Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 551: Departure

Chapter 551: Departure


Chapter 551: Departure

The battle in the sky did not end up in stalemate. Instead, the battle ended surprisingly quickly.

One could identify which party was in an advantageous position just by looking at sorry state which Zhu Tianhuo and Muhuang were in, before turning to look at Lin Dong, whose facial expression was peaceful, while his aura was razor-sharp like the tip of a knife.

The result of the battle was very astonishing. No one had expected things would come to such an end. The people in this city had heard of Lin Dong’s numerous astonishing feats. However, this time around, the one who fought against him was not an individual like Shi Kun, instead, it was a practitioner from a genuine super empire!

However, no matter how surprised they were, it would not affect the results. They raised their heads towards the sky and fixed their gazes on the two figures, who appeared rather resplendent under the sunshine. Suddenly, a weird feeling arose in their hearts. There was a chance that these two fellows, who were from a low ranked empire, might become the most dazzling dark horses in the Hundred Empire War this time around.

Everyone was eager to find out just how far these two practitioners could progress in the Hundred Empire War, that was filled with elites. That was because they want to see if there was anyone who could truly challenge the dominance of the behemoth-like super empires…

As a cooling breeze blew across the sky, Lin Dong’s robe glided lightly. His gaze was fixated on unsettled Zhu Tianhuo and he was not afraid of letting the latter escape. Lin Dong was satisfied with just defeating Zhu Tianhuo. However, if the latter was not tactful with the current situation, Lin Dong would not make too many concessions as well.

Indeed, he was slightly wary of the super empires, but that did not mean he was afraid of them. Given Lin Dong’s and Little Flame’s current capabilities, if they were to use all of their means, they could even put up a fight with a Four Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner. Furthermore, besides them, there was also Little Marten, who possessed unfathomable depths of powers and had yet to take any action so far. Even though Lin Dong did not want him to take action, that fellow would not stand by idly if they were in a critical situation.

Possessing such a lineup, Lin Dong was like a tiger with wings in this Ancient Battlefield. Hence, those previous situations where he was being forced to run and hide all over the place would not easily happen again.

At this moment, Little Flame’s muscular figure appeared behind Lin Dong. The intertwining scars on his body made him looked extremely fearsome. After witnessing Little Flame’s valiant display of strength, all the onlookers would not be so foolish as to treat him as a blockhead, whose capabilities were not as good as he looked anymore.

Little Marten flew lazily across the sky and stood beside Lin Dong, while staring mockingly at Zhu Tianhuo. Even though his aura was not as fiendish as Little Flame’s, some observant individuals could sense those purple-black pupils of Little Marten were flickering with a palpitating chilliness.

As those two individuals stood behind Lin Dong, there seemed to be an incorporeal enormous pressure given off, causing one to be afraid of looking down on this trio.

Naturally, Zhu Tianhuo could sense that kind of pressure as well. At once, his facial expression changed slightly. At the same time, the sound of wind flapping came from behind him. A slightly devastated Huang Mu had flown over. There was a grave and worried look in his eyes as he stared at the Lin Dong trio. Then, he pursed his lips and spoke into Zhu Tianhuo’s ears with a soft voice, “The three of them are very powerful. If we really go to war, I’m afraid we cannot defeat them by ourselves.”

Upon hearing these words, it was obvious that Zhu Tianhuo could not help but clench his fists. His proud and arrogant nature made it hard for him to accept such reality. However, he was not a stupid individual as he also knew that this was a fact.

In the previous battle, his highly-prized Soul martial art was directly defeated by Lin Dong. Meanwhile, the physically talented Muhuang was also thoroughly defeated in his own game by that gigantic fellow behind Lin Dong. Furthermore, standing besides the two of them, the most mysterious-looking fellow had yet to make a move. Zhu Tianhuo was not dumb enough to believe that this handsome-looking, yet lazy young man would be a simple pushover.

No matter how they sized the current situation, there was no way that they could obtain a dominant position. It appeared that they must give up on their plan of seizing the mysterious sects’ inheritance…..

“I feel really bitter….”

Zhu Tianhuo cursed in his heart while gritting his teeth. If he had known earlier that this would happen, he would have called the other two generals to tag along. If the four of them combined forces, they might be able to contend with Lin Dong’s lineup.

“You have won,” After judging the situation clearly, Zhu Tianhuo announced with his eyes drooping. At the same time, he did not mince his words and even shrugged his shoulders at ease.

“I’m flattered.”

Lin Dong smiled. No arrogance, no impatience. In fact, he did not show the slightest bit of arrogance just because he defeated the practitioner from a super empire. Even though he was unhappy with the fact that Zhu Tianhuo and his counterparts wanted to seize his inheritance, he did not want to start a feud with their Great Gan Empire.

“Lin Dong, you have indeed exceeded my expectations. However, I will remember what has happened today. The next time we meet, I will collect my debt,” Zhu Tianhuo said insipidly. He was not afraid of infuriating Lin Dong. With the Great Gan Empire backing him, no matter how domineering Lin Dong was, he would not dare to kill him.

“I will look forward to that at all times,” Lin Dong replied indifferently while shooting a glance at Zhu Tianhuo.

“The news of you obtaining the mysterious sects’ inheritance have long spread out. We are not the only ones who desire your inheritance. Therefore, it might be troublesome for you in the future. I hope you can reach the core zone of the Ancient Battlefield smoothly. We will wait for you at the Hundred Empire War…..” Zhu Tianhuo smirked as if he was gloating at Lin Dong’s misfortunes. Then, without giving Lin Dong any chance to reply, he turned his body and walked off. Eventually, he and Muhuang became two streaks of rainbow and disappeared into the horizon rapidly.

As the Zhu Tianhuo duo left, the hostile atmosphere that engulfed that city seemed to have dissipated. Numerous gazes that were filled with various emotions were concentrated at the three figures in the sky. That kind of facial expression was rather complicated. Even though they had seen it happened with their own eyes, it was still hard to believe that the three persons who are from a low ranked empire, were able to defeat the practitioners from a super empire. The Hundred Empire War was getting more and more interesting…..

There were murmurings among some people. Recently, seclusive practitioners from various places were emerging constantly at the speed of a rocket. These people eventually became dazzling stars in various areas.

All of these individuals were blessed with exceptional talent and fortunate encounters. Therefore, it was difficult to imagine just how a spectacular sight it would be once they gathered together.

From a different perspective, these people might be the most outstanding individuals among the countless younger generation members in the Eastern Xuan Region.

When these obstinate and unruly talented evildoers gathered in one place, there was bound to be extreme excitement and violence.

“They are really troublesome,” Lin Dong spoke softly as he looked at the distant figures of the Zhu Tianhuo duo.

“If you find it troublesome, you could have ended it directly. Maybe once your notoriety spread, no one will dare to find trouble with you again,” Little Marten beamed.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong could not help but roll his eyes. He then said, “The three kings and four generals in the Great Gan Empire are no pushovers. Just the fire general and mountain general alone, who are the bottom two ranking generals out of the four, already possess such powers. I’m afraid the top two ranking generals – the wind general and forest general would be even more powerful. Furthermore, above these generals, there are the most troublesome so-called three kings. That three fellows should already surpassed the Four Yuan Nirvana stage.”

Even Lin Dong involuntarily shook his head when he spoke of these. These super empires had foundations that he could not have imagined. They might not even need any inheritance or treasures to reach an altitude that ordinary individuals had a hard time reaching. While everyone was working hard to obtain Nirvana pills, they could throw away millions of Nirvana pills at will.

In addition to such foundation, these people were hand-picked geniuses, whose achievements were being looked up to by everyone.

However, even if other people had a better starting point, Lin Dong was not jealous. Different people had different lives, different individuals put in different types of hard work. In those years, while he was still in the small town of Qingyang Town, he was filled with killer intent towards Lin Langtian and yet, he did not reveal the slightest bit of his killer intent. During those times, he was like an ant in front of Lin Langtian. With one finger, the latter would be able to crush him and the entire Lin family.

However, things did not end up in this way. The youth who shedded tears and sweat while training on a hill, became the brightest individual in the Lin Clan. Lin Langtian, whom he was forced to revere during those times, ultimately became a stray dog which life status was unknown.

Hence, having a good or bad starting point was not important. What mattered the most was the end results.

Those super empires might be almighty, however, Lin Dong knew that he would surpass them one day…..

“Big brother, what should we do now?” Little Flame scratched his head and gave a sheepish smile, looking totally different from the Little Flame who looked as fiendish as Asura during the battle with Muhuang previously.

“It’s less than a month to the Hundred Empire War. Right now, practitioners from various places are heading towards the core zone of the Ancient Battlefield. We should also head that way directly,” Lin Dong smiled.

Little Flame nodded his head. Clearly, he did not had the slightest bit of objection to Lin Dong’s instructions.

“How should we handle that fellow? I think he is definitely part of the reason why those people from Great Gan Empire would seek trouble with us,” Little Marten joked sadistically as he looked at the figure in front of the golden hall, while scratching his chin.

Lin Dong shot a glance in that direction and saw Tian Zhen staring back at them with a deathly-pale face. When he saw Lin Dong looked at him, his scalp went numb and quickly lowered his gaze and did not dare to look Lin Dong in eyes.

“There’s nothing to worry about, let’s go.”

Lin Dong stared indifferently at Tian Zhen, who no longer had the slightest bit of the dominating aura of Northwest Region’s overlord. Eventually, Lin Dong shook his head and did not seem to have any intention of pursuing the matter.

It was hard for this kind of people to pose any threat to him.

As Lin Dong finished his sentence, he did not wish to stay any longer in this city. With a jolt of his body, he became a beam of dark glow and flew out of the city. Behind him, Little Flame and Little Marten quickly caught up with him.

In front of the golden hall,when Tian Zhen saw the departed figures of the Lin Dong trio, cold sweats dripped down from his forehead. Soon after, he laughed at himself. He knew that there would be outstanding individuals in every regions of the Ancient Battle but clearly, he himself was not qualified to be one in the Northwest Region anymore.

The youth, who was named Lin Dong, would walk out of this place and step into the place where all the geniuses gathered. That would be the place where the real demonstration of extraordinary talents would take place.