Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 549: Green Dragon Sky Ripping Hand

Chapter 549: Green Dragon Sky Ripping Hand


Chapter 549: Green Dragon Sky Ripping Hand


A shocking energy storm frantically unfurled in the sky. Two enormous fists along with a fierce and completely untamed wind, transformed into a shadow that enveloped Lin Dong and Little Flame.

The air exploded wherever the fists passed. Even some of the tall buildings in the city below were pressured by the wind till numerous cracks appeared, causing them to become shaky and unsteady.

It was just a single punch, yet its power had reached such a ferocious level.

“Soul Martial Arts huh?”

Lin Dong looked at the fiery red fist wind as its reflection swiftly magnified in his eyes. Although it was incomparable hot, Lin Dong could still sense a sliver of cold killing intent within it. Zhu Tianhuo clearly did not plan to show any mercy in his attack.

“It is indeed quite strong. However, it is still not enough.”

A somewhat bright smile surfaced on Lin Dong’s face. At this instant, the green coloured glow suddenly erupted from within his body.

The green glow exploded. Before Lin Dong could counter attack, that fire giant’s large fist had already arrived. Finally, it ruthlessly smashed onto the green glow that had just spread in front of everyone’s eyes.

Boom! Bam!

Two low and deep deafening sound were emitted from the sky in a manner that caused one’s heart to be gripped with fear. The first was naturally emitted when the fire fist smashed onto the green glow, while the second was due to Little Flame in the distant being struck head on by a fist from the giant that Muhuang had transformed into.

Some pitiful voices were immediately emitted from within the city after seeing this scene. Even if it was a three Yuan Nirvana Stage expert who had received such a fierce and powerful attack head on, it was likely that he would have difficulty avoiding being seriously wounded. However, their pity did not last for long before it suddenly ceased. This was because they were unable to see even a single figure miserably shooting backwards from either that green glow or the blood glow. That manner was as though the terrifying strength that was contained in those two large fist was like large heavy rocks sinking into the ocean . This scene was such that anyone could tell that something strange was going on in the sky. Two enormous fist had ruthlessly smashed into the permeating green and blood glow but there was basically no activity created,

Flames slowly rose around the heart region of the fire giant in the sky. It vaguely revealed Zhu Tianhuo’s figure, which was hidden within it. At this moment, Zhu Tianhuo’s expression was a little grave and solemn as he looked at the spreading green glow. The feeling that was returned from the fist wind informed him that this heavy blow did not obtain its intended effect.

The entire sky was silent. The green glow that had spread gradually showed some activity. One could see that the green glow was swiftly withdrawing. A moment later, a figure that was completely wrapped under that faint green light once again appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

At this moment, that figure had extended his right hand and was blocking under the enormous fist that was completely out of proportion to it. However, this seemingly weak hand possessed a force that caused that enormous fist to have difficulty advancing even an inch forward!

That thunderous fist of Zhu Tianhuo that was sufficient to seriously injure an ordinary three Yuan Nirvana Stage expert was actually directly blocked by a single hand of Lin Dong!

This scene immediately caused quite a number of people to inhale a breath of cold air. Those gazes looking at Lin Dong seemed to suggest that they were looking at a freak.

Some uproar was also suddenly erupted from the other side of the city while the sound of inhalation of cold air appeared on this side. Everyone’s eyes turned, only to see that the blood light in the distant had scattered. Little Flame, who was completely wrapped within a blood glow,had actually extended his hand and directly hugged a huge arm of the giant that Muhuang had transformed into. That manner of his looked as though he wanted to toss that giant aside.

“You are seeking death!”

MuHuang also appeared to have clearly sensed Little Flame’s intention. He immediately exploded in fury. With an angry cry, another fist was once again smashed forward ruthlessly. Even the space itself had become a little distorted under that frightening energy storm.


The blood glow surged around Little Flame and a low and deep tiger roar was emitted from his mouth. He did not give in even a little as he strides forward. Blood light permeated over his fist. It made contact with the enormous fist head on without even shrinking back a little.


A deep loud sound that caused one’s head to become numb was emitted from the point of contact between the large and small fist. A circular seemingly substance like energy ripple spread apart wildly. The surrounding space had completely crumbled at that instant.

Dense blood glow that contained a monstrous fierceness suddenly surged out from within Little Flame’s body. These blood glow seemed to have vaguely agglomerated into an enormous blood coloured light tiger outside of his body.

“Get lost!”

Little Flame’s eyes were fierce. The veins on his arms were just like small wiggling snakes. A strength that was similar to a wild mountain instantly erupted!

Countless number of eyes had become shocked at this moment. This was because they had seen that the enormous mountain like giant that MuHuang had transformed into had actually been directly lifted by Little Flame at this instant. After which, the giant spun like a windmill and was ruthlessly thrown downwards.


The giant directly crushed into the city, causing many to be thrown off their feet. Numerous buildings collapsed almost immediately and the entire city had become chaotic because of this attack by Little Flame.

A surprise also flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw this scene. It seemed that these four months of training had also resulted in Little Flame’s strength rising to quite a terrifying level.

“Haha, it looks like your companion is indeed no match for my brother.” Lin Dong raised his head and looked at the giant, which was wrapped under a flame, in front of him before once again laughing.

“You are a little too talkative. It will not be too late to finish off that brother of yours once I quickly get rid of you.” Zhu Tianhuo was vaguely visible at the heart of the fire giant. His eyes were densely cold as he stared at Lin Dong. In the next instant, his large body suddenly shot out. Wild and violent flame swept crazily towards Lin Dong like a burning cloud.

Lin Dong pressed his toes on the air and swiftly pulled his body back. The bone spear in his hand also formed numerous sharp spear shadows that smashed towards the enormous body from all directions.

Clang clang!

Those spear shadows landed on that enormous figure but they merely emitted waves of clear sound. Sparks flew in all directions. However, no substantive effect had occurred.

“Humph, this is the Flame Demon Body. It is impossible for you to break it. This is the same for Muhuang. He possess the Rough Mountain Body. Do you think that your brother can injure him? The both of you cannot even break our defence, yet you are thinking of fighting with us? What idiotic nonsense!” Zhu Tianhuo coldly laughed. His tone did not lack some mockery.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. His gaze swiftly glanced at the city below and indeed saw that the enormous body that was tossed by Little Flame had once again stood up. After which, the figure randomly grabbed an enormous rock and once again charged aggressively at Little Flame.

“Are you going to rely on your tortoise shell?”

A cold smile was revealed in Lin Dong’s eyes. It must be said that Zhu Tianhuo and Mu Huang were indeed extremely troublesome to deal with. However, Lin Dong was currently no longer the same as he was four months earlier…

“Since you are so proud of this tortoise shell, I shall break it!” Lin Dong laughed coldly.

“With just you?” Some disdain was lifted on the corner of Zhu Tianhuo’s mouth as he mocked Lin Dong.

“With just me!” Lin Dong smiled. His body moved and actually ceased withdrawing. Instead, he shot directly towards Zhu Tianhuo.

“You insolent fellow!”

Zhu Tianhuo’s eyes turned chilly upon seeing this. His surging flame suddenly swarmed towards his large hand. After which, it swung towards Lin Dong.

“Flame Demon Palm!”

Countless amount of flame rose from the giant fire palm as it came whizzing downwards. A momentum that shook one’s soul was vaguely emitted. That manner appeared as though there was a fierce soul accompanying it.


The huge fire palm carried a shadow that covered everything below. It had basically sealed off all of Lin Dong’s retreat paths. However, Lin Dong’s face did not show the slightest fear. The seal formed by his hand changed and the green glow that lingered around him wiggled. It vaguely appeared to have formed a kind of unique membrane over his skin. There was actually a faint partially present dragon roar being emitted when that membrane was formed.


The green dragon skin covered Lin Dong’s body. At the same time, his body became just like a meteorite as he threw his palm forward. It actually forcefully met the giant fire palm head on.


The coldness in Zhu Tianhuo’s eyes became even more intense upon seeing this action of Lin Dong. He let out a cold cry and the large fire palm suddenly became wild and violent. Finally, it directly exploded with a ‘boom’.

Whistle whistle!

A fierce and uncontrolled flame carried a powerful wind that could seriously injure a three Yuan Nirvana Stage expert as it swept over, giving it the appearance of a gorgeous flame feast…

Zhu Tianhuo immediately let out a cold laughter upon seeing this scene. However, before his cold laughter could come to a natural stop, the smile on his face solidified. This was because there was a green glow within the fire storm sweeping over. The green glow actually charged out in a lightning like speed, while containing a strong momentum. In the next instant, it had appeared at the heart of the giant, which was the front of Zhu Tianhuo’s actual body.

“Lin Dong, you are unable to break the defence of my Flame Demon Body!”

Lin Dong’s appearance in front of him had clearly caused Zhu Tianhuo to be slightly startled. Soon after, however, the latter cried out in a firm manner.

“That may not necessarily be the case!”

Lin Dong raised his head, parted his lips and smiled at Zhu Tianhuo. However, that expression of his had a densely cold blade like sharpness.

Creak creak!

The green glow wiggled wildly over Lin Dong’s body. Immediately, tiny dense green coloured scales actually began to strangely surface on Lin Dong’s right hand.

The scales were not thick. However, the a slight flickering green glow it emitted caused a deep unease and danger to surge up Zhu Tian Huo’s heart.

“Green Dragon Sky Ripping Hand!”

However, it was futile to do anything at this moment. Lin Dong’s expression had turned icy cold at that instant. His hand, which was covered by green coloured scales, rushed out with lightning like speed. It appeared to be like a ray of light that had penetrated through the empty air and ruthlessly smashed on the chest of the giant. After which, it forcefully penetrated the defence that Zhu Tianhuo was proud of in front of the latter’s shocked eyes!