right?” Another black shadow laughed in a dense manner.

Lin Dong’s eyes became chilly. He was not certain what exactly these people wanted to do. However, it was likely that it involved quite a great conspiracy. These two fellows had been guarding at the Ancient Hall after Lin Dong met them back then. It was likely that they were waiting for him to reappear.

“You two ghost like beings of unknown origin. We are not the least bit interested in your issues. The both of you should also not pester us. Let’s not meddle in each other’s affairs. If you get overboard, don’t think that Grandpa Marten does not have some tactics to deal with you.” Little Marten’s handsome face revealed a chillness as he said.

Little Flame did not utter a single word. His large body stepped forward. His face, which originally carried a simple and honest look, had turned incomparably fierce at this moment. A fierceness rose from all over his body, causing him to transform into a demon like being in the blink of an eye.

“Hehe, what arrogant words. Even those super empires’ bosses don’t dare to say such words to me? Who do you think you are?” A black figure suddenly laughed. His tone was filled with ridicule.

“Do you really think that you are considered amongst the top within this Ancient Battlefield just because you have defeated two members from a super empire?” The other black shadow also laughed eeriely.

Little Marten narrowed both of his eyes slightly but he was not angry. A strange smile was lifted on his handsome face. In the next instant, his body abruptly shot forward and an afterimage strangely appeared.


Little Marten’s speed was lightning like. In the blink of an eye, he had already appeared below the two figures in a ghost like fashion. Monstrous purple-black energy surged out and actually transformed into blade like wings. A shocking cold glint flashed passed the tip of those wings.

The expressions of the two black shadows changed the moment that purple-black wings appeared. Even they could sense a dense bone chilling cold from them. Immediately, he waved his hand and a golden glow surged out from within his body, forming a gold coloured shield in front of them.


The blade like wings ruthlessly hacked onto the gold coloured shields. Sparks erupted and the gold coloured shield was immediately covered by crack lines. The two black shadows also took the opportunity to pull back. Those eyes under the black shadows congelated slightly.


However, just when the two figures were pulling back, a shocking wind came sweeping over from the space above. A large black coloured rod hacked downwards while carrying a terrifying strength that could blast apart a mountain.


The continuous attack had clearly caused these two mysterious figures to become a little furious. One of them clenched his hand and a bright gold glow agglomerated in his hand. It actually transformed into an enormous gold coloured large hammer. The hammer danced and ruthlessly smashed on the black coloured large rod.


Wild and violent storm rippled and swept apart. The black coloured rod was actually forced back by it. Little Marten’s feet made a couple of rapid steps before stabilizing his body. The fierceness and ruthlessness on his face became increasingly intense.

“Golden body agglomerating objects!”

Lin Dong’s expression also became increasingly grave as he watched the gold shield and gold axe that these two mysterious people had randomly formed. This was a real energy substance that was formed from using the energy of the golden body. However, this kind of energy was something that only those experts who had stepped into the four Yuan Nirvana Stage could barely control.

“You two are a little too inexperienced to play this tactic in front of Grandpa Marten!”

Little Marten’s handsome face was unusually icy cold. He widened his mouth and purple-black glow swept out from all directions. Finally, it appeared to have transformed into a enormous dark mouth that seemed to be able to swallow the world. This mouth bit towards the two black shadows in a lightning like manner.

Lin Dong sensed a kind of energy that was somewhat similar to the Devouring Ancestral Symbol from within that large dark mouth. However, it was not as pure as that of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Instead, it was mixed with some other things.

“Heaven Swallowing Demonic Light!”

A dense and cold cry was suddenly emitted from Little Marten’s mouth. That purple-black glow had also surged out from within the black light in all directions at this moment. Daytime turned into darkness. Its momentum was extremely shocking.

Little Marten had finally began to unleash the terrifying strength that belonged to him after regaining his physical body!