Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 542: The True Celestial Demon Marten

Chapter 542: The True Celestial Demon Marten


Chapter 542: The True Celestial Demon Marten

The giant black and white cocoon of light silently floated within the pill river. Life and Death halos hovered around it, transforming into various peculiar sights.

Waves after waves of dense aura of blood and flesh wiggled within the light ring of life and death. Faintly, there was a vaguely present ferocity, that was difficult to conceal, spreading within the aura. It was as though the light cocoon was birthing an extremely fierce beast.

Lin Dong stood beside the Pill River. His eyes were a little anxious as he watched the light cocoon, whose glow was swelling and shrinking unpredictably. Although he had confidence in Little Marten, he still felt a little worried in his heart. Forming a physical body was no ordinary move. Even those experts who had stepped into the nine Yuan Nirvana Stage, were unable to do something like this. Hence, there was naturally tremendous amount of risk involved.

It had already been many years since Lin Dong became acquainted with Little Marten. The latter had also played a vital role in Lin Dong being able to reach his current stage. Both of them could be considered to have quite a deep relationship. If any accident was to occur to Little Marten here, it was likely that it would be quite a big blow to Lin Dong.

“You cannot die at such a time…” Lin Dong clenched his hand slightly and muttered to himself.


Lin Dong was halfway through muttering with himself, when the light cocoon that had been quiet for four months suddenly trembled intensely at this moment. A wild and violent air wave spread apart, lifting waves on this Pill River.


This sudden activity had also caused Lin Dong to be startled. His eyes hurriedly looked over, only to see that the surface of the light cocoon had actually began to reveal a layer of purple-black luster.

A kind of extremely ferocious suction force suddenly surged out from within the light cocoon when the purple-black colour appeared. Under this wild and violent suction force, the interior of the Pill River immediately became chaotic. Numerous light pillars that were formed from the Nirvana Qi surged out from within the Pill River. Finally, it completely charged into the light cocoon, like a jet of water being poured into it.

Suck suck!

The Nirvana Qi had just made contact with the light cocoon when it was directly sucked into it, without emitting any activity.

The Nirvana Qi poured wildly into the light cocoon. However, that light cocoon was just like a bottomless pit. Regardless how much Nirvana Qi poured into it, it still did not show any signs of pausing.

Lin Dong’s eyes were a little surprised when he saw the Pill River that had been turned upside down. He could sense that the Nirvana Qi that was being gathered within the Pill River, was being swiftly absorbed by the light cocoon at a shocking pace. This greedy rate of absorption. It is no wonder Little Marten said that forming a physical body would require an extremely vast amount of energy. If it was not for this Pill River, it was likely that there would be an insufficient amount of energy for Little Marten to swallow even if Lin Dong gave all of his Nirvana Pill.


With such a great amount of Nirvana Qi being poured in, the purple-black luster on the light cocoon also became increasingly dense and deep…

Under Lin Dong’s focus, this kind of greedy absorption continued for an entire day. That greedy manner caused Lin Dong’s head to feel a little numb. This Celestial Demon Marten was actually this frightening. The amount of energy it needed had actually reached such an extent. Fortunately, this kind of uncontrolled devouring did not continue for long. Otherwise, it was likely that even with a Pill River as a foundation, Little Marten would still be able to swallow it completely.


This kind of uncontrolled swallowing lasted until the afternoon of the next day when a slight cracking sound suddenly entered Lin Dong’s ears.

This sound was not loud. However, it was extremely ear-piercing when Lin Dong heard it. Immediately his entire body trembled and his eyes looked towards light cocoon that had completely turned purple-black in colour. His eyes suddenly shrunk. This was because he saw treads of crack lines slowly spreading out.

He was aware that Little Marten’s retreat was about to be end…

The crack lines appeared one after another. Half an hour later, Lin Dong unblinking eyes spread over the entirety of the light cocoon. A mysterious and deep purple black light seeped out from within those crack lines. That kind of fierce aura was becoming increasingly dense.

Crack crack!

A fragment of the light cocoon finally fell from it when the number of crack lines had reached its limit…


This fragment of the light cocoon that had fallen appeared just like the final pressure that would spark the volcanic eruption. At that instant, an enormous light cocoon directly exploded in front of Lin Dong’s shrunk eyes. An incomparably majestic purple-black glow directly charged to the clouds, appearing just like an atrium. The entire sky had been covered by a purplish-black mysterious light glow at this moment.

Lin Dong raised his head. His eyes stared intently at the permeating purple-black light gow. An incomparably large black figure slowly gathered at that spot. After which, a “puff” sound appeared. Two hundred feet large purple-black bats shot out from the light glow. It fanned slightly and a wild and violent hurricane swept over.

Enormous bat wings flapped and a pair of faint purple-coloured glowing eyes surfaced from within the black-purple curtain. After which, it raised its head and let out a sharp howl!


A strange and unique howling voice that appeared to be real, carried a kind of wild joy and excitement that could not be concealed, as it spread over the light curtain in a deafening manner. The Pill River below was also shaken to the point where many great waves were created.

Those sonic wave spread in all directions and Lin Dong was also wrapped within it. Seeing this, Lin Dong waved his hand and a circular light barrier spread out from within his body, covering him within it.

Boom boom!

The sonic wave struck onto the gold light barrier, causing waves of intense ripples to appear over it. However, it did not completely burst apart…

Lin Dong did not bother about the ripple on the gold light barrier. His eyes were staring intently at the sky. The purple-black light curtain at that spot had gradually disappeared. After which, a hundred feet large Demonic Beast, that had a shocking visual impact, appeared in front of his eyes.

That was an thousand feet enormous Demonic Beast which was completely purple-black in colour. A pair of large bat wings slowly spread behind it, appearing to cover the sky and sun as it did. Its two purple-black arms were thick and huge. There seemed to be some mysterious symbols flashing over it, emitting a frightening feeling as it did so.

Those arms were exceptionally large and their sharp nails flickered with a cold glint. That kind of sharpness was such that Lin Dong felt his body turn chill upon seeing it. He did not doubt that this pair of claws possessed a frightening strength that could easily rip through him.


The enormous beast was suspended in the sky. That pair of large bat wings on his back flapped slowly, as an aura that could not be described swept out from within his body. Even the sky itself appeared somewhat dim under this aura.

This was a true peerless fearsome beast!

This kind of feeling was such that even that green dragon, which Lin Dong had seen earlier, appeared a little weaker when compared with it!

“Is this the actual body of the Celestial Demon Marten…” Lin Dong looked at this enormous beast that caused even him to feel a great amount of pressure. His eyes were filled with a shocked expression as he softly muttered to himself.

In the past, he had always heard Little Marten blowing the trumpet, saying just how mighty and unbeatable it was. However, Lin Dong had never placed those words in his heart. Only after he had personally seen the actual body of the Celestial Demon Marten, did he have no choice but to believe that this tribe might really possess the terrifying domineering aura that could devour the dragon tribe.

The Heaven Demon Marten was suspended in the sky as it howled towards it. The soul stirring howl only weakened gradually after a long time. It slowly lowered its head after that and its pair of mysterious and unique purple-black eyes looked towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong raised his head. His eyes made contact with it but did not shrink back even a little because of the latter’s soul-stirring aura.

The eye contact lasted for an instant before an extremely sharp cold glint suddenly shot out from the Celestial Demon Marten. Both of its wings were flapped and it actually transformed into a ray of light that shot out. That golden claw that could easily penetrate through a three Yuan Nirvana Stage expert directly shot towards Lin Dong.

This scene caused Lin Dong to be slightly startled. His eyes merely stared at the pair of purple-black eyes. The golden body cover that originally wrapped around his body automatically scattered at this moment.

Lin Dong was able to see a familiar emotion within those pair of eyes. He did not believe that Little Marten would attack him!


Little Marten’s speed was so quick that it was impossible to describe. After merely a flash, it penetrated through the sky, carrying an enormous dark shadow as it appeared in the air above Lin Dong. That pressure was sufficient to cause one to tremble with fear.


Little Marten’s purple-black eyes stared at Lin Dong. That kind of sharp chilling glow became increasingly dense. In the next instant, its claw was swung out. However, the claw suddenly changed direction just when it was about to make contact with Lin Dong’s body. Instead, it actually smashed towards an empty space behind Lin Dong.

Little Marten’s somewhat densely cold voice resounded over this space after this sharp wind from its claws shot out.

“Come out now!”