Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 544: Coming Out Of Seclusion

Chapter 544: Coming Out Of Seclusion


Chapter 544: Coming Out Of Seclusion

“Haha, you seem very surprised….” The transformed Little Marten laughed dryly while looking shyly at Lin Dong, whose face looked dumbstruck.

The shock in Lin Dong’s mind lasted for a moment, before disappearing gradually. He stared oddly at Little Marten and then, a tinge of eccentric smiling expression appeared in his eyes.

“Lad, what kind of expression is that? Even though Grandpa Marten is considered a youth in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, the number of years that I have lived is still more than you. There’s no loss for you to call me Grandpa Marten,” Little Marten could not help but said promptly, when he saw Lin Dong’s mocking smile.

Lin Dong gave a chuckle and ignored him. Upon seeing this, Little Marten felt the urge to roll his eyes. He knew that once his human form was revealed, the astute and rigorous image that he built painstakingly for Lin Dong, would be completely ruined…

“It seems like my hunch was right.”

Lin Dong stretched his back and stared smilingly at Little Marten, who had a gloomy face. Sometimes, from Little Marten’s tone, Lin Dong could sense that even though Little Marten had more experience than him, he still lacked the venerable aura of an old man who had experienced various hardships in life.

“Since you have now recovered your physical body, what do you plan to do next?” Lin Dong changed the topic and asked.

“What’s there for me to do? I will first follow you around. Even though I have recovered my physical body, I still need a long time to regain the powers that I have in my peak form,” Little Marten thought for a while, before shooting a glance at Lin Dong and continued, “Furthermore, a person like you stirs troubles everywhere you go. If Grandpa Marten leaves you, I’m afraid I will have to return and collect your corpse in a few days’ time.”

Lin Dong was unconcerned with regards to such regularly-used comments from Little Marten. As he looked at this fellow, who was even more devilish handsome than the Great Yan Empire’s prince, Mo Ling, a tinge of warmth flashed across his heart. Lin Dong knew that Little Marten did not want to want leave because he is worried about Lin Dong travelling alone in the Eastern Xuan Region.

After pursing his lips, Lin Dong held out his hand and patted Little Marten lightly on his shoulders and said softly, “Brother.”

Both of them acquainted with each other at their lowest moment. After travelling together for the past few years, their relationship had indeed deepened.

Little Marten quickly shook off Lin Dong’s hand. Then, he turned his head to one side and swore, “Lad, can you not do this kind of thing, it’s so corny.”

Lin Dong chuckled and then muttered, “After we leave this place, as long as we are in the Eastern Xuan Region and not in any critical situation, don’t reveal your identity as a Celestial Demon Marten. I think that given your capabilities, even if you have not recovered one-tenth of the powers you have in your peak form, as long as you try your best to hide your identity, not many people can recognize who you really are.”

“Most of the Celestial Demon Marten’s powers depend on that body. If I don’t use that body, my powers will be reduced even further,” Little Marten folded his eyebrows and replied.

“That’s still better than attracting those super sects, which have a grudge against the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Don’t worry, there is still me and Little Flame. It’s not an easy task to force us into that kind of dire straits,” Lin Dong reassured.

Upon hearing what was said, Little Marten could only shake his head helplessly. He also understood that even if he could return to his peak form now, it was impossible for him to travel without the slightest scruple in the Eastern Xuan Region. On this piece of vast and boundless land, there were numerous terrifyingly powerful entities.

Those super sects were able to establish themselves successfully on this piece of vast land for thousands of hundreds of years and even disputed with numerous races from the Demon City at the same time. That kind of mightiness could not be described by words easily

Lin Dong was satisfied when he saw Little Marten nod his head in agreement. Lin Dong was not interested in investigating the issue of what conflicts that the Celestial Demon Marten tribe had with some of the super sects in Eastern Xuan Region. All he knew was that Little Marten was his brother.

“It appears that if we are to enter those super sects in the future, we must find one that has no grudges against the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Otherwise, we will be in for some trouble…”

As this thought came across Lin Dong’s mind, he suddenly thought of the mysterious old man whom he met earlier. That old man should be a member of a super sect and it seemed that they had no grudges against the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. The only issue was that he did not know which super sect that old man belonged to. Otherwise, that super sect would be a good choice for them as well.

“Let’s go.”

Flinging his head, Lin Dong tossed out the numerous thoughts in his head. The time they spent in this dimension had not been short. It seemed that the situation in the Ancient Battlefield now was getting considerably volatile. That was because the real Hundred Empire War was starting soon!

After nearly one year of various silent and arduous training, those practitioners who usually concealed themselves from the public were about to display their sharp canine teeth and became dazzling entities in this Ancient Battlefield.

Just like how great tides could be used to wash away the sand to reveal diamonds and gold, no matter how well a talent was hidden, through layer and layer of elimination in the competition, he or she would eventually rise above the others and shock the world.

Once again, the rustic Ancient Secret Key appeared in Lin Dong’s palm. Soon after, numerous beams of dazzling light were given out and the space in front of them emitted violent energy waves. Indistinctly, a vortex was forming gradually. As the vortex began to to form, Lin Dong took a sweeping glance at this dimension and a quick one at that flowing Pill River. This place was indeed a precious training ground for Nirvana practitioners. However, it was a pity that he could not stay here forever.

After feeling slightly emotional, Lin Dong decided not to delay anymore and took a step forward into that slow swirling vortex. Behind him, Little Marten also promptly caught up with him.


As both of them stepped into the vortex, the vortex began to spin rapidly. Finally, under a series of undulation of space, the vortex disappeared…..

After the vortex disappeared, this unused dimension became silent once again and awaited the next fated individual’s arrival. However, by then, it was clear that there was no one who could earn Qing Zhi’s inheritance like what Lin Dong had done….

Meanwhile, as Lin Dong and Little Marten stepped into the vortex and left the depths of Green Dragon Temple, at another dimension, a muscular figure seated on a mountain of corpses slowly opened his tightly shut eyes.


As that figure opened his eyes, scarlet glow gushed out of them. An indescribable fiendish aura swept out from his body like hurricane.

Cold-blooded, savage.

That kind of terrifying fiendish aura was enough to make mentally weak individuals to tremble with terror. Under the gaze from those scarlet eyes, one’s fighting capabilities would decrease significantly.

That giant-like, seated figure was naturally Little Flame. Right now, there were numerous unsightly and striking scars intertwined all over his body. It was hard to imagine what kind of intense and devastating fightings he had experienced in this dimension.

As the brutal aura swept out from Little Marten, a sky-high blood mist were gathering above his head as well. Indistinctly, that blood mist seemed to have become an enormous, blood-red glowing tiger.


The blood-red glowing tiger roared towards the sky and that tiger roar resounded frantically through the air. That kind of tiger roar was extremely bizarre and it was able to make the blood in one’s body to boil agitatedly. It appeared that under this kind of tiger roar, one’s blood would burst out of his or her body involuntarily.

The current Little Flame was remarkably alike to a terminator!

Little Marten raised his head. He then stared emotionlessly at the blood-red glowing tiger with his scarlet eyes. Following which, he opened his huge mouth and an absorbing power gushed out from within and swallowed the entire blood-red glowing tiger.

After swallowing the blood-red glowing tiger, the scarlet glow around Little Flame’s body seemed to become denser. Soon after, he slowly stood up and looked at the empty dimension with his scarlet eyes. Then, as if he sensed something, the scarlet glow in his eyes disappeared like receding tides and was replaced with a tinge of happiness.

“Has Big brother came out of seclusion….”

Little Flame muttered joyfully. That kind of facial expression was totally different from the previous emotionless one. Then, with a grasp of his hand, the Ancient Secret Key appeared.

The training he had in this place had already reached its limit. The reason why he never left this place was because he was waiting for Lin Dong’s news. Right now, since Lin Dong had already came out of seclusion, Little Flame naturally knew that it was time to leave this place.

Little Flame straightened his back and took a sweeping glance at the reddish, devastation-filled, battlefield-like dimension. Following which, he shot a glance at the intertwining scars on his body and grinned. The, he took a step forward and walked into the swirling vortex and left this place.

As Little Flame’s figure disappeared into the vortex, the fiendish aura that pervaded the battlefield-like dimension reduced in an instant. It appeared that the fiendish aura from Little Marten had pervaded the entire battlefield-like dimension.

After that vortex disappeared, the space nearby began to distort slightly and an elderly figure appeared. It was the mysterious old man whom Lin Dong met earlier.

At this moment, that mysterious old man looked at the spot where Little Flame disappeared into and used his wizened hand to stroke his beard. His eyes seemed to contained an unconcealable tinge of amazement.

“The White Tiger Temple is widely-known to be brutal and murderous. Any ordinary individual who obtains its inheritance will immediately become a bloodthirsty killing machine. I didn’t expect this big fellow to be able to display such perfect dominance and control over this dimension. Simply amazing.”

After the mysterious old man finished his sentence, he then smiled gently and muttered again, “That friend of Lin Dong seems complicated as well. This time around, there’s going to be a great show in the Hundred Empire War. I’m not sure how far they can progress. Those super sects’ evildoers are no pushovers….”

After he finished his sentence silently, the mysterious old man brandished the sleeves of his robe and oddly disappeared once again.