Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 543: A Mysterious Old Man

Chapter 543: A Mysterious Old Man


Chapter 543: A Mysterious Old Man


When Little Marten’s claw swiped across the air, it seemed that even the dimension of space was being ripped apart. Even Lin Dong’s facial expression changed drastically at this moment. However, his facial expression did not change because of Little Marten’s attack, rather it was because of what Little Marten had shouted earlier.

There was someone hidden in this place!?

He had been training silently for this period of time and he did not sense the presence of anyone else. However, what else could Little Marten’s words imply?

Someone had been spying on them all this while?

As this thought materialized in his mind, a cold shiver went through his entire body.

Resplendent golden glow surged out from Lin Dong’s body. With a sharp tap on the ground with the balls of his feet, Lin Dong flew up into the sky. Then, he made a sharp turn in the mid-air and stared gravely at the space of nothingness, where Little Marten’s attack was directed at.

Little Marten’s attack was extremely ruthless. A purple-black glow was coagulating in its claws. Even Lin Dong’s eyes froze when he witnessed that kind of might.

“Haha, truly deserving to be called a Celestial Demon Marten. Your attacks are always merciless….”

Under the fixated gaze from Lin Dong, a ripple undulated bizarrely from the space of nothingness. Then, an old-man sounding laughter came through.

As the laughter came through, a wizened hand reached out from within and waved lightly. A seemingly gentle gust of wind blew across and expelled Little Marten’s powerful sharp claws violently.

Little Marten’s huge body recoiled slightly. A sombre look appeared in its purple-black eyes. It then descended from the sky and landed beside Lin Dong. Its enormous bat wings flapped slightly, forming a hurricane that engulfed and protected Lin Dong.

“Who is he?” Lin Dong asked softly after he shot a glance at the fiendish Little Marten.

“I don’t know… but he’s quite powerful. We better be careful. My physical body just finished its formation and I haven’t fully recovered my powers yet,” Little Marten replied in a deep voice as it shook its head.

Lin Dong’s eyebrows folded slightly. He could not understand why a mysterious practitioner would appear in the depths of the Green Dragon Temple….

Lin Dong and Little Marten’s gazes were fixated at that distorted space, waiting sternly for something to happen.

Under their gazes, the distortion of that space became more and more severe. Finally, a wizened figure appeared slowly before their eyes.

That figure belonged to an old man, who was wearing a coarsely-made hemp garment. Not a bit of powerful energy waves could be sensed from his body. In addition, his aged face was ordinary without any special features. If not for his mysterious appearance, Lin Dong would have treated him as an ordinary old man.

That old man looked smilingly at the watchful Lin Dong and Little Marten without showing any signs of aggression. At the same time, he was examining this place unhurriedly.

“So this is the depths of the Green Dragon temple. It seems that the remnant of that person has already disappeared, if not, an old fellow like me could not have entered this place….”

Upon hearing the old man’s muttering words, Lin Dong raised his eyebrows slightly. The remnant that he was talking about must be Qing Zhi. And because of Qing Zhi’s remnant’s disappearance, this dimension of space had lost its protection, therefore enabling that old man of unknown origin to break in.

“Elder….” Lin Dong stared at the old man and cupped his hand in salute. His tone was rather polite. Even though Lin Dong did not know anything about the old man’s origin, the latter did not seem like a simple individual and it was best not to offend such person.

“Don’t worry, old fellow me is just curious about this place. For many years, I have tried to enter this place but was stopped every time,” That old man seemed to have noticed Lin Dong’s worries and at once, he smiled and appeared rather friendly.

Lin Dong’s facial expression did not change but his thought was spinning. The Ancient Battlefield only opened during the Hundred Empire War. If this old man could come in at will, it would imply that this old man’s identity….. was indeed unusual.

“Hey, I’m afraid you have spying on us for quite a while now?” Little Marten sneered.

“I’m just interested in this young fellow,” The old man laughed while looking at Lin Dong. He then continued, “I guess someone who possesses the Devouring Ancestral Symbol will be a rather phenomenal entity in the universe after he matures in the future?”

Lin Dong’s eyes sank slightly. Naturally, he knew of the importance of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. This artifact was powerful enough to arouse numerous practitioners’ greed. If this old man was to fancy it, it would be troublesome for Lin Dong now.

The purple-dark glow in Little Marten’s eyes solidified. Indistinctly, there was an extremely tyrannical aura coming out of its eyes. Clearly, it was a sign of preparing to attack once any disagreement arose.

“I have no intention to fight with you. Even though you are a Celestial Demon Marten, you have just formed your physical body and your powers have not recovered to the one-tenth of your peak form’s powers. Therefore, you are no match for me,” The old man chuckled indifferently. Apparently, he was unconcerned with Little Marten’s aggressive aura.

“Let’s give it a go!”

Little Marten’s eyes gravened. Just as it was about to take actions, Lin Dong waved his hand and stop it. He knew that the old man was speaking the truth. Even if he and Little Marten combined forces, they would not be a match for the old man.

“Since elder don’t have ill intentions, it appears that both of us have worried over nothing. Since we have just completed our trainings, we do not wish to stay here any longer. Goodbye then,” Lin Dong smiled humbly at the old man. Then, he cupped his fists to bid farewell and prepared to leave with Little Marten.

“Young fellow whose name is Lin Dong, I’m rather interested in you and therefore, I will kindly tell you something. Once your friend, the Celestial Demon Marten standing besides you, reveals its identity, you will be in big trouble,” The old man suddenly looked at Lin Dong and said plainly.

Lin Dong’s leaving figure froze abruptly and his eyebrows knitted tightly. He then asked gravely, “Elder, what do you mean by these words?”

“The Eastern Xuan Region’s relationship with the Demon City is not exactly peaceful. Both sides have crossed swords a few times. Currently, some of the Eastern Xuan Region’s super sects’ core members have been killed by the members of the Demon City. Furthermore, the tribe that is responsible for most killings is the notorious Celestial Demon Marten tribe…..”

“Therefore, if your friend, the Celestial Demon Marten, reveals its identity now, not only will you not be chosen by those super sects, you may even draw devastating calamity to yourself.”

Lin Dong’s facial expression changed slightly. Given his current status, it was clear that he was not qualified to know about such grudges.

“Grandpa Marten did not kill your people!” Little Marten roared coldly.

“Haha, as long as you are one of the Celestial Demon Martens, that’s enough,” The old man apathetically. Then, he continued, “There’s no need for you to keep staring at me. I have no grudges against the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Otherwise, I will not be talking to both of you in a such peaceful manner. I just don’t want an impetuous person like you to reveal your identity and draw devastating troubles to the young fellow beside you.”

Little Marten’s eyes slightly relaxed. Finally, it gave a cold snort and never said anything else since then.

Lin Dong groaned deeply. Then, he solemnly cupped his fists towards the old man and said, “Elder, thanks a lot for the reminder. I will make sure that my friend tries it best not to reveal its identity as a Celestial Demon Marten in this Eastern Xuan Region.”

Even though Little Marten had a Demonic Beast’s body, it had a lot of tricks up its sleeves. As long as it did not display its current physical form, ordinary people would not detect its identity as a Celestial Demon Marten.

“It’s fate that we can meet each other in such a place. I’m merely giving you some advice. However, I feel that we will have the chance to meet again in the future….”

The old man stared deeply at Lin Dong and smiled, “I’m rather curious to see how will you fare in the upcoming Hundred Empire War. This time around, the Hundred Empire War have some extremely troublesome and evil individuals…..”

“I will try my best,” Lin Dong replied softly. He was from a low-ranked empire. As compared to those super empires’ talents, who enjoyed God-given resources, there were naturally some disparities.

“Heh, the practitioners from those super empires have dominated the Hundred Empire War’s Nirvana Golden Rankings for many years. I think if someone from a low-ranked empire can take up a placing among them, it will be quite interesting.” The old man chuckled jokingly.

“Nirvana Golden Rankings?”

Lin Dong was slightly startled. Nirvana Golden Rankings and Nirvana Rankings differed by one word, and yet, Lin Dong could feel that there was an extremely huge difference between these two words……

The old man merely smiled. Without explaining anything and with a jolt of his body, the old man gradually faded. After a moment, he completely disappeared from this dimension.

Lin Dong was somewhat bewildered at this old man, whose origin was mysterious and the way he talked was subtle and ineffable. Lin Dong could only shake his head in disbelief.

“This old fellow should be a member of a super sect….” Little Marten finally opened its mouth to speak while looking at the spot where the old man had disappeared into.

Lin Dong nodded his head slightly. Other than those super sects who controlled this dimension, there was no one else who could enter and exit the Ancient Battlefield at will.

“Little Marten, change back to your human form. If you leave this place in this form, I’m afraid it may cause a commotion,” Lin Dong turned his head around and reminded Little Marten.

After being reminded by the mysterious old man, Lin Dong had no choice but to be more prudent. If Little Marten really revealed its identity, both of them would be in trouble. Those super sects that had grudges against the Celestial Demon Marten tribe might take it out on Little Marten.


Little Marten heeded Lin Dong’s words. Even though it understood the reason behind this, it was mincing with embarrassment. This scene surprised Lin Dong, and yet, he still had to remind Little Marten.

Under Lin Dong’s reminders, there was nothing much Little Marten could do about it. Dense purple-black glow surged out from its body and its enormous body started to shrink rapidly.

As the glow surged, Little Marten’s body finally became human-sized. After the glow dissipated, a humanoid figure appeared before Lin Dong. The figure’s facial expression was slightly rigid.

The figure before him was a young man who was wearing a purple-black garment. The youth was extremely elegant and handsome. The smile on his face made him seemed devilish yet extremely striking and some girls would be smitten with such facial features once they saw him.

Lin Dong was not a girl, and hence, he would not be smitten with him. However, for a moment, he was stunned. He simply could not associate Little Marten with these facial features with the sly and wicked image that he had of Little Marten in the past.

“Grandpa Marten…..”

The corner of Lin Dong’s mouth twitched as he looked at the embarrassed youth before him. He suddenly got the urge to kick the youth.